Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Based on notes to myself

Listening to "The Lumpy Gravy Radio Show" every Saturday night.

Listening to "Beacon Of Truth" broadcasts every weekday afternoon.

Also listened to "Rewind" on CBC every week.

Swimming in the pool on a night in June; a perfect way to start the summer.

I was really into the shows that were on TV Ontario twenty to forty years ago at this time. I would surf Matthew Broszkowski's TVO Kids forum and Rick Ambrozick's site constantly. I would think about the shows all the time and imagine having my own TV station that broadcast stuff like that. I would also look up old TV Ontario clips on YouTube, of course.

I used to drink a lot on Sunday nights, Maliboo Coconut Rum in particular.

Thought a classmate from college had gotten into network marketing but it turned out her email had been hacked.

Had a phone meeting with the woman who ran the health expo at that time and gained a customer. It gave me such a boost in my self-confidence, not only of course because I now had another customer but also because of how professionally I acted.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


I didn't even finish reading Emma Titel's column in the June 24 issue of Maclean's as I did not appreciate her lies about the sex education ciriculum proposed by the Ontario Liberals in 2010. The ciriculum wouldn't just have taught "that not everybody's straight"; it would have taught kids as young as four or five about graphic practices related to homosexuality. Also, it wasn't just "a small group of vocal parents" who were against the proposed ciriculum; a lot of people were against it. By the way, the argument that many children have seen pornography by the age of eleven is not a good one for updating Ontario's sex ed ciriculum. Rather than leveling things down by teaching kids about graphic sexual practices and to accept the abomination known as homosexuality, why don't we level things up by doing something about pornography, such as, for example, killing the people who make porn.

The exerpt from the new Canadian Book of Lists was lame. "Ten Ways Canadians Feel Their Sex Lives Could Be Improved?", "Eleven Famous Gordons?" I don't think I'll buy a copy.

The article about sleep depravation was interesting. I don't think I know many people who actually get the recommended nightly amount of sleep. In this culture, people see sleeping as bad, time wasted doing nothing when they could be doing something.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

DX LOG 7/27

93.5 WBLK Brockport with rap song. Hard to hear under CKOL.

95.1 WBRU Rochester with music.

96.5 WCMF Rochester with music and ID.

97.3 unid. with music, jingle saying "Today's light rock 97.3" and female anncr who faded out just as she was giving the ID.

99.5 WDCX Buffalo. Listened for a long time. Music, ID, infomercials, and "Defending The Truth." Is actually their fiftieth anniversary, not fortieth as previously stated, though I could have sworn I heard them say "fortieth" last Saturday.

100.5 WDVE Rochester with Semisonic "Closing Time" as well as other songs, anncr doing contest over song intro and ID talking about the morning show.

101.3 WRMM Rochester with music.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Colby Koch's column in the June 17 issue of Maclean's was just plain wrong about some things.

First, the precursor to CBC, the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission, was established in 1934, not 1932.

Second, Dr. John Brinkley, "The goat gland man", was not on NBC, he was on a border blaster out of Mexico. (By the way, was it ever proven that Brinkley's goat gland treatment and Norman Baker's cancer cure were actually harmful and/or didn't do what they claimed? Rather, was it a typical case of a government going after people who said things different to what the regime wanted the people to believe?)

There is also in the same issue a review of the book "The New Domesticity." The book's author claims the new movement of women leaving the office to work at home with the kids and homestead is retarding the progress of feminism. While I do agree feminism is pretty retarded (haha), I seriously think these women are leaving the rat race because many of them realize the teachings of the feminist movement are garbage to begin with.

The author also claims that the individualism the new domesticity is fostering is bad because it harms the communal whatever it is. In other words, the fact that more and more women are waking up to things like co-sleeping and the dangers of vaccines is bad because they're not doing what the new world order through the mass media wants them to. Never mind the parenting book, the parenting magazine, the company that produces the TV show about parenting, and the network on which the show airs are all subsiduaries of the same company.


