Sunday, July 28, 2013


I didn't even finish reading Emma Titel's column in the June 24 issue of Maclean's as I did not appreciate her lies about the sex education ciriculum proposed by the Ontario Liberals in 2010. The ciriculum wouldn't just have taught "that not everybody's straight"; it would have taught kids as young as four or five about graphic practices related to homosexuality. Also, it wasn't just "a small group of vocal parents" who were against the proposed ciriculum; a lot of people were against it. By the way, the argument that many children have seen pornography by the age of eleven is not a good one for updating Ontario's sex ed ciriculum. Rather than leveling things down by teaching kids about graphic sexual practices and to accept the abomination known as homosexuality, why don't we level things up by doing something about pornography, such as, for example, killing the people who make porn.

The exerpt from the new Canadian Book of Lists was lame. "Ten Ways Canadians Feel Their Sex Lives Could Be Improved?", "Eleven Famous Gordons?" I don't think I'll buy a copy.

The article about sleep depravation was interesting. I don't think I know many people who actually get the recommended nightly amount of sleep. In this culture, people see sleeping as bad, time wasted doing nothing when they could be doing something.

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