Thursday, December 12, 2013


So there's another U.S. budget crisis. It's like "I'll gladly get my grandchildren to pay you in the future for a very expensive hamburger today and the same priced hamburger every day for many subsequent days."

A few months ago Ontario premiere Kathleen Win pledged the provincial government would help young adults with mental illness. If the Liberal government of this province would concentrate on actually bringing jobs back here I daresay that would eliminate a lot of mental illness among young people.

CBC will continue to broadcast "Hockey Night in Canada" for the next four years but Rogers Communications will control the broadcast, making all the decisions and leaving CBC with no say. Hmmm, isn't such a system referred to as fascism?

So Toronto mayor Rob Ford is a drunken crackhead, at least a one-time or partial crackhead. Part of our outrage at this whole thing comes from the public's quaint notion that politicians are supposed to be examples, inspiring schoolchildren and all that. Really, I think Rob Ford just wanted to be somebody and he used his connections to that end.

The top story on CJOH's 11:30 newscast last night was that it was cold. If I hadn't tuned into said broadcast, I would never have known that. I can definitely see why ratings for such news programs are falling. Also, for some reason a story about an Ottawa gym where depressed people go to exercise and help eliviate their mental illness was featured in the sports section of the program instead of the human interest section.

Speaking of CJOH's late night news, I saw a story on their in late 2010 with a woman who was instrumental in the "Ottawa diaper drive", providing a specific brand of disposable diapers to poor Canadian families. Why didn't they instead buy the poor parents cloth diapers or teach them elimination communication. That would have probably been much better all round.

On the heels of the revelation of falling sales of pop in the U.S. coincidentally comes a study saying aspertain is safe. According to a statement by one particular entity concerned in this matter, people-probably including scientists-who think aspertain is unsafe are now conspiracy theoriests.

Back to CJOH: asking people how they feel about Canada Post no longer delivering mail directly to homes in urban areas is not actually news.

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