Wednesday, December 21, 2011


John Hagey: A few years ago, Hagey published a book called "In Defense Of Israel" where he said Jesus never claimed to be the Messiah. By saying Jesus wasn't the Messiah, Hagey effectively departed from the faith.

Kenneth Copeland: Preaches a prosperity gospel, teaching the Lord wants people to be blessed materially and in other areas of their lives. While the Lord does want us to prosper, it is conditional on our obedience to Him. Sure, Copeland will occasionally say something about obedience, but the emphasis is on blessings without right living.

Copeland also incorporates new age practices such as visualization and meditation into his teachings.

Creflo Dollar: Apt last name for a televangelist.

See Kenneth Copeland above.

Fred Price: Drives a Roles Royce. I don't mind a preacher having a fancy car if he gets a lot of money from his audience. After all, he has the right to live off donations according to 1 Corinthians 9 11. However, to drive the fanciest, most austentacious car around is stepping outside the teaching of this verse.

Benny Hinn: A lot of flim flam and fake healing.

Jack Van Ippe: Includes religious and prophetic writings other than the Bible in his teaching. What about the verse that says "I am the Lord God beside me there is no other?"

Teaches that anyone who names the name of Jesus Christ, including Catholics, are Christians.

Have a dvd with a clip of him saying, "I know everything there is to know about Christianity."

Program contains a lot of fearmongering, from Y2K to many other things.

Van Ippe is also a big supporter of the Jews over in Palestine, the same people who don't believe Jesus Christ was who he claimed to be. That makes them antichrist, according to the Bible.

Jim Baker: Published a book entitled "I Was Wrong." Of course he said he was wrong; what else was he supposed to do?

This guy is back on the air. If you get caught committing adultery and stealing money, you shouldn't be allowed to preach again.

Ernest Angley: See Benny Hinn.

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