Saturday, March 31, 2012


The March 23/24 edition of "Coast To Coast" with George Napp was sure interesting with lots of unique callers.

Yesterday afternoon's repeat of "Behavior Night" on WBCQ had an odd sound quality to it.

Picked up a station on 1680 from Philadelphia tonight. Think the call letters were WTVM.

Friday, March 30, 2012


A long time ago there was nothing. Then, nothing exploded, even though for an explosion you need oxygen, an excelerant and a spark. Dust spun off from this explosion and created the stars and planets.

On Earth, it rained for millions of years, though rain retains heat so you'd think that would cook the Earth.

Then the Earth cooled and somehow one-celled organisms appeared. One day, two one-celled organisms decided to join together to create a multi-celled organism. Another day, a one-celled organism decided to stick part of themself into another one-celled organism which is supposed to signify the first instance of sexual reproduction, though I guess to really be sure of that you would have had to live in the culture of the time.

Eventually, somehow, these new tiny multi-celled organisms formed into what we call today fish. One day, one of these fish decided to climb out of the water and explore the land, though why it didn't immediately die since it wasn't equipped to breath on land I don't know.

Eventually, more animals came out of the water and started living on land. Reptiles evolved into birds. However, you would think at one point there would be a half-reptile, half-bird "missing link." Presumably, this missing link would have a half leg, half wing. Therefore, it could neither fly nor walk. Thus, how did it find food? How did it find a mate?

Why aren't there fossils of all kinds of missing links found today? Why aren't there all these skeletons of animals at various stages of development from one speces to another?

Eventually, monkeys evolved into apes and then man. The first humans were cave-dwellers. Reportedly, these cave people were far less intelligent than man today. Thus, how did they survive to eventually create us?

"This plant look good. I eat. Yum
(Dies because plant is poisonous. Other cave man sees this. However, is not smart enough to realize poisonous plant will have same effect on him. Eventually, all cave men eat poisonous plants and die.)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Things growing upside down.

I wonder what the world would be like if you could take full bottles of booze back to the store and get full ones.

A mother and father once said, "Where shall we put all our old food and garbage? I know! In our son's bed."

Riding a michanical bull during a hurricane. Better Superglue the kids to the tire swing for safety's sake. Then won't you be the smartest person in the world, seriously.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Holy moly, had tons of good dx Saturday with this awesome weather.

88.3 WEAR Family Radio with hymn, later reading listener mail.

89.1 The Point with Cake "Sheep Go To Heaven, Goats Go To Hell."

90.1 WXXI with pledge drive, later with German program.

92.1 WSEN with promo.

93.3 WFCL with ID "Where all the music sounds like this."

Kix 93.7 with ID promoting "Sunday In The Country" with Jeff Coates, so cool that guy's still on the air.

95.1 WFXY with Ozzy Osborne "Crazy Train" and ID.

95.3 CING with commercials.

96.1 WJYE with commercials.

96.1 CJKX with announcer doing promo liner.

96.5 WCMF with announcer live in studio and another doing a remote from an Irish bar, later with Buffalo Sabres hockey, didn't know CMF had the Sabres now.

97.3 WYXL with music and ID.

97.9 WPXY with commercials.

98.1 CHFI with top three Irish artists of all time.

98.7 CHVR with St. Patricks Day messages and promo for St. Patricks Day themed programming coming up the next afternoon. Swear this broke into CBC's signal clear as a bell at around 10:30 a.m., even though they're a relatively low-power station two hours away.

98.9 WBZA with music, commercials, promo for "Mornings With Amy and Beck." Was coming in well from 10:00 in the morning till after 2:00 in the afternoon.

99.5 WDCX with Christian contemporary song, ID and into health infomercial. Later with Christian contemporary music.

100.5 WDVI with music and commercials, also live announcer in studio.

101.3 WRMM with announcer and music.

102.5 WTSS with commercials.

103.1 WEDG with Marcy Playground.

Big Dog 103.5 with commercials.

Big Frog 104 with commercials.

106.7 WKGS with commercials.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Shortwave character and frequent caller to Allen Weener Worldwide Jay Smilkstein died this past Monday at his home in Mount Kisco.

Smilkstein was teased a lot by the shortwave pirate community over the years. He was nicknamed Bozo for his resemblance to Bozo the clown.

