Wednesday, July 29, 2015


That new Somersby commercial is silly.

Picked up 989 The Buzz tonight with Queen "Under Pressure."

Also picked up WDCX with James McDonald.

Monday, July 27, 2015


On the whole, this was a pretty good movie, if a little far-fetched, the part where Andrew comes away from being t-boned with only a gash on his hand. That notwithstanding, the film definitely makes one think about the cut throat and sadistic nature of trying to get to the top in most fields of endeavor in this world.

Friday, July 24, 2015


Haitian Slave Revolt: Just as with the French Revolution, propaganda was spread among the plantations of Haiti. The leaders of the revolt made a power grab in the guise of freeing and improving the lives of the slaves. Additionally, the leader of the revolt made a deal with the devil and when you make a deal with the devil, you pay. (See "Vigilantees of Christendom" and "War Cycles, Peace Cycles", both by Richard Kelly Hoskins.)

 AMerican Civl War: The Civil War was not about slavery as evidenced by Lincoln’s quote about “if I could fight the war without freeing one single slave I would do it…” The Federal government and the northern states were bullying the South through economic policies and instances such as the Harper’s Ferry raid. The Confederate States declared their independence as they had the right to do. The North fired on Fort Sumter in a false flag attack and the war was on

If the Federals hadn’t consolidated power through the Civil War, the states would have been more autonomous. Sure, there inevitably would have been some local elitism as the author suggests but nothing like the creeping totalanarianism we see in the U.S. Federal government today. (Really, no need to cite specific sources for this entry because information about what I've just said is all over the internet and in any good book on the American Civil War, viz. any book written before the modern cartoonish view of history propagated by White and his ilk took over.)

Russo-Turkish War: As far as the Armenian genocide is concerned, it must be remembered that the Turks and Armenians lived in peace at one time. Then, a group of Jews called the Young Turks, through Turkish masonic lodges, stirred up the trouble that would eventually result in this terrible event. (I heard this on one of Texe Marrs' radio shows once so I guess you could check his website for more information on this.)

First World War: When you distill it down, World War I was caused by the fact that all the nations wanted to go to war. Additionally, of course, there is the banking and economic factor. Though I have not studied into all the events described in this book yet and am more familiar with the major conflicts from the Civil War onward, I bet if you look back in history into virtually all these conflicts you’ll find someone of means financing and getting rich off both sides. (I wrote a post about this years ago. That post now contains a link to more information. Click on the HISTORY label attached to this post.)

Joseph Stalin: Soviet communism was financed mostly by rich, American, Jewish bankers. (See the book "Behind Communism" as well as many of the resources on Texe Marrs' site linked above.)

The difference between Lenenist-Trotskyite communism and Stalinist communism is the former believes change should be achieved slowly while the latter believes change should be achieved quickly. Stalin persecuted Lenenist-Trotskyite (Jewish) communists and advanced Stalinist (Jewish) communism. The reason the Cold War took place was Stalen’s persecution of the Lenenist-Trotskyite communists who ran Hollywood, hence “Red Channels” and the McCarthy era, the better to flush out the Hollywood Stalinists.

Second World War: In books such as “I Paid Hitler”, as well as many other sources*, the financing of both sides of the war by Jewish international bankers is well established. The purpose of the Holocaust was to make the international case for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Thus, those Jews content to stay in Europe were looted, rounded up and shot, then taken to concentration camps. (Read "A Greater Miracle" for more information.)

Prior to the war, Germany, Italy and Japan had signed a pact that the other two would intervene if one was attacked. (See the Richard Kelly Hoskins books cited above.)

Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbour and the book “Japan Bites Back” documents a lot of now hidden things going on at that time. (This is actually fairly common knowledge by now.)

The world did not begin to fight against Hitler because of his evil character but because neither England or America ended up joining with the Nazis like they originally wanted to. Either way, more money in the coffers of those who profit from war. (Information about the Americans plans to side with the Nazis and the fact King Edward VIII was a Nazi sympathizer (the real reason he abdicated) can be found all over the internet.)

As to the nature of the Holocaust itself, the author goes down the usual path of those who so ardently defend the official story, even indirectly employing the catch-all pejorative “Weird.” If it’s so well documented, why haven’t the official records get published for all to see. After all, then the matter would become plain and guys like me, David Irving, Jim Fetzer, et al could shut up in the face of such overwhelming truth and obviousness.

Additionally, if the official story is so blatantly obvious then why is this the only so-called fact (so far, anyway) you can be put in jail for disputing?

