Thursday, March 15, 2012


Taken from Lucid Meetings website, which you can get to by clicking the link above.

Our Vision

Meetings matter. Every group, from the small project team to the corporate board, holds meetings to make key decisions, check progress, hash out issues, and build consensus. Meetings remind us that we are in this as a team, that we have support from others, that we are building something as a group. A great meeting brings out the best in your team and drives them forward. We believe software can help teams hold great meetings: meetings that are on time, where informed decisions are made, and plans are set firmly in motion.

Our Mission

Lucid Meetingshelps groups pursue their goals through online meetings that are more productive, more efficient, and more rewarding. We combine collaborative and web conferencing software to support professional meeting preparation, a collaborative in-meeting experience, and effortless follow-through on meeting results. We seek to offer an unparalleled meeting experience for working teams at an affordable price.


Elise, John, Chris and Tony have between them started five companies, two of which were acquired. Two others are profitable and continue to thrive. