Thursday, February 28, 2013


There was an article in last week's edition of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind about the Social Security Administration removing the term "mentally retarded" from it's documents. I think this is a retarded policy. Retarded means kept back, and in the case of those with intellectual disabilities their intelligence is indeed kept back.

However, it is interesting how some people who are deficient as far as intelligence is concerned in some areas really excel intellectually in others.

An article in the January 14 issue of Maclean's says binge drinking among Britain's youth is down from a few years ago. Judging by the story I heard on CBC the other week about street pastors ministering to London's inebriated young people, this piece is probably wrong.

In the same issue there is an article about how tongue diagnosis is becoming popular again. Doctors, and I'm talking about medical doctors, always used to look at a patient's tongue, no matter what they came in for because it is indicative of a person's physical state.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Mrs. Matthews was a secretary at my elementary school, but she also acted as the school nurse. She definitely helped me out medically a few times.

She would always remind us kids one of the dirtiest areas of our bodies is under our fingernails. As a memorial to her, I now must be off so I can go clip my talons.


Got another call from one of those wog scammers that say there's something wrong with your computer.

As always, I played along. They must have got smart to my tactics because they had more steps involving menus. I finally said a box had come on the screen (I was lying in bed the whole time) baring the words DEATH IS IN THE SUNRISE. I then hung up.


For a made for TV movie, the story actually holds your attention quite well. This film proves the old maxim about weaving a tangled web through deception.

For the most part the acting is quite good, with the exception of Sally Shockley's less than steller performance as Tena. Brodderick Crawford appears to be the only notable name in this picture.

Friday, February 22, 2013


- possibly someone who can still remember who she is;
- someone who has good taste in music so they can hopefully steer her in a direction where her future output is at least tolerable;
- if she has another baby, someone who knows about elimination communication;
- someone who can handle problem children since that's what her two sons are going to probably be in the future;
- someone who has a secret supply of fast food and gasoline;
- someone who has a secret stash of Coke;
- failing the above, someone who has a secret stash of coke, in order to transition her from the meth;
- someone who has a secret stash of smart pills (hey, one can always hope)
- someone who's never heard of the Disney corporation


There's a guy on YouTube who takes classroom educational films and turns them into sitcoms. Here's a link to one of his creations. I actually think this particular one would make a darn good comedy.

Have tried watching some Bing videos but they don't seem to work for me. I always get taken to videos I wasn't looking for.

I wonder if CBC still has past seasons of current shows available on their website?

Can't seem to watch clips of shows on NBC's website, probably because I'm in Canada.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Have been getting poor reception on my little TV with the antenna the last few days.

Why would someone want a light that goes off every time a goal is scored in hockey?

The CRTC has approved The Season Channel, a TV station that will have music accompanied by pictures of nature scenes that will change with the seasons. Maybe it will help people with regard to the commandments concerning our thoughts in Phillipians 4.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


This film really plays up the character of Dr. Watson as a moron, which isn't really fair.

In the few Arthur Conan-Doyle stories I have read, Watson doesn't come across as a buffoon, nor does he in the BBC Radio adaptations.

This image of Dr. Watson as weakminded up against the brilliant Sherlock Holmes isn't even apparent in the old-time radio series starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, "The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes."

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


CBC Radio Two was coming in really well Sunday night.

Glad WLW has a local host on Saturday nights instead of just repeats.

CTV now has "Ellen" and Anderson Cooper on instead of Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil.


This film reminded me why I love old movies.

First, there is the big opening theme.

Additionally, there is just something about the way movies were made back in the golden age of Hollywood that just sucks you in.

It also helps that Rathbone and Bruce are up to their usual form.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Fiverr is starting to work out for me. I've completed one gig so far. The gentleman was really happywith my work. I have a 100 percent rating.

I am starting to get the hang of Google Docs.

I am considering joining Christian Mingle just for the heck of it.

Why does the CNIB Library's site have books for teens in the Children's section of it's list of new titles?


Today a guy called me with one of those "Your computer might have been hacked, we need to gain access to it" things. I was on the phone in the kitchen the whole time.

As always when one of these scammers call, I pretended like I was going along with what he wanted me to do. At the stage where the box is supposed to appear on the screen I said I couldn't make out what it said. I stalled for about thirty seconds. The guy, who by the way had an accent but was going by the name Alex Carter, asked me if I needed to get my glasses. I said "Yes." I waited a few seconds and said, "Oh, the computer's just exploded. I'll have to call you back." I then hung up the phone.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


It disappoints me Pastor Charles Dowell has become a Sacred Namer.

Dear Red Eye Radio,
See if I ever listen to you again. You spend an hour last night on that stupid cruise ship disecting that to the unnecissary enth degree but when it came to the Christopher Dorner case you basically said anyone who questioned it was living in Fantasy Land.

This is why your show has such low ratings and shows like "Coast To Coast" and "Ground Zero" are doing well. Hosts like George Norey and Clyde Lewis aren't afraid to question things, as opposed to just going along and towing the party line like you two hacks.

Also, there is such a thing as grunts versus paragraphs. "Coast" and "Ground Zero" allow the listeners to speak in paragraphs. You, on the other hand, have your listeners speaking in grunts, cutting them off if they disagree with you.

I wish you continued failure on behalf of those who are urgently seeking the truth and the poor saps in the masses who don't know enough to even question the slightest things they are told.

