Thursday, February 26, 2009


CTV has decided to close two of it's A stations, Cknx Wingham and Chwi Windsor because the company is going through hard times financially.

This doesn't exactly arouse my sympathies.

Though I have never watched ither of these two stations, I have watched stations in the same network.

The station I watched the most was Ckvr in Barry. I used to watch it all the time when I visited my Grandma in Toronto. It broadcast lots of old shows. Leave It To Beaver at noon was a staple in many households in the GTA, I'm sure. Then, in 1995, the stations were bought by Chum, who changed their names to "The New" (Vr, Nx, Wi etc.) The newspeople started waving promotional boards in front of the camera, and they started showing things like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and other garbage in primetime. After a while, the stations became "A Channel" then "A."

So basically, you had five stations in Ontario that showed unique and local programming. Then Chum bought them and they started showing crummy American shows that no other network would buy and running things like Jerry Springer and reruns of Touched By An Angel during the day. I checked out "A" Wingham's schedule today and in primetime tonightat 7:30 they're showing a show you can see on another channel later on followed by a bunch of shows you can see on the American networks.

These two stations don't deserve to be on the air.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Broadcaster Richard Syrett appeared as a panelist on The Michael Coren Show last night.

I must say Syrett isn't very telegenic. He gave the impression of being uncomfortable and desperate.

Below is a blow-by-blow account of the show, and let me tell you it blew bigtime.

First, Michael said he wasn't going to talk about the Academy Awards. Then in the next couple of breaths, they talked about it for five minutes.

Then they talked about Cupe boycauting academics connected to Israeli institutions or something. Michael was kind of vague on the details. Everyone on the panel disagreed with it.

Cupe should boycaut these institutions. In fact, everything Israeli should be boycauted. Israel is a failed, segregated state. I see little Arab boys throwing stones at Israeli gunships and tanks and I'm supposed to feel sorry for the Israelis.

Next, they talked about a woman in Italy who had had her feeding tube disconnected. Richard thought this was a bad thing. Typical of Michael Coren, they ended up getting into a whole bunch of things that didn't really have to do with the issue.

This is a distraction. It's just like the Terry Shivo thing. Let's not talk about the fact that twenty U.S. states have diclaired their sovereignty or that the economy is on the verge of colapse or that there are plans to censor the internet or that the government is continuously making more laws to take away our freedoms. No, let's talk about a woman in a coma having her feeding tube disconnected. Personally, if she's not going to recover and there's no quality of life to her life, disconnect her feeding tube.

Next, the panel talked about a court in Iran that had thrown acid in a man's eyes as punishment for him throwing acid in his wife's eyes. The whole panel decried this type of thing as horrible, citing examples of other laws they have in Iran.

I wish we had a justice system similar to Iran's over here. Michael opined that the guy should have been sentenced to life in prison instead. Brilliant. That way the taxpayers would have been forced to feed him and keep him alive. This way, I bet he never throws acid in a woman's face again. I also think hanging homosexuals is a good idea. I also support a lot of the other sentences for crimes they have over there. Our current justice system isn't working and it seems like a lot better idea to execute people or make them pay restitution rather than sentence them to prisons where the taxpayer pays to look after these people and where they can learn to be better criminals.

Next, they talked about the Che Grevera biopic. Most of the panel disagreed with the fact that Che Grevera is looked up to so highly, as do I. However, they got into a discussion about the fact that most of the world is not democratic. Well, nither is Canada. When the Prime Minister can suspend Parliament because he doesn't like the way a vote turned out, we are living in a dictatorship just like Cuba and all these other countries.

Finally, the panel talked about the two hundredth anniversary of Darwinism. Michael showed an article which called Darwin "a dangerous mind." Surprisingly, none of the panel thought that Darwin was a dangerous mind. In fact, Syrett and Coren, who are supposed to be Christians thought Darwin had some good ideas.

Darwin was a dangerous mind. He was not a "brilliant scientist" as one person on the show said. He was a theology student who, on a voyage to the Galapagos Islands, decided that he no longer believed in God because there was suffering in the world. He then came up with the theory of evolution. Nothing in this theory can be proven. A good book on this subject is What Darwin Didn't Know. It shows that, had there been the scientific advancements there are today, Darwin would have never been able to get buy with his theory. The subtitle of The Origin Of Species is "the elimination of the lower races by means of natural selection."

To purchase What Darwin Didn't Know, click the link above.

All in all, I was thoroughly disappointed with Richard Syrett's performance on The Michael Coren Show. It was pretty obvious what was happening. You have a show with a host who's views people think wouldn't normally get aired in the media. Then you add in a panel consisting of a left-wing woman, a just right of centre big newspaper guy and a far right man, who all end up more or less agreeing with each other. Oh well, I guess Richard's twin boys won't feed thembuckinselves. It was clear there was no room for truly radical ideas that could change society. For that sort of thing, I guess people will just have to keep coming here.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


The January 5-12 issue of Maclean's has an item about how orthodox priests in a Russian town are going to lecture drivers at intersections on their reckless driving sins. This is another example of the church acting for the government, just like the preachers in the United States awhile back getting letters telling them to preach things favourable to the government.

The January 19 issue of Maclean's has an article about how the national sex offender registry isn't working. Apparently, about 1300 of the criminals on the register do not check in regularly.

sex offender registry plus gun equals end to problem

The January 26 issue of Maclean's has an article about the variety of annoying new ringtones available and how frustrating it is to people. This is what the people who really run things want. They feed off our frustration.

