Friday, November 30, 2012


Man, have Jack and Rexella ever aged from when I used to watch them several years ago.

Why does Van Impe quote the Maya and Nostradomus and all these Catholic sources? Should a Christian rely on non-Christian sources of prophecy?

You can ignore most of the things Van Impe says about Iran because they probably aren't developing nuclear weapons. You can also ignore what he says about 9/11 because Bin Laden wasn't responsible for it. Thus, you can subsequently ignore what the Van Impes say about Al Qaida.

How did the Van Impes manage to have dinner in the home of the president of Israel when Christians are so hated over there? Maybe because they constantly kiss the butts of the Jewish people.

Armagedon is not three battles but one, albeit it may take place in three stages.

Ashkinazi Jews originated in Turkey.

There is no Biblical evidence for the pretribulation rapture. The verse in Revelation 3 "come up hither" is just Jesus telling John to come up into Heaven. God also put it in the Bible to act as a stumblingblock for those who wanted to believe in this false doctrine. The other chapter usually cited, 1 Thessalonians 4 is the noisiest chapter in the Bible. It and the verses that are used in support of the pretribulation rapture in Matthew 24 are actually talking about events that take place after the tribulation period.

God will keep us out of tribulation, but this could also mean in parts of the earth where the events aren't taking place.

Tarshish is neither Britain nor Spain. This is the geographic location where Paul was from.

The beast is not the European Union. There are way more than ten or eleven EU nations. This video appears to have been made in about 2007, before all the Eurozone trouble started. Daniel Chapter 2 is quite clear the nations of the Western Roman empire will not be united. "they shall not cleave one to another" Rather, the ten toes are the nations of the Western Roman empire that were around 2000 years ago. The ten horns are ten world regions that will comprise the New World Order.

Next, let's turn to Van Impe's whole pro-Israel stance. Armagedon takes place not for the purpose of eliminating Israel but because Jerusalem is the place where Christ is going to return. Just with the verse about the European nations not cleaving one to another, Van Impe never quotes the verses in Revelation about Jerusalem being called in the end times Sodom and Egypt.

Van Impe then does some classic twisting of the Scriptures, misapplying the verses about "you shall be hated by all men for My name's sake" and "when whosoever killeth you will think he do God service." These verses apply to Christians, not Jews. Incidentally, I picture the latter verse being applied to me by a so-called fellow Christian with a rabid stance in favour of the people we call Jews today.

Jesus was not of the ethnic group known as the Jewish people today; rather, he was a Hebrew.

It is said the modern-day Jews are God's chosen people. They are chosen for Hell if they don't do what is necissary to be right with God. (See Acts 2 38)

Van Impe then further twists the word of God, applying terms of endearment meant for those who truly follow God (bride, apple of God's eye, elect) to an ethnic group who aren't even obeying God, and who in fact hate Jesus Christ and even God the Father.

The fact is, the Hebrew people today are the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic, Celtic, and kindred people. They are the descendants of the Israelites and God's chosen people. However, as Paul makes clear in Romans, not all who are in Israel are of Israel. Only those genetic Israelites who have truly put their faith in God are true spiritual Israelites. Likewise, this number includes anyone from any other ethnic group who has genuinely put their faith in Jesus Christ. As it says, "the stranger who is among you who believes shall be as one of you."

Let's get rid of this ridiculous belief that if we bless the people we call Jews today, God will bless and prosper us. The United States and Canada have been blessing Israel since 1948. Comparing 1948 to now, do we have a higher or lower crime rate? Are Canadians and Americans healthier now than they were in 1948? Is the average household debt of North Americans greater or lower than 64 years ago?

Malachi 4 1 is talking about God's judgment that occurs when Christ returns. 2 Peter 3 10 and onward speaks of what will happen after the milennium.

"The prince of the people that destroyed the temple" refers to the _Roman Catholic church.

The Jews are the people God loves the most ... over the people who actually follow and obey Him and study His holy Scriptures?! How absurd a thing to believe and how pitiful and pathetic are those who believe this way.

Unfortunately, the following applies to us, the true Israel people of God. We could have possessed the promised land, Palestine, forever as God promised. However, the promise was conditional on our obedience. Our ancestors disobeyed and the land was lost. (Later it was replaced by Canada, the United States and Australia.) In Joshua it says that after Israel had conquered Canan, all God's promises regarding the land were fulfilled, so those people who say the people called Jews have the right to possess Palestine are seriously and dangerously wrong.

