Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In the February issue of Readers Digest there is an article about cynistesia, a condition where people perceive letters as colours, proper names as tastes and tastes as images. Scientists think it is something all children go through. Their senses become intertwined for a brief time when they're little. I can remember when I was little I perceived both the days of the week and numbers as objects. Cynistesia does not negatively affect the lives of the people who have it. You watch, though. They're going to come out with a drug for it. You'll see commercials on TV acting like it's a horrible condition and a really big deal.

The February 22 issue of Maclean's has an itim about a mentally challenged, biracial homosexual teenage boy in Washington state whose principal refused to let him join the school's cheerleading team. Now I've heard everything!

In the same issue, the Books section has a review of "Lonely" by Emily White. I've often thought that some of the most extroverted people you meet are actually really lonely.

The January/February issue of Canadian Geographic has an article about life at an Arctic research station. Who thought nerds could party so hard.

The same issue has an article about where the mercury in the arctic goes during the warmer months. I'd love to know what the rates of autism are like up there.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm not sure whether I've written about this on here before, so I will write about it now.

The radio entity known as UCB Canada sucks.

When they first came on the air in Belleville in 2003, I was so excited. I thought, "Finally we're going to hear things from a Christian point of view and this station will win so many people to the Lord." However, nearly seven years on, I'm here to say that UCB Canada is horrible.

First and most importantly, they don't do anything to confront the problems of the local community. They just have a bunch of American preachers on there who mostly just talk about grace and love all the time. They don't have any local preachers on there crying out against the most prevalent sins in Belleville and the surrounding area. They should at least have round table discussions about these kinds of issues. For instance, I hear Wica is big in Belleville. Why not have a dialogue between a local pastor and a Wiccin priestess about why Wica is wrong.

The second reason UCB is so terrible is very similar to the first. They don't have any local preachers or even really any Canadian preachers on their station: just a bunch of big-time American preachers, as I said before.

Third, their news coverage stinks. Not only do they not have local news, but the newsfeed they do have is horribly biased. It is all this "let Israel blow all the Arab nations off the map, let's permanently ban from the airwaves anyone who says anything off-colour, George W. Bush is the greatest politician there's ever been, etc. etc." They supported Fred Thomson in the 2008 election, for cripes sakes! Yeah, the station in Chatam-Kent will sure win over Detroit's large Moslem population with news coverage like that.

The music is all laid-back ballads with not enough emphasis placed on big-time Christian artists.

Oh well, at least The Edge is gone. That's one good thing.