The same issue of Maclean's has an itim about how the Church Of England has written two new prayers: one for those who have been laid off due to the economic crisis and one for those who are afraid of losing their jobs. I think it's a good idea for people to pray in times like these.

The January 2009 issue of Chatelaine has an interview with Tracy Moore, the new host of City Line. She sounds like a vacuous git.

Friday, February 13, 2009


As much as I appreciate another opportunity to drink my face off for four evenings straight, it's important to remember the origins of Family Day, as it's important to remember the origins of any holiday you celebrate.

During the 2007 Provincial election, Dawlton McGhinty said, "Vote for me and I'll put a holiday between Christmas and easter" because he thinks we're all stupid and those are the only types of things we care about. McGhinty won the election and the holiday was instituted.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I just read a post on another blog that got me thinking about the "adult" music I used to listen to as a kid. I'm talking about popular music, beyond just music for kids.

My favourite album was The White Album. It had the song, "Rocky Racoon" which my aunt turned me onto because she really likes animals. I thought it was about a racoon. I didn't realize it was about a guy whose "woman ran off with another guy" who then confronts the other guy in a hotel and gets killed. But that doesn't compare to "Why Don't We Do It In The Road." I did not at all realize what that song was about. I also liked "Blackbirds Singing In The Dead Of Night" and "Little Piggies" because they talked about animals.

Another favourite album was "Abbey Road." My favourite song off that album was "Come Together." I also really liked "Here Comes The Sun" and the song, I forget the title, but the lyrics I liked go, "One two three four five six seven, all good children go to heaven."

Another album I liked was "Simon And Garfunkle Live In Central Park", which to this day I consider the greatest live album ever. I would listen to that thing over and over again.

My baby-sitter also had a lot of the popular, I guess you'd call them adult contemporary or possibly Top 40 albums of the day. She taped Peter Gabriel's "So" album for me along with the Rod Stewart album with Forever Young on it. She also liked U2 and I remember Mom buying me The Joshua Tree for Christmas in 1987 when I was four. I also liked the Cat Stevens album my baby-sitter had with "Morning Has Broken" on it, but she taped over it. She also liked Genesis, the crummy Phil Collins version, not the cool, psychadelic Peter Gabriel version.

To this day, I still love Peter Gabriel, well most of his songs anyway. I regard the Rod Stewart album she taped for me as his only good album. I like some U2 stuff, but most of their stuff is garbage. I still have the tape of The Joshua Tree. It's in my night table and I'll keep it forever. Cat Stevens still has a bit of a mystique for me.

When I have children, I'll play my albums for them. There are people out there who would say children should only listen to children's music, but I'll give my children a good, early musical education in the stuff I listen to. They'll benefit enormously.

"This guy is called Eminem. Daddy really liked him back in high school because he appealed to Daddy's rebellious side and hatred of faggots."


The main plot of last Sunday's episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation revolved around Connor. At the beginning of the episode, he has a lamp on his desk because the fluorescent lights bother him. He is right to do this. Fluorescent lights are bad for people, especially kids. Principal Shephard comes in and says Connor can't have a desk lamp. In support of Connor, the other students all get desk lamps. Shephard gives them all a detention. During the detention, Ali tells Connor to stop tapping his pencil. He doesn't so Ali tries to take it away from him. Connor pushes her and is expelled by Principal Shephard. Ali goes over to Connor's house to say she's sorry he got expelled. She notices that all the clothes in Connor's closet are the same. Ali points this out to him and he tells her to leave. It is at this time that Ali really begins to suspect there's something wrong with Connor.

The next day, Mr. Simpson tells Ali and Claire of the results of tests that have been run on Connor. It turns out he has Asperger's syndrome, a syndrome which makes him unable to follow certain social rules. First of all, you want to be careful when they call anything a syndrome. Second, that doesn't sound like the description of a disease, it sounds like most of the people I went to the W. Ross Macdonald School with. For the most part, this is probably one of these new afflictions invented by drug companies.

Claire And Ali go into Principal Shephard's office as he is being filmed for The Principal Of The Year Award. They tell him that Connor deserves to come back and that people with Asperger's syndrome can do well in the gifted program of a regular school. Shephard calls Claire a little bitch. The students filming Shephard decide to show this exchange at the awards ceremony. Shephard ends up going for sensitivity training. As Claire says, "My dad says it's almost impossible for a teacher to get fired." Yeah, they can be like cockroaches. You think you've gotten rid of them, but they just show up somewhere else, rather like Catholic preests.

The subplot involved Sav wanting to get back together with Onya. He asks his father if Onya can come over for dinner and his father aproves. Sav thinks this is the seed of a relationship but at dinner Sav's father tells Onya that Sav is eventually going to have to marry an Indian girl. If the roles were reversed and Onya's father said one day Onya was going to marry a white man, everyone would be calling that racist. However, in this situation, nobody calls it racist except in Canada where lefties are too dumb to understand how the game works. Personally, I think Sav's parents are perfectly all right to say that he eventually has to marry an Indian girl. Haven't you liberals figured it out yet? Interracial dating is a bad idea. Black people don't want there's with ours, Arabs don't want there's with ours, Indians don't want there's with ours, and Chinese people don't want there's with ours. In addition, I don't want mine with there's. There is nothing wrong with all these groups feeling this way, it's natural.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Live Review: Resigned, Little Texas, Friday February 6

I went to Little Texas, a local bar on Friday night and saw Resigned, a band whom I had not previously heard of. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they weren't your typical bar band. Sure, they played covers of popular tunes, but they brought their own style to them. They displayed great showmanship as well, jumping around and yelling excitedly at the audience. Most importantly, they looked like they were genuinely having a good time.