Wednesday, February 29, 2012


CINA was coming in really well Saturday morning around 8:30.

Heard Inutitute on the CBC Northern Quebec service just now.

YouTube, could you not put commercials featuring loud rock music before jazz videos, please. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hey, all you amazing jammers....
I’m forwarding some information from Eileen Quinn (you know Eileen, she’s the lady with the harp, a real harp with strings and stuff....) about the ‘Open Mic’ she hosts at the curling club in Marmora on the first Friday of every month. Several of our ‘Amazing Jammers’ have played the ‘First Friday Open Mic’ – Patty, Fraser, Eileen and Bert as solo acts and Hayley, Peter and me (James) as a trio. All of us enjoyed it immensely. The venue works, the audience is great and the whole thing comes together really well.
The format is 2 or 3 songs per act in rotation, followed by a second set (time permitting) of 2 or 3 songs for those who want to play some more. Starts at 7 pm, runs until about 10.
Eileen is terrific (her sound man is getting better....) and everyone has an excellent evening of music in the company of friends and like-minded people. The range of music offered is excellent. The venue is supportive to ‘first-timers’ and experienced performers alike. Performers range from young people in their teens to proto-geezers like myself.
Those of us who’ve played this venue give it an ‘Amazing Recommendation’. It’s really worth checking out. Come to perform or be part of the audience. You’ll enjoy yourself!
Hope to see you there this Friday evening.

PS - Here’s the detailed blurb from Eileen:
First Fridays Marmora Open Mic
First Friday every month
All types of music welcome
Doors open 7 pm
No cover charge
2 Crawford Drive, Marmora Curling Club, Licensed Lounge
Bring your ears, your voice, your instrument, your friends.
Facebook.comfirst fridays marmora

What makes us a bit different from other events and venues in the area is that we are aiming for a broad variety of music and we are a true "open mic", meaning people play solo or as duos, etc. (however they’ve come - there's no backing band).We welcome cover tunes and original material.We've got the stage and the sound system. We've got cold beer! Our format is 2 or 3 songs at a time per performer, cycling through the list again if we've got time.
The first ‘First Friday’ was in December. To date we’ve been drawing about a dozen performers and 40 people (or more) in attendance. A great start. We’ve had everything from alternate rock through folk, grunge and country. We’ve had covers and excellent local songwriters performing their own original work.Performers come back and bring their friends with them.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


The January 16 issue of Maclean's has an article which claims there are huge outbreaks of diseases because people aren't getting vaccinated. No. As I have said before, many of these illnesses occur in people who have been inoculated.

The January 30 issue of Maclean's contains an article about small companies manufacturing pop. First there was craft beer, now there's craft pop. Way cool!

In the editorial to the February 2012 issue of Good Times, Murray Lewis contends February is the worst month of the year. Actually, I think November is the worst month because it's so dreary and there's so little daylight. January comes in a close second. After the first few days, all the festivities are over and nothing really happens after that.

Friday, February 24, 2012


It's cool that Steve Lavalli used to work for Monitor Radio. Used to listen to them on shortwave, though don't agree with there Christian Science beliefs.

Don't like that commercial WGN's Kristen Decker does for Ovation Therapy. She sounds too robotic.

Received Allen Weener Worldwide tonight on 7490. Signal good till about 8:50 Eastern. Readable till show ended at about 9:20 Eastern. A sign of spring? Maybe just because of the good weather.


Correction: It would seem Dannie Guppy is actually working swing at Quinte Broadcasting. She was merely filling in for Rick Kevin last Thursday who is still the regular afternoon drive announcer on Rock 107.

Nancy Slater is back in Kingston at FM 96.

It would appear the analog TV channels are back. Was hearing the audio channel from CJOH last night on 88.1. Checked my portable TV and picked up CJOH as well as Global, CKWS and CHEX.

Monday, February 20, 2012


The "Life's Like That" section of the January issue of Readers Digest contains an anecdote about a woman who ate a man's other doughnut while he was getting a coffee refill. The woman had sat down at the same table with the man's consent because that was the only seat available in the restaurant. When he'd left the second doughnut behind, she thought he was leaving the establishment. Well, bitch, what gave you the right to assume he wouldn't be coming back? Maybe you could have made a case for being justified in eating the doughnut if you'd seen him leave the place, but even then, you wouldn't have had his permission.