I noticed the sinner's prayer Jack prayed at the end of the video didn't contain anything along the lines of repentance, turning from sins.

If you want to know the actual way of salvation, read Acts 2 38.


So TV Ontario is cancelling "Saturday Night At The Movies." They were never able to replace Elwy Yost. He was Saturday Night At The Movies. Also, the show went from being about showing movies from the golden age of Hollywood to one night I saw they were showing "The Cable Guy."

Jen Breann doesn't seem like a good fit for WBZ.

CBC has asked the CRTC for permission to broadcast commercials on its music services, including of course CBC Radio 2. The problem with CBC Radio 2 is they are going after "the music lover" as their audience, that is, the type of person who would listen to everything. However, most people only like the top forty songs in whatever genre they listen to.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Wattpad is back to normal.

The UN definitely should not control the internet.

Anyone know if Anobii is worth joining or will they totally invade my privacy?


This site is for people who use elimination communication part-time and lists books available on the subject.

Elimination communication is also being talked about on Pinterest.

There are also elimination communication-related pics on Instagram.


It used to be children would act out the old-time radio shows (Little Orphan Annie, The Lone Ranger, Jack Armstrong, etc.) and children of later generations would act out their favourite TV shows, but now there's so much information about a TV program: from official websites to fan sites to official and fanpages on social networking sites that it doesn't leave a lot of room for children to create scenarios.

A bit of well-made children's television is beneficial for kids, but today there isn't any well-made children's TV. It's all entertainment for preschoolers, not like the shows we had when we were children.

Actually, I think that a lot of ADHD is at least partially caused by children flitting from email to video games to IPods to homework to television every few seconds. This sort of activity just rewires your brain for ADD or ADHD. In the past several years there has also emerged "adult ADD", which is probably also caused by grownups increased multitasking.

Incidentally, the next time someone comes over for a visit or I am out with someone and our conversation is interrupted every few minutes by phone calls and texts and reminders on the IPhone, I am going to take the aforementioned piece of technology and either run it under the kitchen tap or pour my coffee all over it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Last night WTWW's signal was poor but audible.

Heard America's Radio News Network for the first time last night.

Good to hear Tom Moore is still with WTAM.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


First, let me say radical Islam is a problem, but not the huge #1 threat this documentary and the media in general make it out to be.

Also, the guy who made this film is a Moslem, so this is simply a case of an antichrist speaking out against another antichrist.

Let's begin with the fact that Osama Bin Laden wasn't responsible for 9/11. Rather, it was the U.S. government and the Israeli Mosad.

Next, let's consider the fact that most of the so-called terrorists whose plots have been uncovered since the start of the war on terrorism had connections to the American government in some way.

Radical Islam wouldn't even exist if the British hadn't radicalised the few Wahabeists in Saudi Arabia acentury ago.

The deposition of the Shah and the coming to power of the Iotolas was orchestrated by the CIA in the first place.

Iran probably isn't developing nuclear weapons, and even if they were, wouldn't you be preparing weapons if someone kept threatening you?

It is worth noting that under Sadam Husain, Iraq was the only country in the Middle East that allowed Christianity. The deputy Prime Minister even claimed to be a Christian.

You aren't going to garner any sympathy from me by talking about Islam's persecution of homosexuals. At least that's one thing they've got right.

The Danish cartoons are a case of someone knowing something is going to offend someone, but publishing it anyway for the cartoons' own sake. The right of free speech does not extend to speech whose only purpose is to get people riled up.

Hammas and Hesbala aren't just terrorist organizations, they're legitimate political parties.

It would be interesting to know how many of the organizations the filmaker claim have radical Islamic tendencies, such as the Islamburg compound, get funding, either publicly or covertly, from the U.S. government.

The only real example of an attack on the West by Islam in recent years was that guy who tried to blow himself up at the Glasgow airport and ended up setting himself on fire. If I recall correctly he couldn't even get inside the building. If this is the best the radical Moslem world can do, bring it.

It's interesting to note that when the Moors ruled Spain, they allowed all religions. There was Islam, of course, as well as Catholicism and different groups of Christians. Then the Spanish reclaimed Spain and we had the Spanish Inquisition.

Fifteen of the highjackers were from Saudi Arabia. Oh yes, those nineteen highjackers who were somehow still alive after flying planes into buildings!

The States wouldn't have to depend on Saudi oil if the government would drill more in the vast oil reserves America possesses.

