Monday, December 30, 2013


Last night's episode of "This American Life" took the cake.

Am warming to Dave Schraider as a host of "Coast To Coast."

Was looking up old clips of WUHF-tv Rochester on YouTube Saturday night. I'm curious what those UHF independent stations used to be like before being made affiliates of Fox and other networks.

Couldn't get the Ontars net on 3755.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


There are lots of great alternatives to the pads and tampons you see advertised on TV.

There are cloth pads. These are washable pads made out of materials such as cotton and flannel. Girls and women who use them report these pads are softer, drier and just feel more comfortable than disposable pads. Plus, cloth pads don't contain the chemicals disposables do.

Cloth pads are available online and possibly in traditional retail stores. They are also available at certain health food and natural health stores. There are also women who make them as a cottage industry.

One alternative to tampons is the menstrual cup. This is a bell-shaped device made out of silicon. It is inserted in the vagina. It also does not contain the harsh chemicals of disposable pads and tampons.

Menstrual cups are available online and at some brick and mortar stores.

There are also disposable menstrual cups made out of a safe plastic material. These are available online, at certain retail chains in the U.S., at Shoppers Drug Mart across Canada, and at other retail outlets in certain parts of Canada.

I have some posts on this blog with links to places that sell these types of things. Type either cloth pads or alternative menstrual products into the search box on this blog to find them.

If you find yourself craving sweet stuff around the time of your period, reach for honey or maple syrup instead of chocolate because those things are better for you. If you are craving salt, eat sea salt because this contains a lot of beneficial minerals.

There are lots of natural remedies to deal with PMS.

If you stain, do the traditional thing of tying a sweater or jacket around your waste while you walk to the bathroom. Depending on the nature of the stain, however, you could opt not to cover up at all. After all, it happens to a lot of girls and your period isn't something to be embarrassed about.

If you are in a place where you can't change or get a pad, there are ways to improvise these things.

If you're really stuck, look up freebleeding online. I would tell you to be careful about what results you click on, but if you're reading this blog it's obviously useless to tell you not to look up inappropriate things on the internet. (ha ha)

Friday, December 27, 2013


Last Sunday's episode of "This American Life" was really interesting.

Been hearing that Spanish numbers lady on shortwave again.

So PopComm isn't going to be published in print form anymore. I guess that means the National Library Service for the Blind down in the States isn't going to be offering it in braille anymore either.

Is it Arcade Fire Day on CBC today? They were featured on Q this morning and now they're on "Canada Live."

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Don't mistake the crushes you're having on boys now that you are a preteen or in your early teenage years with the more serious relationships you'll have when you get into your later teens.

Personally, I don't recommend girls and guys date until they're sixteen, although this can vary with individual teens. This is because before this age, your feelings and attitudes about things are constantly changing. By the time you're sixteen, you have at least a slightly better idea of what you're looking for in a guy.

The purpose of dating is to prepare for marriage. It is a way to weed out the kind of guys you wouldn't want to spend the rest of your life with.

For now, enjoy the crushes you have. However, instead of taking a crush on a date where it's just the two of you, hang out with a group of friends. This will also help relieve the pressure and nervousness an actual date would cause.

At the beginning of any relationship, it is a good idea to kick things off by having the boy come over to your house for dinner, Sunday lunch or some other meal. This way, your parents can meet the boy and give you guidance as to whether he is the kind of guy a girl should truly be with. This may seem annoying and meddlesome, but your parents want you to have a happy life and a happy fulfilling marriage when you become an adult. Taking the suggestion of having a boy you like over to your house will help ensure that.

There is a lot of bad stuff out there these days in the form of music, TV, movies, literature, and websites that glorifies girls going for "bad boys." Don't go out with a bad boy. They may seem exciting, but this will only lead to bad consequences. You could end up being pressured into having sex with him, which is something only married couples should engage in as God originally intended.

Also, the bad boy will probably end up walking out on you at some point in the future, maybe leaving you with a few small children to care for on your own.

Again, I must repeat, don't mistake the crushes you are currently having for the more serious relationships you'll have a few years from now. Besides, when the time comes for those serious relationships to happen, you won't even remember the names of the boys you're presently crushing on anyway.


Divorce is a terrible thing. It doesn't just affect the husband, wife and children going through the divorce; it also affects extended relatives and friends of the family.

In the Book of Exodus in the Bible, God's sixth commandment is "thou shalt not commit adultery." (See Exodus Chapter 20.)

Jesus told His followers that anyone who divorces commits adultery. If your parents are going through a divorce or your family has gone through a divorce, I can't speak to your specific situation. However, I can say in general that divorce is wrong.

The Bible says God has a much better way of looking at things than humans, "as the heavens are higher than the earth." God's solution for a couple going through a divorce is for them to remember that He instituted marriage in the first place. A married couple having problems should work out solutions to their problems according to His law and ways.

To prevent divorce from coming up in the first place, people should think long and hard before they get married. Things they should think about should include among other questions whether the person will truly be a good husband or wife, whether they will be a good father or mother and how do they treat the person who is planning to marry them.


In the Bible, in the Book of Exodus, God gave His Ten Commandments and the fifth one is that we should honour our mother and our father. The Bible repeatedly says children should obey their parents.

All authority comes from God. The command for children to honour their parents does not give parents the right to be cruel tyrants over their children. If you don't think something is fair, most of the time you can discuss the issue with your parents and come to a peaceful resolution.

Nevertheless, there are many times when, if your parents tell you to do something, you do it without questioning. Most parents want the best for their children and will thus set out fair rules for the household designed to protect children while giving them a good and happy life at the same time.

God's order, set down in the Bible is that Christ is to be the head of every man. The man is supposed to be the head of his home and the children are to be under the husband and wife, the father and the mother. Many times when children are disrespectful and constantly disobey their parents, this is because this order is not in that home.

A girl needs a good mother to show her what kind of woman she should be and a good father to show her what to look for in a man. (Vice versa if you happen to be a guy reading this.)

Granted, there are parents who for various reasons don't know how to train their children in the way they should go as the Book of Proverbs in the Bible says. If you are living in one of these extreme situations, find a male role model in your community or at your school who acts the way a good husband should, and a woman in your community or at your school who acts like the kind of respectable woman someone would want to be.

Monday, December 23, 2013


Most siblings get over their sibling rivalry by adulthood but some brothers and sisters continue to fight after this point.

In the Bible, in the Book of 1 Corinthians, chapter 13, verse 4, we are told that love is patient and kind. Siblings need to be patient and kind with each other. If you are having problems with a younger sibling, try to remember what it was like to be their age when you didn't know as much, couldn't do as much and weren't as mature as you are now. If you are having problems with an older sibling, remember that since they're older, they are experiencing new things that you haven't yet experienced yourself. Thus, they have more on their minds than you do.

Many times when a group of siblings fight, the problem rests with the order in the home. Jesus Christ tells us clearly in the Bible that he is to be in charge, or the head of every man. The man is then to be in charge of the home with his wife under him. The children are then supposed to be under the husband and wife, their mother and father, of course. Oftentimes when there is intense fighting among siblings, God's order is not in that household.

1 Corinthians 13 4 also says basically that love doesn't put itself above another person and is not puffed up. If you are really good at something and get lots of attention for it remember that your sibling or siblings could feel left out or neglected.

If you are the sibling feeling left out or neglected, remember this. God created each person individually with his or her own gifts, talents and abilities. Just because your sibling is really good at something doesn't mean you're no good at anything. Try to find out what you're good at and, if you already know the areas where your talent lies, take time to become the best you can be in whatever area you do well in.


Yesterday afternoon on WTWW 9475 I heard old-time radio shows and "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer." Was it Scriptures for America, Kurt Wilson or WTWW broadcasting these things?

989 The Drive was coming in well last night. WDCX was also coming in but very faint.

Richard Syrett had someone filling in for him last night. I don't know if he's ever done that before.

This Duck Dynasty thing is sure revealing the true colours of many so-called patriot radio hosts.


I aplaud the editorial in the November 11 issue of Maclean's. Sure, full-day kindergarten advocates, who cares about trivial things such as communication skills and emotional maturity? I think people who are in favour of things like full-day kindergarten think there aren't any parents who practice reading, writing and other skills with their children at home.

I enjoyed the highlights from the list of female entrepeneurs in the December issue of Chatalaine. Good to see women who co-own businesses with their husbands or boyfriends and a woman who ended up taking over her father's business.

Regarding the article about rape on college campuses in the December 2 issue of Maclean's: One day in the not all that far away future rape will be legalised. Actually, what will probably happen is governments will pass a law with a title like "The Complete Sexual Freedom Act" that will legalise almost everything from rape to pedophelia to beastiality.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Right now, you might have a lot of friends or maybe just a few friends. Even if you have no friends, the following will apply to you in the years ahead.

You truly will probably have only three real friends in your life at the most. By friend, of course, I mean a truly close friend, the kind of person you can really open up to without fear of ridicule or judgment and the kind of person who will be there in a serious situation. If there is a death in your family or you get stranded on a snowy highway at 3:00 one morning, you know you can count on this friend for support, physical, moral and any other way it's needed.

Throughout high school and college, you will most likely have a lot of "friends." However, most of these people will be friends because you are sharing the common experience of going to high school or postsecondary education.

You will be told in college or university that this is the place where you will form all kinds of lasting friendships and connections with schoolmates that will come in handy for networking in the future. While I am sure this is true for some alumnai, through personal experience and that of people from college I talk with on occasion, I have found this to be a crock. I and others of my classmates tend to have one or two people we keep in regular contact with. I don't do Facebook but people I knew in college who do maybe have a few more of our schoolmates as "friends" on there. The majority of the people we were in class with we don't correspond with anymore.

