Thursday, March 28, 2013


We launched a new website + Pre-order your physical copy of The Mermaid & The Astronaut - EP - HERE!

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We just launched our new website! check it out at

In celebration of moving to New York, we've decided to print physical copies of The Mermaid & The Astronaut - EP. Pre-order your copy HERE.

When you purchase your limited edition copy of The Mermaid & The Astronaut - EP, you will also get a CD of Find North, and one of our Polar Bear Ts. For only $25!!! SHIPS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

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Below is a collage from our last show in Brooklyn with @javalaphugus (Javier Cruz) doing some of his wild projections...stay tuned for more :)


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Johnny and Jörn

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Last Friday heard either martial music or hymns on 6110.

I can't believe a woman was ordering stuff over the phone and giving out her credit card number on air over CKOL, albeit unknowingly. That station gets worse and worse all the time.

Watched an episode of "Clone High" on YouTube. I can't suspend my disbelief long enough to swallow the premise.

KDKA was coming in really well last night.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


The January 28 issue of Maclean's contains a glowing article about Brian Mulroney's resurgence in popularity, as if the public is supposed to forget all the things he did. This includes but is not limited to NAFTA, calling the railroad our national dream and then making cutbacks to it and calling the CBC one of our most important resources and doing the same thing. .

The January issue of Chatalaine contains an article about a woman who escaped a verbally abusive relationship. The main problem with the article is it's lack of journalistic detail. There's no real story to fill in the supporting facts about the man, the woman and the others involved in what happened.

The March 14 issue of Broadcast Dialogue features an article by the president of the North American Broadcasters Association about the need to adopt a new treaty for the  protection of broadcasters' signals, read preventing piracy. These broadcast industry representatives don't want to prevent piracy. Rather, they would like to censor the internet to the point where it is like broadcast media now, that is, controlled by a few people feeding the public the information they want it to know.

The author, Jeff McEwan, mentions the loss of revenue to the producers of radio and television programming. However, internet piracy fuels sales of said forms of media. People eat before they buy, like it and eat some more legitimately.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Wonder if the HAARP station in Alaska QSLs?

Been tuning around the shortwave with my secondary radio. This radio has problems regarding noise floor. A Greatful Dead concert on 5110; good to be able to get WWCR 4840 and 3215 again.

KJAZZ, please put the LISTEN LIVE link at the top of your website.

Love the special online programming WBCQ has during the day.

Monday, March 11, 2013


I like the re-design of the WBCQ website. It is a lot easier to use.

98.9 The Drive was coming in somewhat well today. I think it would have been a good day for DXing but I was too busy to do any.

The departure of Michael Smerkonish from terrestrial radio has gotten me thinking about one aspect of the death of the industry. Howard Stern moved to satilite in 2005 and was replaced by three shows, all of which failed. Dr. Laura moved to satilite a few years ago and was replaced on her flagship station by a show that failed after a year. Bill O'Riely gave up his radio show last year and I believe was replaced by Mike Huckaby. I would bet the former governor of Arkansas is not as popular as O'Riely's radio show was back in the day.

Popular hosts leave terrestrial radio but aren't followed by successful replacements.


I used to think the Experience Project was a glorified porn site but now I see it features a variety of interesting topics.

Yes, Wattpad, include the same story twice in one email.

Joined a Yahoo! group today for the first time. It was interesting.

By the way, Yahoo! allows you to sign in with your Google account. They're giving up.


Hey there, Welcome to the Spring! We've moved to New York, and there are tons of good things growing...

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After more then 6 months of free downloads we are getting ready to print physical copies of

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Hey there,

Welcome to the Spring! We are just ending three months of much-needed hibernation. After releasing The Mermaid & The Astronaut - EP we finished an awesome summer tour through Germany, spent September on the west coast, and finished our 2012 tour with some great shows around New York. If you're interested in hearing some more elaborate stories from the road, please check out our journal.

We have officially moved to New York City!! Or, Brooklyn rather, but the overall effect is the same. Having essentially been moving since the release of Find North in September 2011: 2 years on the road... it feels so good to call New York HOME!

Now that we have a home, we're hard at work: writing lots of new songs, working on a crazy multi-media addition to our live-show, booking dates for the spring and summer, and recording this years release! We are about to launch a new website: cleaner, clearer, etc. we're stoked. That being said, The Mermaid And the Astronaut - EP will only be available for Free-Download until next Friday March 15th - for those of you that have already downloaded the EP, thank you! We truly appreciate your support. For those of you that have not yet downloaded the EP, get it NOW! and tell your friends to get it too :)

Next Thursday, March 14th 2013 - we will be celebrating our Brooklyn Homecoming at Muchmore'sin Williamsburg (including some of our new-fangled visuals). This is our first show in 2013, and we are so ready to, if your in the NY area, come get it! 9PM

On another note, we've almost sold-out of Find North CDs and Polar Bear T-Shirts, so, if you havent got your hands on one or both these fine pieces of merchandise, get yours here: ECHOREV STORE

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Friday, March 8, 2013


A little while ago I picked up a ham operator in West Virginia talking to another ham about the weather.


by James Springer. Toronto: Groundwood Books, 1997.

