Thursday, August 29, 2013


A.S.just released theirlatest music video "Do What You Want". Their second album Exileis a compilation of dark, mysterious and hypnotic tunes that take you through a memorizing journey. From beginning to end the album is filled with Nick McRobert’s somber gentle voice accompanied by his bewitching piano melodies and Idriss Halfaoui’s heavenly guitar playing.

A.H.: This song is at once hypnotic, haunting and catchy at the same time.

Check out the video here:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Picked up WRNO tonight.

WBCQ 7490 wasn't on at around 11:00 tonight.

Does CBC air "The Soundbox" (the thing after "The Current Review) year-round or just in the summer?

Monday, August 26, 2013


 The song features a unique vocal performance from an unlikely candidate who was born in Bombay, India, but nevertheless has the passion to attack the lush, upbeat jazz with a catchy hook that is sure to set a groovy pace.

With his debut album having just been finished and the reception of critical acclaim for his live performances, Rehan Dalal is armed with the colorful remnants of early 60's soul musicians, uplifting hooks, and a unique cultural upbringing that allows him to take a deep breath and exhale life arranged in flavorful sound to this classical genre.

I can see upscale restaurants playing this song during the day, maybe for the late lunch or mid afternoon patrons.


Based on notes to myself.

I remember this time as being a particularly good period in my life.

Mom took a trip to Halifax in late September/early October.

I had gotten a couple braille books I had ordered from the CNIB and had been wanting to read for years. I particularly enjoyed one about Mexican "border blaster" radio stations. I would read that one every night while listening to the local college radio station.

I attended a weekend men's retreat at our church's campground in September. It was a wonderful experience overall. I got a lot closer to some of the men in our church and even started a new friendship.

My birthday occurred in this time. My sister gave me an old security object I had had as a kid and a new version of the same. She came and got me and took me over to Mom's house. I opened presents then dined on the sloppy Joe's my sister had made for dinner. They were good.

When I got home from my birthday dinner, I stood on my porch in the cool essence of the fall night and thought about my life. Then I went inside and listened to football on the radio because it seemed like the appropriate thing to do and there was nothing else on the radio.

Speaking of porches, I had a new porch put on my house at this time by some men from my church who were contracters. They did a wonderful job. It was cool having them at my house during the day.

A couple weekends before my birthday my sister and I walked around the fair and looked at stuff.

I was learning to bake around this time and I made two pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving dinner. My mother and sister said the pies were good. Actually, the pies were the only good thing about that weekend.

When Hurricane Sandy hit, we got some of the high winds from it. I annointed my house and didn't suffer any damage. In fact, other than a sign that had gotten blown dangerously out of place our town didn't suffer any damage.

I was listening to coverage of Sandy on some of the New York radio stations. I mentioned listening to the stations to the girl at the local pizza shop. One of the customers spoke up and said, "That's satilite." I replied that it was AM. To think that these days people don't know you can pick up stations from far away on mediumwave.

Around the time of Hurricane Sandy and the U.S. election, I was feeling really productive. I would get up at 8:00, even 7:30 one morning, which gave me an opportunity to do some AM dxing. Of course, getting up earlier meant I could get a lot more done in a day which made me feel more confidant.

I also started thinking more about "South Park" during this time.

I went out with my friend for breakfast one Friday morning in November. It was a good time and a good conversation.


Congratulations to Nick Digilio on becoming overnight host at WGN.

Picked up Gander Radio weather beacon last night.

Also heard WTWW transmitter two last night with "Ham Newsline" and "World Of Radio."

Picked up some ham chatter the other week: a couple guys talking about cars..

Saturday, August 24, 2013

DX LOG 8/24

93.1 WNTQ Syracuse with anncr and Lana Del Ray song.

94.? unid. with female anncr and music.

95.1 WBRU Rochester with commercials, promo for morning show and music.

96.5 WCMF Rochester with commercials, ID and music.

98.5 WKSE Buffalo with commercials including one for a delectable sounding bakery, ID and music.

99.5 WDCX Buffalo with financial advice show and "The Raugh Truth."

100.5 WDVE Rochester with commercials, ID and music including Coldplay and Katie Perry.

106.7 WYRK with commercials, male anncr and country music.

Friday, August 23, 2013


If My Broadcasting Corporation gets CRTC approval to purchase CJMB Peterborough, they will retain the current format, not switch it to a My FM format as previously stated on this blog.

