Sunday, July 19, 2015


Heard another interesting tape last night.

On the first side was Boston's album "Don't Look Back." After the end of the album, there were some recordings of CKFM doing the top 900 songs of all time.

Side B featured the AC/DC album "Let There Be Rock" with more of the countdown featured afterwords. A Simply Red song was introduced as song #412.

An unidentified male and female were featured separately. I have no idea what year the CKFM airchecks were from. The woman said "going back to 1988" for the Simply Red song, but the two albums are from over 10 years before that.


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Boston's Don't Look Back album was not as good as their first to me, but it was very close. I was sorely disappointed with their third at the time, but I have grown to like many of its songs since. The concept of all of the songs on the third album being connected is rather cool, though.

A little bit of trivia you are probably already are of is that after Z.Z. Top refused to let Mark Knopfler use some of their protected guitar/recording techniques to develop a unique sound for Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms album (Money for Nothing, So Far Away and Walk of Life) Knopfler turned to Boston's Tom Scholtz, who was very enthusiastic with his help.

Alex Horton said...

Thanks. I did not know that.