In the editorial of the January 2-9 issue of Maclean's, the editor talks about books that have been made into movies and compares the two media with reference to specific titles. He has the bucking nerve to say the movie "Forrest Gump" was better than Winston Groom's novel of the same name. The editor doesn't like how Gump in the novel is "abrasive, cynical and swears like a marine." Groom's 1986 classic is one of the most underrated books of the period. Groom used Gump to saterize the events of the past two decades, as, draft board equals daft board, meaning "even an idiot could see the draft and the Vietnam War were wrong." Groom made Gump the way the editor of Maclean's describes because that was the way he was supposed to be. Gump swears like a turkey (uses fowl language) because he is constantly around people who swear and he's not intelligent enough to know any better. He's cynical and abrasive because that's the way a lot of mentally retarded people are. Hollywood (read Jews) and Tom Hanks made Gump's character into the steriotypical sweet and sunny image of the mentally retarded too often portrayed in movies and even more often thought by society to be the norm.

The same issue contains an article saying it is better to be a working mom because working mothers learn skills such as problem solving and working with a diverse group of people, skills which can help them be better parents. Yeah sure, for the small amount of time they get to spend with their kids every night. I think a lot of problems faced by stay-at-home moms these days are due to isolation caused by lack of an adequate community of stay-at-home mothers in the local area. This is one of the problems with a post-Christian age. Churches used to provide that sense of community. Mothers would connect with other mothers they met at church. Now everyone's isolated, interacting mainly through Facebook and Twitter.


Does K-rock still use the late Glen Williams' voice for IDs and commercials? That seems pretty crass if they do.

Picked up Easy Rock Niagara last night.

"The Conspiracy Show" on AM 740 was coming in really well last night.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Thought I heard the staff announcer for WDIV doing a Webex commercial last night.

Heard Nancy White on "On The Weekend" this morning via the CBC Northern Quebec service on shortwave.

989 The Drive has been coming in fairly OK the past couple days.

Heard the new guy on The Wolf, Ken "Dr. Patchbeard, this afternoon. Seems pretty good. Knows how to deliver a break and more importantly knows how to tell a story.

Friday, February 17, 2012


I didn't find what John and Ken said about Whitney Houston to be offensive.

Congratulations to WOR which celebrates its 90th anniversary Wednesday. WOR makes me think of an older version of New York, complete with John Gambling who has been morning show host at WOR off and on for decades.

It seems 95.5 Hits FM has been playing that Spin Doctors song a lot in the past couple days.


These days the “Protestant” church isn’t protesting anything.

Note: It is not my intention to make fun of any religion or belief system. The jokes and other such witticisms contained in this post are included to point out certain behaviours exhibited by a certain percentage of people in various denominations.

Amish: You can have all the rules you want but it doesn’t make a difference.

Anglican: Q: What is the Anglican version of Hell?
A: Setting the table without a dessert fork.

Brethren: A bit too strict for my taste.

Baptist: A man goes into a bar and orders three drinks. The bartender wants to know why the man is ordering three drinks at once. The man tells the bartender “I have two brothers. One of them is in England and one is in Australia. Before we parted we all three agreed that whenever one of us went into a bar, we’d have three drinks, one for each of us.” The bartender agrees that sounds like a good custom. Week after week, the man comes in and orders three drinks. One week, however, the man comes in and orders only two drinks. The bartender says, “I’m so sorry. Which one of your brothers passed away?” The man replies, “Oh no, both my brothers are fine. See, last week my wife and I converted to the Baptist church and swore we’d never touch a drop of alcohol for the rest of our lives. But as far as I know, neither of my brothers have converted yet.”

Charismatics (Crazymatics): A lot of foolishness. Also invites demons in. We are told in the Bible to be sober-minded. We can never just “let ourselves go” as the charismatics do.

Emergent Church: Well, you know that if the world likes Rick Warren and Joel Olsteen that they must be men of God. (See the last two beatitudes.)

Florida Outpouring: Todd Bentley was a joke. “The Holy Spirit told me to kick that woman in the head.” Sure.