The Alex Horton Blog regrets the error.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

DX LOG 8/18

95.1 WBRU Rochester with "Knockin On Heaven's Door."

96.5 WCMF Rochester with commercials, ID and music.

98.5 WKSE Buffalo with commercials.

98.9 CKLC-fm Kingston just booming in with anncr Riley plus songs from Metric, Japandroids, Beastie Boys, Modest Mouse, and others.

98.9 WBZE Rochester under CKLC-fm with eighties music.

99.1 CBLF Toronto with end of newscast.

99.5 WDCX Buffalo with preacher talking about landslide.

99.7 unid. Christian station with music?

100.5 WDVE Rochester with "Mary Jane's Last Breakdown", ID and other song.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Cool to hear a commercial for the Kingston Pregnancy Care Centre on Fly FM today.

Hey Moose FM, do you think, in the future, you could possibly go fewer than seven songs without telling us what radio station we're listening to.

98.9 The Drive and 98.9 The Buzz were coming in together tonight.

DX LOG 8/17

Jazz 90.1 Rochester with German show.

95.1 WBRU Rochester with AC/DC.

96.5 WCMF Rochester with ID and music, later with remote from Balantine RV.

97.9 WPXY Rochester with commercials including for upcoming Ke$ha concert, ID, anncr, and music.

98.9 WBZE Rochester with eighties music.

99.5 WDCX Buffalo with financial advice show done by Canadian guy followed by "The Raugh Truth."

99.7 unid. Christian station with "Down Gilead Lane" which was part of "Kids Club" program, "Science, Scripture and Salvation" and preacher extolling the Jews. Impossible for me to get an ID no matter how long I listened.

100.5 WDVE Rochester with Id and music.

101.3 WRMM Rochester with anncr and soft rock.

102.7 WLGZ Rochester "Legends 1027" with commercials, anncr, The Loving Spoonful, ID mentioning "Legends Weekend", and more music.

103.5 unid. except for "Country 1035" with "American Country Countdown."

105.1 K-LOVE station from upstate New York.


A while ago I had started a commentary on Sean Boonstra and Harry Firerobin's series on the Book of Revelation. I never finished said series because frankly the things Boonstra and Firerobin were teaching were driving me crazy. I had heard certain doctrines being taught from them previously from other teachers in the same denomination and decided to get rid of the video tapes unfinished for the sake of not loosing my faith in Jesus Christ.

Similarly, I will not be finishing my commentary on Jimmy Swaggart's commentary on Revelation.

For one relatively minor reason, the series is a relic.

More importantly, many of Swaggart's teachings in this series don't mesh with my interpretation of this book of the Bible and thus, continuing to listen to this series would ultimately drive me crazy.

Also, commenting on teachings by Swaggart in this series I disagreed with would expose said teachings. As far as I know this series is not available on the internet and hence the less said about the teachings contained therein the better.


Jennifer Weiner, wife of WBCQ owner and general manager Allan Weiner, died August fourth.

The announcement of her death was made on tonight's broadcast of "Allan Weiner Worldwide."

Radio has a way of bringing out one's true personality and character. To that end, even from listening to Jennifer on air when she appeared on Allan's show and variously when she hosted her own programs on WBCQ over the years, I could tell she was a rare woman. In the person she presented on-air I could tell she was a kind, loving, plainspeaking, and straightforward person.

Further evidence of this was shown in the few times I corresponded with Jennifer by email.

One day, when I get a wife, I hope she is like Jennifer. That is, a woman who doesn't play the catty mind games with men women are known for, as well as one who is truly devoted to her husband and thus inspires like devotion in him: a woman who can reason and compromise, with a variety of interests and talents.

Cause of death was heart failure due to a congenitally weak left ventricle.

Note: Jennifer's heart gave out suddenly in her sleep. She did not suffer.


Based on articles from the July 22 issue of Maclean's.

The transcript of Peter C. Newman's conversation with Marshall McLewan was interesting. McLewan's point about compulsory education becoming obsolete was interesting. Why go to school when you can glean information faster from online sources than your teacher can teach it using traditional methods.

Concerning the review of the documentary about the Indonesians who killed communists back in the sixties: They were inspired by Hollywood gangster movies. The director has a Jewish last name. Hence, this could, though I don't know for sure, be one of these cases where a Jewish person condemns something his own people fostered, akin to the Israeli government announcing a campaign to combat eating disorders caused by Jewish-run Madison Avenue.

