Saturday, March 31, 2018


It appears CJBQ has shifted to a more classic hits-oriented format during parts of the day when they used to play country. Hopefully there's still some country programming on the schedule as it adds variety.

Imus is gone but I have a feeling he'll be back in some form or another.

Ben Shapiro's podcast will now be broadcast on some US AM stations; a probable foretaste of the way radio will be programmed in the not-too-distant future.

Friday, March 30, 2018


2 Corinthians by Michael Baughen: A good commentary on this book of the Bible that reminds one what the Christian life is all about.

All Things Weird and Wonderful by D. Stuart Briscoe: A good commentary on the Book of Ezekeel where the author does a good job of applying the Biblical text to today.

Chained to the Gospel by Michael Baughen: An excellent and worthwhile commentary on Paul's second epistle to Timothy, emphasizing that the Gosple will always be true, no matter what man thinks.

Doctor in the Orient by Stuart Harverson: Captivating biography of an English missionary to Vietnam who stayed there throughout the war.

Evolution: fact or fiction by John Blanchard: The best book on the subject of creation I've ever read. Blanchard manages to do in this little book what others who teach on this subject can't do in much thicker books or extensive video presentation series.

Ezra and Nehemiah by David Cave: Study guide for these two Old Testament books. Thorough, yet concise and not dry.

Crazy Love by Francis Chan: A Biblicaly sound book that will cause the reader to look afresh at just who God is.

Something Worth Living For by Noel Davidson: The inspiring autobiography of a blind Irish girl and how she overcame negative emotions associated with her disability.


By Adam Shoaltz. Toronto: Penguin Random House, 2015.

One of the best books I've read in a while!

In the late 00s and early 2010s, young writer, outdoorsman and adventurer Adam Shoaltz sets out to explore two unexplored rivers in the Hudson Bay lowlands. He recounts aborted attempts to do so and his adventures during his failed and successful expeditions.

This is a good all-round book. From the descriptions of Shoaltz's surrounding environment and the information about nature, to the spellbinding and informative passages about other explorers past and present, to the immersive experience of the text itself, this is a book worth picking up for numerous kinds of people, whether outdoorsy or otherwise.

Purchase it here.


96.3 CFMK-FM Kingston from March 1987 with Christian contemporary music show, mention of Connie Scott coming to Senteniel Secondary School in Belleville on the 21st. Then into Kix104 Syracuse, then into jazz show on unid. Station hosted by female anncr.

102.1 CFNY-FM Toronto from the turn of the year in the mid-eighties, “The Best Damn Music of All Time” presented by Molson, counting the best alternative rock songs of all time up to that point. Then into soaka program on CKLN-FM, then back to aforementioned program on CFNY.

102.5 WBEN-FM Buffalo with unid. Anncr promoting classic album feature that night at 11:00. Then into CFMK-FM Kingston with unid. Anncr giving time of 1:12 and introducing “Country Chapel” feature. Then, into “Two New Hours” on CBC Stereo.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


V1-2: Following on from chapter 12, Paul tells the Corinthians that if they have all the spiritual gifts previously discussed but lack love, they have nothing.

V3: This verse shows that just because someone makes a donation to charity or does something good for someone, that doesn’t mean the good deed is done out of a pure motive.

In these next couple verses, I’ll just hit some characteristics of love on which I needed clarification, and thus, someone else probably does, too.

V4: Love is patient with people.

V5: Love is not rude, love isn’t selfish and doesn’t devise evil things against someone.

V6: Despite the ways this verse is translated, I think what it really means is that if you love someone, you won’t rejoice when they commit sin, but will rejoice as they come closer to receiving Christ, and after that as they grow in Him.

V7: Love bears and endures troubles from the world in general for the Gospel, the way Paul and the other apostles did. This verse is not teaching that we should continue relationships with dangerous or abusive people.

Love also has hope and faith (faith being the substance of things hoped for) that God’s promises for us and the world will be realized.

V8: This verse is not teaching secession. When we’re in Heaven, we won’t need prophecy because all the prophecies will have been fulfilled, we won’t need tongues because we’ll be able to communicate perfectly with God and each other, and whatever we thought we knew about God that was actually false will have been proven so.

V9-12: Paul is making the analogy that we are like children, knowing and understanding God only a little bit here on Earth. However, when we get to Heaven, we will have a fuller knowledge and understanding, as if we have matured into adults.

V13: In Heaven, we won’t need faith or hope because all the things we’ve had faith in and hoped for will have come to pass. However, love will be needed and will be present throughout all eternity.


Listen to KAPA-FM.

Picked up 1610 Radio Hunsifar Montreal last night.

Picked up AM 1410 Montreal last night as well.

Believe I picked up 1450 WNBP Newberryport last night.

Glad the quality of CHCR's web stream has improved since the last time I tried to listen.

Picked up WMUZ-AM Detroit Tuesday night.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


101.9 CFRC-FM Kingston from at least 1992 with “House of Rock” show; host playing local and other alternative rock bands. The aircheck ended near the end of side 2, then there was heard the end of a motivational tape produced by Listen and Learn and voiced by Debbie Van Kiekebelt.

101.9 CHEQ-FM Smiths Falls-Ottawa from sometime between 1986-1990 with “Saturday Night Dance Tracks.”

107.1 CILQ-FM Toronto from 1984, commercial for Toronto’s “Assault and Flattery” album, ID mentioning “Labatt Blue six packs of songs.”