Monday, January 26, 2009


Richard Syrett has been fired from Cfrb.

First of all, let me say I do not believe this was part of a conspiracy against the Canadian alternative media. Astral Media, the company that owns Cfrb has fired several people recently, due to the economic slowdown. Syrett worked the late evening shift and was therefore dispensable. You don't generally fire your afternoon drive guy or morning show host when you have to make cutbacks.

Second, by cancelling The Richard Syrett show, Cfrb has signed it's own death warrant. They now have nothing worth listening to. (Well, maybe on the weekends but nothing ever stays in one time slot long enough for me to check it out.)


The main plot of last night's episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation involved Riley taking steroids. Predictably, he gets roid rage, doing things like throwing erasers at people and punching Sav in the nose. He also takes Onya out on a picnic. At the end, we find out Riley was taking the steroids to try to make him straight because "I don't want to be this way." Riley has every right to feel that way. He should be ashamed of his homosexuality.

The subplot involved Danny trying to convince a girl named Laya to go on a date with Derek. It was not at all very interesting.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


A group of doctors has reminded Prime Minister Harper about his promise concerning flavoured tobaco products and cigarette packages that look like things like cell phones and ipods.

"Buck, I put the stick in the USB port but I can't download any songs."

Monday, January 5, 2009


In the Winter 2008-2009 Travel Issue of Canadian Geographic, there is an article entitled "Hut-spa" about a rustic, family-friendly resort in Quebec. It is written by a woman whose name is Gregroire but whom I suspect is Jewish. She is "partners" with a guy named Rubenstine, and the article has a very Jewish tone to it. She at first presents the resort as a wonderful place, but complains about her time there for most of the article.

In the December issue of Canadian Geographic, there is an itim about how churches are renting space on their steeples for cell phone towers, and the concerns this causes for local residents. The reason these churches are struggling is because nobody believes the feel-good message they put forth. People would rather go to a church that preaches the truth, or not go to church at all. If these churches are loosing membership, they should just shut down and not look to corporations to put up the money for operating expenses. Ither that, or they could preech the Word.