Thursday, December 29, 2011


Bob Oxley CHNS July 1963: Lots of information. You can tell Oxley is more suited to reading news, though.

Scott Carpenter CHUM October 1 1974: A rock band that features musical drinking glasses. Funny.

J. Michael Wilson WGCL January 1986: Bill Cosby is the most admired man in the U.S. You sure can tell it’s 1986.

Creativity with Rodney the Rodent.

John Alexander WAKY January 1971: Lots of stumbling.

Ah, Stan Freeberg doing a PSA for the National Council of Churches.

Rich Gimmel WAKY March 16 1969: Today if that Davis guy had shot that man in the back he would have been made to look like the criminal.

Byron Crawford WAKY late 1960s: I wonder if PFC Richard Becker was made to take the vaccinations?

The Outrageous Marty Ballou WAKY late 1970s: It sure was “a nuts night.” My favourite aircheck of all time.

Liner for Planned Parenthood. Booooooo.

Mike Griffin WAKY 1977: “Roots”, energy crisis, Milly the psychic. Talk radio in the late 70s.

Skinny Bobby Harper WAKY December 4 1969: “Moo Cow Report” and lots of corny jokes and fun. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

Skinny Bobby Harper WAKY January 31 1970: Imagine what a rapport he must have built up to get those calls from the municipal office after only working at the station for about six months..

Commander Hot Rod WDAS April 16-17 1954: Very unique.

Did people actually try to take advantage of the fake deals he offered?

Jack Lacy WINS October 30 1958: That blintzes commercial is pretty awkward.

Perry Allen WKBW June 24 1959: A child bit to death by a rat in the slums of New York! Ghoulish.

Bill McVean CFRB March 1967: “Reddy-winged blackboards!”

Terry Steele CHUM April 14 1976: That sandwich spread commercial is pretty condescending.

John Landeker 1985: I don’t know if this aircheck is available anywhere on the internet now, but I once heard an aircheck of John “Records” Landeker on a classic rock station in Chicago from 1985. You could tell the news guy didn’t like him.

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Last night on "As It Happens" I heard an interview with a Welsh vegetable farmer who got to meet Snoopdogg. If the interview had been conducted by a private radio station, it would have been totally immature.

A little while ago my computer speakers were picking up "The Common Sense Hour."

Maritime Broadcasting Systems has won approval for a 1000 watt station at 1420 AM. The station will be in Digby, Nova Scotia and will program country. It's unusual to hear about a new a.m. station going on the air these days, let alone a music station.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Bernie Stapleton CFCB July 1978: The countdown to “Spaceship Superstar” is cringe-inducing but also kind of cool.

Wolfman Jack WBZ October 1967: I don’t think I’d want to go on a cruise for Thanksgiving.

Chuck McKay Goodbye CKLW 1975: What were the circumstances surrounding this aircheck?

Sure, McKay, make fun of breastfeeding, even though it’s been proven better for the baby.

Pete And Getes CFNY January 14 1984: Radio will not see the likes of Pete and Getes again. One of the most creative morning teams who ever existed.

Gene Snyder Roller Coaster Remotes WAKY 1963: Imagine how he must have felt after continuously riding that roller coaster for so many hours?

Red Nite CFTR May 18 1976: Good old Peter Thompson at his best.

Johanne Bruno Shane CKLG April 11 1968: Very heavily Drake formatted. Not much stands out about this aircheck.

Scott Miller CKLW-fm January 14 1987: That commercial for the Michigan State Lottery is funny.

Bob Lain Montage: Remember a time when radio contests actually involved doing something challenging, as opposed to just waiting for the announcer to tell you to call in?

Ted Richards CKLW May 31 1973: This aircheck contains one of The Big 8’s trademark newscasts.

Sure, let’s work pollution into this ad for zit cream. That will resonate with the young people.

What was “Barefootin In The Park?”

Jay Nelson CHUM January 9 1976: Lots of funny lines in this one, as there always are from Jay Nelson. Lots of impressions, too.

Larry Peck WABY 1961: All the fun and energy of a large market station.

High caliber movies at a drive-in theatre?

Bob Laine Day CHUM October 30 2003: I never knew Paul McCartney and Heather Mills had a baby.

Features the late Tom Rivers.

Making fun of “Did you Bob Laine last night?” when today it’s common practice to use nouns as verbs.

A commercial for DAB receivers. Gee, that sure was a flop.

CHUM served coffee to those kids waiting to get into the Beatles concert. It was probably the first time in their lives some of those kids had coffee.

Maybe the reason Canada has one of the highest rates of breast cancer is because of all that tight intimate apparel.

David Hyder As Fenway WMEX 1961: Back when radio stations actually did things for the community and had good news coverage.

Not a lot of rock and roll music.

Plays the same song three times.

Dave Shafer CKLW December 7 1972: “If you haven’t been shopping at A and P, then you haven’t been making an expensive mistake?”

I don’t think an image of someone sawing a guy out of a tree is appropriate for selling cars.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Bought a new sterio today. It gets My FM Brighton fairly well, which I had never heard before. Rock 107 and the Wolf also come in really well. It also receives WBEE, which I couldn't get when I had my old sterio in the same place in my house.

Lynn Samuels died recently of a heart attack. Ever since she left WABC, I'd been wondering what happened to her. Now I guess I know.

Picked up WYLL 1160 Chicago today at 3:00 this afternoon. Signal was fair. Surprising to hear it so early in the day.


An article in the October 31 issue of Maclean's suggests parents be more relaxed when it comes to their teenagers and sex, noting how permissive Dutch parents of teenage girls are about having boyfriends sleep over. The thing teenagers need to know about sex is it is the most intimate thing two people can do together. The media likes to portray it as this fun activity you should do with as many partners as possible, but it is actually quite a major act with serious consequences. If you have sex before you are married, you have parttaken in an act and passed a milestone that should only be done when you actually feel you know and trust the person enough to marry them. Frequently with couples who have premarital sex, there is a lot of healing that needs to be done after the actual wedding. Sure, you might not get an STD or get pregnant if you have sex before you're married, but you will leave behind a fragment of your innermost self which can never be replaced, and your sexual relations with your husband or wife will never be all they could have been.

The November issue of Readers Digest contains an article entitled "In Praise Of Sadness." The author argues that it is helthy to feel what are termed negative emotions at times. Psychologists today give us this idea that if every second of our lives isn't spent in nirvanic pleasure we're living a totally horrible existence. However, emotions such as sadness and anger are a necissary part of helping us process the world around us. For example, a psychologist will many times prescribe antidepressants to a patient who is grieving the loss of a loved one. This is ludicrous. What that patient needs is someone who'll listen to them as a way of helping to process their feelings about the fact their loved one is no longer around.

The November 7 issue of Maclean's has an article about unisex bathrooms on university campuses. Some students are grossed out by it, and Christian modesty advocates deplore the idea. These people should just relax about the whole thing. Males and females pretty much relieve themselves the same way, and as far as showers are concerned, these university students should know enough about how to respect someone's privacy. Just be mature. Go in, do your thing and leave, just like you would in a single sex washroom.

Referring back to the first item in this column (and this is only speculation on my part), maybe if there were more co-ed toilet facilities and showers, there'd be less premarital sex because there'd be less stigma about the private things the other gender does. It just strikes me that the U.S. is the most uptight country when it comes to things like sex and unisex washrooms and seeing a member of the opposite sex naked, yet they have the highest teen pregnancy rate. Maybe having unisex washrooms and change rooms would stigmatise the body less and cut down on teenager's desire to see a boy or girl naked.


