Thursday, July 9, 2009


Chwi will not be going off the air after all. CTV will dip into the new hidden tax (the Local Programming Improvement Fund.) Hopefully they turn it into a really local station with unique programming and lots of emphasis on the community.

CTV will apply to the Crtc to make Cknx a full rebroadcaster of Cfpl London. I hope the Crtc denies the application. Cknx relaying Cfpl! What use is that. Ither localise the heck out of it or take it off the air. I'm sure the cable companies in the Wingham area could replace the Cknx signal with the Cfpl signal if they don't carry it already.

CTV is exploring it's options where Ckx Brandon is concerned. Ckx presents a bit of a unique problem. It was a Cbc afiliate, but the Cbc isn't going to be buying time on it anymore. Thus, CTV has a whole twenty-four hours worth of time to fill each day. They should program it with stuff most Canadians can't get.

Check this blog tomorrow to hear the latest, totally different plans CTV has announced for these three stations.