One reason true friends are so hard to find is because most people only care about themselves and what they're interested in. Therefore, a lot of people who claim to be your friends will just use you for what they can get from you.

Another reason is simply that as people move on from university or college, they advance in their careers, marry and have children. Thus, they get busy with the lives they've carved out for themselves and don't have time to keep in touch with people they knew in high school or university anymore.

I'm not trying to be depressing here. Throughout your life, you'll have buddies, people who share similar interests and are in the same clubs or social circles as you. These people will be a source of great times and may even provide some of the qualities a true friend exhibits. You'll also have acquaintances, people such as co-workers you'll get along with, perhaps even really well. However, I must reiterate, in an age where social networking has caused society to throw this word around, you'll likely only have a few true friends.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


When you unwrap things, sit for your meal, and gather with family a week today take a moment out to praise. People are overwhelmed by getting and giving that perfect gift. They need not look or think too hard. We have all ready received a wonderful one that outshines those cool new boots, lasts longer than that new flat screen, and is far more wonderful than that delicious spread. What am I talking about? Jesus friends.

When you are seated in your warm house think that he wasn't born in a beautifully bedecked castle, but a humble manger.

So friends like I said take a moment and praise.

Talk soon God bless

Ms. Gillie

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Exactly two years ago this very day I, along with my prayer group, went to a youth drop in center to spread not only some Christmas cheer, but the love of Jesus. As we performed the service project, preparing glove and hat sets, serving food, and performing songs for the young people I further realized that everyone has a story.

Later when I was going about my usual stuff, I thought for a moment that one of those teenagers could have just as easily have been me or someone I knew. Friends I want you to take a moment this season to think and count your blessings. Also instead of just hanging around do some service projects. There are many out there, serving food at a shelter, collecting food for a food bank, or even just saying hello and bidding someone good day.

May God bless and keep all of you out there.

Ms. Gillie

Monday, December 16, 2013


I found many of the articles in November's issue of Readers Digest quite heartening and interesting.

Scott Feschuk's column in the November 3 issue of Maclean's was also good. Instead of inventing all the things mentioned therein, the Japanese should concentrate on inventing something that can keep the radiation from the Fucashima nuclear power plant from spreading all over the world.

I enjoyed what the Giller-nominated authors had to say in Maclean's as well.

In the December 9 edition of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind there was an article about Tim Bowers, a man paralysed in a car accident who decided to take himself off life support. Part of me says he should have tried to make a recovery and talked to other quadriplegics who were leading fulfilling lives,. Another part of me, more cynical, looks at the fact Bowers was a hunter and avid outdoorsman. What, therefore, could he have gotten into doing if he had recovered, other than sitting around complaining about how life sucks as seems to be the case with so many Ziegler readers and contributors lately?

By the way, to the female reader who responded to the article about Bowers this week: You say only God has the right to decide when to end someone's life, yet you say possitive things about Nelson Mandella, a man responsible for the taking of many lives. How does that work?


I am a grade 12 student at Quinte Christian High School and as part of a business class assignment, myself and three of my classmates are working together with our school's Global Issues Club to plan a trivia night to raise funds for the new Nightlight Drop-In Centre in Belleville.

The Quinte Christian High School Global Issues Club and members of the business class are holding a Trivia Night to raise funds for the new Nightlight Drop-In Centre in Belleville. The event will take place January 14th, 2014and run from 5:00-8:00 pm. A Spaghetti dinner and a movie for children 12 and under will be included in the cost of admission. Admissions are as follows: Adult: $10.00 QC Student: $8.00 Children (12 and Under): $5.00 Family: $30.00 Make a team of 4-7 people and register at We hope to see you there! Thanks!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Car Seats: The fact that the government has legislated older and older children should be in car seats is just ridiculous.

Also, I question how necissary car seats actually are in the first place. Definitely you would want to have your infant strapped into a car seat when travelling on the highway, especially since we have all these people in Canada now who don't appear to have road safety rules where they come from. However, if you're driving somewhere in town or in the countryside, is a car seat really necissary most of the time?

Strollers: Why would you need a stroller if you're going to wear your baby?

Cribs: Are babies really at a much greater risk sleeping in cribs manufactured before 1986? It is high time people start thinking outside the box on these types of things.

Also, couldn't a friend or family member make a crib? This would be a way to save money and beat a big, faceless corporation out of some money at the same time.

Baby Bathtub: Come on, you don't really need a plastic tub for bathing your baby. When he's really little, just take him in the shower with you. When he's older, bathe him over the side of the regular bathtub.

The Diaper Dilemma: Obviously, elimination communication should be used as the primary means of handling your baby's needs in this area. However, if you are using diapers part of the time there are many different kinds of cloth diapers to choose from. These are very utilitarian and quite advanced from the cloth diapers of yesteryear. Many also look quite cute and adorable.

If you cannot afford to buy cloth diapers, you can make them out of things such as old t-shirts or dish towels.
There are also diapers with washable covers and an inner part that gets disposed of in the toilet.

If for some reason you choose to go the disposable diaper root, there are organic disposable diapers. I realize that sounds kind of like organic cigarettes but these brands of disposables don't contain the chemicals of other brands at least.

As far as picking up baby acetaminophen, I would not recommend baby's take pharmaceutical medications at all. Treat your baby's ailments naturally.


On October 24th 1979 my parents held me for the first time, and made a vow to love me and take care of my then fragile and helpless form.

Flash forward almost twenty years and that once tiny bundle of helpless has grown in to something hardly recognizable. Someone full of anger and sadness. Someone when asked would tell them that God was to blame.

God though sees this, and feels sadness himself, and links a series of events together to bring the anger out like an infection in a finger.

It is now 2005, and I am sitting in a Sabbath service at an Adventist retreat. The preacher asks anyone interested in receiving Baptism to come to the front. At first I didn't move, but then this tiny magnet, and voice began gently pushing me to the altar call.

On the 7th of July 2007 as I emerged from the waters at the retreat after being Baptized I heard those same words that brought me to that point, "yes girl you are loved.`

May God bless and keep all of you out there.

Ms. Gillie

Friday, December 13, 2013


I wish all Typepad templates would show a blog's entire archives.

Came across a blog today with over 37 thousand posts in one particular archived year.

Am finding some Wordpress blogs easier to navigate now.

The audio capchas in Blogger are really easy to understand now.


RBN needs to update some of their commercials.

It was great to be a caller on "The Morgan Show" last Saturday night.

Dick Smyth's column in last week's issue of "Broadcast Dialogue" was spot on.

Listened to KQED San Fransisco online for a bit today. They had an interesting local program.


I don't buy what Conrad Black said concerning his interview with Rob Ford. If he were some young hot to trot female reporter recently graduated from broadcasting school whose ambition was to get on an entertainment program I could see not asking if Ford meant to imply the Toronto Star reporter was a pedophile. However, Black is an intelligent man and has been in the game for decades.

Australia's highest court has overturned that country's same sex marriage legislation. Thing is, though, it only affects two dozen couples. Just shows you how few homosexuals there are, or at least how few want to get "married."

Apparently James Bond better quit drinking or he'll die at 56. This ranks right up there with Mickey Mouse's birthday being announced on the news.

There was a huge child porn ring busted several weeks ago. I heard one report on "The World At Six" and nothing thereafter. Thanks again, Canadian news media.


Their latest offering showcases smooth hip-hop bars seamlessly floating over the hard-fuzzy bass with an easy transition into a chorus filled with trance-like synths. With production and flow style nostalgic of 80's hip-hop and synths that take a page from modern day electronic trance, this single dives head first into the trenches of innovative sound.

Times Neue Roman is three EP's in with unique showcases that have even included 9-piece bands; Never shy to turn their music into objects of art from unique packaging to creative mediums to platform themselves, the duo still keeps it funky.   I did get a kick out of the synths in the chorus and there were some good rhymes in this song.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


So there's another U.S. budget crisis. It's like "I'll gladly get my grandchildren to pay you in the future for a very expensive hamburger today and the same priced hamburger every day for many subsequent days."

A few months ago Ontario premiere Kathleen Win pledged the provincial government would help young adults with mental illness. If the Liberal government of this province would concentrate on actually bringing jobs back here I daresay that would eliminate a lot of mental illness among young people.

CBC will continue to broadcast "Hockey Night in Canada" for the next four years but Rogers Communications will control the broadcast, making all the decisions and leaving CBC with no say. Hmmm, isn't such a system referred to as fascism?

So Toronto mayor Rob Ford is a drunken crackhead, at least a one-time or partial crackhead. Part of our outrage at this whole thing comes from the public's quaint notion that politicians are supposed to be examples, inspiring schoolchildren and all that. Really, I think Rob Ford just wanted to be somebody and he used his connections to that end.

The top story on CJOH's 11:30 newscast last night was that it was cold. If I hadn't tuned into said broadcast, I would never have known that. I can definitely see why ratings for such news programs are falling. Also, for some reason a story about an Ottawa gym where depressed people go to exercise and help eliviate their mental illness was featured in the sports section of the program instead of the human interest section.

Speaking of CJOH's late night news, I saw a story on their in late 2010 with a woman who was instrumental in the "Ottawa diaper drive", providing a specific brand of disposable diapers to poor Canadian families. Why didn't they instead buy the poor parents cloth diapers or teach them elimination communication. That would have probably been much better all round.