Wellfleet, Mass
December 25, 2011

The ocean has revealed a big piece of Cape Cod history in Wellfleet - ruins of the Marconi station which sent the first transatlantic wireless message from the USA to the UK.

Watch Marconi ruins surface in Wellfleet here

On January 18, 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt's message to King Edward VII was tapped out in Morse code from South Wellfleet to the station at Poldhu in Cornwall. It was to be the first wireless telegram between America and the United Kingdom. The message read:
His Majesty, Edward VII.
London, Eng.
In taking advantage of the wonderful triumph of scientific research and ingenuity which has been achieved in perfecting a system of wireless telegraphy, I extend on behalf of the American People most cordial greetings and good wishes to you and to all the people of the British Empire.
Wellfleet, Mass., Jan. 19, 1903

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Monday, December 26, 2011


Picked up 570 WKBN Youngstown last night.

Also last night, heard a commercial for Loyalist College's broadcast engineering program on 680 News.

Heard a commercial for a pawn shop on UCB Canada this afternoon. I don't think it's bad, it's just an odd commercial to hear on a Christian radio station.

Earlier tonight my computer speakers were picking up China Radio International.


Arnie Ginsberg WBOS Spring 1958: “The Older Records Hour” and the records go back six months.

If a deejay said the kind of witty banter today Ginsberg says at the end of this aircheck, he’d probably get fired.

Shane WKBW January 1 1974: Women don’t start wars? I shudder to think what would have happened if Hitler was a woman.

Alan Freed WJW April 6 1954: Wouldn’t this kind of rhythm ‘n blues program have appealed to teenagers? Then why are there commercials for beer and wine? By the way, kosher wine? I didn’t know wine had meat in it.

Joe Niagara WIBG July 9 1957: For a rock and roll show, the announcing is quite stiff.

A music station that has news in the evening? Imagin that!

Kevin Nelson CKAR July 5 1979: A fair number of corny jokes in here, but shows potential.

John Donabie CKFM May 19 1988: It is very evident Donabie is filling in for somebody due to the large amount of music and not a lot of bits and other creative typical morning show material.

Pete Griffin CHUM-fm March 1979: An item about rolling back odometers! Priceless.

Tom Fulton CKFH September 9 1972: Heavily Drake formatted. I can just picture spending a boring Saturday night in September 1972 as a bored teenager, just sitting in my room waiting for Shotgun Tom to give the latest sports scores.

An ad for a theatre that shows foreign films,. Very cool.

Joe Niagara WPEN April 1983: Wow, an oldies station that actually plays oldies … and has a full news department!

WGCL 1974: Oh for a time when announcers actually showed enthusiasm.

WGCL 1976: From a time when women were first starting to get into radio bigtime. The female announcer sounds a bit nervous, but also as if she’s got a bright future ahead.

Jim Bauer CHUM-fm Fall 1972: An ad for a second-hand clothing store. Very hippy, early seventies cool.

Also, love the 1972 FM sound.

Charlie Greer WAKR 1959: Though this aircheck mainly consists of Greer reading ads, it shows you how, in the past, announcers had the ability to talk in such a way when they came off a record as to make you listen to what they had to say. There was a certain something in their voices which said, “Hey, you better listen up. This is important.”

Also, that’s a high price to pay to get your brakes done, even back then.

Dean Antony WMCA July 15 1967: Says “W” funny.

Imagine having a contest today with no prizes, “Just for fun?” The greedy public would never stand for it.

Lots of actresses mentioned who today no one remembers.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Enjoyed the Behavior Night Christmas special on WBCQ. "Gilmo Knows Best", hilarious!

Heard an ad on WBZ last night for a law firm featuring a guy called John Goslen. Is this the same John Goslen from "John And Kate Plus Eight?"

Noticed staff on CBC are actually allowed to mention Christmas in their Christmas greetings this year.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


This is, overall,, an absolute smasher of an album.

Though it contains a few lame covers of secular Christmas songs, it features plenty of uplifting and spirit-filled songs about Christ's return and God's love and mercy.

There are also 17 tracks on this cd. That's somewhat rare.

Friday, December 23, 2011


Last night my computer speakers were picking up EWTN.

Good to hear Lorne Brooker on CJBQ doing the annual "Call The World" show this morning. It's cool CJBQ still does that in the age of cell phones and skype.

Tom Donahue is going to have a show on Oracle Broadcasting Monday-Friday 4:00-6:00. It's good these patriot networks are getting more coverage in the trade.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


It appears WGIT in Puerto Rico has become an all religious news station. This sounds like kind of a neat format. Wish I had one in listening range.

A while ago a city counselman in a certain city complained that he was given only a couple minutes airtime on a radio station while his opponent was given nearly an hour. The thing was, the opponent was a scheduled guest where as the other counselman was a caller, in the line with all the other people phoning the show. If he wanted as much time as his opponent, the counselman should have called the host's producer and booked a guest spot.

A Canadian radio station pulled an ad that began airing on Remembrance Day. It said, "The only thing to remember is partying the night before." Who the heck thought running that commercial was at all a good idea in the first place?


A group in British Columbia is raising an outcry against smart meters because of electromagnetic output and privacy concerns. You got rid of the HST in your province, BC, hopefully you can do something about smart meters.

There was a story on "The World At Six" tonight about Christmas celebrations at a refugee centre in Toronto. Newly arrived displaced people from many different countries gathered to sing carols, eat turkey and receive a visit from Santa Clause. You hear all this stuff about people of other religions complaining about Canadians celebrating Christmas, but there were people from all over the world celebrating at this centre, many I suspect who weren't Christians. Therefore, what's the problem with the open observance of Canadian Christmas traditions? I realize this is dialectical because Christmas is a pagan holiday but its still something to think about.

Also on "The World At Six", there was a story about Mennonites in Israel celebrating Christmas. How do Mennonites in that country get around Israel's law requiring compulsory military service?

Farmers in Georgia are hiring security for there pican farms after an increase in thefts in nuts lying on the ground. If the picans are lying on the ground, poor people have a right to glean them according to God's law.


People gathered on the streets of Toronto yesterday to celebrate the winter solstice. Christians already celebrate the winter solstice; we call it Christmas. At least these celebrants in Toronto are being a little more honest about it.

The FAA has implemented new rules to prevent pilots flying exhausted. The new guidelines are a result of an inquest into the crash of a commuter plane in Buffalo in 2009. Never mind that plane crash was planned by Soetoro because that lady who was investigating 9/11 was on there.

Automaker Sob has filed for bankrupcy. When informed of the news, shareholders started sobbing.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


African Hebrew Israelites: How can the black Africans be descended from the ten lost tribes of Israel? Have they spread the Gospel to the world? Have they fed and clothed the entire world?

Alamo Christian Ministries: Shortly after this book came out, Alamo was convicted of child molestation.

Alamo (Hoffman) designed the outfit Michael Jackson wore in “Thriller.”

Aryan Nations: To be dealt with in a future post.

Carol Balizet: She is probably right about some of the birthing practises in our society today.

British Israelism: To be dealt with in a separate post.

Christadelphians: By denying that Jesus was God, Christadelphians are antichrist.

Christian Educational Services: See Christadelphians above.

Church Of Bible Understanding: Traill apparently didn’t read the verses in the Bible about how teachers are supposed to be loving.

Darwin Fish: People want to rag on Darwin Fish, but if you go to his website, all he does is quote from different preacher’s books and contrasts them with the Bible.