We have to demand hyuman rights and freedoms for Islamic countries!? What the heck kind of world is this these days where countries can just order other countries around?

Instead of radical Islam, we should concern ourselves with the new world order and the group of people who run it.


Wattpad was back to normal and is now screwed up again.

Speaking of Wattpad, I prefer stories with little or no author's notes. Also, would it kill some of the people on there to proofread their stuff before submitting it?

Project Gutenberg is cool.

Monday, November 26, 2012


WTWW's night-time frequency is back to its old self again.

Good to see "The Conspiracy Show" with Richard Syrett is being syndicated.

A little while ago my computer speakers were picking up Pastor Melissa Scott.


So today as far as pop and rap are concerned we've got Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga and all these Disney channel singers who are basically famous for being famous.

On the alternative rock side of things most of it sounds boring. One of the few alternative rock songs to come out in the last few months that I actually like is Passion Pit "Take A Walk." This song is aimed primarily at people in their thirties. It isn't like the alternative rock I used to listen to as a teenager which really conveyed adolescent or young adult feelings.

Most of the alternative rock or indie stuff I hear these days is frankly boring and sounds like what it probably is: a whole bunch of bands trying to imitate better bands.

On the pop-country side of things, Taylor Swift remains quite popular. It could be argued the 22 year old singer is also famous for being famous, but lets talk about the music for a moment. Her songs are as dull as ditch water. All she does is write what has happened to her. There's no subtlety, no hidden meanings. It doesn't have what a good folk or country song is supposed to have, namely clever wordplay and/or a story you can identify with. It just sounds like some self-absorbed teenager telling you about herself while you are driving her on an endless journey somewhere. Ending of Thelma and Louise, anyone?

Most country music these days is stuff like "I Ain't Good At Nothin But Drinkin Beer." One notable exception is Big and Rich's "That's Why I Pray."

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Obviously Bynum is disobedient to 1 Timothy 2 12-15.

Dubious tongues, including one that sounds like she's gargling and saying a few consonants in between.

I would have to be wary about Bynum's interpretations of the stories of Paul on Malta and the battle of Jericho.

Instead of shouting, maybe the people in the audience should fix up the sin in their lives.

People had to leave their church to get this revelation? Actually, many members of the audience are still probably members of local churches.

Misinterprets verse about "if two or three agree touching anything." "Touching anything" means "about anything"; it doesn't refer to putting one's hand on an object.

Where in the Bible is panting a sign of the presence of God?

Talks about spiritual grades, when actually the Bible speaks of the milk and the meat of the Word.

Where does Paul say he had experienced insanity?

If Bynum isn't to focus on her earthly father when she prays, why does she keep his picture on her prayer table?

Hardly any Scripture in the sermon.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Bookrabbit, a social networking site for books, really sucks. I joined up with Bookrabbit in July with my other email account. A couple months later the address on my other account changed so I went to change the email address on my profile. When I did this, the site logged me out. I couldn't remember my password so there was no point in clicking FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD. I emailed the administrators three times about this problem and they still haven't gotten back to me.


Sometimes you have to laugh at these skeptics like when they say the Bible's bunk because the Gospel of Matthew says shepherds visited Jesus and the Gospel of Luke says the wise men visited Him. Duh, both of them!

Or when they say the same thing because one Gospel says an angel appeared to Joseph and another says an angel appeared to Mary. Again, duh, both.

They'll claim the word virgin should be rendered young woman. No, man, the translation is still correct because at that time young, unmarried women were asumed to be virgins. Besides, if Mary wasn't in fact a virgin why didn't Joseph break the engagement like he intended to in the first place?

They'll erroniously claim one Biblical account says Christ was born in a manger and another says he was born in a house. Actually, He was born in a manger, then Mary and Joseph moved into a house in Bethlehem where they were visited by the magai when Jesus was about two. The whole notion of the whole story of Jesus birth and the visits by the shepherds and wise men and the wrath of Herod taking place all in the space of twelve days is not Biblical.

They'll point out another apparent contradiction of the two lineages of Christ, 28 generations in Matthew and 41 in Luke. Duh, one affirms His humanity, one His status as God.

Skeptics will say there was no one named Jesus Christ. First, He wasn't officially known as Christ (as in Mr. Christ) when He was here on earth. Christ is as much a title as it is part of His name and 2000 years ago very few people recognized Jesus was the Messiah. Second, there are numerous historical sources that show Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth existed, just none of the sources these skeptics have studied.