On the heels of the revelation of falling sales of pop in the U.S. coincidentally comes a study saying aspertain is safe. According to a statement by one particular entity concerned in this matter, people-probably including scientists-who think aspertain is unsafe are now conspiracy theoriests.

Back to CJOH: asking people how they feel about Canada Post no longer delivering mail directly to homes in urban areas is not actually news.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Have you ever met someone who was so gripped with fear it entered the room before that individual did? Did they seem sad as well as frightened?

Ok a little fear is sometimes a good thing, for example when I ran track and would admit to touches of nerves before the races that actually helped me sprint faster. In that case it was helpful in getting those juices required for competition going.

In most cases fear is something Satan uses to keep us from reaching important goals and decisions. What if we just trusted in God and took that leap? Adventures and new ideas and experiences would follow.

Remember God loves you and so do I.

Ms. Gillie

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


It's that time. You know? When the malls, stores, and parking lots are full of cars, vans, and chaos. It seems like everyone has their mind on one thing and one thing only. Yes. Jr. wants his X Box, and no he won't share with his sister. Yes you also have to buy for that aunt living in Paris, who is making a rare appearance.

Have you made room on your busy schedule to help someone? You probably walk by him/her on your way to work or running errands. That homeless person you largely ignore. Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that he/she probably at one time had a home, a family, and someone who loved him/her?

It is true. We all have a story. I remember doing a service project with my church a couple of years back at a youth drop in center. It made me feel good, but sad because one of those teenagers could have been my sister or I.

So what can you do? Volunteer your time, drop some change in those Salvation Army Kettles, buy that homeless person a sandwich and hot drink, or simply bid someone a good day.

May God bless and keep you, and I'll see you soon.

Ms. Gillie

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Have you ever seen or heard of someone on Television that you just thought could use a prayer? Sometimes God places prayer opportunities in front of us at the oddest or most interesting times. Not to mention places.

A few years back, bored off my rear end I surfed the TV for something decent to watch. Finding little more than informercials, and decided to watch this one about a weight loss system. It ran through the usual fifty, seventy-five, one hundred pound losses. I was about to give up on the commercial when a woman came on. She talked about her struggle with weight, and how she was all ready 400 pounds by eighteen. She talked about how at her lowest point she acquired a scale that went to 550, and that wouldn't take her weight. She then told of how she had since lost 365 pounds.

What does this say for us? God does things, and puts even complete strangers in our lives to give us the opportunity to pray more and talk to Him.

Good-bye for now and God Bless.

Ms. Gillie

Saturday, November 30, 2013


November 9, 1980.

This is one of the funniest episodes of this show. The parody of Alice in Wonderland is pulled off with all the classic Jim Hensen bizarre style.

The Mad Hatter's tea party scene is the funniest part of this particular episode.

I used to watch "The Muppet Show" every night at 7:00 and every day as well when YTV moved it to 3:30. However, looking at the list on Epguides, it is astounding how many guest stars I don't remember. I remembered Brooke Shields of course as well as Twiggy, Jonathan Winters, Carol Burnett, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Johnny Cash, Lena Horn, Jean-Pierre Rampaule (I hope I'm remembering that name right), John Denver, and Chris Langham. (His episode would have featured Richard Pryer but this being 1980 Pryer was too whacked out on cocaine to do the show so Hensen pressed one of the writers into service.)

It is also remarkable the diversity of guest stars the show attracted, as the list above will attest. Everybody from George Burns to Peter Sellers to Mack Davis to Alice Cooper showed up at the Muppets' theatre.

Also, with regards to the Alice In Wonderland parody episode currently under discussion, I doubt you could get away with saying the word "hooca" on a children's or "family" show today.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Another guest post from Ms. Gillie. Remember, guest posts can be sent to

There are many schools of thought on this issue, some say he does, others aren't sure, and still others say he does not.

I personally think he does, because he created those tropical fish one may see in stores, seagulls, and of course us. Why did I lump us in with the comical creations? It's simple. My friend from church told me about this comic that showed a jar on its side, God, and the word uh-oh in quotations.

Friends I am not making Mock of our Creator, but I do believe He has a wonderful sense of humor. I also believe he wants us to have fun getting to know Him.

Bye for now and God bless

Ms. Gillie

Monday, November 25, 2013


Hi all,

I`m forwarding you a link where you can (if you wish) offer support for Hank Fisher`s (Washboard Hank) song entry in the CBC`s Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest. Hank has been a professional musician through all the 25 plus years I`ve known him. His creativity is celebrated from coat to coast (to coast) and even in the United States.

Also a quick mention of the very excellent open mic he hosts every Thursday evening at Mark`s Finer Diner on Lansdowne Street in Peterborough. Always a good event!

The email below is self-explanatory.


Subject:FW: Hank's Hockey song for CBC Song Quest Hockey Night in Canada

Our Friend Hank: What a great song; forward this to all your friends.


Norm and Kathryn

Hi Friends,

I have entered this song in the Song Quest hockey song contest, please listen and vote. Pass this along to anyone you like. Thanks alot!

VOTING HAS STARTED for Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest: on the "listen and Vote" then scroll down and choose Ontario. Search Washboard Hank.

If you rabidly love the song you can vote once a day. Thanks alot!!

Washboard Hank

Sunday, November 24, 2013


December 22, 1948.

Forced to work Christmas Eve, with all his friends abandoning him and only a lousy Christmas card from Duffy, Archie does not exactly have the warmest attitude to the holiday season. Then a stranger comes into the bar and takes Archie for a walk around the neighbourhood. Miraculous events ensue, including a man blinded in the war getting back his eyesight and time stopping to prevent a man from committing suicide at the stroke of midnight, and Archie returns to the tavern filled with the warmth of Christmas.

This episode contains a lot of the usual fake sentiment one finds in Christmas specials. It is quite obvious the stranger is Jesus, but the usual nonjudgmental Jesus who doesn't expect anything from anyone and whose whole bag is peace, warmth and comfort. The whole thing comes wrapped up with a post-war, late 1940s overtone.


October 10, 1949.

This is a weird episode of this classic radio series.

Tony Murilo is a young man who makes a living creating wax figures of murderers, including the devil. A man shows up one day wanting Tony to make him a wax face, his previous face having been eaten off by a traveling companion in the desert. Tony crafts the stranger a face in the likeness of his own.

The stranger, who is exactly like Tony except with no conscience, takes up residence in the refrigeration room of Tony's workshop and steals Tony's girlfriend, Tena. They murder a man, steal his wedding band and marry.

Tony drives them to the motor lodge where the stranger and Tena will be spending their honeymoon, then sneaks into the cabin where the newlyweds are staying and burns off the man's face. The cabin burns to the ground, killing Tena and the stranger.

However, when the fire is investigated, no charred bodies are found, just a whole lot of wax. Out of Tony's inventory, the figure of Bloody Mary and the figure of the devil are the only two pieces missing. In the cabin's rubble the investigators also turn up a wedding band.


Last Sunday's episode of "This American Life" was really interesting.

Been picking up a lot of AM stations in the late afternoons the past couple days. That's the one good thing about the winter months. Stations have included WSAR, WXRL with polka show and an as yet unid station on 1260 that appears to have a sports format. Also picked up 1540 WDCD Rochester in lull of CHIN.

Yesterday morning, I picked up 1040 WYSL (WYXL?) which I asume is in Rochester. Travel show featuring talk about the Fingerlakes region.

Mike Hogan is a great broadcaster.


The following is a guest post.

Other than the obituary for Dr. Cleaver Keenan, the Alex Horton Blog hasn't really featured material written by others before. However, this does not mean I haven't wanted such material from the day I started this blog.

If you would like to write a guest post for the Alex Horton Blog, email it to

Note: Posts will not be edited for spelling and grammar. I will post writings which do not mesh with my opinions on things, thus, the views of a guest poster are the views of the contributor/victim and are not necissarily my own.

Today we feature the first of what I hope will be many posts (at least until she gets her own blog) from a young lady named Ms. Gillie. Ms. Gillie lives in the Hamilton, Ontario area and has gotten more into the writin game in the past little while.

Without further ado,
Here's Ms. Gillie's debut.

Recently I went to the library in my neighborhood, and was shocked to find a book called Two Boys Kissing. It was about these two young men who were no longer together, but wanted to set some kind of record. I, frowning a little more than slightly, refused said book, and chose something that wouldn't make me so uncomfortable.

What's going on? Why am I talking about this? Let's look at the history. 1976 Jack Tripper had to fake homosexuality to live with two women on Three's Company. 1998 Will And Grace unknowingly promoted the liberal media's "I'm ok. That's ok.` agenda. Many more have followed since.

What can we do? First we must pray, then watch, and then write our media outlets.

Bye for now. God bless and keep all of you out there.

Ms. Gillie

Friday, November 22, 2013


By some ghost writer using the name of Anne M. Martin. New York: Scholastic, 2000.

I can see what the ladies at Snark Squad mean when they talk about the BSC books.

Kristy makes everything about herself and is of course bossy. Throughout this famous children's literature series she never gets less bossy. In "Graduation Day", Kristy makes graduation from middle school all about her by worrying over whether the Baby-sitters Club will continue when the girls start high school. See, Kristy has such low self-esteem that if she's not in charge of something she can't make it through life.

Also, as the Snark Squad ladies say, Claudia does seem to be retarded. She can't even spell Mary Anne correctly, even though she's probably seen it in the club book hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

The other screwed up thing about this book is it reads like the last in the series, when in fact there are a couple more after this. Mary Anne and her family move into their new house in the summer after graduation, but "Graduation Day" has them already in the place.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Was picking up truckers talking on their CB radios yesterday morning; a guy named Black Rooster talking to a lady named Magnolia, another guy at his house in Mobile, Alabama talking about hurricanes.