Fundamentalism: Not very fun and very little mental activity going on.

Lutheranism: One night at the dinner table, a Lutheran man looks at his wife in a slightly annoyed manner. Later, the man’s son says to his brother, “Did you see Dad blow?”

Penticostal (Phonycostal, Plentylostal: Too much emphasis on feelings. Use of obstacles as signs from the Lord not to do something.

Seeker-sensitive: “The Purpose-driven Fist.”

You read Rick Warren’s statement of faith, then you watch what he does and listen to what he says. As I said above, if the world loves these people, chances are they aren’t men of God. (By the way, when I wrote about Rick Warren under “Emergent”, I did not realize he was not classified with that particular movement. My apologies.)

There is too much emphasis on “loving yourself” and “forgiving yourself.” If you are A Christian, the purpose of your life is to tell other people about Jesus and that’s the bottom line. Pray to God for direction and opportunities to fulfill this purpose.

Quakers: I don’t know how they can justify not participating in Communion since that shows the Lord’s death till he comes (1 Corinthians 10) and baptism since that is what saves us (1 Peter 3 21.)

Seventh-day Adventism: Basically, William Miller predicts the world will end in 1843. Then he changes it to 1844. The prediction doesn’t come true. Ellen G. White gets a vision which supposedly reveals 1844 didn’t mean the end of the world, but rather the cleansing of the Heavenly sanctuary. Typical of false prophets, if it doesn’t come true, just predict a different year or change the meaning of the prophecy.

Seventh-day Adventists believe Jesus is up there right now going through all the books of remembrance, Mal 3 2, and will return to Earth once the life of every righteous person who ever lived has been evaluated.

First of all, the notion that it would take Jesus 168 years and more to do his paperwork is absurd.

In Revelation 20 12 (now there’s a 2012 you should be concerned about), the opening of the books and the judgment takes place instantly.

The cleansing of the Heavenly sanctuary means that in 1844 Jesus entered into the Most Holy Place in Heaven and began going through the books. He is evaluating our deeds. If we have confessed a sin, Jesus will right “pardoned” beside that sin.

First, Jesus entered the Most Holy Place 2000 years ago. He is seated at the right hand of the Father as it says in numerous places in the New Testament, which would pretty much indicate He is in the Holy Of Holies.

Second, all our sins (past, present and future) were blotted out the moment we were baptised for the remission of sins. When I stand before the Lord to give my account and Jesus opens up the book of remembrance for Alex Horton and turns to the section marked Sins, he will say “There’s nothing here.”

By the way, if Ellen G. White was such a Godly woman, why did she not heed 1 Timothy 3 12 “I suffer not a woman to teach or to usurp authority over a man?”

Toronto Blessing: This smacks of people who want to get high off the Holy Spirit. They tried drugs, alcohol, sex, and various other things, and none of them satisfied, so they’ll go to church and see if they can get a buzz off Jesus.

World Wide Church of God: I used to love “The World Tomorrow” as a kid.


Yesterday it was revealed Niel Hope, who played Derek "Wheels" Wheeler on Degrassi Junior High, died November 25, 2007.

Wheels certainly had one of the crummiest lives of anyone on Degrassi.

His parents die and he has to go live with his grandparents. He gets no sympathy. Even in the late eighties schools would have had grief counsellors or at least referred a kid like Wheels to someone who could have helped them.

Understandably, Wheels finds it hard living with his grandparents and decides to run away to far-off exciting Port Hope to be with his real dad. The rule on Degrassi is always" the worst case scenario will happen", so naturally Wheels gets picked up by a pedophile while trying to hitchhike. He finally gets to the hotel in Port Hope and his dad doesn't really even seem interested. His father's reaction when Wheels says, "I play for a band, too, Dad, called The Zit Remedy" is priceless.

After having to go back to living with his grandparents, Wheels eventually steals money to buy booze. He gets kicked out of his grandparents' house and nobody will take him in.

In the finale, Wheels gets behind the wheel while drunk (though why he would do this after his parents were killed by a drunk driver I don't know) and ends up permanently blinding Lucy in a car accident. He returns to the opening of Degrassi Community School and apologizes.