Efraim: Though it can seem lonely at times and appear as if you are the only true believer, it must be remembered that other Christians are on a journey. They don’t know some truths you know yet, but this does not mean they are insincere in their love for God.

Faith Tabernacle Philadelphia: Though I don’t think Christians should cut out doctors and other medical professional’s altogether, there needs to be more emphasis on faith healing in the church.

House of Yahweh: Uses the unholy name.

Ysrael Hawkins is a false prophet, which carries the death penalty in the Law of God.

International Churches of Christ: Baptism is necessary for salvation, according to Acts 2 38, Mark 16 16 and other verses.

Also, the doctrine of grace alone is not strictly correct. While we are saved by grace, faith without works is dead.

Its good McKean apologised.

Israelite House Of David: See 1 Timothy 4 1-5.

The Lord Our Righteousness Church: What Bent did carries the death penalty in the Bible.

People’s Temple: Sure, Beverly, call me a conspiracy theorist. Look at the Guyanese coroner’s report, for cripes sake. Those people were killed by the CIA.

Rastafarian: Selassie is dead. Give it up.

See African Hebrew Israelites for response to Rastafarian belief about being true Israel.

I couldn’t be part of a church without a definable moral code.

Gene Scott: Obviously, any preacher who is divorced, smokes cigars, swears, and preaches with something on his head is not of God.

What’s Barbie Bridges doing pastoring the church now? See 1 Timothy 3 12-14.

The Two By Twos: As far as the doctrine of the trinity is concerned, it isn’t three separate persons, as most Christians believe. There is God the father. He sent part of Himself to earth as Jesus. After Jesus ascended to the father, He sent a part of Himself, which is a part of a part, to Earth as the Holy Spirit. Think of it as a body, an organ and a tissue.


John Hagey: A few years ago, Hagey published a book called "In Defense Of Israel" where he said Jesus never claimed to be the Messiah. By saying Jesus wasn't the Messiah, Hagey effectively departed from the faith.

Kenneth Copeland: Preaches a prosperity gospel, teaching the Lord wants people to be blessed materially and in other areas of their lives. While the Lord does want us to prosper, it is conditional on our obedience to Him. Sure, Copeland will occasionally say something about obedience, but the emphasis is on blessings without right living.

Copeland also incorporates new age practices such as visualization and meditation into his teachings.

Creflo Dollar: Apt last name for a televangelist.

See Kenneth Copeland above.

Fred Price: Drives a Roles Royce. I don't mind a preacher having a fancy car if he gets a lot of money from his audience. After all, he has the right to live off donations according to 1 Corinthians 9 11. However, to drive the fanciest, most austentacious car around is stepping outside the teaching of this verse.

Benny Hinn: A lot of flim flam and fake healing.

Jack Van Ippe: Includes religious and prophetic writings other than the Bible in his teaching. What about the verse that says "I am the Lord God beside me there is no other?"

Teaches that anyone who names the name of Jesus Christ, including Catholics, are Christians.

Have a dvd with a clip of him saying, "I know everything there is to know about Christianity."

Program contains a lot of fearmongering, from Y2K to many other things.

Van Ippe is also a big supporter of the Jews over in Palestine, the same people who don't believe Jesus Christ was who he claimed to be. That makes them antichrist, according to the Bible.

Jim Baker: Published a book entitled "I Was Wrong." Of course he said he was wrong; what else was he supposed to do?

This guy is back on the air. If you get caught committing adultery and stealing money, you shouldn't be allowed to preach again.

Ernest Angley: See Benny Hinn.


Heard "Ghost" on Blog Talk Radio yesterday. Seemed like a parody of conservative talk show hosts, saying what was true but making it look moronic.

Saw a commercial for Kraft Dinner yesterday featuring "The Negotiator", a child who wouldn't eat his vegetables. "You wanted him to eat his peas, it ended with you cleaning his room." This horrible commercial just celebrates the kind of weak, pushover parenting which exists in our society today.

Saw this clip on YouTube where this radio station was having a contest called "False Confessions", where people had to call loved ones, confess to something they didn't do and get the loved one to tell them they still love them. A woman was trying to win Kanye West tickets and she called her husband and told him he wasn't the father of their child. The husband got very angry and said he'd been sleeping with the woman's sister for the past year.

First, who's the bucking operations manager at that station where they would actually think it was a good idea to have a contest like this?

Second, did this bitch really think it was worth it to make up something as horrible as what she said, especially given the fact there'd been some question as to whether the husband was the real father previously?

Third, after it went wrong, the bitch got all huffy at the announcers. "Nice Valentine's gift, I was just trying to win Kanye West tickets. ... Honey, I only said that to win Kanye West tickets."

Well, bitch, you should have realized how badly something like this could go. Bet she tried to sue the radio station. If she did, hope it was thrown out of court.

This is an example of just how far radio has fallen.


Debris from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami has started washing up on the beach of Tafeno, British Columbia. Someone should get down there with a gieger counter.

Liquor stores in Massachusits will open December 26. Previously, if Christmas was on a Sunday, liquor stores would take the next day as a holiday. I guess the governor and legislature realize the need for people to blot out their holiday memories.

Senator Tommy Banks is retiring. I have a feeling he and bandleader Tommy Banks aren't the same person.

Monday, December 19, 2011


There is an article in this week's edition of the Matilda Ziegler Magazine For The Blind about a professor who says "Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer" promotes bullying. I don't know about that, but I find it kind of screwy that all the other reindeer picked on Rudolph, then after he guided Santa's sleigh, it's like, "Well, I guess we like you, and all you had to do was save Christmas for the entire world."

There is a piece in the same issue about people bringing their children to things like meetings and work. The writer is against it because of the distractions it causes the parent and everyone else. When I was a child, Mom would occasionally take me to meetings and work if I was sick. I was expected to behave and not to bother her. Part of this also has to do with the fact that people are so busy these days they don't have a choice.


The October 10 issue of Maclean's has an article about how Italian-Canadians effected Canadian culture. The Italians went through a lot when they came to this country, doing jobs no one else would do.

The same issue has an article about things you should discuss with your boyfriend or girlfriend before you move in with them. Though I don't advocate shacking up, this article offers good advice. If a couple is even thinking of getting engaged, they should sit down and discuss all the things that could cause problems in their marriage, including money, children, beliefs and opinions, habits, secrets, etc.

The October 31 issue of Maclean's has a column by Emma Titel about a Christian organization's campaign to keep schools from teaching grade 3 students about transgenderism and homosexuality. Of course this Jewess is totally appalled by the campaign. I think if a child has a homosexual or a transgendered freak in their family, their parents can explain it to them. Otherwise, little children don't need to know about that kind of stuff.


Christopher Hitchins died of cancer Thursday at the age of 62. I think he believes in God now.

As far as this new anti-bullying legislation is concerned, it won't work. Unless public schools are going to start teaching that all human beings are valuable because they're created in the image of God, the bullying will continue. You can't have the students go to an assembly about how they shouldn't be bullies and then go to a science class where they learn they're accidents of the evolutionary process and expect there not to be problems with bullying.

Moody's has downgraded the Ontario government's credit rating. What took them so long?

The U.S. Transportation Safety Board wants all states to ban talking on a cell phone and texting while driving. OK, great provided they can also enact legislation ending this fastpaced, work 24-7 lifestyle so many people now have.

Friday, December 16, 2011


A couple days ago my computer speakers were picking up a mixing product of some station in Spanish and Dr. Gene Scott.