At least the whole debacle involving Rob Ford has gotten his radio show cancelled. Sitting politicians should not have radio or television shows as their office gives them enough of a platform to disseminate their opinions. (I know he now has a TV show but it's on Sun News so no one will see it.)

Heard a ham radio operator under WTWW 5830 the other night say "WA3GH Green Hornet."

One day, CFRX's transmitter is going to break down and they're just not going to bother turning it back on.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


The main thing I disagreed with in this message was Horn's (and I guess by extension the Living Church of God's) interpretation of the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles. It represents Christ making a permanent end of sin, not a second chance for salvation. The Book of Hebrews says "It is appointed unto a man once to die and after that the judgment." You only get this life to make things right with God.

As for people who lived before Jesus Christ came: God has always provided a way for those who really wanted to know Him to do so. We see this a number of times in the Old Testament, Job and Rahab being but two examples. As for those in parts of the world that didn't yet have the Gospel, God will literally reveal Himself to those in such places whom He has predestined to be His.

Also, Acts 12 4 is not a mistranslation. The king was celebrating Easter because he was pagan and Easter is a pagan holiday.

Finally, the people we call Jews today are not part of God's Israel people. See Revelation 2 9 and 3 9.

Monday, November 11, 2013


I don't disagree with the main point of this sermon, but I have a couple quibbles with some of the things said at the beginning.

First, I'm not so sure the devil can't read our thoughts. 1 Corinthians 2 11 is talking about knowing another's thoughts among men.

As far as the point about hurting God is concerned, in the King James in Psalm 139 24, the word is translated wicked. The psalmist does not want any wicked way found in him.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


I agree we shouldn't forsake our assembling together because of some slight from a brother or sister, but what if your church is apostate? Or, what if there is such a spirit of darkness you can't bear to go there anymore?

As far as the distribution of gifts is concerned, I think every Christian has at least one main gift. Many have a few main gifts. When it comes to the gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12, Christians should have all these gifts, at least to some degree.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Man, Rogers', you really are a piece of work. You fire staff from CIWW and say in your press release that it's to do with "the changing needs of our audience" or something. Then come to find out it's because your company is yet again going through a round of staff eliminations.

Can't get anything on the weather band of my shortwave. There's just an open carrier there now.

Was listening to radio stations from Italy on the internet again the other day. So wonderful to hear a rock station that has a big news package.


Former morning show host on 97.7 Hits FM (CHTZ-fm) St. Catherine's has died of cancer at the age of 60.

I used to catch Benson's show fairly regularly when Hits FM was coming in where I live. Though I disapproved of a lot of the humour, I couldn't help but love
Benson's style, and the overall hard, brash image of the station, for that matter.

One true test of good radio is if it makes you wish you were in the studio with the announcer(s) and producer. Benson passed on this score, having a place in my imagination along with the announcers on "The WRVO Playhouse", the announcers spinning the old country music on WSM and the fine men and women of the BBC in this regard.


Just got finished reading "Too Much Salt And Pepper", the latest book by naturalist Campbell I've reread from my childhood.

Reading Campbell's books, it strikes me just how much our social mindset has changed. People don't have the happy, laugh through anything attitude Sam and Jenny display in their stories. Hi Bub would have probably been placed on Ritolin today and Carol (a giggly teenager, a rare bird indeed these days) would probably be placed on antidepressants for being too happy.

Campbell's thoughts on everything in nature working toward growth are almost heretical today, what with all the people on Disability who have back troubles that prevent them from working but which still allow them to carry a two four up a hill. The lessons about personal responsibility and not blaming other people are all but unheard of today.

You bloody people. These kids set up websites and become activists about global warming, but schools are cancelling their outdoor education and environmental learning programs. Sure, there are outdoor nursery schools if you've got the money to pay for them, but by and large our young people are disconnecting from nature, trekking across screens, harvesting their farms of microchips.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The following are my comments on the article in the October 7 issue of Maclean's about the high cost of raising children.

Originally, God did not intend the cost of raising children to be very high. While one financial analyst (or something of the kind) quoted in the article talks in a horrified manner about parents needing family close by to ease their financial burden, traditionally, extended families have preferred to live close together. One reason for this is precisely so that extended family could help bring up the children. It wasn't until the twentieth century that women bought into the lie that they could have it all and started working for pay fulltime outside the home, forcing the government (for the remainder of this article, when I say government, substitute the word Jews) to open daycares.

As a side note, the article emphasizes parents paying exhorbitant amounts for spaces in licensed daycares (if a space can even be found), but it wasn't so long ago that parents sent children to unlicensed daycares or babysitters if they had to work and most of those children turned out fine. Can't bad things go on in a licensed daycare as well as an unlicensed one?

As far as the cost of signing children up for extraciricular activities, it used to be, even in cities, that if children wanted to swim, they went up to the public pool. If they wanted to play baseball, kids would find an open field. However, these days, with the government not enforcing God's law when it comes to kidnappers and pedophiles, city streets and other areas are no longer safe so children don't have these options.

As regards miscellaneous other costs, why do you need to do things like take expensive trips to Disneyland anyway?

Concerning the cost of postsecondary education and children departing the nest at later ages, these kids are going off to college and university to get training for fields they'll probably never get jobs in. If the government hadn't mandated so many licenses and qualifications for different kinds of work, it would be easier for people to make a living. However, what with needing a license for this and a university degree/college diploma for that, it is so difficult for a young person to start a business or begin their career in a particular field many of today's young adults can't get on their feet. (Of course, there are numerous government-caused economic factors involved as well.)

I hope I never meet the woman quoted in the article who said the decision to have children was a purely emotional one. If they gave out awards for Jezabel spirits... "Parents don't do a cost-benefit analysis." Buck, woman, could you possibly be any colder?!

Why does Maclean's continue to pull this kind of garbage? I am increasingly starting to wonder why I read Maclean's or any of the other audio magazines the CNIB sends me. They all present such a narrow, mainstream view of things. What makes it worse is that even in this internet age there are still blind people who don't have alternative sources of information. As this article highlights in particular, if it weren't for the new book list I don't think I would want to receive any audio magazines from the CNIB anymore.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Where has the category list on Wattpad gone?

Good to see the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind has a couple new feature writers.

More internet spying and targeting of ads is being made public, confirming what many of us have suspected all along.


Cool that Global has a live stream available. Also cool CKWS-tv streams it's evening news.

I don't think "Dark Matter" with Art Bell is going off Sirius-XM for the reasons Bell stated on his website. Art Bell is an intelligent man; he must have anticipated those problems before he signed up with the satcaster.

Noticed the last time Larry and Jane hosted "Allan Wiener Worldwide" Jane was a lot livelier and more involved in the broadcast. Good to see.

What will Nick Digilio producer Craig Collins be doing now?

What's AM 740 doing broadcasting a show called "The Nineties At Nine?"

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Since the FLQ crisis occurred in 1970, the tape of 1050 CHUM mentioned in a previous post is from the day before Thanksgiving, 1970, not 1971 as previously stated. The Alex Horton Blog regrets the error.

Friday, October 18, 2013


Thanksgiving weekend was definitely one of the highlights of this dxer's hobby.

It started Thursday afternoon, as all weekends should. On "World of Radio", Glen Hauser mentioned tuning one of his I'm sure many radios to 87.75 FM to pick upthe audio from a Mexican television channel 6.

That night, I tuned my fancy portable shortwave to the same frequency and was able to hear the audio from CJOH-tv's Deseronto transmitter on Channel 6.

I continued to tune around the bands and picked up:

89.5 CIUT Toronto with "Higher Ground Radio", later with the end of some other show, an ad for Canzine and into BBC news.

90.5 WBER Rochester with the mayor of Nickville with Primus "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver", then letting us know Dr. Spin, the intern, would be taking over from him for the rest of the night.

107.7 WLKK Buffalo, now with alternative rock after switching from simulcasting WBEN.

I was also able to pick up one of the WRVO stations which meant I was finally able to catch "Tuned To Yesterday", the successor to "The WRVO Playhouse." Thank goodness! I could finally get that good feeling.

The broadcast included the feature "Soundbeats" which was about the Belfer audio archive, then into NPR news. Later with "The Whistler", I believe from 1955 doing a story they'd originally done in 1948.

Friday morning, probably in an efert to avoid some CBC retardity, I tuned up the dial on my sterio and picked up 99.1 CHRI Ottawa. Though this obviously indicated conditions were excellent, I could not DX that morning because I had work to do on the computer.

As compensation, CHRI proved to be a very interesting radio station. When I tuned in, they were broadcasting a local program. Then, "Haven Now." After this, another local show, "The Inside Track On Real Estate.; then two hour-long syndicated Christian music shows,: "Soul To Soul" and "CCM Magazine." After this at noon, news and a lunchtime request show. A welcome break from UCB's boring fair.

CHRI's signal finally began to seriously fade out around 1:00 so I tuned up the dial and listened to WDCX Buffalo with "Breakpoint" and Dave Ramsey.

Friday night I decided to tune around the FM band again and picked up:

88.5 WRUR Rochester with "Blacks In Blues."

107.7 WLKK Buffalo with alternative rock.

I also tuned back into 89.9 and heard "Q" at 9:00. I thought, "How in the world am I picking up an Atlantic CBC affiliate from southeastern Ontario." It turned out that WRVO (can't remember which specific station is on 89.9) was broadcasting the Friday evening edition of that program.