If Dorner did what it's claimed he did and he did actually die in that cabin, I'm glad he has gone where he belongs because a murderer deserves the death penalty. I would never defend the actions of a scumbag like Dorner.

However, don't you and your cronies in the mainstream media keep acting like you've been acting, saying "This is the way it happened, now let's move on to something else." This is why you and other mainstream media outlets are dying: because you don't provide any conjecture. Never mind so-called conspiracy theories (your words, not mine), how about even having some conjecture within the framework of the official story rather than swallowing a rigid version of things hook, line and sinker?

Here's hoping "Red Eye Radio" and their ilk soon disappear from the airwaves. I'm not totally against people wanting to stick with the official story, but this program fails as far as journalism, human relations and radio in general are concerned.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The site for a menstral cup.

A site for cloth sanitary pads.

A pharmacy in Massachusits that sells cloth sanitary pads and probably other alternative menstrual products in-store. Possibly also sells cloth diapers and elimination communication-related things?

I think this Kingston, Ontario store might sell cloth menstral pads but they aren't very specific. Email, chat or walk into their brick and mortar location to find out for sure.


I don't think shortwavepirate.info was attacked after all. I think the homepage might just have changed a bit.

Folkcast and Simply Syndicated's sites appeared like they had been attacked last week but they're now back to normal.

Things sure are changing. I was at a conference this weekend and between sessions everybody was looking up stuff on their IPhones. I didn't have to worry about finding a pencil and piece of paper so people could write down their contact information; they immediately emailed me (or tried to email me) from their phones.



Almighty God, creator of all that is, we pray for those who are

trapped in the deceptive work of your enemy. Open their eyes and

compel them to repent that they might return to you. Let them see

their enslavement. Show them how they have become pawns in the hand of

Satan to promote his evil work. Forgive them

And restore them by your grace and mercy. We claim the prayer in Psalms 17:7-13

7 Wondrously show Thy loving-kindness, O Savior of those who take

refuge at Thy right hand. From those who rise up against them. 8 Keep

me as the apple of the eye; Hide me in the shadow of Thy wings, 9 From

the wicked who despoil me, My deadly enemies, who surround me. 10 They

have closed their unfeeling heart; With their mouth they speak

proudly. 11 They have now surrounded us in our steps; They set their

eyes to cast us down to the ground. 12 He is like a lion that is eager

to tear, And as a young lion lurking in hiding places. 13 Arise, O

LORD, confront him, bring him low; Deliver my soul from the wicked

with Thy sword, Psalms 17:7-13

We come against those who have sold themselves to Satan and knowingly

defile your name and enslave your people. Heavenly Father, compel

their lying tongue to speak truth, force them to declare their evil

motives. Strip the cloak of piety and self-righteousness from them.

Let your wrath fall upon them. Let the Waters of your judgment close

upon them. Remove them from our presence.

6 Arise, O LORD, in Thine anger; Lift up Thyself against the rage of

my adversaries,

And arouse Thyself for me; Thou hast appointed judgment. 7 And let the

assembly of the peoples encompass Thee; And over them return Thou on

high. Psalms 7:6-7

We pray in the awesome power and authority of Jesus' name. Amen

Join us for Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

every Wednesday Evening 9 - 10 pm est


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I can't believe "An Educated Minute" is still on the air.

Picked up WLAC tonight.

Instead of "Nightcap", 91x is currently playing alternative rock music from the eighties. A lot of rarities.

Monday, February 4, 2013


In a column in the November 6, 2012 edition of the London Times, Joan Smith writes about masogonistic lyrics in classic rock songs such as "Stray Cat Blues" and "Midnight Rambler" by the Rolling Stones. While I am not necissarily comfortable with the lyrics of some of these songs, Smith is employing a double standard by not talking about all these current female pop singers who dress like tarts.

In last week's issue of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind there was an article about a woman who imprisoned five mentally retarded people in a home and took their Social Security cheques. The author says "hate crimes" must cease. If you kidnap someone and steal their money, it is kidnapping and theft. The motive does not matter. This is one reason why I am totally against the label hate crime. Murder is murder. Whether you didn't like the person because of their ethnic background or you were drunk or jealous of their lover or wanted their money, it is still wrong.

In this week's issue of the same magazine, there is an article about Chelsea Cooke, a blind girl who is in university hoping to get into the field of space sciences. This article was very inspiring. However, I do have one question. Getting into the programs Cooke is taking at university involved taking calculous in high school. Cooke is a braille user. How do you do calculous in braille, as it involves writing marginal notes a lot of the time? I think their might have been students who took calculous at the school for the blind. How did they do it?


Picked up WDFN Detroit yesterday afternoon with Super Bowl coverage.


NBC, April 26, 1953, starring Richard Widmark as Winston Smith.

This is a very good adaptation of Orwell's classic and prophetic novel. The story moves along at a good pace and grips you very well.

I also enjoyed the angle "Theatre Guild" took of inserting scenes featuring O'Brien and another man plotting against Winston. It was a necissary adaptation for the medium of radio. In other hands, it could have turned out really lame, but fortunately in the hands of this particular program these extra scenes added to the story.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Ed Koch, the mayor of New York City from 1977-1989, died Friday morning at the age of 88.

I remember in law class our teacher used to bring in tapes of "The People's Court" hosted by Ed Koch for us to watch.

I also remember listening to "The Right Perspective" and enjoying Frank From Queens making fun of Koch and how he would say "uh" after every word.