Kevin Nelson died. I heard an aircheck of him from 1979 on CKAR 1350 Oshawa. He sounded fairly good.

Reception for WTWW's transmitter 1 on both frequencies has been poor the past day or two.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


The nerve they have letting that Shafea guy swear in on a Koran.

The past two nights on "As It Happens" there has been talk about choosing Canada's national bird. Why do we need one?

A village in southern China had its food and water supplies cut off because citizens spoke out about corruption in local politics. That's the Chinese for you.


By Robert Shaw. New York: Harper, 2003.

Stricken Children, Stricken Families: The main reason our kids are so messed up these days is because of people like the author, namely psychiatrists. We eliminated God from our society roughly 100 years ago. People then had to find other answers for why we do what we do, and they turned to Sigmund Freud and psychiatry.

Teaching Your Child To Love: I don’t agree with the way a lot of parents talk down to their little children, but there is a definite gentleness in the voice that parents seem to, and should have.

If a mother found she didn’t like being home with her baby all day after she had him, did she really have him for the right reasons?

God is love. Without Jesus Christ, we cannot truly love.

Starting Down The Right Path: Again, the reason modern parenting practices are so messed up is because of the parenting experts and psychiatrists. When we eliminated God from our society, there were no more moral absolutes and no right or wrong way to do anything. Now, everybody just follows their heart. However, the Book of Jeremiah says “the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked in all its ways who can know it”

Judges 21 25: “and in that day Israel had no king and every man did that which was right in the sight of his own eyes”

There is only truth or lies.

As far as breast versus bottle feeding is concerned, breastfeeding is best. I am not directing my criticism at mothers who wanted to breastfeed but couldn’t for whatever reasons. Indeed, I sympathize with you. However, as far as the other mothers are concerned, the fact remains there is a right way and a wrong way and breastfeeding is the right way.

As far as co-sleeping (no, Shaw, it is called co-sleeping, not the family bed), how is sleeping in the same bed with your child making her the centre of the universe?

As for your question about intimacy, do you really think the only place to have sex is in bed at night?

With regards to co-sleeping being detrimental for the child learning to sooth herself, parents who practice co-sleeping can still allow for a bit of fussiness. Just check the vitals, such as whether or not they’re feverish, whether they are too hot or cold and whether they need to be potted; then, if none of these things are a problem, reassure the child that everything is all right and let them be.

As for your remarks about the ease of these children transitioning into their own beds, from what I’ve read, children who have participated in co-sleeping transition into their own beds quite well if the transition is managed right. There may be some initial fussing upon first putting them in their own bed, but the children will adjust quickly because co-sleeping has left them secure in the knowledge that their parents are there.

Concerning toilet training, this is a nonissue. Elimination communication should be practised.

The Truth and Consequences of Child Care: Daycare was always a new world order thing. The idea from the outset was to get the children away from their parents. That way the children would grow up detached and with, as Shaw correctly points out, great difficulty or inability in forming relationships. This would prepare them to be the kind of people who would readily kill those who will not accept the mark of the beast.

Shaw contradicts himself. In Chapter 1 he presents telecommuting as a poor option because mothers can end up working as much at home as they did at the office. Yet, in this chapter, Shaw presents it as a good option for mothers who want to stay home with their babies.

A daycare or nanny is no substitute for a mother. Daycares, in many respects, are like the orphanages in the Soviet Union. The workers are paid by the Party, so to speak. They can’t care about a child in the same way you can as a mother.

In fact, I believe many of them don’t care for children at all. Rather, there are those in the child care field who are in it to hurt children. Think about it. If you like a particular thing, you would gravitate toward a career that has to do with that thing. Thus, if you hated children and liked to hurt them, you would get a job at a daycare or perhaps even as a nanny so you could do just such a thing.

Mothers should try to stay home with their children. There are several options for things that can be done at home to earn money.

Christian mothers who want to stay home with their children but who don’t think they can due to financial difficulties need to remember Philippians 4 3. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthenith me” You Christian mothers need to stand on this verse and take it to heart. Repeat it to yourselves several times a day even.

For you see, Christians really can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. If someday we need to fly an airplane, Christ will give us the ability to fly that plane, even though we might never have had a single flying lesson. Thus, Christ will give a Christian mother who wants to stay home with her children the ability to do so. Even though it seems impossible due to inadequate finances or whatever, if you have faith and look to Almighty God, it will happen.

Another aspect of the whole child care dynamic has to do with absentee parents. These bucking people have children out of perceived societal obligation or whatever other reason it may be, but they never truly wanted to have a child. It puts me in mind of Malachi 4 6. God will truly have to set the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers, or he surely will come and smite this planet with a curse.

Whose House Is This Anyway?: If you aren’t going to acknowledge God, why not have your kids be in charge of the household?

This is what happens when we forsake God. Isaiah 1 says “your children oppress you and your women rule over you.”

If an infant throws food on the floor for whatever reason, have them help clean it up. This will teach them responsibility.

Raising Moral Children in A Valueless World: Again, the reason we’re living in a valueless society is because of psychology. We eliminated God and Christianity. It was replaced with secular humanism, which teaches that each individual should look inside themselves to find there truth and follow that path to personal self-fulfillment. In other words, if it feels good, do it.

The reason for all the immoral garbage that’s on TV goes back to that verse in Jeremiah where it lists all the problems God’s people were having at the time and ends with the words “and you love to have it so.”

I wouldn’t quote Arianna Huffington on anything regarding morals, seeing as how she dumped that billionaire after he lost the election.

Shaw says values are “the values we all hold dear.” I’ve known some people who held dear some values that no one should imitate. It’s the same thing with all these people who talk about family values. Which family values is it? Is it the Manson family values? Is it the Adams family values? Is it the album “Family Values” by Korn?

Actually, I would skip the polio vaccine. Vaccinations are dangerous and that’s well documented, in research, as well as statistically and anecdotally.

Bill Gates is wrong. There is starting to no longer be any such thing as loosing or failure in our society. Your corporation not doing well because you cooked the books and didn’t spend your revenue properly? Just get the government to give you a bail-out. Then, waste that money and get more government cash. “I’m too screwed up to fail.”

You watch. This self-esteem garbage that has polluted our public schools and has done away with the so necessary concepts of winning and losing, of success and failure, will permeate our society before too long and make society just as messed up and worthless as our public schools.

“I know Jimmy is a totally incompetent employee who puts the lives of his co-workers and customers at risk several times on a daily basis, but how dare you ask me to fire him! That would wreck his self-esteem.”

This thinking will spread to the skilled trades as it has already spread to the skilled trade’s classes in schools. As a result, we will have buildings and infrastructure that is just as crummy as that found in a third world country.

It has already spread to the music industry. The artists on the radio these days have no talent, but nobody along their journey to success could tell them they had no talent because they had to protect the singer’s sense of self-actualization.

Don’t Touch That Dial!: The flicker rate for television was set by the Pentagon in 1967 so that it would mesmerise people.

The Parents Television Council are a bunch of busybodies. They complain about shows that have been cancelled or that networks are burning off the episodes. They presume Americans want Godly television shows, but if that were the case, people wouldn’t be watching the very garbage the PTC complains about.

Out Of Contact, Out Of Control: How can parents take a firm stance with their teenagers on things like alcohol and sex when they don’t have a good moral centre in Christ themselves?

As I always say, you can’t properly raise children without Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


By Connie Schultz. New York: Random House, 2006.

A Dyer Warning From A Grieving Father: I don’t know that all this drug education is a good thing. What preteen is thinking about doing drugs? The U.S. has all this drug education, but they have one of the highest rates of drug use.