"The End": It's great the subject of that week's feature was starting to get his life back on track and tragic he didn't live to excel to a greater degree, but man, talk about an embarrassing way to die: running off a trail through some trees and off a heretofore unnoticed cliff.


For anyone listening to "Ground Zero" Tuesday night on a station other than WHAS: When that guy called in talking about nutritional supplements, did you hear interuptions from the Emergency Alert System?

Speaking of "Ground Zero", it's cool they played that bit about Ronald and Nancy Reagan being on drugs Wednesday night.

Sad to hear about the death of Roy Bonisteel. I used to enjoy his commentaries on CJOJ.

Heard that reverb numbers guy on WTWW 5830 a couple nights this week.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The church of Thyatyra (I think) is a man who does not have order in his home.

The church of Sardis is a man who is saved but who is not at all living a life conformed to Christ. There are still a few areas of his life where he is right with God, but on the whole his walk with the Lord is a mess.

The church of Philadelphia is a man who has everything right.

The church of Laodecia is the way a lot of Christians are today. They think they're blessed by God merely because they have a lot of material possessions. They don't care about anything, except possibly attending the next praise and worship event.

Swaggart contends the tribulation concerns the earthly Jews and their salvation. Revelation 3 9 should quickly disabuse you of this notion.

We grow through tribulation. It is true that tribulation imbitters some people, but the church has to go through the Great Tribulation precisely to prove who is genuine, that is, who will look to God and be strengthened during this time of trouble versus who will become bitter, hate God and take the mark of the beast.

The church is not appointed unto wrath. This means we will be kept safe from the direct events during the tribulation period.

Luke 21 34-36 is about praying for strength to go through and be kept safe during the tribulation period.

1 Thesalonians 4 16-17: This is the noisiest passage in the Bible, (one of them anyway.) No secret silent rapture here.

Even though the church must go through the tribulation, we can comfort one another precisely because it is what must take place right before Jesus returns.

"The Holy Spirit will not be taken out of the world."

The Holy Spirit dwells inside every Christian. Therefore, if all the Christians are taken out of the world in a secret pre-tribulation rapture, it follows naturally that the Holy Spirit would also be taken out of the world.

The antichrist is not merely a man, but an organization, namely the Catholic church.

Swaggart says there is no mention of the saints on earth during the following chapters of Revelation because he has twisted the Scriptures so that God's people refers to the Jews.

"... God takes a different attitude towards humanity."

During the tribulation period God will have the same attitude toward humanity he has always had. Our God does not change. The only difference will be that the age of grace will be over and it will be time for God to judge the world. God is gracious and merciful, but you have to have the cut off point take place some time.

"... to bring Israel to her time of national repentance."

First of all, the people we call Jews today are not the Israel people of the Bible.

Second, Paul says in Romans that there will not be a "national repentance" for those of true Israel. Not all who are of Israel are of Israel. The remnant whom God has called out of the true Israelite nations will repent and come to faith in Him, but that's it, not the whole nation.

"The church has been going through tribulation for the past 2000 years. Why hasn't it brought the church to it's senses?"

For just a moment, think of the tribulation as a giant sorting exercise. The purpose of the church's going through the tribulation is to separate the men from the boys, to use a tired old cliche. When no man can buy or sell anything without taking the mark of the beast, and when doing so means being lost forever, that will separate the true followers of Christ from those whom God has not actually predestined to be with Him in His kingdom.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Lord's Day does not mean Sunday. The only day Jesus ever claimed to be Lord of was the sabbath. Therefore, John must have been in the Spirit on the sabbath.

The verse in Colosians about not letting anyone judge us with regard to sabbaths is referring to specific ways people keep the sabbath, things they do or don't do on that day.

The law was not done away with when Jesus went to the cross.; it was fulfilled, or made complete. See Jesus' teachings in the Sermon on the Mount for a clear example of this.

Rather than seven churches or local corporate bodies, I think the seven churches refer more specifically to seven types of individual Christian, although the things written to the seven churches are applicable to local congregations as well.)

I used to think I knew the kind of Christian the church of Ephesus stood for, but after hearing Swaggart's teaching I am not so sure. Having said that, I think (or at least used to solidly think) Ephisus represents a Christian who is serving the Lord well but isn't as on fire and full of love as he was when he first got saved.

The church in Smyrna represents a Christian who is going through severe persecution, as many Christians around the world (including in North America and the rest of the West) are presently.

