Sunday, July 12, 2015


I actually found the June issue of Readers' Digest quite interesting, containing lots of touching and inspiring stories.

Regarding the article in the June 8 issue of Maclean's: Of course, the dyke author tries to make out like the province making strip clubs illegal again is such a bad thing. While stripping may not be exactly the way it is portrayed on TV, it is still a dangerous life and something no decent girl would want to take up if she truly had another option.

Also, how come there wasn't a flood of licenses to open up new strip joints? You would think if it were such a wonderful thing and something the people of Saskatchewan wanted, there would be more than one a year after such places were made legal.

Probably the reason the patrons of the strip club mentioned in the article were so nice and the reason dancing there was supposedly such a great experience was because of the novelty. The place was most likely packed simply because of the absurdity of there being a strip joint in a small town in northern Saskatchewan.

Regarding the article in the same issue about the blasphemous stageplay based on The God Tweets: I really hate that all these kikes are coming out and producing horrible things like this. Read up on the Talmud and you'll find out why they're doing it. It's high time God teaches these people a lesion, in my opinion.

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