Thursday, December 26, 2013


In the Bible, in the Book of Exodus, God gave His Ten Commandments and the fifth one is that we should honour our mother and our father. The Bible repeatedly says children should obey their parents.

All authority comes from God. The command for children to honour their parents does not give parents the right to be cruel tyrants over their children. If you don't think something is fair, most of the time you can discuss the issue with your parents and come to a peaceful resolution.

Nevertheless, there are many times when, if your parents tell you to do something, you do it without questioning. Most parents want the best for their children and will thus set out fair rules for the household designed to protect children while giving them a good and happy life at the same time.

God's order, set down in the Bible is that Christ is to be the head of every man. The man is supposed to be the head of his home and the children are to be under the husband and wife, the father and the mother. Many times when children are disrespectful and constantly disobey their parents, this is because this order is not in that home.

A girl needs a good mother to show her what kind of woman she should be and a good father to show her what to look for in a man. (Vice versa if you happen to be a guy reading this.)

Granted, there are parents who for various reasons don't know how to train their children in the way they should go as the Book of Proverbs in the Bible says. If you are living in one of these extreme situations, find a male role model in your community or at your school who acts the way a good husband should, and a woman in your community or at your school who acts like the kind of respectable woman someone would want to be.


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

This is another excellent piece, my dear Alex. If you don’t mind, I feel compelled to add that one of the things that our Heavenly Father has personally revealed to me is that everything we experience in this world is meant to help us to better understand Him and the righteousness of all of His most awesome ways, and the relationship between earthly parents and their earthly children is no exception.

In the beginning, good earthly parents should want to shower their earthly children with affection in the hope of this forming a loving foundation for when it comes time to help guide their earthly children in the waythat they should go, which is the same with our Heavenly Father and His children by faith. For in both cases, the relationship at the start of the time of instruction is little more than the parent teaching through the giving of commands. Good children will follow those commands without much question while bad children will not, which leads to bringing more hardships down upon themselves that would be absolutely necessary to learn a lesson.

When an earthly child reaches adulthood, they should start appreciating what their earthly parents were enduring for their sake more and more, and as time goes on, the relationship between good earthly children and their earthly parents should grow into a very close and personal one. Of course, this is in the cases of good earthly parents, and it is no different with our Heavenly Father. For He has been willing to endure our disrespect and outright rejection to prove just how worthy He is to receive all of our love and trust.

Quite tragically, far too many in the Christian community do not want to truly have a very close and personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. For they are content with acting like a five year-old claiming to have the best daddy in the world without having any idea just who their Heavenly Father is, nor what He has been doing for them.

Yes, it has been widely accepted that our Heavenly Father paid the price in full for our sins so that as many as would but want to have full and complete faith in His Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ could spend all of eternity with Him in His Kingdom of Heaven as an heir to all that is His in glory, but be assured that what is good enough for us is often not good enough for Him. In fact, there is so much more that He wants us to know and understand than just the bare essentials. Therefore, may we all want to truly walk in the Light of His absolute truth instead of remaining in the darkness of Spiritual ignorance.

Alex Horton said...

Excellent comment. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

A while back we had a guest preacher at our church. During the sermon he said, "I know we have some teachers in this congregation. Who would you rather teach: kindergarten or junior high?" My friend Angie responded, "Junior high." The guest preacher went on and said, "Of course you'd rather teach kindergarten because the kids don't question your authority." I was thinking to myself, "No, dude, you just don't get it. Grade 8 kids somewhat have organizational skills, can eat neatly and can do a lot more for themselves. Kindergarteners involve a lot more hands-on maintenance."

This little story relates perfectly to what you said in the above comment and what we were talking about on the phone one time.