Saturday, October 23, 2010


Tonight, we got a call about a car running into a horse belonging to one of the Amish families that live around here. Later on, two slave-girls showed up at my door seeking freedom, and an elephant got ran over by a train.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


by Waldemar S. Jeske. Nashville, Tn: Southern Publishing Association, 1967.

This book seems pretty far-fetched.

On August 2, 1914, Waldemar Jeske's family was ordered out of their village along with all the other German-Russian families in the Ukraine. They were forcibly sent to Siberia. I had not previously heard of this event.

Some of the events in this book seem pretty hard to believe, such as the Siberian prison guards not allowing the prisoners to weep, or poor Siberians being so hungry they took bites out of their own flesh.

This book is pretty interesting, though. It contains a lot of neat information about the Kirghis, one of the native tribes of Siberia.