Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Heard "Ghost" on Blog Talk Radio yesterday. Seemed like a parody of conservative talk show hosts, saying what was true but making it look moronic.

Saw a commercial for Kraft Dinner yesterday featuring "The Negotiator", a child who wouldn't eat his vegetables. "You wanted him to eat his peas, it ended with you cleaning his room." This horrible commercial just celebrates the kind of weak, pushover parenting which exists in our society today.

Saw this clip on YouTube where this radio station was having a contest called "False Confessions", where people had to call loved ones, confess to something they didn't do and get the loved one to tell them they still love them. A woman was trying to win Kanye West tickets and she called her husband and told him he wasn't the father of their child. The husband got very angry and said he'd been sleeping with the woman's sister for the past year.

First, who's the bucking operations manager at that station where they would actually think it was a good idea to have a contest like this?

Second, did this bitch really think it was worth it to make up something as horrible as what she said, especially given the fact there'd been some question as to whether the husband was the real father previously?

Third, after it went wrong, the bitch got all huffy at the announcers. "Nice Valentine's gift, I was just trying to win Kanye West tickets. ... Honey, I only said that to win Kanye West tickets."

Well, bitch, you should have realized how badly something like this could go. Bet she tried to sue the radio station. If she did, hope it was thrown out of court.

This is an example of just how far radio has fallen.

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