In the end, however, it seemed like the community came together for him, sympathizing with his financial and health problems.

For my part, I enjoyed the various audio colages and jokes that were made about Jay over the years.

Once I heard Jay call Brother Stair's voicemail. It blew my mind.

If anyone needs me, I'll be at the A and P, either there or the Burger King (anyone remember that particular call?)


Last night I went to a sort of Christian fundraising event.

Near the end, the person heading the event got up and sang "Hallelujah" by Leonard "The Kike" Cohen. She said this blasphemous song was good because it got people to say Hallelujah, which means "praise God."

First, when Paul was in Ephesus and was being followed by that girl who was shouting, "These men are from the Lord Jesus Christ to tell you how to be saved", Paul turned around and cast the demon out of her. This is because he knew the girl was saying what she was saying in mockery. She wasn't proclaiming the Gospel without knowing it, she was mocking Christianity. This was wrong and Paul took care of that situation.

Thus, this Leonard Cohen song, including the Hallelujahs is wrong because it is a mockery toward God.

Saying this song is good because it makes people say praise God is like saying pedophiles are good people because they drive slowly through school zones.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Taken from Lucid Meetings website, which you can get to by clicking the link above.

Our Vision

Meetings matter. Every group, from the small project team to the corporate board, holds meetings to make key decisions, check progress, hash out issues, and build consensus. Meetings remind us that we are in this as a team, that we have support from others, that we are building something as a group. A great meeting brings out the best in your team and drives them forward. We believe software can help teams hold great meetings: meetings that are on time, where informed decisions are made, and plans are set firmly in motion.

Our Mission

Lucid Meetingshelps groups pursue their goals through online meetings that are more productive, more efficient, and more rewarding. We combine collaborative and web conferencing software to support professional meeting preparation, a collaborative in-meeting experience, and effortless follow-through on meeting results. We seek to offer an unparalleled meeting experience for working teams at an affordable price.


Elise, John, Chris and Tony have between them started five companies, two of which were acquired. Two others are profitable and continue to thrive. Their latest venture, Lucid Meetings, was created when they grew increasingly frustrated with existing online meeting tools and decided they could do better. While the company is located in Portland, OR,the founders are dispersed and use their own product to meet and guide the company forward.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This most popular American talk show host touts family values but has been divorced three times and had Elton John play at his most recent wedding.

He didn't register to vote until 1988.

At one point in the eighties, Limbaugh was living on potato chips, too lazy to mow his own lawn.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Didn't hear Walter Becker on WWCR Saturday afternoon.

Reception on AM (MW) has been really bad the past few days. I wonder if we aren't experiencing that solar flare now.

989 The Drive was coming in really well this morning.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Baha'i: Your messiah is dead.

That thing about eliminating the gap between the rich and the poor sounds communistic.

Orthodoxy: Catholicism light.

Scientology: A fiction of a religion based on a science fiction story.

Satanism: Ultimately any worship apart from that of the true God is worship of Satan.

Unification Church: Has a holy family (father, mother, son) just like Catholicism.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


It was good to hear Dr. Doom on Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting last week.

Glad "The Angler And Hunter Radio Show" is back. It is an interesting and unique show which helps bring variety to CJBQ.

Heard Arabic on Radio France International Saturday afternoon.

Spaceman sounded unusually upbeat last night on AM 640.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Picked up CFPL last night.

Also last night heard "Overnight America" for the first time.

WSCR, WGN and WBBM were supposed to be off the air for a few hours last night but they weren't. Maybe because of the weather.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


The Catholic Church is the whore of Revelation.

I don’t know why Beverly says we have to give any credence to Augustine, Aquinas or “St.” Francis. If I happen to agree with something they said, it is because that thing lines up with the Bible, not because they said it. Anything is going to contain a certain amount of truth. Rat poison is 98 percent cornmeal; it’s the other two percent you have to watch out for.

The trinity is not three individual separated persons. Instead, think of it more in terms of a body, an organ and a tissue. I explained this in more detail in a previous post.

Catholics do not believe in the Bible alone. Rather, they believe that church tradition and the declarations of the Pope are equal to the word of God.