"Tuned To Yesterday" came on at 10:00 with "Exploring Tomorrow" from 1958. In the 11:00 Mark Levonier promised programs including "Hollywood Hotel" and "The Comic Weekly Man", which he played a clip of.

Saturday morning was a definite bright spot in my DXing life as well. Highlights included:

89.5 CIUT Toronto with "Clave", the always abulient Jacqueline playing older-style Latin American music and talking about an upcoming event for the Hispanic community, mentioned they needed volunteers.

Jazz 90.1 Rochester with German show.

91.5 WXXI-fm Rochester with "Fascinatin Rhythm." Quite a fascinating show indeed, talking about ragtime with lots of cool information and mostly modern versions of ragtime songs.

93.5 WBLK Buffalo with female anncer Jazzy T and rap music.

94.3 WIYY Rochester with commercial for baby expo.

102.9 CKLH Hamilton with ID. I don't think I've ever logged any Hamilton FM stations where I live before. I've picked up CKPC-fm Brantford on a number of occasions but have never logged any of the four commercial FMers from Hamilton.

105.3 CFCA Kitchener with ID. Another first-time catch from a city I've never logged from my homebase before.

105.9 WJZR Syracuse with anncer and jazz music. A very interesting first-time catch.

It was a DX weekend for the logbooks, that's for sure.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I like the new design of Wattpad. Quite handy to be able to browse by category.

I also like the new design of RBN's site. It just looks a whole lot better, and the buttons are labelled on the Flash player so that's good, too.

Went to Epguides today for the first time in years.

Monday, October 14, 2013


A quintet containing peculiar influences; such as a member with a background in film-making, and another with a keen ear for harmonic texture due to his academic study on music composition, allows this band to shine through with a unique flavor of lyrical depth and smooth emotion.

Their latest offering off the EP, "Roadshow", speaks from the remnants of a melancholy heart as the chorus "this is the year of the roadshow, this is the worst of my ideas", transcends above the up-beat tempo to strike with an emotional delivery. With a rather speedy pace, contrastingly slow-hitting lyrics, and sudden chorus down-tempo's, a roller-coaster is how your day will surely become; at-least for the moment!   The sound of this song is in large part respectable enough to be called alternative but the track also contains elements that will appeal to a broader audience.


Tuned my fancy portable shortwave radio to 87.75 FM and was able to receive the audio from CJOH-TV's Deseronto feed.

Couldn't pick up WTWW 9480 Saturday morning.

John Wideman truly does an excellent job doing the play by play of the Blackhawk's games.

I see "Breakpoint" got a new host to replace the late Charles Colson.


Been getting that numbers guy on WTWW 5830 again.

Picked up Vatican Radio for the first time today.

Picked up WWV on my crank radio where before I had only been able to get it on my fancy portable radio.

Loved Sunday night's episode of "The Strombo Show." It was radio, man!

Ditto Sunday night's episode of "This American Life."

From the little I've heard, WBZ's overnight show seems to have new life in it.

Friday, October 11, 2013


Dear all,

It’s over. The fat lady has sung for the Amazing Jam at the Marmora Inn.

After several months of very low turnout, I conferred this afternoon with our generous hosts – Rui and Kathy Ferreira – about the future prospects for the Amazing Jam at their location in the Marmora Inn.

Attendance has been low since June. Last month Rui had asked that we cancel our September musical gathering due to a conflict with his own work schedule. This month the date for the Amazing Jam fell on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. I had spoken with several of our core group of musicians who all declared their inability to attend this weekend due to conflicting family obligations....

Although I have heard from a number of people how this event has been really important for them, the numbers just don’t add up. The effort required to host and run our Amazing Jam once a month compared to the numbers of people coming out to play no longer seem to make it worthwhile.

So, it is with regret (and some sense of relief) that Rui, Kathy and I have agreed it is time to close it down.

Many thanks to them for the kindness and generosity of their hospitality over so many months. Many thanks to each and all of you who have participated: bringing your instruments and voices, your songs, your stories and your smiles to share together.

There are other venues to play, other places to gather. I recommend an absolutely fabulous open mic in Brighton (every Wednesday evening from 6:30 pm at the Timber House Lodge – contact: Frank Blanchet – Twice a month (the second and fourth Mondays, from 6 pm until....) there is an excellent song circle at the Beaufort Inn in Belleville (contact: Paul King – There is an excellent open mic in Marmora –“First Friday’s” (at the Marmora Curling Club, 7 pm on the first Friday of every month, contact: Eileen Quinn – There are house concerts, kitchen parties and all kinds of opportunities to play music with and for other people.

The Amazing Jam has had a phenomenal run. In August 2010 we were welcomed by Tony Long at the original premises of Amazing Coffee in Madoc. In January of 2011 we gladly moved the jam into his ‘new and improved’ location across the road. We ran the jam there every Sunday for almost 2 years. When Tony sold up the Amazing Coffee, Rui and Kathy Pereira kindly offered us the Marmora Inn as a new location and we re-invented the jam with a new, once a month, schedule. Now, alas, it is time to let it go.

My thanks and appreciation to everyone who has ever played with us, brought us a song or a story to share and enjoyed the music we have made together. The friendships continue and the musical connections remain. I include the email for the Marmora Inn ( and invite all of you who have enjoyed the hospitality there to drop a line to Rui and Kathy and thank them know your appreciation. Remember too that the dining room and service at the Marmora Inn is superb and that Rui’s kitchen produces possibly the best food in Hastings County, and as the sign on the wall says, “Life is too short to drink bad wine!” If you haven’t eaten there yet, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

“I t’s all unplugged and it’s all good! Guitar, baritone, bass, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, fiddle, accordion, flute, celtic harp – the list goes on.

“A place for ‘first-timers’ and experienced players alike. A good bunch of people playing all kinds of music together. People in their teens all the way through proto-geezers. Maybe even an incipient-geriat or two.... Any acoustic music from punk to polka!”

It’s been good. It’s been something very special. Stay in touch and keep on playing and singing.

James Reid

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Popular Science Shuts Down Online Comments Section: Mainstream media doesn't like the two-way aspect of the internet. They would be happy to post stuff up there and have it be like the old days. By this I mean there would either be no interaction with the public in response to what was disseminated, or if there was, it would be heavily controlled as to how much of that response the rest of the public saw.

These days, when you keep promoting things that aren't true, such as manmade climate change, people are no longer going to just sit there and take it. The public can finally conjecture and talk back to the media and they love this and do it often. Granted, the public doesn't always respond in the wisest or most intelligent way, but you can't put the genie back in the bottle and any media outlet that tries will face it's downfall.

Fake Reviews On Yelp: Companies admitted years ago they pay employies to go onto social media sights (Facebook, Twitter and the like) to talk up their product. If these companies have been doing this in the Facebook age, is it any great stretch to believe these companies have been doing such things since near the dawn of the web?

Many times, when I've looked at articles, forums or blog posts dealing with the subject of elimination communication, there have been a bunch of detracters on these sites. While at least some are probably legit, at times the number of naysayers in the comments section of the particular thing I'm looking at strongly leads me to suspect people from the diaper companies are trying to sully ec to keep business in their hands.

Naturally, then, it follows that employees would be writing fake reviews on Yelp. Hopefully, this will start a trend toward the death of mainstream internet media along with the death of traditional mainstream media.

Conservative Talk Show Hosts To Be Thrown Under Bus?: It appears the once mighty and popular syndicator Talk Radio Networks is doomed. Along with this, it looks to me as if another syndication outlet for talk radio (which is mainstream media despite what the hosts claim) is headed for a change. From what I've read in the trade, Premier is no longer programming it's channel on Sirius XM radio, which means some popular talk show hosts aren't heard on the satcaster anymore. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hanity are no longer going to be on a number of Cumulus-owned stations, many in large markets such as New York. While these two talk radio giants will be on Clearchannel stations in some of the same markets, this personally makes me wonder if people such as Limbaugh, Hanity and the like are on their way out.

CBC Being Retarded Again: Monday, in the wake of the imminent U.S. government so-called shut down, "As It Happens" was taking the stance of wondering why anyone could possibly be against Obamacare. From what I've heard from the radio side of the Mothercorp, CBC has failed to mention the fact the Affordable Care Act is nothing like the government healthcare system we have here in Canada. Also, they fail to mention how many Americans are against the legislation and all the problems with it.

Also, CBC, next time people get food poisoning from an event, I don't need to hear people describing their symptoms.

You could have done a better job on the story about the home daycare that was shut down in Vaughn a couple weeks back. Did that woman you interviewed not check out the home before she sent her daughter there? I mean, people can window dress and clean up to make things look sanitary and safe when they normally aren't, but if the house was as dirty as described on the news, they couldn't have just thrown a bunch of things in the closet and made everything look good.

Also still no mention of why Amanda Todd, at twelve years old, didn't seem to know she shouldn't show her private parts to total strangers, even if they said they'd be her friend, *which is normally a pretty good reason for doing anything.* **

** Asterisks indicate sarcasm.


Wonder why Jen Bryan is no longer on WBZ?

I like the new "As It Happens" opening theme a lot better than the old one. As far as the closing theme, they need to start it after the drum solo.

Have heard some more ham chatter in the past few weeks, guys talking about their technology.

91x appears to be back on the air.


Based on notes to myself.

On a day when I was feeling very discouraged, I got to minister the Word to a few different people.

I was thinking a lot about "South Park" at this time.