Planet Rock's audio player still isn't working.

I enjoy Liberated Syndication's format.

Glad the Youth Unlimited newsletters on Quinte Youth For Christ's site open in straight PDF now and not in Google Docs.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Bayview Mall, Belleville.

A great place!

I was in the Bayview Mall today and stopped into Irene's Diner. I had seafood chowder and a veel cutlet with mashed potatoes. The food was wonderful.

The atmosphere (even though that word sounds stuffy and pretentious in this context) was also really great. There were a lot of regulars in the restaurant when I was in there who were conversing and joking around with the staff.

The service was friendly and efficient.

The food is very reasonably priced. My meal along with my mother's meal came to fifteen dollars. You couldn't even get a decent amount of food at McDonald's for that price.

Also, if you should happen to visit Irene's Diner today (7/24) wish her a happy birthday.


"Ground Zero" has really been smacking them out of the park the last couple nights.

Picked up WGSW last night.

Heard "Healthline News" under CJBQ last night. Is it on CKLW? I thought CKLW had "Ground Zero" in that timeslot.

I was listening to CJCD Yellowknife last week on the internet and heard Shawna Vee who used to be on 91x on there.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


WHAM Rochester was coming in really well last night.

Picked up 1370 WXXI Rochester last night with local programming, followed by NPR and BBC news.

98.9 The Drive was coming in really well last night.

In the absence of "Musicale" last night there were eighties songs on 91x.


In the wake of a lower court judge ruling Detroit’s bankruptcy unconstitutional, the state of Michigan has sentenced the entire population of the NMotor City to debtor’s prison.

“Some people say the idea of throwing the population of an entire city into an institution the Founding Fathers wanted to avoid in this country is cruel and barbaric,” an unnamed state representative said. “I just stick my tongue out at those people.

Motown’s population will be rounded up Thursday morning at 4 a.m and taken to a secret debtor’s prison state and federal officials had previously denied the existence of fervently. An invisible force field now around Detroit’s perimeters will prevent escape before the scheduled commencement of the roundup.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

DX LOG 07/20

95.1 WBRU Rochester with ID.

95.1 unid talking about the power outage.

96.5 WCMF Rochester with classic rock, IDs, commercials, and anncer. Listened to this one for a while. CMF's been doing this for 42 years now!

98.1 CHFI Toronto I guess in the wake of the absence of Kingston stations yesterday with ID as "Toronto's #1 hit music station." Did they flip from light AC?

98.9 WBZA Rochester with music and IDs.

99.5 WDCX Buffalo. Listened to this one for quite a long time as well. Mention of fortieth anniversary. (Airchecks, anyone?) "The Raugh Truth" health program, "Victory Today", "Jerusalem Update", commercials, infomercial for The Total Transformation (not sure what that's doing on a Christian radio station.

WDVE Rochester with music, announcer and IDs. Tuned in and out.

07/21 97.9 WPXY Rochester with top 40.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Based on notes to myself.

That was a good summer. I would spend the morning downloading rap music. In the afternoon I would go swimming at my mom's place.

Got back in touch with a friend from college.

Trying (and failing) to keep my network marketing business going in the face of no longer having a merchant account.

Distraught in the wake of an argument with a family member.

Made a new pen pal through the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine.

Thought I was going to have to participate in jury duty but didn't end up needing to.


Based on notes to myself.

Getting closer to the Seventh-day Adventists.

New people were showing up at the jam at the Amazing Coffee, like Roger and Brett.

Got back in touch with some relatives from Dad's side of the family.

Went to a rehearsal of the Jubilant Singers and Orchestra in the GTA. It was nice spending a Saturday in the city.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Picked up WWJ-AM Detroit Sunday night.

Sunday morning, CBC's 98.7 and 99.1 frequency were bleeding into each other, a frustrating half-second off from one another.

Not really impressed with the CBC summer series "Doc World." A lot of repackaged material that's aired on the network before.

I didn't know CHIN 1540 had top of the hour newscasts.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Based on notes to myself.

