Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The July issue of Readers Digest has an article about the people at airports who keep birds from flying into planes. It is interesting.

The July 27 issue of Maclean's has an article about denial of pregnancy, when women don't know their pregnant. It seems to me it should actually be called something like "unawareness of pregnancy" or something. A doctor is quoted near the end of the article saying how denial of pregnancy is a bad thing because women won't have gotten the proper amounts of nutrients during pregnancy, in addition to the fact that some women might have smoked and drank. The question this article didn't answer was, how many of these babies turned out OK?

An article in the April 4, 2009 London Times by Sandi Tisvog talks about keeping kids amused during car trips, through things like talking to them. Imagine that! These days, most parents just throw on the Dvd player for the whole trip. However, this means that kids aren't interacting with the parents or looking out the window. Do we really want to become a society that just surfs the internet or listens to Ipods or watches Dvd's instead of actually talking to and doing things with other people? When I was a kid, car trips were a time when we talked with the parents about all different things. The rest of the trip, we read or coloured pictures. I may have listened to a tape a couple of times, but by no means for the whole trip. These kids aren't looking out the window and appreciating their surroundings. This could have the side effect of making it difficult for these kids to learn to drive because they aren't as familiar with the lay of the land.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It has been revealed, first by the website Chicago Breaking News and then by Alex Jones’s website that currently incarcerated internet radio broadcaster Hal Turner is an FBI informant.

Looking back on it, the signs were there all along, not so much that you would necessarily cotton on to his being an FBI informant right away, but present enough that you can definitely see it in hindsight. Hindsight is 20/20 after all.

First, Turner advocated violence. Every story was “let’s kill this person, let’s kill that person.” While I do think that most of the people he opined deserved to be killed over the years do deserve to be killed, and while I would welcome a little violence at some point in the future, calling for violence as much as Turner did isn’t the way to go about it. If Turner had said, “Let’s kill so-and-so” and somebody actually did it, the weak, dumbed-down public would say, “Oh there’s so much violence. All these people are killing all these other people. Will I be next? Government, please help me.”

Then the government would declare martial law and get to implement their New World Order even faster than they had planned.

Second, there were a bunch of things that were supposed to happen but didn’t. In 2002, Turner broadcast a message from a patriot group saying, “July 4, 2002 is U.S. Independence Day. Place your chicken in the pot.” (It was supposed to be in code. Yeah, like that message is really hard to figure out.) Of course, on July 4, 2002 nothing happened.

In 2007, Hal Turner said that starting in January 2008; white people would start lynching blacks again. This didn’t happen.

Turner also said that he had planned something for the inauguration of Barack Obama but nothing happened.

People say, “Oh, he was an FBI informant years and years ago” or “His enemies are just making that up.”

If Turner foiled a plot to assassinate Obama, then he had to have been an informant up to at least fairly recently.

If his own defense lawyer said he was an informant, then it’s probably true. Hal wouldn’t make up crazy things to try and get off, even if you factor in that he’s been in solitary for five weeks.

Maybe Turner was working both sides of the street, helping the white supremacist cause while at the same time informing the FBI on some things in order to make a few extra bucks. In 2007, he spoke about conducting the “Detroit operation” after a rally he held in Kalamazoo. He also talked about people he knew killing bankers, for example the 74-year old German billionaire that “threw himself under a train” last December or January.

Either way, Hal Turner has ruined his life. He might be sent up the river or he could die in jail. If he beats these charges, he can never host a radio show again because he has now admitted to being an FBI informant. The best he could hope for is a quiet life in North Bergen, selling real estate or plowing driveways or whatever.

Click the link above to see the story on Alex Jones’s website, which contains a link to the original Chicago Breaking News story.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


The other day, I was copying some tapes I got in the mail. The unit I was using had a record player in it, so when I was done I decided to dig out my parent's copy of The White Album and have a listen.

I listened to a few songs and it struck me, as it has in the past, that The White Album is an ALBUM. By that I mean, you can listen ither all the way through or pick certain songs throughout the album and listen to them. They don't make albums like that anymore, at least not in mainstream music. Today's albums only contain about nine songs. You have the crummy song the band is going to release to the radio first up, and then all the even crummier songs they wrote just to fill up the record.

This got me thinking about how I had stopped following the top forty about a year ago, when that Kid Rock song came out.

We were smoking funny things,
And we were smoking funny things,
Things Things,
Things Things Things,
Things Things things things.

The thing is, I used to live for Kid Rock. Well, not live for, but you know what I mean. When I first heard him at the school for the blind courtesy of my roommate, it was like a revelation. Now these are the kinds of songs he writes? And it came out in June. Remember when summer songs would come out in the middle of August? For example, Fastball's "The Way" or that song "Summer

Then there's Katie Perry.

I killed a dyke and I liked it.

Then there's Lady Googoo Gaga, and Googoo Gaga is an appropriate name for her. I looked up a clip of her speaking and she talks like a bucking five-year old.

Bu bu bu bu,
bu bu bucker face.

I quit following the country chart even earlier. Country songs are all like:

We live in a stupid, ignorant, low-brow, low-class, deadbeat, white trash, the people would have to get brain transplants to even qualify for stupid,
Hick town.

We go to the bar every Saturday night,
We get so drunk we pass out,
Then Sunday morning we go to church,
Because we're good Christians,
We're the most devout Christians you could ever meet.

Or they cover pop songs.

Theeeeeeeeeese days,
Everybody wanna talk,
Like they got something to saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,
But nothin comes out when they move their lips,
Buckers act like they forgot about Dre.

Kanye West will be releasing his new album soon, "Do As I Say, Not As I do" where he will protest a couple things to show that he's different from other rappers who just rap about cars, money and women.

Then there are some of the so-called alternative rock songs:

I was so wrong,
I screwed up bad,
You were the best
I ever had.

I'm not really sorry
But I can't cook or clean
Or do anything for myself,
So please accept my apology.

One thing,
To say,
Three words,
For you.

You put up with all my garbage,
All my mental issues,
And all my emotional problems.

I'm really a big bucking looser,
I have nothing to offer anybody,
But you stick with me anyway,
You stupid girl.