Was reading Lee Stroble's books.

Heard about Sandy Hook while listening to a top 40 station from Italy online. They broke into their Friday night dance party programming with coverage of it.

Was making friends with a guy down the street.

A week before Christmas, another friend and I had the best day together we'd ever had, just looking at funny things on YouTube all day.

My sister kept a couple hamsters at my place for a few days.

Was grooving to a lot of good music at this time, from new alternative rock to older alternative rock to blues to jump blues to standards.\

For Christmas, we went over to a former neighbour's house. We had different kinds of Oriental soup, pork wrapped in a lettuce leaf, duck, roast bief with all the trimmings for the main course, and lots of good desserts.

For that wonderful time known as the week between Christmas and New Year's, I just hung out, read and relaxed. I was listening to a fair amount of AM 740 at this time.

For New Year's Eve, went over to the local pub in a snowstorm. I got really lost. Fortunately, a woman who was walking her dog happened by and steered me in the right direction. I was only a few minutes late for my reservation. I had Cornish hen, a really good dessert that I can't remember what it was and a couple glasses of wine. The pub worker drove me home and I gave her a hug. Then I watched the ball drop in Time Square, then listened to "As It Happens: The Midnight Edition".

The next day I spent downloading stuff from the internet, then went over to my mom's house for dinner.

Monday, September 30, 2013


Mushroom FM is an internet radio station run by blind people. I tuned in a couple years ago and heard tunes I'd never heard before and other songs I'd only ever heard once.

Ancient FM plays medieval music.

Radio Caroline is fairly well-known. The station plays a variety of music from the last few decades and still has the iconic ship's bell sound at the top of the hour.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The new EP Mourning Birdsfrom Australian dreamy pop musicians, The Oyster Murders, is available now. To commemorate the release of their new EP, they have released a second single: "Oh Shadow a Dark Crow Grow."

Inspired by such diverse influences as Stephen Hawking and Grimes, the new single "Oh Shadow a Dark Crow Grow" explores ideas about the predetermined nature of reality, and the possibility of all realities existing at once, simultaneously. The track features more playful synth sounds, combined with 90's inspired shoegaze guitar textures, that bring these concepts to life.

This band's songs just wash over you.



From the get-go the song features an intriguing beatbox patiently layered with electronic rhythms that complement the very laid-back vocals. The dreamy feel and subtle chorus is the perfect sensation for a light dance on the shores of your imagination's beach as summer draws itself to an end!

On the rise, Antonio Paul's fan base has steadily been on an upward slope expanding beyond western Australia from opportunities to perform at Groovin' the Moo to playlist features on Rage.

This song has a sarcastic tone which I absolutely love.


Sterling, Ontario.

This is a wonderful little restaurant with a friendly, homey atmosphere.

I had mushroom soup, which was very good, a chicken bacon ranch sandwich which was the best thing I've ever eaten, and a capuccino which was also quite good. Oh, and I mustn't forget the absolutely delicious butter tart, of which A Little Taste Of Paradise has a huge variety.

A perfect lunch spot that I will hopefully be patronizing again before too long.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Sprawling yet intimate, epic but warm, the young Aussies of Louis London are a study in dichotomy: a wildly eclectic and diverse set of influences coming together to create an entirely new sound. On their debut EP On Your Lips We Roared, the quintet of Louis London are comfortable staying in the indie rock/pop pocket, but flourishes of grand chamber bombast, ambient instrumental, and jazz color the corners. “Our song formulas and concepts draw on all our different musical pasts, as well as the nature of contemporary popular music,” explains the band. “Chamber groups and orchestras, as well as more recent musical evolutions such as blues, jazz and of course rock and roll have influenced our tunes and concept of music.”

Having garnered a huge audience down under with sold out shows and Triple J airplay, Louis London now have their sights set on American shores. Having played music for the majority of their lives, the early twenty-somethings of Louis London found each other and immediately connected, with all sharing a strong work ethic and burning drive for success. “We are all very active and engaged people,” explains Karl Fernandes (Bass/Vocals/Guitar). “From Australian and international politics to environmental issues and visual arts to sport. With five people in the band our interests range far and wide which helps keep the music fresh and creative.”

For the recording of On Your Lips We Roared, the band headed into the studio for the first time, and literally took over. “We recorded with a really talented young producer Tom Ugly in Sydney,” recalls the band. “Being a first recording together, everyone was pretty keen to get it to sound exactly how we thought it should. I’m not sure if we got there because we spent so bloody long doing it but it seems we have had a pretty good response so far so I guess that’s what matters!"

As for the album title, the band confesses that it’s about getting as close to the listener as possible, which might also serve as the band’s mission statement. “It’s weirdly erotic I suppose,” admits Ed Saloman (Vocals/Guitar/Bass). Being so close to someone that you get that really proximal, intimate, intensity of emotion was what it was about for me, and something that I still want to recreate when we play live.”

The On Your Lips We RoaredEP is available worldwide now.

There's plenty of straight up pop rock sound here, but there are also a lot of the kinds of sounds mentioned above which helps make Louis London really worth listening to.


By Martha Grimes. New York: Viking, 2001.

Emma Graham continues to try to solve a murder that occurred in her small town forty years earlier.

One of the things which bugs me about a lot of novels is the authors don't portray children accurately. This is not the case with this book, however. Emma is a very realistic 12 year old (solving a murder notwithstanding.) Things she says and does, such as acting indignant more or less because she can, take me right back to when I was her age.

At the same time, Grimes has created a character who is wise beyond her years, such as the way Emma describes the colours coming off things.

Friday, September 20, 2013

DX LOG 9/20

89.5 CIUT Toronto with talk about regulations for corporations.

Jazz 90.1 Rochester with music.

91.5 WXXY Rochester with classical music and NPR news.

93.1 WNTQ Syracuse with commercials.

93.7 WBLK Brockport with music.

94.3 WYYY Syracuse with ID.

95.1 WBRU Rochester with anncr, Heart and Tom Petty.

96.5 WCMF Rochester with commercials including one for psychic fair.

97.9 WPXY Rochester with top 40 music.

99.5 WDCX Buffalo with J. Vernon McGee.

Boom 99.7 Ottawa with classic hits music and female anncr.

100.3 CFMO Ottawa with light AC and female anncr.

100.5 WDVE Rochester with Green Day and ID.

102.5 WTSS Buffalo with AC music.

Legends 102.7 Rochester with female anncr.

102.9 WDCZ Rochester with Christian music.

103.3 WEDG Buffalo with commercials.

106.7 WYRK Buffalo with country music.

106.9 CFBR Ottawa barely audible.

107.7 WLKK Buffalo simulcasting WBEN with talk about movies.


Wednesday while dxing I picked up a radio station in French IDing as "Smooth FM."

91x has been off the air for more than a week now.

You know radio is dying when someone writes into a Christian broadcast saying they don't listen to the radio much and listen mainly on the broadcast's app.

DX LOG 9/19

89.1 WBSU Brockport with Red Hot Chili Peppers.

89.5 CIUT Toronto with show featuring Spanish rap songs.

93.1 WNTQ Syracuse with top 40 music.

95.1 WBRU Rochester with "Sixx Sense."

95.7 Rock 95 Barrie with female anncr and City In Colour.

96.5 WCMF Rochester with music and ID.

98.5 WKSE Buffalo with Jayz.

99.5 WDCX Buffalo with preacher.

100.3 CFMO Ottawa with commercials.

102.1 CFNY Toronto with alternative rock music and ID.

103.3 WEDG Buffalo with commercials including one for a farm and one for a brewery.

103.7 CJPT Brockville with music.

106.7 WYRK Buffalo with Brad Pasely.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


By Sean Flynn. New York: Warner Books, 2002.

"The Perfect Storm" of firefighting.

The author tells the story of a cold storage facility fire in Worcester, Massachusets in December 1999. Flynn weaves in the life stories of the men who battled the blaze, as well as including lots of practical information about firefighting.

This is what gives this book the designated description above.


This book is largely a joke but it makes a good jumping off point to discuss some things.

Aliens: According to a German soldier during World War II, Western governments were going to use the threats of communism, nationalism, terrorism, and aliens to move the new world order's agenda along. Roswell, Area 51 and all this other UFO stuff just feeds into this plan and helps to prepare people to believe the aliens really have invaded when the government makes the announcement.

Barbie: No specific conspiracy involving the famous doll, but Barbie and other products marketed to children contain messages that help indoctrinate our kids.

Big Brother Is Watching You: This has only been made more obvious with the recent NSA scandal.

BOA: After the 2008 economic crisis, I think people can indeed see that bankers are snakes.

Cartoons: See Barbie.

Diana: It is quite obvious Princess Diana was murdered. New evidence of this has recently surfaced with renewed interest in the event.

Doctors: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion tells it's readers to become doctors so they can eliminate their enemies. Also, does anyone really still believe these big organizations want to find cures for their namesake diseases? If that happened, the organization would be out of business.

Drugs: There are headlines approximating, "CIA PLANE CRASHES WITH ONE TON OF COCAINE ABOARD."

Elvis: Popular musicians are in large part manufactured. There had never really been anyone like Elvis Presley before. He was used by the new world order to see if one person could really influence the masses. On August 16, 1977, "The King (?)" was murdered because he was no longer needed and the globalists couldn't afford to have him get old and display his declining talent.

Fluoride: The harmful effects of fluoride are well-documented in books such as "Cancer: step outside the box." In fact, studies now show fluoride helps break down teeth rather than keeping them strong.