After "School's Out", Niel Hope walked away from it all. No wonder. The show was a bucking embarrassment.

Cause of death is believed to have resulted from alcoholism. Hope died at a hospital in Hamilton. He was 35 at the time.


Charity Brown is back from maternity leave. I was hoping she'd stay home after a year. That would have been a much higher position.

Why is Dannie Guppy back at Quinte Broadcasting (afternoons on Rock 107) after being at The Wolf?

I didn't know Peterborough had a Pizza Nova.

Yesterday, Pete Daliday had a sketch on his show. The premise was an episode of "Dragon's Den" from 1964 featuring Tim Horton pitching the idea of expanding his coffee shop. It was refreshing to hear something like this. This is the kind of thing announcers used to do and it helped make radio great. The sketch is probably on Daliday's blog at if you want to check it out.

Caught Radio Deutsche Welle (or I guess it's just DW now) yesterday with the end of a newscast. Always cool to catch them on shortwave.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So Readers Digest has this section of books, movies, websites, etc. it is recommending now. Looks like all the other magazines just pushing the same stufff, the same trends and the same celebrities.

An item in the "That's Outrageous" section of the January issue of Readers Digest talks about the Harper government holding back scientific information it doesn't like. This sounds like what Bush did a few years ago when he was in power.

In the Fall 2011 Anchor Of Hope newsletter, it mentions an abortion recovery conference where participants lit candles for aborted and miscarried children. This looks like another attempt to Catholicize the church, lighting candles for the dead. It's like how there were these people from this Christian farmers association who came to our church last summer who had a string with three beads on it that was supposed to represent the Gospel. Sounds like a rosery to me. Wake up, people!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Clearchannel is still running that same bloody "I Heart Radio New Music Profile" with Paul McCartney.

Thought I heard Alex Jones on the 1650 frequency last night.

Village 900, a Victoria, BC-based college radio station will give up its license and move entirely to the internet. Could this be the beginning of a trend?

Monday, February 13, 2012


"I need a beer."
Hands him open can of beer that is on the seat beside him.
"Here you go."

"We play the guitar. We got a tape. Would you like to hear us?"
Puts tape in cassette player. Plucking of guitar string for a few seconds.
"Would you like a beer?"
"Sure. This the last one?"
"We come back on in about twenty minutes."

"Jose needs a drink bad. You wanna kill him or something?"

"Jim? Jim?"
"Jim? Jim?"
"Jim? Is that you or is that me?"

"We gotta spend another night in here?"

"We don't never go no place we ain't already been. That way we don't get lost."
"Well, except sometimes."
"Yeah, sometimes."

"I called every Jose Rodriguez in northern Mexico."


"Where are you going to go, Bob? To the ocean, Bob? You don't know anyone in the ocean, Bob."

"It made me feel like taking a nice, warm bubble bath."

"I raised you from an embryo to a fetus to a baby."

"There is this thing women have had since the mid-1970s called equal rights."

"Sir, I saw you drinking from a puddle outside."

"I like to play racist bingo. Under the N..."

"Castor's a vegetarian. He only eats Lucky Charms and beer."
Pours bottle of beer over bowl of Lucky Charms.
"Castor, go to your dam!"

"Imagine, a guy goes to a bar, sees some guys playing poker, goes home, and draws a picture of dogs playing poker."

"Well I've learned that some people who appear to be happy are really unhappy."

"It is just a box of glass ... but that is what the ugly woman deserves to wear on her foot."

"No, Death, take me with you."

"Don't let Chinaman screw you like he screwed me."

"All this time we never told you that Horsey is actually your father."

"I'm just hanging out here because my town burned down."

"What are you laughing at, moon? Would you like to share it with the class, moon?"

"I'm going to go drive drunk to get you off my mind."

"I claim this chest in the name of Spain."

"Shoes! Why did you think I'd want shoes for Christmas!?"

"Son, I got you a puppy, ... but on the way home I got hungry and I ate him."

"The doctor said he'd come as soon as "All Creatures Great And Small" was over."
"Ma'am, do you have any pie?"

"But Daddy couldn't quit drinking. Daddy drank for the government."

"I was too scared to answer the phone in Vietnam, but maybe I can answer it now."