Speaking of studying, these people obviously haven't studied very much. Any good book on this subject, and there are many, will answer a lot of the things mentioned in this post.

What do these people expect to happen? Do they think they'll go up to a new believer and use one of the arguments and cause the believer to give up their faith, in many cases their only reason for living, because of a few apparent contradictions?


Wow, Sympatico, you have such detailed headlines sometimes. "INVESTIGATION REVEALS STARTLING DISCOVERY"

Wattpad has been screwed up lately, probably surrounding some maintenance they were performing.

There sure are a lot of different kinds of online survey engines.


I enjoy children's author Louis Sachar, at least what I've read of his work.

I received "Dogs Don't Tell Jokes" in the mail from CNIB when I was about thirteen. It was quite a good read as I remember and displayed a kind of humour I don't think I had encountered before.

I also recently read "Wayside School Is Falling Down" and "Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger." These books also made for quite delightful reading, even though they are aimed at a slightly younger audience than "Dogs Don't Tell Jokes" so there were parts that seemed a bit silly or immature, especially to my now adult self.


Play is indeed so necissary, even for adults. Even as a grownup it is good to imagine things sometimes, taking your mind off your adult cares and responsibility. If one studies the animal kingdom, one finds that cats, for example, play all their lives.

These parents are pressuring their kids to overachieve because of the competetive global economy. Thing is though, when these children are grown, there won't be any jobs. The new world order is intent on bringing in a neofeudalistic system that means slavery for most people. This of course will be implemented after or commencerate with 95 percent of the population being wiped out.

Indeed, one of the major problems with parenting these days is that children are thought of as little adults when this is so not the case. Children don't think like adults. They can't handle ten hour days with daycare and deal with busyness the way adults can.

You cannot properly train children up in the way they should go without Jesus Christ.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


The other morning my computer speakers were picking up WWCR.

The staff announcer for WRVO sounds older than I remember him, of course. Also, the girl who was doing the breaks and weather forecasts last Thursday afternoon sounded quite hot.

WTWW's new nighttime frequency is just bloody terrible. Tuesday 5830 was audible for about twenty minutes of the Scriptures For America live broadcast then went right out the door. Last night it hardly lasted till 9:10.


The October 22 issue of Maclean's contains an interview with Brian David Johnson, a futurist who works for Dell. He of course denies plans for computer chips to be implanted in people's heads. The fact that 20 percent of people who ask Johnson about this topic want the chips is scary.

What's also scary is the Science article about brave new bodies. I don't want to live in a world where you can't play in a symphony orchestra unless you have a cochlear implant and where people take Ritolin to enhance performance. I especially don't want to live in a world where my bloody grandchildren are biologically different from me.

To end on a possitive note, the article on urban farms was quite heartening.


(Inspired by notes to myself)

Those were good days. I had just started with Market America and was still ripe and foolish enough to think I could make it in that company.

I would spend my days surfing the net. At lunchtime, which could be any time from 12:00-2:00, I would take the lunch out of the fridge Mom prepared for me and sit in the living room in front of "CBC News Today" or "The Gill Deacon Show" or one of the ethnic (east Indian) shows on Vision TV,.

I would also spend my days going through the record collection of a town counsellor who had died a couple years previously. Mom had gone to the estate auction and gotten the bulk of his collection of lp's for me.

Also, my sister had recently moved back home after living on her own for several months.

KAIJ Dallas was on the air then.

I was still stupidly trying to keep up with my friends from college. It would take me a while to figure out they were too busy with their own lives.

On December 1, one of my favourite radio people, Peter Thompson of CJBQ Belleville, retired. I called into his last show, though I don't think my phone call was entirely appreciated.

That day, I received from the CNIB in its infinite stupidity a Charlie Brown book.

The next day we moved to our new house which Mom and Dad had had built. Because it would have to be the same night as the move, I "deejayed" a French gourmet dinner at my church the younger folks had put on for the older folks. I think it was just a case of "let's give the blind guy a token amount of things to do so he'll feel important" type of thing because the people running it offered to operate the cd player for me. What the buck would be the point of being the deejay and MC if i didn't operate the cd player? At the end I suggested we do something like the dinner every few months and everybody just laughed at me, especially the guy who was heading it up, bucking jerk.

The next day we went out for breakfast due to having just moved into the new house.

I am not a person who really likes change so thus the move was a bit hard. However, there were people who helped me figure out how to get from my new house to different places in town, and I later grew to quite like the new place.