On the whole, ancient history is a lot less well documented than the arguments against the official story of the Holocaust.


Gengus Kahn: I, too, hate it when the reputations of truly bad people are rehabilitated: Martin Luther King, for example.


Albagensian Crusade: The Albagensians were actually a Bible-believing group.


Atlantic Slave Trade-Conquest of the Americas: The author goes really over the top on this one. The whole thing about the only people who mattered being white men-though probably true to a certain degree-is nevertheless untrue when you actually take a practical, logical view of human interaction and if you are actually interested in looking at all of history, as opposed to certain bugaboos you seem to have, with as unbiased a view as possible as opposed to the cartoonish-James Bond movie scenarios that colour so much of history these days.


As to the comment about the Indians being “taken out back and taught to sing hymns”, to whatever extent that statement is true, there were Natives who truly found the living God.


Also, stop comparing slavery in the Bible to slavery in the antibellem South. People in the Bible went into slavery a good amount of the time to work off a debt. Every seven years, all debts were cancelled and all slaves set free. They were also given a good amount of food and other goods to take home with them as stipulated by the Law. Even more humanely, if a slave ran away from his master, the one who found him was not to return him.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


This was a documentary and a half, filled with fascinating musical history and wonderful anecdotes.

Rick Hall's bitterness at the world seems to pervade this film.

Also, I wonder how Fame Studios and subsequently the town of Mussel Sholes have kept from falling victim to their own success and becoming just another busy tourist trap.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Heard another interesting tape last night.

On the first side was Boston's album "Don't Look Back." After the end of the album, there were some recordings of CKFM doing the top 900 songs of all time.

Side B featured the AC/DC album "Let There Be Rock" with more of the countdown featured afterwords. A Simply Red song was introduced as song #412.

An unidentified male and female were featured separately. I have no idea what year the CKFM airchecks were from. The woman said "going back to 1988" for the Simply Red song, but the two albums are from over 10 years before that.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Didn't pick up any stations on 1100 Thursday night while WTAM was down for maintinance. I did, however, pick up the AM simulcast of a station on 103.1 FM whose slogan was "The Berkshires Classic Hits."

Picked up WBZA yesterday morning with Spizano as well as WDCX with "Discover the Word" and Alistaire Begg.

989 The Drive was coming in well last night.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Just heard a tape from I presume March 1987.

The first side features an exerpt from "The CHUM Chart Oldies Show" hosted by Deryl B. The exerpt runs from 10:20 until the beginning of the 11:00 newscast with Richard Maxwell.

The second side is an exerpt of "The Beatles Brunch" hosted by Terri Michaels on CKFM. I assume this was taped on the same day as side A because side B is from the 11:00 hour. Two pleasant surprises on this side are a weather forecast from Michaels and Bill Anderson doing a promo for "The CKFM Countdown."


The Oyster Murders are a four piece alternative rock band from Brisbane, Australia. The latest single from the group, ‘When you’re wrong’ is a wash of distorted pop melodies, overdriven guitars and analog synths. Recorded and mixed using both low and hi-fi techniques by multi ARIA award winning producer Magoo. This is the band’s first release since the group put out their 2013 ‘Mourning Birds’ EP, and prior to this, their 2012 album, ‘Winter of the Electric Sun’.  The bands debut LP received airplay on over 130 college radio stations throughout the US and debuted in the top 30 radio charts at KCSB (Santa Barbara, CA), WCDB (Albany, NY), WRSU (New Brunswick, NJ), KXUA (Fayetteville, AR) and #4 at WTSR (Ewing, NJ). Singles off the album The Sleeper’s Heart, It Might Be Real and Ghosts in our Wake have all received positive reviews and love from blogs around the globe including Tone Deaf, Muzik Dizcovery, edenisneon, Guteshoerenistwichtig, and the AU Review. Husband and wife duo Grant and Wendy Redgen front the group.  The bands rhythm section is made up of Shaun Edwards (drums) and Chris Macpherson (bass).

The album will be released July 27.
Click here to watch the official video for "When You're Wrong" on YouTube. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


WEGP is going Catholic, just like a lot of other U.S. radio stations.

Now that I've heard it, I have to say DRM does indeed have much better sound quality than analog.

As far as Brother Stair being on WBCQ is concerned, Allen can of course run the station how he sees fit. However, Stair is a false prophet, a probable rapist (who would have been convicted all those years ago if the victims had retained the evidence), an all-round nasty and abusive hypocrite and a person who thus does not deserve to be on any radio station I would run.


