Tuesday, July 14, 2015


WEGP is going Catholic, just like a lot of other U.S. radio stations.

Now that I've heard it, I have to say DRM does indeed have much better sound quality than analog.

As far as Brother Stair being on WBCQ is concerned, Allen can of course run the station how he sees fit. However, Stair is a false prophet, a probable rapist (who would have been convicted all those years ago if the victims had retained the evidence), an all-round nasty and abusive hypocrite and a person who thus does not deserve to be on any radio station I would run.


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Whoa, Brother Stair is still on the air? I visited his compound twice outside of Walterboro, South Carolina sometime in the '90s after '94. I did not get to meet him either time, but just being on his property really creeped me out. I really felt for one young lady I met there during the last visit, who was absolutely gorgeous and firmly under his spell. I hope our Heavenly Father delivered her out of his clutches (along with the rest there, of course).

Alex Horton said...

Yes, he is still prominent on the shortwave and AM dial unfortunately. Kind of cool in it's own way you got to go to "the farm" though.

The experience that clinched it for me was when I called up one night simply to ask him a question. He got really upset with me and made fun of my voice.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I did not hear anything wrong with your voice. Back when she was out on the truck with me, Arlynda and I loved hearing Stair's wife sing (being really sarcastic here).

He may have moved or had another place. For the compound I visited used to be a travel lodge on the side of a road that was once one of the major routes in the area--certainly nothing that looked like a farm to me. Come to think of it, he was preaching that all true Christians should distance themselves from society back then. So, he probably did move to a more isolated location. Anyway, I dropped off some of my earlier writings in the hope of establishing a dialogue with him, but I never heard anything back.

Alex Horton said...

Fortunately, I don't remember hearing his wife singing if I ever did and I know I have never heard him sing.

He lives near a town called Walterborough in South Carolina. He's lived there for the past couple decades but I don't know where he lived before that. I know he lived in Massachusits at one time, though.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

What I am calling a compound was just outside of Walterboro. So, he may have some adjoining property that is farmed.