Sunday, September 27, 2015


Picked up Voice of Vietnam Thursday night with news about Vietnam in English.

Picked up 1480 WPHC last night.

Picked up WDCX Buffalo this morning with K.P. Johannen.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

DX LOG 9/23

88.5 WRUR Rochester with "Open Tunings" program featuring Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteine, The Beatles, and others, into "Connections" program from WXXI at noon.

88.9 unid. Family Life Network station from upstate New York with "The Noon Report." Quite a comprehensive news package with news and features with a Christian theme.

89.1 WHPT Brockport with country and pop music.

90.1 WGMC Rochester with female anncr talking about that evening's program schedule as well as jazz music.

91.5 WXXI Rochester with classical music, hard to hear competing with CJLX Belleville on adjacent frequency.

92.5 WBEE Rochester with country music.

93.1 WNTQ Syracuse with top 40 songs and IDs.

95.1 WAIO Rochester with Bon Jovi "Runaway", male anncr over AC/DC "Back in Black", U2 "Bloody Sunday", and Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody."

95.3 Fresh Radio Hamilton with hot AC music and ID.

98.5 WKSE Buffalo with male anncr and top 40 songs.

100.5 WDVE Rochester with commercials, ID and music.

103.3 WEDG Buffalo with ID and into what sounded like Ozzy Osborne.

103.9 WDKX Rochester blowing away CBC Radio Two from Peterborough on same frequency with rap music, IDs and commercials, including promo for "The Quiet Storm."

105.9 WJZR Rochester with commerdcials including a PSA for Planned Parenthood (quite surprising in light of recent events), male anncr as well as jazz and blues music.

106.7 WKGS Syracuse with ID and top 40 music.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


So Milt Johnston died in a hotel room on an island off Venezuela three years ago. Odd there was no mention of it in the trade.

Caught some of that new CBC show "Unreserved" last week. The program certainly doesn't let the grass grow under it's feet.

Have tuned into a bit of Big FM, CFMK Kingston's latest format tweek. Not so sure what's really changed from it's previous few formats.


Last night's episodes of "The Morgan Show" and "The Jordan Rich Show" were absolutely whizbangers. WBZ has got to be one of the few stations left in North America that both cares about what it puts on the air and it's history and last night sure proved it.

Watched one of the newer episodes of "Beavis and Butt-head" on YouTube and actually really enjoyed it.

I love Phoebe Judge's voice.

Cool how My FM has a religious program on Sunday mornings.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


With same sex marriage legislation, governments have turned marriage from a social pracctice into a right. Eventually, you will see a heterosexual guy take his girlfriend to court because she didn't want to marry him. He will argue it is his right to get married and that she is the one he wants, he being unwilling to go out looking anymore.

It will do more to turn men into sperm donors and women into broodmares.

Employees will no longer have any rights whatsoever. As we are seeing in the Kim Davis battle, the dictates of one's job will become more important than one's religious or nmoral convictions. Thus, in the future, you will see a boss proposition his female employee, promising advancement if she does what he asks. The woman will object. The boss will ask why. The woman will respond it violates her morals. The boss will cite Kim Davis and the woman will be forced to do what the boss wants.


"Because News" with Gavin Crawford: more CBC corporate programming whore bastards.

Was not impressed with CBC's summer line-up this year at all.

Holy moley, Lisa Charlieboy said "like," in the middle of a question she had probably prepared before the interview in question.

Been having a lot of good upstate New York dx lately, especially enjoying WRUR and WAIO 95.1.

Speaking of Radio 95.1, it was so great to call Billy Vetori last Sunday.

Cool Hilary McLeod is reading her books on 91x now.

Have been listening to a fair amount of CKOL the past week. Their sound has really improgved a lot.