When Your Heart Knows He’s The One: Too bad you didn’t have this kind of relationship with your previous husband.

A Ringing Cell Phone Has My Number: That’s our bucking churches these days; you can have Buddhist sensibilities but still be a member of your local church.

We Will Reveal Those Who Conceal: I have a feeling disgruntled ex-spouses and ex-employees would be able to get hold of guns, even if there was no law permitting them to carry concealed.

As for the 87 gun deaths in Ohio, maybe parents should teach children guns aren’t toys.

Bearing the Injustice of a Breastfeeding Ban: All these “men” who are grossed out by the sight of a woman breastfeeding in public should just get over it. The baby needs to eat.

Refugee Tag Adds Insult To Injury: Maybe the victims of Hurricane Katrina were being referred to as refugees because so many of them looked like people from Africa.

Seriously, though, you have to take into account the fact that many people don’t know how to use words properly anymore.

Nothing Broken Here, This Is a Whole Family: The family is the building block of society. Thus, if you destroy the family, you destroy society.

Here’s why sex outside of marriage, or fornication, and divorce, or adultery, are wrong.

A child needs both a mother and a father. A boy needs a good father to show him what kind of man he should be, and a good mother to show him what to look for in a woman. Likewise, a girl needs a good mother to show her what kind of woman she should be, and a good father to show her what to look for in a man.

Now, I am not directing my comments at widowed parents, obviously. I am also not directing my comments at people who had to leave an abusive partner.

However, if you have a society of divorced single parents, divorced remarried parents, parents who are shacked up, single parents who go from boyfriend to boyfriend, and same sex parents, that screws up a child’s view of what a family is supposed to be, and how they are to conduct themselves when it comes to finding a spouse and raising their own children. Thus, a screwed up generation raises a screwed up generation which raises another screwed up generation, until society eventually breaks down.

It is because of these consequences that fornication has destroyed every society where it has become prevalent. A lack of stable families equals a society that just can’t function.

Be The Parent, Not the Bartender: Parents allowing their teenagers to drink moderately in the house is all right. Teenagers need good guidance about how alcohol affects the mind and body, and how to use it properly. Teens also need parents who are good examples of wise alcohol consumption themselves.

So there’s a law in Ohio that says it’s a crime to allow those under 21 to possess and consume alcohol. Big deal. A law is just a law, something to be overturned and misconstrued whenever it suits the fancy of the police who have a quota to fill, or whenever it suits some defense lawyer who finds a way to get somebody off.

Also, it doesn’t appear like the law is working.

Also, since this book was written, car accidents have been surpassed by prescription drugs as the leading cause of death. That’s legal substances your doctor prescribes you, folks.

Honestly, this column is like the “drink a drop of alcohol and the floor will open up and swallow you” bull that we were forced to hear in high school.

Maybe the reason teens that drink are at greater risk for drug abuse, violence, suicide, and dropping out of school is because they haven’t been properly taught how to deal with their problems and thus turn to alcohol, and later drugs as the solution. Maybe it’s not a matter of consumption of alcohol but a matter of adequate preparation for life. By the way, maybe these kids should drop out of school, if they’re attending a public one, that is; especially a public school in North America. They might learn something.

So having parents who are both either homosexual males or lesbians is OK, but allowing your adolescent son or daughter to have a beer on Friday night or the occasional glass of wine with dinner isn’t?

Balance Is Lost In A Wireless World: The situations described in this column are exactly what the new world order wants.

If people are just on their cell phones all the time and don’t talk to cashiers and gas station attendants and people in other such positions, then they will be afraid of those same people, who are also their neighbours. If people are afraid of other people, they won’t speak up or do anything when their neighbour who works as a cashier at the grocery store gets taken off to the concentration camp for “acts against the beast.”

Also, if parents are on their cell phones all the time, even while they’re pushing their babies through the park in a stroller, then those parents and children will be detached from one another and the kids, when they grow up, will be perfectly willing to kill their parents or put them in the concentration camp if the one world government wants them to.

The Reward for Doing unto Others: Granted, service people get treated abominably and the U.S. service industry is better than the Canadian one, but a lot of times people in service jobs don’t do themselves any favours.

For example, as a blind person, even with these courses given to service folks relative to the Ontarians With Disabilities Act, (by the way, it’s bucking pathetic the government even had to necessitate those courses in the first place), I still get people who talk down to me like a little child. When I’m with someone in a restaurant, I still occasionally get people who ask, “What would he like to drink” or say to my friend, “Could you tell him we’re out of…”

Another specific example that comes to mind:

Mom and I went to a department store in a town near where I live to buy me some new pants. We walked around the men’s department and there was not a sales clerk to be found. Mom and I then went to the help desk. We waited for a minute for the lady to finish gabbing, and then asked her to send a sales clerk to help us. She made an announcement over the PA system. We stood there for five minutes till a sales clerk just happened by. The saleslady helped us pick out some pants and I went into a dressing room to try them on.

I then heard the bitch ask my mom, “Does he need help in the dressing room.”

My mother then somewhat sarcastically responded, “No, he can dress himself.

Yeah, bitch, I’m blind; my motor skills work just bucking fine. Besides, if I had needed help, don’t you think my mom would have told you that up front?

A Tip About Gratitude: If the banquet hall is owned by a company called Jacobs International, then it’s probably ultimately run by Jews, which explains management taking the coat checker’s tips.

Sick, Uninsured and Desperate for Help: The problems in the U.S. health care system will only get worse if Obamacare ever gets enacted.

If America wants to fix the health care system it should forget about health insurance, government or private. Insurance companies don’t make money by paying for every medical procedure their policy holders need.

Also, there needs to be a radical new approach to health care on the public’s part. People need to focus on living healthy, preventing disease and alternative treatments.

Free to Cast a Ballot, Even When Confined: We all know voting doesn’t make a difference, but let’s say for the sake of argument it does.

Why should people in prison be free to cast a vote? They’re criminals, and thus don’t think like the average person. Therefore, they wouldn’t vote like the average person.

It used to be the voting age was 25 and you could only vote if you owned land.

While I’m not quite sure the voting age should be raised to 25, I can definitely see why there was a rule that you couldn’t vote unless you owned land. Owning land shows you’ve achieved something in life and are becoming a responsible person. When that rule was set aside, it opened it up to where a whole bunch of lazy people who have never worked a day in their lives or never achieved anything in life voted for any party that would give them more government benefits.

And You Think It’s a Pain to Vote: Women were only given the right to vote so that the people who control both sides could manipulate women into voting for whomever they wanted put in place. Before the suffragist movement, men cast their ballot on behalf of themselves and their wives. The man and woman voted as one because they are one in the flesh.

Now the candidates go on “The View” or whatever other shows are out there geared to women and play off the women’s emotions to win their vote. For a good example of this, see Arnold Schwarzenegger on Oprah in 2003 talking about how his kids said “Daddy’s doing his homework” when the one time gay porn magazine cover boy was working on campaign stuff at night.

Women think with their emotions. Emotions have nothing to do with running a country. Women can get in crabby moods for no reason and go from happy to miserable to happy all in the same day. By the way, I didn’t come up with that last thought; it was told to me by Jennifer, a woman and wife of Allen Weener, owner and general manager of WBCQ. She also doesn’t think women should vote.

By the way, HBO movies, and other movies and dramatic TV shows for that matter, are fiction, or at least reality distorted to make the film more exciting or flow more naturally. They aren’t real.