On Victoria Day, I heard about a party taking place at the house of one of the jammers on Canada Day.

My friend and his wife moved into a new house.

Reading classical music magazines from England on the front porch.


Glad country 1300 WXRL Buffalo is still on the air.

Couldn't get WTWW 5830 tonight.

Picked up WEAR Family Radio today.

Picked up the computer show on Jazz 90.1 WGMC today.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


By Dorothy M. Powell. Richmond Hill, ON: Scholastic Publications Ltd., 1974.

This book is so seventies!

Lenny O'Hare, whose family is perpetually in debt and struggling to stay together, goes to stay with elderly friends of the family at their farm in northern Ontario for the summer.

You can so picture this girl up in the woods back in '74. I loved the seventies expressions used in this book. The fact that Lenny names her kitten after Ringo Starr is also very consistent with the time period.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Picked up one of the CBC stations from Newfoundland on shortwave tonight.

Heard Tim Tron talking on his ham tonight.

Congratulations to Phil Mestre on his move to Barrie.

Glad "Jodie Jenkins The Golf Guy" is on UCB Canada now.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Picked up KBOO-FM last night under CBC 98.7.

Picked up WTWW's third transmitter yesterday.

Heard Tim Tron talking on his ham yesterday afternoon.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Heard a WRNO id tonight.

I wish I'd tuned in for the first half of "World Wide Country Radio" today. The second half was excellent, mostly songs I'd never heard before.

Glad those sacred namers aren't on WWCR Saturday afternoons anymore.

Caught "The Talking Machine Show" tonight on WWCR. It was pretty good.

Heard one of the old KPRC broadcasts on WBCQ tonight.


Hope I can catch that "Talking Machine Show" on WWCR sometime.

Glad Jane is speaking up more when she and Larry do shows together on WBCQ.

989 The Drive was bleeding into the CBC 98.7 frequency from Peterborough last week.

I like some of the CBC summer shows this year, particularly "The Confessional" and "How To Do It."

Friday, July 5, 2013


By Georgie Adams. London: Orion Children's, 2002.

This book contains 366 stories and poems for children.

Overall, I did not like this book. Some of the entries are cute, but really the burden of there needing to be so much content is definitely felt throughout this entire book.

Also, unfortunately, so much of this book harkens back to an England that doesn't exist anymore, of two-parent (heterosexual) families, farms and the innocence of children.

I would have preferred a book of longer stories and poems without the one-year format included.


Drop-down boxes are handy for when you're taking surveys.

Am getting to like the Podomatic format.

Why does each chapter on Wattpad have two LIKE buttons now?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hi all,

Here’s the word on Marmora’s ‘First Friday Open Mic’. Yes, it is running at the Curling Club again this Friday evening, July 5. See you there: 7 pm.


Hello all you talented performers and friendly listeners. Just a quick note to remind you of this month's First Friday.

This Friday, July 5

7 pm

Marmora Curling Club

2 Crawford

Please come, we'd love to hear you, or sing to you! Call or email if you have any questions.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Heard a tape at my buddy's place today. It consisted of Jay Michael Wilson and John Rhode on 1050 CHUM. The tape was recorded the Sunday evening before Thanksgiving, 1971.

There were a few places where some static was heard but overall excellent sound. The tape could have been recorded in Toronto or in the area where I live since you can get "TSN 1050" as it's now known very well here, especially at night.

Wilson and Rhode feature the #1 hits of the past fourteen years as compiled by the CHUM Honour Role. The pamphlet of the CHUM Honour Role was available the upcoming Tuesday in the Toronto Telegram.

There are a lot of commercials in this aircheck. Odd to think that even in 1971 stores were pushing Thanksgiving Day sales.

There are of course spots for stores which are no longer open: Savette, Wollworth's, Eaton's, Tower's.

There is also a news update at 8:00 done by Richard Morgan which features the latest reports concerning the FLQ crisis.

Also featured of course are Wilson and Rhode's humourous bits and one-liners.