Monday, August 26, 2013


Based on notes to myself.

I remember this time as being a particularly good period in my life.

Mom took a trip to Halifax in late September/early October.

I had gotten a couple braille books I had ordered from the CNIB and had been wanting to read for years. I particularly enjoyed one about Mexican "border blaster" radio stations. I would read that one every night while listening to the local college radio station.

I attended a weekend men's retreat at our church's campground in September. It was a wonderful experience overall. I got a lot closer to some of the men in our church and even started a new friendship.

My birthday occurred in this time. My sister gave me an old security object I had had as a kid and a new version of the same. She came and got me and took me over to Mom's house. I opened presents then dined on the sloppy Joe's my sister had made for dinner. They were good.

When I got home from my birthday dinner, I stood on my porch in the cool essence of the fall night and thought about my life. Then I went inside and listened to football on the radio because it seemed like the appropriate thing to do and there was nothing else on the radio.

Speaking of porches, I had a new porch put on my house at this time by some men from my church who were contracters. They did a wonderful job. It was cool having them at my house during the day.

A couple weekends before my birthday my sister and I walked around the fair and looked at stuff.

I was learning to bake around this time and I made two pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving dinner. My mother and sister said the pies were good. Actually, the pies were the only good thing about that weekend.

When Hurricane Sandy hit, we got some of the high winds from it. I annointed my house and didn't suffer any damage. In fact, other than a sign that had gotten blown dangerously out of place our town didn't suffer any damage.

I was listening to coverage of Sandy on some of the New York radio stations. I mentioned listening to the stations to the girl at the local pizza shop. One of the customers spoke up and said, "That's satilite." I replied that it was AM. To think that these days people don't know you can pick up stations from far away on mediumwave.

Around the time of Hurricane Sandy and the U.S. election, I was feeling really productive. I would get up at 8:00, even 7:30 one morning, which gave me an opportunity to do some AM dxing. Of course, getting up earlier meant I could get a lot more done in a day which made me feel more confidant.

I also started thinking more about "South Park" during this time.

I went out with my friend for breakfast one Friday morning in November. It was a good time and a good conversation.

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