Watching "American Dad" on my little TV with an antenna the first Sunday because the satilite wasn't hooked up yet.

When it was hooked up, one of the first things I saw was the CFMT twenty-fifth anniversary special.

Looking up old clips of CBMT around Christmas time.

Listening to "The Lumpy Gravy Radio Show" every Saturday night at 6:00 on WBCQ.

Trying in vain to find an apartment in Belleville.

Working Mondays at the local crisis pregnancy centre, another example of "let's give the blind guy a token amount of things to do so he'll feel important."


(Based on notes to myself.)

I was still feeling the effects of Pastor Peters' death quite heavily.

Received funny-looking cartridges in the mail from Christian Record Services one Monday afternoon. Called a whole bunch of different people trying to figure out what they were. I finally found out they were audio cartridges for American DAISEE players.

A note to remember my parents' anniversary. Little did I know a month later I would have no reason to remember it anymore.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The article about scientology in the October 8 issue of Maclean's is well worth the read; a good, detailed, long-form article you rarely see in magazines anymore.

"The End" feature in Maclean's always has someone dying in an ironic manner, but in the October 8 issue the subject's birth is ironic as well.

This week's issue of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind has an article about internet usage reducing depression in the elderly. Being online can sometimes be the loneliest, most depressing experience you can have.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Have been having some good dx the past couple Sunday nights including WEDG Buffalo and CJPT Brocville.

The weather band on my shortwave was working slightly last night.

Angler And Hunter TV is now going to be on OLN. Shouldn't it have been on there from the channel's inception?


A woman living in Western Canada has a Weebly page with a lot of cloth diaper and elimination communication information.

Another Canadian gal has her own blog and shop dedicated to this subject.

Finally, a great blog with lots of information on cloth diapering and lots of other great stuff.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


In the Bad News section of the October 8 issue of Maclean's there is an item about Health Canada warning parents about having trampolenes for their children. When I was four my parents bought me a trampolene and it was the best investment they ever made. It gave me over twenty years of pleasure, a great amount of exercise and lots of happy memories. I'm going to put it up again if I can ever get a fence built at my place. I didn't even need a net around the thing; my parents just told me to be careful and stay in the middle.

In the same issue their is a column against circumcision. As it was by Barbara Emil I didn't read it, but I think circumcision is a good thing for boys. It makes the penis easier to keep clean. I also heard one of my college roommates' girlfriends, who was a huge tramp, say that her boyfriend "may be small but he is circumcised."

There are also a couple of articles in this issue that show the problems of Western society are spreading around the world, like the article about the obesity problem in Arab nations or the article that mentions how high the household debt of South Koreans is.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Anyone remember a program called "The Sound Of Writing" on NPR? For all I know it might still be on the air.

I used to listen to it back in the mid-nineties when it aired on The WRVO Playhouse. Some of my memories of this show could be mixed up with memories of "This American Life."

I remember this one piece this guy did on their where he talked about what it must be like to be Santa. The essay included the author relating an incident of remembering he had to sweep the chimney one night and getting a whole bunch of soot in his pajamas. He also talked about bumping into furniture when his wife suddenly changed the house around and accidentally eating Minute Rice with milk on it one morning, mistaking it for cereal.

There was this other story about this Indian woman who moved to Chicago. It ends with the woman standing on the balcony of her apartment and watching the snow fall. Some boys on the street below were calling her "nigger."

There was this other one about some kids having a game of pick up baseball and all the dads coming out and watching. They drank beer and watched the game till long after the street lights came on.

There was another story where this guy was a stepfather and he was trying to convince his new wife's daughter to go swimming in the lake. I can remember one quote was the child saying, "I wouldn't drown if I never went in. You're the one that's making me go in."

Later in the story there is an incident where the guy and the girl "Make love."

There was another story about a girl growing up on a farm in the south. I remember one quote from the story concerning the father's thoughts on religion. "Christians had the answer, Jews had half the answer, heathens had no answer, and Catholics had missed the boat."

Friday, November 9, 2012


Finding that a lot of online survey software is accessible.

Yes, YouTube, a commercial featuring fiddle music is totally appropriate to play before a rap video.

A couple neat phone lines where you can hear movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and podcasts over the phone. The first is MatChat, 712-432-6444. The other is Classic Chat, 616-883-2928.


I was somewhat a fan of Gordon Korman when I was younger but then I came to realize his books weren't that good.

The books have this tone of this teenager who thinks he knows what life is all about but doesn't really, which is fitting because Korman was a teenager when he wrote many of his most popular books.