Catholics believe Mary is the mediator who makes intercession on our behalf. I heard a Catholic woman attest to this in a testimony.

No person, not least the Pope, can be infallible when they teach.

As far as the separated brethren teaching is concerned, “he who the Son sets free is free indeed.”

Salvation in the Catholic Church is completely of works. You have to go to Confession every Saturday morning, you have to say mass and the rosary, you have to say special prayers at other times, etc.

If the bread and wine were transubstantiated, that would mean Jesus Christ would be continually sacrificing himself. Yet, the Bible says he sacrificed himself “once for all.”

Mary was not a perpetual virgin. Jesus had four brothers and probably sisters as well.

Michelangelo was painting the Cisteen Chapel one day when a woman came in, knelt down and started praying to Mary. The great painter, in the mood to pull a bit of a prank, said from his perch on the ladder, “What do you want, my child?” The woman kept praying to Mary. Again Michelangelo shouted, “What do you want my child?” There was still no response, so Michelangelo repeated this a third time. Finally the woman looked up and said, “Hush up, child; I’m talkin to your mama.”

If Mary was immaculately conceived, then that would make Christ not fully human, which the Bible says he was. This, in effect means Catholics are bringing another Jesus. The Bible warns in 2 John that we should not accept (the teachings) of anyone who comes bringing another Jesus.

If Jesus paid for our sins, why would we need to go to Purgatory?

Darn right the Pope is not sinless. The current pope and the previous one have probably abused thousands of little boys each. Throughout history, all those buckers have done is kill people.

In recent weeks there has been news about in-fighting among cardinals. How can this be the true church?

The Catholic Church always let people of other religions compromise, allowing them to keep their customs while at the same time adopting the Catholic faith.

Catholics teach Jesus gave Peter the keys to the kingdom. This is where we get the notion that St. Peter meets us at the gates of Heaven. I wonder if it’s like on the “Jeopardy” Tournament of Champions or something where they give the winner the keys to their new car at the end of the show.

The Catholic Church teaches Scripture should be open to everyone! That’s not what they taught in the middle Ages. Even into the early twentieth century, the Popes were very opposed to the Bible societies.

The Catholic Church perpetuates much myth, including the one that a girl is or is not a virgin based on whether her hymen has been broken.

Of course Beverly can’t accept “conspiracy theories” about what goes on at the Vatican, things the Jesuits have done and Alberto Rivera’s claims because that would destroy the warm and fuzzy ecumenical image he and other mainstream Christian authors and publishers are trying to promote.

Why should we unite with Catholics based on things we disagree with? These people are a heretical cult which teaches another Jesus, really a pagan religions ranked with all the others.

As far as social issues are concerned:

- Contraception: I guess you don’t need to use contraceptives on little boys. This anti-birth control doctrine was put in place so Catholics would have too many children and be poor.

- The sin of premarital sex: Catholic girls are easy. In the confessionals, priests have been known to ask even pre-pubescent girls about graphic sexual matters. Priests have been known to pimp out nuns.

Homosexuality and same sex marriage: They have the nerve to complain about that after what their priests have been up to?

Abortion: The Catholic Church would rather wait till the babies come out of the womb to kill them just as they’ve killed millions of “heretics” and their own people already.

Catholics do leave Christ on the cross. There is very little emphasis on the resurrection. Through the crucifix and Communion, they want to put our Lord on the cross millions of times over.

Catholicism is the revival, or rather the continuation of ancient Babylonian paganism. Compare symbols and traditions. Read “The Two Babylon’s” for further information on this topic.

Beverly’s agenda with regards to writing this book is so evident in this chapter. Maybe, and this is just my speculation, is working in conjunction of Jesuits in publishing this tome.

The Catholic Church has always viewed women more or less as domestic servants.

Why should we have any reverence for Mary other than in that she was pure in heart and thus chosen to bear Jesus? She was a sinner who needed saving like everyone else. We don’t know if she ultimately came to faith in Christ. Also, it was Jesus who remained faithful to His mother at the hour of his death, charging John with her care.

Remember, Beverly, according to the American Tobacco Association cigarettes don’t cause cancer.

“When she is the lesser power, she is as gentle as a lamb. When she is of equal power, she is clever as a fox. When she is the greater power, she is as fierce as a lion.”