It's amazing how fewer websites I check on a daily or weekly basis than I used to.

Am finding fewer and fewer surveys are accessible.

Media Brodcasting Center sure is doing some big things.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Man, US radio really is in trouble! I was listening to "The Clark Howard Show" on WFAS via the internet Thursday afternoon. The station had one of those ten-minute commercial breaks so common in American radio and during that time I only heard three commercials for for-profit companies: a natural sleep remedy, Angry Orchard Cider and "NBC Nightly News." All the other spots were PSAs.

Picked up WBZA Rochester Friday morning. A real variety of stuff, including "Jailhouse Rock."

Am not impressed with CBC Radio One's summer shows this year: repackaged material from "The Current" and "As It Happens", the return of people reading stupid garbage they wrote as kids, another American show on the schedule, repackaged CBC documentaries, a show that just plays podcasts, and two shows that are actually worth listening to.


I actually found the June issue of Readers' Digest quite interesting, containing lots of touching and inspiring stories.

Regarding the article in the June 8 issue of Maclean's: Of course, the dyke author tries to make out like the province making strip clubs illegal again is such a bad thing. While stripping may not be exactly the way it is portrayed on TV, it is still a dangerous life and something no decent girl would want to take up if she truly had another option.

Also, how come there wasn't a flood of licenses to open up new strip joints? You would think if it were such a wonderful thing and something the people of Saskatchewan wanted, there would be more than one a year after such places were made legal.

Probably the reason the patrons of the strip club mentioned in the article were so nice and the reason dancing there was supposedly such a great experience was because of the novelty. The place was most likely packed simply because of the absurdity of there being a strip joint in a small town in northern Saskatchewan.

Regarding the article in the same issue about the blasphemous stageplay based on The God Tweets: I really hate that all these kikes are coming out and producing horrible things like this. Read up on the Talmud and you'll find out why they're doing it. It's high time God teaches these people a lesion, in my opinion.

Friday, July 10, 2015

“Make me an angel that flies from Montgomery.
Make me a poster of an old rodeo.
Just give me one thing that I can hold on to.
To believe in this living is just a hard way to go....”
John Prine
Good songs and good music, and good company to share them with....
So won’t you come on out to the Black Dog this Sunday afternoon (Yes! THIS Sunday afternoon!) and join us to share a few tunes at the Amazing Jam? Maybe some of yours, maybe some Prine, maybe some others you love to play....
(Pssst.... I have doubts Mr. Prine will be present in person, so the parking lot won’t be jam-packed full and it’s pretty much certain there’ll be a chair in the circle for you!)
The Black Dog, 227 West Front St. in Stirling.
We start up at 2 pm, run until 5....
Looking forward to see you there.
*And don’t forget to check the Facebook page ‘BV Amazing Music’ for postings about more music and events in this area. There’s something happening here....
The ‘Amazing Jam’! Even more amazing music...
This Sunday afternoon  at The Black Dog in Stirling. We’ll be
playing music there for about 3 hours. Welcomed by both staff and the patrons in the lounge and restaurant, our music is appreciated. 
Once a month on Sunday afternoons. This Sunday afternoon (July12th). Time is from 2 pm until 5.
The format is a ‘song circle’ with the lead changing from person to person among the group. Everyone has the option to offer a tune when their turn comes around, or pass to their neighbour if they’d rather. Depending on the music, the mood, choice of instruments, etc. some will choose to support whoever is leading a song, others may prefer to sit out and listen.  DSCF1663 
We invite you to come out and join us, making music with old friends; for sure, there’ll be some new faces too.
“Bring your instruments, your voices and your music. It’s
ll unplugged
and it’s all good! Guitar, bass,
harmonica, banjo,
mandolin, ukulele,
fiddle, accordion,
flute, celtic harp – the list goes on.
“There may be only 4 or 5 o
us or maybe a whole room full of
musicians. A place for
‘first-timers’ and experienced players alike.
good bunch of pe
ople playin
g all kinds of music together.
People in
their teens all the way through proto-geezers. Maybe even an DSCF1647sincipient-geriat or two....
“The blues does not rule.
Any acoustic music from punk
to polka!”
(Baritone sax and tuba set up in the parking lot....)
Hope to see you Sunday afternoon in Stirling.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Picked up 1330 WFMN Eerie Friday night.

Monday night, picked up a station that appeared to be from Ohio and ided itself as "Newsradio 1130."

The same night, picked up an unid station on 1290 just finishing a minor league baseball game.