The church of Pergamos represents a Christian who has been serving God well. However, he works and possibly lives among very worldly and ungodly people. He is starting to buckle after constantly witnessing the filthy way in which the people he has to associate with on a daily basis live. He has started to tolerate certain sinful practices and has begun to view them as acceptible.


The July 15 issue of Maclean's pretty much sucked completely as well.

- mentions of "vile conspiracy theories" about 9/11;
- seemed like they were all about furthering the "gay" agenda. I know this edition of the magazine was published just after the U.S. Supreme Court made it's ruling on same sex marriage, but a lot of the fag-related stuff in that issue of Maclean's wasn't even related to that;
- the crowing over Exodus International selling out and shutting it's doors. The guy who was running EI was, in my opinion, on the other side anyway. He had stated a while back he didn't think he was actually straight. He had a certain kind of affection for his wife, but that's about it. Jesus did say the way was naerrow "and few there be that find it." Also, were a lot of the people who didn't actually get cured of their homosexuality going through the program because they wanted to or were they being pressured by friends and loved ones?;
- "The End" was interesting, though. It didn't sound like the subject of that week's profile was ever really a kid.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


The July 1-8 issue of Maclean's sucked all around.

- a Canada Day special report that was just more pointless patting ourselves on the back about how much better we are than the Americans;
- coverage of Nigella Lawson's alleged domestic dispute. If I wanted to read about those sorts of things, I'd read a celebrity gossip magazine;
- the article about monogamy being a problem. Sex is meant to be shared by one man and one woman within the context of marriage. The women mentioned in the article were probably all engaging in premarital sex, or fornication as it is more properly known. When you reduce sex from the most intimate thing a couple can do together to a pleasurable activity that should involve as many participants as possible, you set up a situation where sex will eventually become boring. The only way to relieve this boredom is to move onto a new partner or introduce sinful and immoral things like pornography.;
- an article about another stupid and filthy show from the creator of "Desperate Housewives." The titles of both this guy's shows sound like the names of movies Count Floyd would show on "Monster Chiller Horror Theatre.";
- a review of a new book about Nicola Tesla wherein the reviewer basically demands everybody unquestioningly except what the book has to say about the inventor. Niet, comerade!;
- a review of a book about American exceptionalism which does the same thing with the reviewer getting in a whole bunch of digs at our neighbour's to the south. Sure, America is far from perfect. However, the States have done a lot of good for the world. Many of her other faults were caused by Jewish interests interfering with matters.;
- Scott Feschuk's column. I don't want to hear anybloodymore about the Senate scandal. By the way, Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy and (I think) Nigel Wright all worked for CTV at one time. Has anyone bothered to look into whether that network is involved in anything concerning this dibacle?


"The earthly Jews will reign over the church and the rest of the world forever."

Really? Where does it say that in the Bible? That sounds more like something you would read in the Talmud.

The belief that America is the new Jerusalem would be ridiculous except for the prophecies in the Bible about a nation with an eastern sea and a western sea, unwalled cities and villages and an abundance of cattle.

God allows trials to come into our lives to test and strengthen our faith.


Picked up a station from Cleveland playing comedy routines last night as well as a stationfrom Toledo just down the dial. The stations were somewhere in the 1300-1400 range.

What times does "The Kim Komando Show" actually air live?

WDCX's signal was present Saturday morning but barely audible.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


This blog is the most arrogant thing I have ever read.

A couple adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia. Upon returning to the States they stick her in a daycare for a huge number of hours a day so they can work to support her. "Yes, honey, we're your new family who will love you and give you a good life. Now be in this nursery school for ten hours per day."

The couple also never cease to brag about how smart their little girl is, even talking about besting a friend's two year old with their then fifteen month old's abilities. (Yet she gets to the age of three and is still not toilet trained.)

Also, the main author of this blog really needs to do some more research into baby sign language before saying it can't be done. He should also read up on the physiology of babies. Through said reading, I suspect he would learn that babies don't just dribble urine all day as he states.

Just an example of what I suspect might be another trophy baby plucked by Caucasians from amongst the other races. How sad.


WDCX was fading in and out last Saturday.

CJMR had an infomercial last Saturday night at 11:30 instead of Indian music.

Also noticed a change to the Indian music. Didn't appear to be the same program as before but rather an automated sweep of tunes.

Picked up WAMM the other night.