A Ploy For Ratings Stripped Of Pretense: In the column previous to this you talk about how older women need to mentor younger women in the workplace and how there is still a lot of work to be done in the feminist movement. Then you write about a young black woman who had a career as a news anchor who stripped for the camera to increase ratings, “because I’d do anything for Steve.” Isn’t it obvious to you that the feminist movement has failed?

Look at the “Girls Gone Wild” videos as a prime example. These females realize they can be anything they want and do anything a man can do. These young women are going to university and want to have good careers, and yet there still taking it off for the people who watch those videos.

We have more women in the work force than we’ve ever had before. We have more women in high profile careers than we’ve ever had before. Yet, we have more sexual exploitation of women than we’ve ever had before. These women can have the most lucrative, well-paying careers imaginable, yet they will still strip for the camera or show themselves off as eye candy because the bottom line is, however “liberated” a woman gets, her basic desire is still to please a man.

Rule on Wife’s Role Bends Only for Him: I can understand that sometimes a wife goes back to work when her children get older simply because she has less to do at home at that point. I guess that’s all right in certain cases, as long as the children have been raised such that they won’t get into mischief and other things after school.

However, the push to get women into the work force was orchestrated by the new world order so they could collect more money in taxes. It has destroyed the volunteer force and has dealt a serious blow to the community of young women. Now stay-at-home moms have that fewer women to turn to during the day for advice, support and companionship.

Anti-abortion Sermons And Catholic Women: First of all, it is worth noting that the Catholic Church never got involved in the prolife movement till Row V. Wade.

As far as parishioners being told who to vote for, that’s just what the Catholic Church does. The pope and the priest under him is the final word on all aspects of life.

As far as cases of rape or incest are concerned, most victims of rape or incest who get pregnant want to keep their babies.

Looking at it another way, if a woman gets raped, gets pregnant and keeps her baby but looks at her child at five years old and has a flashback about the rape, is it all right for her to kill the child at that time?

If a doctor says your baby has such bad genetic defects you should get an abortion, I would definitely get a second opinion.

Even if the baby will only live a little while, wouldn’t it be worth it to carry to term and enjoy the little bit of time you will have with him or her rather than get an abortion “because it’s going to die anyway?”

An Insightful Insight, A Simple Phrase Challenges and Inspires Women: We used to have ladies, females who knew how to behave in a polite manner. Now we have bitches like the ones described in this article who just complain about everything. We also have the kind of broads that walk down the street with their female friends cursing their heads off and talking about what they did in bed the night before.

Don’t take this to mean that women should act like they don’t know anything. First and foremost, women should behave how God wants them to behave, and not be conformed to some worldly idea of what a lady is. A woman should have well-informed opinions and be knowledgeable. After all, a wife is a helpmeet and a married man needs a good, kind, virtuous, intelligent helpmeet in order to become successful. However, start acting with proper kindness, etiquette, decorum, and other behaviour as becomes a lady or else.

As for the women you hold up in this column: Margaret Sanger was a Jewess eugenicist. Jews believe they are the only race worthy of continued existence and that everyone else is “goyem” or “cattle.” Sanger founded Planned Parenthood as a means to eliminate the inferior races.

Gloria Steinem was paid by the CIA.

The daughters of feminist leaders such as Steinem and Friedan (Jewess) are leading lives different from the ideals of their mothers. This is because they realize how unhappy these so-called leaders are in their beliefs.

More Women Need To Run For Office: You want more women to get elected so the United States can have more socialist policies.

Since this book was written, Canada and the U.S. have seen an increase in women on the political scene.

Let’s start with America.

Most notably, there was Sarah Palin, who is considered a good, Christian, stay-at-home mom, even though she was in the running for the second most important job in the world. Palin liked to boast about what a good, attentive mother she was, but her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock by a looser, and her kids were probably still in diapers when they were four. In addition to this, Sarah Palin is a bucking idiot.

Then there was Michelle Bachman, a former IRS lawyer, so you know that, if elected, she will reform taxation in the people’s favour, ha ha ha. Additionally, Bachman would ban masturbation if she could, and has also made numerous gaffs.

On the Democrat side, we have Nancy Pelosi, who was speaker of the House for four years. Pelosi saved the American taxpayer a lot of money because all she required was a blanket on the floor some chew toys and a food and water dish.

Then there is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has been seen on a few occasions crying in public, little chunks of stone rolling down her cheeks and everything. Let’s pretend for a moment there are actually enough Islamic terrorists to be a credible threat to the U.S. and that they actually do things real enemies of the United States would do, like blowing up cities with nuclear bombs, as opposed to trying to blow up their shoes or underwear.

“Secretary Clinton, Al Qaida has just blown up Los Angeles with an atomic bomb. We need your orders to counterattack right away.”
“Oh no, I can’t, boo hoo hoo.”

In Canada, Prime Minister Harper has appointed a fair number of women to his Cabinet. There is Rhona Ambrose, the onetime Minister of the Environment, who now has some position I’m not exactly clear what it is. Then there’s Bev Oda, Minister of Cooperation, whose department said they’d grant funding to a charity, then said they wouldn’t. There’s Lisa Rate, Minister of Labour, who forced the post office to go back to work, and it was about darn time, too. Then there’s Health Minister Leona Aglukak, who’s not only a woman, but an Eskimo. Bonus!

In addition, Canada now has four female premiers: Kristie Clark of British Columbia, Allison Redfern of Alberta, Catharine Dunderdale of Newfoundland, and I believe one up in the Northwest Territories. It’s too early to tell what these women will be like as leaders.

However, I doubt Schultz would like most of these female politicians because they are conservatives.

It’s Not Christian To Champion Hate: I beg to differ.

Hate is a perfectly godly emotion. If you love something, you’ll hate a thing that is against what you love. For example, if you love your children, you’ll hate anyone who tries to hurt them.

In the Bible we find verses such as the one in the psalms that says “do I not hate them that hate thee.” Love and hate can coexist perfectly. You love someone in that you want them to repent and come to Christ, but you hate them because in their present state, even the few good things about them are overshadowed by all their sins.

“God answers to all names, I told her, and there are all sorts of paths that lead to His front door.”

Oh really! That’s not what the Bible says. “I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but through me” “straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to eternal life”

“Had I known this new rage movement was on its way, I also would have taught my daughter to say gently but firmly, “He’s my God, too.””

Oh, how do you know He’s her God?

How can you be so sure 9/11 wasn’t an example of the wrath of God coming down on America because of loving queers, abortion and outlawing prayer in public schools?

As if compassion is exclusive to anger and judgment. Christians have compassion for people, but they are also righteously angry, just as the Bible says “God is angry with the wicked all day long” and “judge righteously” as the Bible says to do.

Ah, yes, these Christians who search to find a shred of decency in those of every faith or no faith at all, who will work with anyone of any faith or no faith at all. Well, seeing as you have Buddhist sensibilities, you would agree with this position. Buddhism teaches that whatever truth a person has, it’s legitimate for that person. Thus, all faiths are equal, the same as having no faith at all. However, this is not the Bible’s stance on the matter.

“When Pat Robertson asked Christians to pray for the demise of three Liberal Supreme Court justices, he was not my idea of a Christian.”

Not that I want to defend false prophet Pat Robertson, but imprecatory prayer is a perfectly Biblical thing to do. See many of the psalms. Wonder what she’d think of Pastor Peters and his nightly (and sometimes more than nightly) imprecatory prayers?