"Screw you, taxpayers."

"One, two, three, Night Day!"

"Always wait an hour after you drop acid before you go swimming."


I believe the King James Bible is the Bible for the English-speaking world. Reasons for this include the 17th-century scholars superior knowledge of Hebrew and Greek, as well as fruit such as its influence on our vocabulary and the number of revivals it has sparked.

People will tell you the KJV is hard to understand. While it uses words and employs meanings of words that aren't used today, a good concordence and an older dictionary will greatly aid you in understanding the text.

People will say better copies of Hebrew and Greek manuscripts have been found. I frankly can't speak to this, except to say that if the manuscripts used by the AV translators are so crummy, why does it make so much sense?

Most importantly, though, you can dispute the quality of the manuscripts, you can dispute the committie's abilities at their appointed task, but the fact remains; if God is truly omnipotent and omniscient, then he is able to preserve his word as the Bible says he is. However, if there has never actually been a 100 percent correct version of the word of God in English, the most widely used language in the world, then this makes God a doofus who is incapable of even handing down a correct translation of His word throughout the millenia, and who is thus certainly not worthy of our worship, adoration, trust, hope, and faith.


I am really a fan of the Adrian Mole books by Sue Townsend.

The first Adrian Mole book I read was "Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole." I thought, "So this guy's last name is Mole. Is this going to be one of those lame books featuring animals dealing with the problems of the modern, adult human world in a satirical manner?" Happily, though, Adrian Mole turned out to be a person.

I started reading "Growing Pains", trying to restrict myself to one diary entry a day, in order to better follow along with the book as it unfolded. However, the hilarious narrative soon had me breaking that resolution.

I took up reading the book in bed. I hadn't read in bed for years.

I guess the things which hooked me about Adrian Mole were his neuroticism, the way he feels he's more intelligent than everybody around him, and the zany other characters who surround the young protagonist.

The most recent of the series I've read so far is "Adrian Mole And The Weapons Of Mass Destruction." Twas good to see Townsend's still got it after all these years.

I see posts online from Americans who just don't get Adrian Mole. They're horrified Townsend would joke about a boy's mother being too dispondent with the world to make him dinner and Adrian's parents not caring about his problems. In response to this I can only say that the British have a more gallows sense of humour, which I think is something Canadians can identify with more than Americans.

It's been hard to translate the Adrian Mole books to television. I know there was a six-part series in the late eighties as well as a television series based on "The Capuccino Years." Being as how the books are in the form of daily diary entries, though, the most appropriate format for an Adrian Mole series would be a daily program, or maybe a weekly program recapping that week's entries. A daily or weekly audio podcast would be cool, too, actually probably the best format for the show.

To purchase Adrian Mole books, go here.


Tale Of Two Cities: A bunch of propaganda. There were only three people in the Bastile.

However this book does showcase what a good sense of humour Dickens had.

Last Of The Mohicans: Also a bunch of propaganda. Created the myth of the noble savage.

Of Mice And Men: You know what's going to happen from the very beginning.

The Grapes Of Wrath: A great book with lots of evocative scenes and poignant dialogue.

Cannery Row: Also a great book. You can just picture these guys that live together and sit on the porch aftrnoons drinking a mixture of the dregs of whatever was left over after the bar closed the previous night.

Wuthering Heights: Could have been a good book but was ruined by assignments I had to do on it in school.

Man I hated that bitch for throwing the book Heathcliff was using to try to teach himself to read into the fire.

Hitching Rides With Buddha: Funny, with lots of good information about Japan and a few really touching incidents.

To purchase books, go here.


Heard Allen Thick doing a commercial for an insurance company yesterday.

CBC Radio Two has been coming in really well since last night. I didn't even have to turn up the radio. It is still coming in really well but there is beginning to be a bit of static.

Why doesn't WBZ make a bumper saying "Filling in for Steve Lavally, Morgan White, Jr?"


Just found out famous author Robert B. Parker died a couple years ago.

The first book of his I read was "Double Play." It reminds me of the good things about spring: the beginning of baseball season and the return of the warm weather.