Who Is Bugs Potter?: I'm a nerd who doesn't like rock music so I'll write a book featuring a kid who wants to be a rock star who is an arrogant moron.

Also, the idea of the European actress who was really a Jewish girl from New York City was OK, but there's a big difference, Gordon, between a French accent and a Polish accent.

I get that Frank and Barney, the burglars, were supposed to be a couple bunglers, but they shouldn't have been made as inept as they were.

Also, since Korman probably didn't have a clue how rock stars really live, the rock stars Bugs and David meet don't act like famous musicians usually do. Where are the jokes about booze, tiny cigarettes and white powder? Also, instead of making the members of Dorchester Melon upper class Englishmen (who by the way don't use any Britishisms), Korman should have made them cockney, soccer hooligan types.

Naturally, since Gordon Korman grew up in Canada, his books dismiss things like advertising. You really get this sense of this nerd determined to put down things everyone else likes such as sitcoms, movies and other things.

No Coins, Please: I still have a soft spot in my heart for this book, though. The scene with the Junior Tours director drunk on the airplane at the end is pretty good, as well as the scene where Sheldon throws the block of steal through the glass wall.

The Twinkie Squad: Neat how the weird kids got the rest of the school to sign up for the therapy group, then publicly resigned.

The Toilet Paper Tigers: Boring. Also, how did that professor understand a bloody thing his niece was saying?

Son of the Mob: Slightly funnier than a lot of Korman's other books but still naive.

Loosing Joe's Place: Rootbeer Racinette is a funny character.

A Semester in the Life of a Garbage Bag: Why do none of the other kids figure out that a lot of Raymond's problems are of his own making?


by Carl Honore. Toronto: Alfred A. Knopf Canada, 2008.

Honore says that contrary to creating a generation of children healthier, happier and brighter than any generation before, todays helicopter parenting is having effects to the opposite.

I would agree with the author on this one.

First, let's look at health. Children are spending more time indoors and less time exercising so they are becoming overweight. This is pretty obvious.

Next, happiness. More children, up to and including college students, are depressed or suffering from other mental illnesses than ever before.

These young people don't have Christ, so of course they're depressed.

Also, as Honore says, this depression comes from being expected to overachieve and from the children being forced into activities they don't want to do.

Additionally, though, more people of high school and college age are depressed because they don't possess any hope for the future.

The first reason is obviously the above-mentioned lack of knowledge of the Saviour.

Also, we must consider the influence of the media on children's minds. Look at what's popular today: "The Hunger Games", zombies, vampires, and werewolves. Most everything that's a hit with kids is distopia, horror and death. The popularity of such things is indeed fitting in a way since that is all these teens and young adults have to look forward to without a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Along these same lines, those of high school and postsecondary age are worried about the future. The economy is sinking, there are no jobs and real life is getting scarier and more horror-filled all the time. Again, the only true source of hope is the God of the Bible.

Onto intelligence. Honore points out that today's rigid structure and scheduling is making children more risk averse and less creative. However, there are other areas where today's youth are lacking intelligence.

First, we have such things as seven year olds who can't zip jackets and twelve year olds who can't use can openers.

Also, there's a lack of common sense among young people, moresoe I believe than ever before.

In addition, today's children don't really even have computer skills. They're great at going on Facebook, but can't properly write sentences or format documents such as resumes, cover letters and business letters.


There are things about babies that were not known back in 1983 when Polly Berien Berrends wrote the addition of the book these commentaries are based on.

For example, with regards to responding to and understanding your young infant, new, incredible and wonderful things are being practised in this area today.

For example, there is baby sign language. Preverbal babies can communicate with hand signs. This is fairly well-known. No need to wait till they have their words anymore! Baby sign language enhances the development of spoken language in young children because it's that much more time you spend emphasizing words.

Additionally, there is now baby language. Just as infants know when they need to relieve themselves, little babies can also communicate verbally.

For one thing, there is interpretation of a baby's cries. This has been universally known for a long time, but now it is more of a science.

The above link has to do with interpreting baby's cries more exactly, but I believe there is also a method which has to do with the sounds the baby makes before it cries. This is either part of the above method or a different thing, I'm not really sure.

I have also heard of a way to interpret the babblings of older infants and that that's a language, too but I don't know very much about this.

You cannot properly train up a child in the way they should go without Jeus Christ.


It was heartening to read about how people were helping each other out after Hurricane Sandy in this week's edition of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind.