Oh, your faith is too sturdy to be threatened by laws “designed to protect the rights of every American”, is it. Well, let’s just keep outlawing the Ten Commandments and all these other Christian things and see how much you like it when you wake up one morning and realize you no longer have any rights whatsoever. What rights would those be anyway; the right not to have to get sexually abused or have naked pictures taken of you just to board an airplane?

God “loves every one of us.” That’s not what the Bible says. “Jacob have I loved but Esau have I hated”

Answering Hostility with Amazing Grace. You contradicted yourself again. In your previous column, you talked about ugliness on both the extreme left and the extreme right. Now you’re making it seem like liberal churches are the only ones that get vandalised. That’s simply not true. Any place that calls itself a church can be subject to vandalism.

I don’t know what the buck the minister means by saying there are texts in the Bible both supporting and condemning homosexuality. You can’t get much clearer than “if a man lieth with a man as he lieth with a woman it is an abomination”, or “even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge God gave them up to a reprobate mind to do that which is not convenient … likewise their women burned in their lust for each other and changed the natural use.”

(By the way, when I do these book commentaries on here, I write as if I’m talking to the author off the top of my head. This is what I would say if we were talking about these things face to face. Therefore, if I don’t have the wording of these Bible verses exactly correct, please forgive me.)

What verses, pray tell, support homosexuality?

This Colum contains a pretty telling quote about how “if you think only in weeks, then it can be difficult.” That’s the problem; our enemy plans in the long term, we think in the short term.

They ordained the first woman in 1833 and now woman ministers aren’t an issue. Sure, but that doesn’t make it right.

For example, what about 1 Timothy 3 12 where it says, and yes it’s still in the Bible, whether you like it or not, “but I suffer not a woman to teach or to usurp the authority of a man.”

“But Paul said that because of the culture of the time.” Or “That was written to a specific congregation which had a lot of problems with order.”

No, look at the next verse.

“for Adam was not deceived but Eve was deceived”

Satan can use a woman to get a man to sin the way he could never use a man. Women preachers are wrong and so is homosexuality.

The people at this church that got vandalised are lawless. They have no fear of God. They don’t want to hear about sin and commandments they have to obey and God’s law which was in place from the beginning of time. They just want sermons that reaffirm the view they have of themselves. Again, it’s Buddhism in the churches. “Just tell me I’m following my inner path of truth to my own self-fulfillment and enlightenment.” “I’m OK, you’re OK.”

At the end of the first service after the fire, the congregation sang “Let There Be Peace on Earth.” I guess the meaning of peace for them is shut up and don’t take a stand against iniquity. I also want there to be peace on Earth; the peace that will come at the return of Christ from fire reigned down from above.

No Pledge Needed To Show Our Faith: Below is the pledge of allegiance I would be in favour of.

I pledge allegiance to Jesus Christ, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and to His word, set forth from the beginning of time.

Sader of Hope, Jewish Rituals Feed This Gentile’s Soul: Yet again calling yourself a Christian but mixing religions.

Of course this column doesn’t tell you how Jews really see the rest of us, as “goyem” or cattle.

Just something to think about here: if you were part of a group a tyrannical government decided had to be exterminated, would Jews show you the same courtesy non-Jews showed Jews during World War II and hide you?

No Doubt That Santa’s There: People have probably been turned off the idea of the existence of God by Santa Clause more than a lot of other things.

What the whole ‘Santa Clause thing comes down to is people loving lies more than truth. Such people will be out of the Holy City and in Hell in eternity.

The Perfect Couple, An Imperfect World: First of all, there is no such thing as an actual perfect couple.

Three of the main causes of homosexuality are detachment from parents, abuse and rejection by the opposite sex. Because of these things, the homosexual goes around looking for the kind of filial love they never had, trying to find that fulfillment in a sexual relationship. Thus, Kate And Jackie don’t really love each other; they’re just trying to fulfill a need in their lives with the other person.

Spongebob Caught in A Squeezeplay: First, James Dobson is queerer than a three dollar bill. Listen to an old tape from the early 80s if you doubt that.

Second, though Spongebob does have a girlfriend, he is very effeminate and faggy in his mannerisms and personality.

So family’s come in all different sorts? I guess that includes Mom and Mom and Dad and Dad, or Dad and his sister, or Dad and an animal, or Dad and a chair.

Sometimes Love Takes Courage: As stated above concerning Kate and Jackie, Dave and James may be able to fool themselves into thinking they have the kind of relationship heterosexual couples have, but however much they try to pretend and however much they may push for the right to “marry”, they don’t have the kind of relationship heterosexuals have and same sex marriage isn’t marriage.

Ohio Pulls Away The Welcome Mat: These faggots were all crying in their church after the election, but what are they going to say on Judgment Day?

Survivor Displays A Dogged Resolve: It’s tragic, really. These two dykes know they’ll never have a normal relationship with each other or have children so they have to lavish all this attention on a dog.

Clasped Hands Open Hearts: We are the liberals. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

A Clever Conspiracy To Threaten Marriage: See my comments above about how different kinds of families destroy society.

First Class Ways To Support Our Troops: Support our troops. What am I supposed to do, bake them cookies? They aren’t my troops, anyway. If they were my troops, I would have had them home as soon as I found out 9/11 was an inside job.

Daughter’s Doll Teaches Mother A Lesson About Race: You can dress two people of different races up in the same clothes. Two people of different races may even have some of the same experiences. Everybody, no matter what their nationality, has experiences and feelings they share with everyone else. However, this does not exclude the fact that, inside, where it really counts, people of different races are different in their outlook on life and traits. Children gravitate toward dolls that look like them. In the high school cafeteria, kids of the same race gather into their own groups.

Learning To Drive Her Mother Crazy: If Caitlin were an illegal alien, all she’d have to do is waltz into a DMV and she’d be handed her license.


Lots to report on the computer speakers front. In the past couple days they've picked up Inquisition Update on WWCR, Pastor Melissa Scott on the same frequency, EWTN, and "The Power Hour."

Yesterday afternoon CFRX, CFRB's shortwave repeater was coming in like gangbusters.

Was listening to "The Edge" on 91x last night. I think it was a Christmas episode from a previous year with a couple new bits thrown in. Bruce Mackey said a Hawk Nelson song was new when I clearly remember it from a couple years ago.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The October 3 issue of Maclean's has an article about how Moslems in France are not allowed to worship anywhere but in a building that is officially a mosk. If such laws came to Canada, I and the members of my church couldn't worship at the high school Sunday mornings.

This week's edition of the Matilda Ziegler Magazine For the Blind has an article about a man who has to retire his guide dog. It has been an intense, emotional experience for him. Such is the bond a human and guide dog are supposed to form. I could not forge that kind of bond with a dog, so therefore I don't want one.

The same magazine has an article about accessible Christmas gifts. My parents used to get me braille books and games for blind people as a kid, which I now realize was very thoughtful. In college, a sighted friend looked up the braille alphabet on the internet and made me a braille Christmas card using a pen. That was so incredibly kind and thoughtful of her.

The same magazine also has a piece by a Jewish man about how Christmas was approached in his household when he was a child. As big a hater of the Jews as I admit I am, I found this article very interesting.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Geraldo Rivera will have a show on WABC New York starting in January. No need to thank me for the bad news.

Saturday my speakers were picking up WWCR 5930. First it was a program talking about science. An hour later it was a preacher. This morning they were picking up "The Power Hour." They were picking up something as I was writing this but I couldn't make out what it was. Early Saturday morning they were picking up stuff but I didn't want to get my butt out of bed.