Recently I read "Potshot", one of the Spencer novels. I really admire Spencer's cool demeanor and the fact he doesn't scare easily. I also like his methodical manner of going about things.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Heard Terry O'Reily on "Fresh Air" this morning. Listened to "Under The Influence" later and it was the same content as he was talking to Mary Eto about.

Does Rick Dees only do a top 20 countdown now instead of the top 40?

Does nobody on the radio no how to pronounce February anymore?

What happened to Paul Lange? He doesn't seem to be on The Wolf now.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Heard Coleen Jones on "Here And Now" this afternoon. Man, she's gotten older.

Heard E.C. Fulcher, Jr. on WWCR a few nights ago. He is so bucking vulgar.

Last week my computer speakers were picking up Pastor Melissa Scott.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


That woman who is accused of helping Gaddafi's son worked in attawopiskat before she went to Libya. Everything in the news coming together.

The town where those two police officers were shot is called Killam. No irony there.

Apparently there is a growing trend of people disfiguring themselves to look like animals, doing things such as having their ears altered so they are pointy like mouse ears. God help us.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


In Marmora, Ontario, this pleasant little restaurant has a good atmosphere and really good food.

When I was there yesterday, there were a lot of people who seemed like regulars having lunch and chatting with each other and the staff.

I had the hamburger special, which came with fries and coleslaw. The patty was made from real hamburger and was delicious, as was the rest of the meal.

By the way, if you like strong coffee, go to Bailey's Cafe. I had two cups of coffee with cream and was still plenty wired seven hours later.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It is amazing how much new age beliefs have permeated our society, from business even to people’s everyday thinking.

As far as “The Secret” is concerned, see my post titled “The Boy Whose Parents Cut His Arm off So He Could Make More Money Busking.”

A new age girl in college had sex with this guy and a couple of his roommates because the guy claimed they’d all been lovers in previous lives. When I heard that, I fairly laughed my butt off.

Instead of the film “Out on a Limb” with Shirley Maclean, I would recommend another movie called “Out on a Limb.” It was released in 1992 and stars Matthew Broderick. It features two brothers named Jim and Jim.

(Hallelujah Chorus plays in the background)
“This sure don’t sound like Iron Maiden. Are you sure this is the right station?”
“It’s a concert. It sounds different live.”

As far as free masonry is concerned, the Grand Masonic Lodges aren’t going to tell you they’re involved in a vast conspiracy to bring about a new world order. It is worth noting the number of famous people, from U.S. presidents to famous authors, who’ve been thirty-three and a third degree masons.

It is also worth noting the number of masonic symbols in our society, especially in our architecture.

The Heaven’s Gate cult was murdered because they had superior knowledge about computers.

Rae leans: I thought all those people went back to working at Burger King a few years ago.

New agers tend to be flaky. They’ll flit from one temporarily captivating new age belief to another.

New agers also charge a lot of money for their courses and materials.

So all the religions of the world are one? So how come they all contradict each other? And how come the adherents of some religions are told to kill the adherents of other religions?

Does Cirq du Solaile have anything to do with the Solar Temple?

It would be pretty arrogant to suggest we are the only ones in the universe. I believe that aliens exist. However, I don’t think they are too interested in us humans. People have reported seeing aliens for thousands of years. If they were going to invade, they would have done it before now. They probably just visit here occasionally and watch us.

Additionally, a Nazi general during World War II said communism, nationalism, terrorism, and aliens were going to be used to bring about the new world order. Watch for the president of the United States to announce, “We’ve been invaded by aliens. Quick, give up all your freedoms.”

Many UFO encounters can also be explained as encounters with demons.

As far as Atlantis is concerned, it says in the psalms “you have destroyed cities even their memory has perished” so it seems not unreasonable to suppose there might have once been a city called Atlantis that sank into the sea.

It’s amazing how many key figures in Buddhism, Hinduism, the New Age, etc. are Jewish.

Channelling is one new age practise that has infiltrated Christianity to a high degree, thanks to teachers like Rick Warren.

While there is lots of quackery in natural or alternative medicine, it is far better than conventional medicine, which is pharmachia, or sorcery. Actually, Christians are at the forefront of many natural treatments.

New age leaders are key figures in the new world order’s plans because of their beliefs that all religions are the same. They will be and are being used to bring about the one world religion.