The article in the same magazine about egg creams was also very good. Well-written, interesting, evocative, and just good all around.

There is an article in the October issue of Readers Digest about how the Catholic church is supposedly changing to prevent sex abuse.

The article says peritioners no longer see the priest as this figure who is different from the rest of humankind. They must still see him this way, though,  because in Catholic tradition, the priest is the one with the power to turn the host and wine into the body and blood of Jesus. That automatically sets him apart from the rest of humanity, according to Catholics.

Seminaries can have all the Integral Hyuman Development classes they want but the fact remains that it won't curb pedophelia in the Catholic church.

These seminaries can say "channel your sexual energy into other activities", but the fact remains that for men sex is a physical need like food or water. When you're really hungry, it doesn't do much good to try to focus on something else; you need food.

Men who want to abuse children are still going to be drawn to the priesthood and are still going to find ways to perpetrate their abominations.

On the other hand, maybe the Catholic church really isn't doing anything about this problem and just told the media and the public what they wanted to hear.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to point out the advanced ridiculousness of a guy sworn to a life of celebacy with no wife or children advising his flock about their families.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Cleaver Keenan 1930 - 2012

In loving Memory of a Dear and True Friend.

By Mich Verrier.

Seven years ago, outside of the New Liskeard post office while I was picking up my dog’s leavings. I heard a voice say “hello”. “Hello” I said then I introduced myself

“My name is Mich and this is my Seeing Eye dog Dale.”

“ Nice to meet you” said this person, “My name is Cleaver and this is my wife Dorothy. “Nice to meet you both” I said. Then I asked D

“Do you happen to know anything about how to fix computers?”

“ Why yes I do,” he said “ why, is yours broken?”

“ Yes it is” I said.

“ Well I will pop by and take a look at it,” he said. I thanked him and went on my way. Thus began my friendship with one of the kindest and nicest people I have ever met -.Dr.. Cleaver Keenan and his wife Dorothy. Over the next seven years Cleaver did more than just fix my pc. We ended up forming a long and lasting friendship which I still treasure to this day. I was with Cleaver through many of the ups and downs that come with life. I was there when he had to put his wife in a Home since she had Alzheimer's And he was there for me when I had a relationship with a girl that went badly. But through it all and through discussions on Friday nights at “Roosters” in booth 4, and then later on at the Rainbow Kitchen Chinese restaurant, and Steak Villa, and at his place afterwards, Cleaver and I talked about everything under the sun: life, death, relationships, and God. Religion was a favourite topic of his.

I once asked him in a session with another friend, Ray, at the Library “How can you have a relationship with a dead guy?” after which he sent me an article by John Bowen that tried to tackle that very question. I also later on met John Bowen and thought he was a very nice guy. In short Cleaver was my friend and I miss him a lot. Everytime I had something bothering me, or needed help with things, he was there. I will miss hearing his voice at the other end of the phone or when we would chat on Skype. I also will miss his handshake and the deep and meaningful conversations we had on Friday nights at his place after dinner which is where the conversations would start. He was also a great lover of history, especially World War 2. I learned a lot from him about this time period in history. He and I also shared a love of old music. As he often said to me, “who can I talk to who is twenty nine, about music by people like Sir Harry Lauder?”

After he asked me that I sent him some songs by the above artist. The same goes for books we shared a love of reading and he and I read some of the same books like “Three Men in a Boat”. I am what you might call a old soul and all my life have gotten along with older people more than people of my own age group, and Cleaver was one of those people. I had more in common with him then I ever had with people of my own age. I remember a time when he said to me in answer to my question “have you seen the news? “He said “No I have no need to, I just wait to talk to you!” I took that as a great compliment. He also once told me about the book “The Blind Doctor: The Jacob Bolotin Story, a Biography by Rosalind Perlman” - I was struck with this sentence

“Everyone who reads Dr. Jacob Bolotin's story will learn that blindness is no barrier to a full life and great accomplishments," said Dr. Marc Maurer, President of the National Federation of the Blind.

In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if after I've gone, and someone mentions my name, another person will say, "Oh yeah!, wasn't that the old doc who was a friend of Mich's?" An epitaph I would treasure.

In short Cleaver was my friend and I am thankful for the time I got to spend with him and the things he taught me about life, love and for seeing me as more then just “that blind guy.”

To my Friend Cleaver, where ever you are, I know you are happy and I also know that I will see you again some day.