Grand Conspiracy: The evidence for a new world order is overwhelming. David Rockefeller admits to being part of it in his autobiography. George Bush Sr. spoke about it 111 times. Even H. G. Wells wrote about it in a book entitled "The New World Order."

Israli Leader Assassination: There are probably at least a few good books out there about who really killed Itzak Rabin.

JFK: In answer to the author's questions, Oswald was merely a patsy; he didn't actually take part in the assassination. Kennedy was killed in the middle of the day in front of a huge crowd as a signal from the new world order to the people that the globalists were in control and things were about to change drastically in the world. Read Jim Marrs' book, "Crossfire: the plot that killed Kennedy." It is probably the best book on the presidential assassination out there.

Kurt Cobain: There is good evidence the Nirvana frontman was murdered, such as the gun facing away from the head of the corpse. Cobain is the icon of the grunge genre and, just as with Elvis, the new world order couldn't allow him to get old.

Lennon's Assassination: There is evidence suggesting Mark David Chapman was a manchurian candidate. As for a reason, see Elvis and Kurt Cobain.

Man On The Moon: I have already covered this topic on this blog. See the August 2012 archive.

Marilyn Monroe: The iconic actress and songstress was given an enema before the autopsy was performed.

Oklahoma: There is evidence of government vehicles around the federal building in Oklahoma City an hour before the bomb went off, as well as evidence with regard to how the building blew up. Connie Chung asked about evidence that didn't fit with the official story and was fired.

Population Control: For good information on eugenics, see Alex Jones's film "Endgame."

The Turin Shroud: The Shroud of Turin can't be the burial cloth of Jesus. It has the imprint of a beard and Jesus' beard was plucked.

Smoking: It seems as if the anti-smoking agenda is an attempt to close down the bars and just generally put more restrictions on people's personal freedom.

Spice Girls: As with all phenominally popular bands, The Spice Girls had their part to play in the new world order's agenda.

Television: The Pentagon set the flicker rate for television so it would keep people mesmorized.

Titanic: In order for the Federal Reserve to be established, powerful men who were opposed to it had to be gotten rid of. Many of these powerful men were passengers on the Titanic. Captain John Smith was a Jesuit. Jesuits will sacrifice their own lives for their masters. Smith was an experienced captain who should have been able to avoid the iceberg.

Waco: I wrote a post about this on this blog as well. Type Waco in the search box.

Who Will Take Over The World?: Though the new world order involves many groups who at times don't like each other, the one who is ultimately behind the new world order is the devil.


While dxing Wednesday morning I came across an unid. Station with a beeping sound being heard under it every few seconds.

That’s right, GCN, play two commercials for different water filters in a row.

Picked up a ham today talking about technical matters and the fact he doesn’t operate at night because that’s when his wife is home from work..

DX LOG 9/18

90.1 WGMC Rochester with Kenny Burrell and female anncr.

93.1 WNTQ Syracuse with commercials.

93.5 WBLK Buffalo with older black music.

95.1 WBRU Rochester with Brother Wheeze.

98.9 WBZA Rochester with morning show.

99.3 unid. Canadian Christian station with “Haven Now” and weather forecast.

99.5 WDCX Buffalo with Alistaire Begg.

99.7 CKPT Peterborough with top 40 music. Pretty sad that nowadays, with all the good fm signals taken plus the interference caused by new technology, this is considered a dx catch even though I only live about an hour away.

100.3 CFMO Ottawa with music and female anncr.

100.5 WDVE Rochester with music and male anncr talking about station’s online auction.

101.1 CKBY Ottawa with country music and ID.

102.1 CFNY Toronto with commercials including one for Money Mart, Dean Blunhdell morning show.

102.7 WLGZ Cape Vincent with ID.

103.3 WEDG Buffalo with Rush and Reagan morning show, talk about worst singers, news, traffic, weather, commercials, comic song.

103.5 WXRK Rochester with country music.

103.7 CJPT Brockville with Aerosmith, ID and Matchbox 20.

105.7 Easy Rock Niagara with female anncr and music.

106.9 CFBR Ottawa with music and ID.

DX LOG 9/17

88.1 WEAR with Family Radio.

88.3 WMH-something with call-in show.

88.5 WRUR Rochester with lots of cool music including The Beatles.

89.1 WBSU Brockport with lots of cool music.

89.3 CKLF-3 (?) Barrie via Peterborough with “Groundwire”, evening show aimed at Christian teens with anncr taking phone calls and Christian music, promo for “CT 20.”

89.5 CIUT Toronto with anncr conducting interview.

90.5 WBER Rochester with baseball game.

91.5 WXXI Rochester with classical music.

91.9 CKLY Lindsay Bob FM.

94.7 WMHI Watertown with Christian music.

95.1 WBRU Rochester with AC/DC.

99.5 WDCX Buffalo with some sacred namer.

99.7 CKPT Peterborough with top 40 music.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


It is important for a parent to listen to their child and to try to understand how he feels about things. It is equally or more important to teach a child to listen to themselves.

Elimination communication insures a child stays continually tuned to her elimination needs. If a child is being conventionally toilet trained, the parent needs to un-diaper train the toddler and teach her to pay attention to her bodily sensations of needing to relieve herself, stop what she is doing and make her way to the bathroom.

This is yet another of the many screwed up things about the public school system. Good parents teach their children to listen to their bodies when the child is being toilet trained. Then some teacher the child encounters a few years later tells the child they can't go to the bathroom when they need to.

In this same way, a child should be taught to listen to all of his bodily sensations: to know when he is tired, when he has satisfied his hunger, etc. The child should also learn to recognize different kinds of pain and other physical sensations in isolated areas of their body. For example, if a child has a stomachache, he should learn to recognize whether it is constepation, hunger, nervousness, or something else.
As well, a child should be taught properly how to recognize and deal with their emotions. They should be taught about how emotions can some or oftentimes mask deeper feelings, such as a little boy who expresses anger at something because he actually feels hurt, neglected or nervous.

A child should be taught not to take his emotions out on others (a lot of adults I know should have been taught that.) Nevertheless, she should also be taught that her emotions are a normal, God-given part of her which if dealt with in the appropriate way can help her deal with the world. Tell her it's normal for her to process feelings such as hurt or disappointment, but that she should do it in a way that doesn't hurt others.

Concerning crying, she should be taught that, while she shouldn't cry over every little thing, crying is an acceptible and healthy way of processing feelings at times. Sometimes, if the little girl is faced with a situation in which neither she nor anyone else can do anything about it, crying can be a healthy way to deal with the situation internally. Even in situations where something can be done, crying may be healthy and necissary for releasing pent-up emotion.


It’s a really fun video that takes you on the road with the band and gives you an exclusive insight into one of their beach adventures. These Philippines natives have a free-spirited sound with global appeal that will have you tapping your toes in no time.

Watch Here:   Can't say much for the frontman's voice, but the lyrics are pretty good.

Monday, September 16, 2013


T. Barry Brazleton is the main reason problems with bedwetting in children and toilet training have increased. Back in 1998, Brazleton endorsed Pampers Size 6. In the commercial he emphasized not rushing children into toilet training and making sure the child was ready. This has created a lax attitude toward toilet training in our society.

However, this is only one side of the toilet training/bedwetting dialectic. The truth of the matter is the overarching reason why children are stubborn when it comes to toilet training is because we approach this area of parenting entirely backward. Babies are born knowing when they need to relieve themselves. In the west, thanks in large part in recent years to so-called parenting experts such as Brazleton and the manufacturers of disposable diapers, we have been trained to be unaware of when a baby is signalling a parent or caregiver they need to go.

Therefore, instead of toilet training the typical Western way, parents should practice elimination communication.

Elimination communication is not coersive and does not put pressure on a child. It is a gentle practice and is harmonious and responsive to a baby's awareness and needs.

If you can't manage to do elimination communication in the first year, then you might want to look into early toilet training, which should also be done in a noncoersive manner.

There are reports that, contrary to feeling pressured or finding the adjustment difficult, babies whose parents practice elimination communication or todlers who are going through early toilet training seem happier and find it rewarding.

The mindset of a child associating urine or a bowel movement as part of themselves could have to do with children being taught to wet and soil themselves in the first couple years of life. It's in their pants so the child thinks of it as close to or part of herself. She has never eliminated in the toilet or other place separate from her before so eliminating properly can be an adjustment for her in that way.

If our society has not been taught to communicate with a baby's need to eliminate, hence we then see why so many children struggle with bedwetting and accidents. It is because they have in fact been diaper trained in their first two years, taught to ignore their sensations and to just let it happen in their diaper. This is similar to what happens to elderly people in nursing homes who are put in diapers. At two or three or five or whenever, a switch is flipped and the child is told the opposite of what she has come to expect and the adjustment is hard.

Note that elimination communication is not a guarantee your child will never have an accident or wet the bed. Their may be other reasons why a particular child does these things so if a child wets or soils there could be other factors at play causing them to do that.

Whose success does staying dry and clean belong to for the conventionally trained child? Certainly it does belong with the child because she's the one doing it but it also belongs with the parent. Parenting is ultimately about having your child grow up to be independent and successful, success being defined differently for every individual. A basic requirement of functioning in the world is the ability to use a toilet, i.e. not go in your pants. I mean, it's not as if we're talking about your toddler mastering quantum physics.

I don't think a lot of parents are even really bothering to toilet train their children, as evidenced by the fact there are children going to kindergarten still in diapers. What's next? Do you want the early childhood educators in the kindergarten classes to push them around in strollers and feed them with spoons? Yes, I would say you are definitely failing as a parent in this area.