"I Sing", a Christian music program, will begin airing on WBCQ 7490 starting this Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to midnight eastern. Will "I Sing" consist of spinning records or will it actually be nine hours of live singing?

Friday, December 9, 2011


Family Stations, Inc. has recently sold two stations, one in Anapolis, Maryland and another in Camden, New Jersey. Is Harold Camping loosing money after his predictions failed to come true?

So Arbitron tracks listening in people 6+? That's crazy! What does a six year old care about what's on the radio?

Heard WTWW testing its new transmitter last night.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Didn't listen to Radio Free Truth tonight. Couldn't get WBCQ.

Garrison Keilor reportedly is having second thoughts about retiring. Good since "Prairie Home Companion" is one of the most creative shows on NPR.

John B. Wells will now be a regular host on "Coast To Coast." This is good. Wells is a wonderful broadcaster and Ian Punett, who is reducing his role with the program due to tinitis, sucks completely.

This morning my computer speakers were picking up "The Power Hour." This afternoon they were picking up Pastor Melissa Scott.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The October issue of Readers Digest has an article that talks about how you don't have to be famous in order to leave a lasting legacy. Having lost both Pastor Peters and Dad this year and hearing all the kind things people said about them, I realize the impact an ordinary person can have on the lives of others.

There's an article in the same issue about a recovering compulsive shoplifter. She is slowly giving away items as part of her therapy. Under the law of God, she should give back all the things she stole to the stores from which they came.

The Five Minute Mystery in this issue is about a question an English teacher asked his class. Way to phone it in.


On the one hand, this episode of Star Trek makes fun of Christianity. Rodenbury gets a dig in at creationists by saying Landru has existed for 6 thousand years. The portrayal of BetaIII's inhabitants apes the stereotype non-Christians have of Christians that they just walk around blissfully happy with big smiles on their faces. The nature of the planet's inhabitants also eludes to atheists thinking religious people can't think for themselves.

On the other hand, this episode serves as a warning from Gene Rodenbury from back in 1967. It tells us what life under the new world order will be like once the mark of the beast is put in place. No one will have any will of their own. They will be controlled by computers through the microchips in their hands or foreheads, albeit it won't be a world of peace and tranquility by any stretch of the imagination.

The view that is outside this Landru versus atheism box is that of true Christianity. Yes, God has set laws for us to follow and He wants His will to be our will, but He also respects us as individuals. He created every one of us with our own unique personality, talents, likes, and dislikes. He wants His will to be our will so He can have us reach the full potential He intended for each one of us.


Radio Free Truth returns to WBCQ 7490 tomorrow night at 7:00 eastern. I'm so excited. I used to really love Brother Wess's broadcasts when he was on WBCQ before.

A Fox Chicago news anchor is in hot water after saying there's no Santa. The Book of Revelation says that outside Heaven are "all those that loveth and maketh a lie."

Been picking up 1690 CHTO a lot lately.

Friday, December 2, 2011


This makes me think of that thing off “The Simpsons.”

Side Show Bob: Homer, you’re forgetting the first two Noble Truths of Buddha.
Homer: I am not.

So, on the one hand, Buddhism says there is no God, yet on the other hand, Buddhists say Gautama’s mother and horse are a goddess and god respectively.

Any way you look at it, Buddhists worship a man who walked out on his family. Additionally, at the end of his life, Gautama said “I am still looking for truth.”

As for the idea of kharma, if you beat your wife, you’ll come back as a wife who is beaten. Thus there must always be bad people who will give back what those bad people got in a previous life. Then, they will in turn have to be victims of the same maltreatment in the next life. The cycle can never be broken, then.

It seems like Christianity is turning into Buddhism these days. “Well, this life is just suffering, brother, but it’ll all be better on the other side.”

“People of all religions or no religion are following their own way to Jesus. They may not believe in Him but they have their own way to salvation.” See Billy Graham and Robert Schuller for proof of the preceding belief in Christianity.

“Brother, just accept whatever happens and don’t use violence against any evil person. Just have compassion and don’t speak angrily or harshly to anyone. Always talk in a sachriny sweet voice and completely “gentle” manner. That’s what the Bible says, ya know.”

Buddhists can’t eat any meat. Thus you have all these Buddhist countries full of farm animals that are eating up food stuffs that could be consumed by humans. This is why the people in these countries are starving: because of their religion.

This book tells how the Chinese Communists treat the Buddhist monks and nuns in Tibet; and China is going to be the dominant world power in a few years.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


This is the first in what I hope will be a series about the religions of the world. As a guide, I am using “Nelson’s Illustrated Guide To Religion” by James A. Beverly, published in 2009 by Thomas Nelson, so this will be a sort of commentary on the book as well.

Though “Nelson’s Illustrated Guide To Religion” starts by talking about the Baha’I faith, I have chosen to talk about the Branch Davidians first because I have more to write concerning them.

First, notice how subtle this book is. It starts by talking about how David Koresh had beliefs that would make him an outsider. In today’s culture, an outsider is someone to be avoided and perhaps even gotten rid of. It then talks about Koresh’s daliances with underage girls, then presents a Q and A about Waco, which attempts to shift a lot of the blame off the FBI.

Notice how, in the boxed item containing an exerpt of the Freedom magazine interview with David Thibideau, the author wants you to focus on Koresh’s sexual sins, rather than Thibideau’s question about whether said sins and other beliefs were enough to justify the FBI doing what they did.

Beverly says “conspiracy theories” about Waco “deserve little respect” (even though the guy’s probably a Judao-Christian and I thought they loved and respected everything?) because of Koresh’s “utter commitment to his beliefs and to government agents bungling the case.”

First of all, what does Koresh’s commitment to his beliefs have to do with people at the highest levels of government knowing about, and indeed, ordering the massacre?

Second, if the intent was to kill the Branch Davidians because they were different from mainstream society, then it can hardly be said the FBI bungled the case at all.

The intent of Waco was exactly as stated above. In order to put the new world order in place, the people behind it will have to eliminate everyone who is different; everyone who thinks, acts or lives differently than the masses. Waco was a warning from these one worlders that “You better not try to live self-sufficiently or believe things different than we tell you to believe.”

Waco was also a blood sacrifice. It took place on April 19, a high holy day in the Satanic calendar.

Let me be clear. I do not agree with Koresh’s beliefs or his sleeping with underage girls. It seems to me he was a false Christ, which is of course wrong. However, these things were not reason enough to justify the FBI coming in and killing all those people, including innocent women and children.

Additionally, why did the FBI have to get involved in a case involving so-called “illegal weapons.” It’s my understanding that’s the BATF’s jurisdiction, and it surely didn’t mandate burning the place down and massacring people just because Koresh wouldn’t surrender and give himself up to the Feds for possessing such objects.

There is a bit of a silver lining to the Waco incident, however. When the Branch Davidians were fighting with the FBI that dreadful morning, Koresh and his followers were winning. The FBI then called a truce so they could collect their wounded agents. The Branch Davidians agreed to this. That’s when the FBI came in and it really went down. This shows that, we on the right side can win if we want to.


On this year's CBM Talking Christmas Card, one contributor says he's begun to take Advent more seriously. Never mind the fact Christians aren't supposed to celebrate Christmas due to its pagan origins in the Saturnalia and the fact we aren't commanded anywhere in the Bible to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ; there is absolutely nowhere in the Bible that mentions Advent.

Also on the Talking Christmas Card, Henry Shannon says he hopes we don't have to experience another great depression. Unfortunately, economic indicators point to us facing an economic crisis that will make the great depression look like a walk in the park.