The author of this book is truly a jerkwad.

Springer ruins the legitimate facts he brings up about child labour by throwing in children working in industrialised countries. That's right. The guy actually equates a ten year old working in a Pakistani carpet factory thirteen hours a day with a teenager working at McDonald's for a few hours after school.

Springer talks about how businesses exploit teenagers by paying them less per hour than adults and by giving them shorter shifts so they don't have to allow breaks. Well, teenagers are looking to get experience in the working world. They are also looking to earn money. This isn't necissarily to buy consumer goods in our money-driven society. A lot of teenagers, particularly where I live, are working to pay the expenses of owning a car, a necessity in a rural area without public transportation such as where I live. as well as car expenses (which keep going up with Liberal governments), teenagers are also working to earn money for university tuition. Businesses have to make a profit so teenagers are a good fit for a store or restaurant economically.

Springer doesn't really want to hold the feet of big multinational fast food chains to the fire. Instead, his real goal, as it is with all these new world order people, is to shut down local restaurants and other small businesses that employ teenagers. That way, when the former employees of those places can't find work because everything else has gone bankrupt, they will rush into the arms of the government for their sustinance and welfare.


Got a call last night from a polling firm that was doing a survey on behalf of the Provincial Progressive Conservatives. It was automated and you were supposed to press numbers on the keypad in order to answer. Obviously that polling firm hasn't been reading my posts about how you shouldn't use an automated system that requires pressing a number even if you're legit.

Anyway, I figured since there's been talk about a possible provincial election the call was on the level so I participated in the survey. I gave them my answers, but below is a summation of the answers I really wanted to give (another reason why the polling firm should have used a real person.)

Q: Who would you vote for if a provincial election were held?
A. I have quit voting. Our whole electoral system is completely flawed. You can't elect the premier separately from the candidate for your riding. Besides, the elections are all fixed anyway; our vote doesn't make a darn bit of difference.

Q: Do you support getting rid of the DriveClean program?
A. Yes (which was also my actual answer in the survey.) The less control the government has over our lives, the better.

Q: Something about the teacher's union I can't remember.
A. The teacher's union can eat a flaming bag of disease-infected heroin needles for the way they've been acting. In fact, we shouldn't even have public schools.


Got another call about a week ago from one of those computer scammers.

As always, I pretended to go through the steps with the guy. It was a different process from the ones before. When the wog got to the part involving the event log, he asked me what I saw. I said I saw an event about a pancake breakfast and a couple other things I don't remember.


Glad Gill Deacon is hosting "Here And Now."

Also glad MBC Radio's stream is easier to access.

The fuzziness of CBC's 98.7 signal has stopped.


This film reminds me of an aspect of why I don't watch many movies. The scenes of innocent people getting killed, the sometimes vulgar humour and other similar remarks made by the characters make me unsettled.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


That's more alcohol for the rest of us.

These two retarded kids in the residence at the school for the blind liked Stompin Tom. I would hear them play his music and think, "Buck, is this bucker aiming to write a song about every square inch of Canada?"

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The CBC transmitter from Peterborough on 98.7 sounded a bit fuzzy yesterday and today.

WTAM needs to get new episodes of their features.

Took a trip to Kingston yesterday and found CFRC on the radio as we got into Kingston. Listened to the end of one program and the first few minutes of "Biotech Beat." Listened to program featuring Spanish music as well as news on the return trip. Signal was lost completely as we got past Napanee.

Speaking of car radios, are there any still made that allow you to navigate frequency by frequency? The one in the car I was travelling in only picked up the frequencies with strong enough signals to be heard; not an empty or fuzzy one to be found.

Also yesterday in the car picked up an NPR classical music station and another NPR station with a program talking about anorexia and the obesity epidemic while I was looking for CFRC.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


The article about the traveling Afghan circus in the January 14 issue of Maclean's is most interesting.

In the same issue there is an article gushing over how well the HPV vaccine is being accepted in Africa while at the same time making fun of parents in North America who are (rightly) opposed to it. Can anyone say eugenics? We'll see how well these African girls like their vaccine when they start experiencing paralysis. Don't believe me? Look up HPV vaccine side effects or Gardasil side effects on YouTube.

In the same issue there is also an article about Jen and Sylvia Soska, identical twins who make abominable films. They are also devout Catholics. Just shows you how bad that whore church really is to let those kinds of depraved, filthy girls in there.


I like "The Lorne Brooker Show" better when Bill Gliski is hosting it than when Lorne Brooker is hosting.

Gosh Nicole Klunstiber, you have got to be the worst newsperson I have ever heard. I'm sure you said "whuch" during today's noon newscast on CJBQ instead of "which."

That numbers with reverberating male voice was back on WTWW 5830 tonight.

CBC Radio One has been retarded in a lot of their viewpoints this week.