For another thing, I do not believe boys take longer to conventionally toilet train than girls, nor do I believe they wet the bed longer or are more prone to it.

DX LOG 9/11

Not sure what's supposed to be in here.


As far as the question of when to have the subsequent children after the first child, do what the Lord wills you  to do. Seek His face by praying, which entails both talking and listening to Him. There are certain reasons why you might want to space children a certain amount of time apart, but it is ultimately what the Lord wills for you and your spouse that is of paramount importance.

By the way, Brazleton, I do not consider a family of three to be large.


Maybe if our culture practiced things like co-sleeping and baby wearing, infants would be less dependent on sucking their thumbs or cuddling security objects.

Babies should not be encouraged to suck their thumb as this fosters dependence. If a baby doesn't need to suck his thumb to calm himself, then he doesn't need to be taught how to do such a thing.

Conversely, if a child still sucks their thumb at a higher age than normal, it is not necissarily a cause for concern, unless of course they are being abused or neglected. If they are succeeding normally in other areas of their lives, such as socially, do not be concerned. You might want to instruct them to suck the tip of it to avoid damage to teeth, but otherwise there's nothing about the child's advanced thumbsucking to be alarmed about.

In fact, there are even normal, well-adjusted teenagers and adults who still suck their thumbs.

There are also many teenagers and even adults who still sleep with security objects: not for means of self-comfort, but merely because they are familiar, well-loved items that connect them to their past.

And no, Brazleton and all the other ignoramuses out there, baby wearing and co-sleeping don't hamper a child's ability to become independent at nursery school or kindergarten. In fact, these techniques (when practiced properly) give children a greater sense of independence because a foundation of confidence in mom and dad has been established. The child knows his parents care for him and will be there when he returns, so he is more confident to go out and try new things.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Picked up 1320 WKAS tonight.

Picked up some hams talking about technology the other night.

The other morning my computer speakers were picking up two-way radio communication.

A few nights ago, my shortwave was doing the same thing, most likely from police, a fire department or an ambulance.

Friday, September 13, 2013


In Western culture today, we have the idea that unless every moment of your life is spent in nirvanic pleasure, your current existence on this planet is horrible and worthless.

However, the Bible, particularly the psalms, contains displays of all human emotions.

Sadness is a normal part of life, including the life of a child and, indeed, the life of a Christian adult. Nevertheless, we do need to be careful this doesn't turn into self-pity. Feeling sorry for yourself is a selfish state of mind and selfishness is forbidden by the Word of God.

The typical way the world has for treating the normal human emotion of sadness is for a local wizard (commonly known as a psychiatrist) to prescribe potions (also known in this case as antidepressants.) In many cases however, the patient is feeling sad or depressed for a legitimate reason, such as the death of a loved one or an intolerable situation at their workplace. These people don't need medications; they simply need someone to listen, to understand, to let them know these emotions are normal, and possibly to offer solutions.

The world does not have Jesus to look to for support, comfort, guidance, and peace in the tough, sad times of life. Thus, it is no wonder that sometimes sadness caused by legitimate triggers can lead to depression.

Since the majority of people are living without Jesus Christ, it is also no wonder that so many people, including children, are depressed.

Severe depression (as opposed to the normal emotion of sadness discussed here thus far) is sometimes caused legitimately by a chemical imbalance in the brain which can be cured using natural remedies.

More often, though, depression is caused by Satan and his demons. It is only through a proper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that a person can be protected from these evil beings and protect their children as well. (Acts 2 38)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

DX LOG 9/11

88.5 WRUR Rochester with all kinds of cool music.

89.5 CIUT Toronto with Caribbean music show including promo for Caribbean film festival.

Jazz 90.1 Rochester with jazz music.

91.1 CJRT Toronto barely audible with jazz.

91.5 classical music station from upstate New York.

99.5 WDCX Buffalo with promo for street team.


I really have to disagree with a lot of what Brazleton says in this chapter.

Babies only have two natural fears: falling and loud noises. The other types of fears Brazleton mentions I would characterize more as caughtiousness. For example, a four month old baby is instinctually aware of a stranger who seems aggressive because they are approaching the baby trying to act overly silly and friendly. Fears older babies and small children may have regarding new things they are learning about the world around them and new experiences they are having are in large part merely subconscious caution.

The Bible says God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. If we are afraid, we can't think correctly because being afraid of the thing in question takes up most of our thought patterns. If we are cowering at someone or something, then we don't have the power to deal with it, or indeed in many cases the power to act in other areas of our lives where the thing we are afraid of is not concerned.

The Bible also says perfect love casts out fear. If this is so, then we can infer the inverse of this statement is also true: that is, fear casts out perfect love. If we are afraid of someone or something, we can't act toward that person the way God would have us to act. If we are afraid of rejection by someone because we told them about our faith, then we can't fulfill the great commission with that person which the Lord commanded us to do.

It is indeed correct babies and small children learn fears from those fears being prohjected by parents and others around them.

Fear is a spirit from the devil. In order to overcome fear, therefore, we need to rely on Jesus Christ. Thus, if a child is afraid of doing something they've never done before, a parent can say, "Don't be afraid. Jesus is always with you. He loves you and will protect you when you do this thing."

However, this tactic will only truly work with a child if the parent is actually following Jesus. Children can tell if a parent is faking something like this. Therefore, the parent has to have entered into a relationship with the Saviour. (See Acts 2 38)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I agree with what Brazleton says throughout most of the chapter. However, he and I diverge at the very end where he says that discipline is showing your love by telling the child they've gone too far.

While I absolutely agree that discipline is an act of love, there is a lot more to love than this chapter covers.

As Brazleton correctly states, parents and children establish love by the parent cuddling, touching, cooing, etc. and the baby showing her love in response by smiling. Babies do indeed recognize that Mommy shows her love in a certain way, Daddy shows his love in a different way and a friend of the family shows their love in a still different manner.

However, as the baby grows older she will of course start to understand more the complexities of everyday life. A loving parent wants their child to eat a balanced diet and wants them to have room to be able to eat the said healthy food they have prepared for dinner. A little girl comes to her mother and asks for a cookie just before dinner. Out of loving mindfulness of the child's eating habits, the mother tells the little girl she can't have a cookie because it is too close to dinnertime. The daughter, however, does not see the situation this way. She feels slighted because Mommy has always let her have cookies before. Therefore, if her mother is not letting the little girl have a cookie at this time of the day just before dinner, the little girl surmises the mother doesn't love her anymore because of the disruption in the giving out of cookies. Thus, the little girl begins to resent her mother.

God is love. Hence, without Jesus Christ, we cannot truly love.

Often as children mature and begin to understand the world around them more, they will interpret their parents' love as something deserved by the child because she is such a precious, cute, lovely little girl. After all, that's what everybody always says. If she has these traits, then, the little girl can come to the conclusion that she is the best thing in the world and that everyone should cater to her. She begins to see people merely as a means of getting what she wants. If this pattern of thinking continues in this child, she will grow up to be like most adults, with no true ability to love others; only a user of her fellow human beings.

Though it is vitally important to establish love in your baby by methods such as Brazleton describes, a parent needs to move on from establishing this basic level of love to eventually instilling the fullness of love within their child.

1 Corinthians 13 is the famous love chapter of the Bible. Most translations other than the King James use the word love in this passage. However, the correct word to be used is the one the King James translators chose: charity.

There are four different kinds of love. Though two or more of these are often intertwined in various relationships among people, for the sake of clarity we will examine each of them separately.

Affection (phelia) is the love such as parents and children have with one and other, or felial love. This is the type on a basic level which Brazleton describes in Chapter Two of the book currently being discussed.

Friendship (agape) is the love friends share with one another. Most Christians think this is the type of love Paul is talking about in 1 Corinthians 13.

Eros is sexual love. Under God's plan, it is meant to be shared with only one person in and of it's deepest expression, i.e. through sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is meant to be engaged in by one man and one woman united under a covenant of marriage. The coital coupling is the most intimate act two humans can participate in together and is thus meant only for two wedded life partners of oposite genders.

Sexual love can be expressed by two people of the oposite sex who aren't married in lesser ways such as kissing and touching, but still, one shouldn't just let anyone do these types of things to them in a sexual way.

Finally, charity is the love which Paul is describing in the Biblical passage in question. Charity is encapsulated in the two great commandments: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, mind, and strength"* and "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself."*

* Above passages in quotation marks are paraphrases.
* It is not wrong to love oneself. Otherwise, it would be impossible to disobey this second commandment.

The church has distorted love by mistaking charity for friendship. We are not to have friendship with literally everyone in the world, i.e. with those who will just use and abuse us over and over again, take us for all we are worth and come back for more.

God's people are, however, to treat everyone we meet as fellow human beings with intrinsic value.

The world (meaning the unsaved) have distorted love into something which entails approving of whatever someone does. However, whereas I love my child, I will discipline her when she does wrong. Whereas I love homosexuals as human beings with value because they are human beings, I will speak out against the lifestyle (really a deathstyle) that they lead. Whereas I love the intrinsically valuable human being yet to be born, I will speak out against abortion and those "lawmakers" and lobby groups trying to make it easier and more permissible under the law to obtain. Whereas I love my God and His people, I will speak out against those who speak against Him and break His laws.

Thus we see that a parent needs to teach their child about these four kinds of love. Instruction and teaching are also needed with regard to the fact of the value of a human being precisely because they are a human being created by the Lord God in His image.

The above can only be taught if the parent has a right, proper relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. (See Acts 2 38)