From Mich Verrier from New Liskeard Ontario Canada.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Last week's episode of "Vinyl Tap" about songs that broke the rules was sure interesting.

The other day my computer speakers were picking up Pastor Melissa Scott.

Neat to here Jane Hautin hosting "Here And Now" yesterday afternoon.

Got up early this morning so I did some AM dxing. Neat to hear Boomer, Imus and others.

Monday, November 5, 2012


WBCQ faded out around quarter to nine Friday night.

Heard a great syndicated show, "Hard Drive" hosted by Lou Brutus on WEDG Buffalo last night. Lots of kickin metal!

Saturday's episode of "This Is That" was good, especially the "preview" at the end.

CBC Radio Two actually came in well last night for the first time in a few weeks.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Matthew 7 24-25: This passage teaches we must build our lives on the solid rock, Jesus Christ.

The Bible clearly says God is above all. He is the Creator, we are the creation. We are not one with Him as God.

Isaiah 51 1: This verse says we should look to Jesus Christ for our health, safety and welfare.

Romans 12 15: This verse refers to Christians, not everyone in general. Also, being one in Christ doesn’t mean we are Christ.

Phillipians 2 5: Paul is referring to Christ’s way of looking at things as revealed exclusively in the Bible.

Matthew 22 37-38: Again, the Lord God is one, meaning one entity. He is not “one with everything” as Eastern philosophy teaches. Also, we are to love our neighbour as ourselves, but we are not one with our neighbour in that Eastern philosophical sense.

Luke 2 49: This verse has to do with Jesus doing the work God the Father sent Him for and proves Jesus was God. It has nothing to do with parenting!

Isaiah 30 21: This passage speaks about the Israelites turning from their sins to follow Jesus. This has nothing to do with cosmic unity!

Matthew 5 16: This verse points to the fact that the God of the Bible is the Father and our good works are for Him, not ourselves as God.

James 1 16-17: These verses tell us that every good thing comes from the God of the Bible.

John 16 33: This verse says Jesus Christ has overcome the world, not humanity through it’s love-intelligence.

Instead of saying, “What a lucky girl you are” I would say, “God has been good to you” or "God has blessed you."

John 3 8; 2 Corinthians 4 18: These verses have to do with faith.

There are times when you have to say to your child, “No, you don’t do this.” The Bible contains many commandments that start with “thou shalt not.”

Also, at times, it is necessary to physically discipline your child. The Bible says that a parent who never physically disciplines their child doesn’t love their child, although, as far as the greater meaning of this and similar verses, the Bible is referring to a shepherd's rod, with which the shepherd guides the sheep. It is a challenge to think of training up our children in a holistic way when it comes to discipline, guiding them and shepherding them, which does of course contain physical discipline within the context of a parents' loving relationship with their child.

Romans 12 5: This verse has to do with the structure of the church.

Prayer is supernatural communication.

You cannot properly train up children in the way they should go without Jesus Christ.


In the first place, why did Ashley Smith end up in juvinile detention simply for throwing crab apples at a mailman? I realize it can be considered assault but if it was her first offense then surely she should have been let off with a warning for something like that.

My heart goes out to her after seeing and hearing about the brutal treatment she received for all those years.

I think someone in the system had it in for her, by which I mean they wanted to make some sort of an example out of her. You can be pretty much sure a tare was behind it all.

Well, Mr. Snake, and the jail guards who treated her so unnecissarily brutally, God sees all and knows all. You won't be able to escape the sentence of Hell or bargain with God on Judgment Day so you won't have to go there. You will surely pay eternally for what you've done.


That "Fifteen Seconds in Time" feature seems pretty good.

Picked up 1010 WINS last night.

Last week's episode of "This Is That" was good but they relied a bit on some of their old jokes.

Cudos to the people in Hay River who took over the CBC transmitters.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I'm not sure how I feel about the old-time radio show "The Aldridge Family."

Of the few episodes I have heard, it seems like the show mostly consisted of something being mistaken for something else and Henry having to replace or get back that something. The first episode of "The Aldridge Family" I ever heard though was pretty creative. Henry's parents were going out for the evening and left Henry with three dollars to get a meal at a restaurant. (You gotta love 1948 prices.) Instead, Henry and his best friend Homer decide to make there own meal. They get out one of Henry's mom's recipe books and decide to make this fancy French dish. As I recall, they came up with an interesting way of brazing (which they thought was beating up) the meat, and had the rice boil over which they collected in a whole bunch of small pots.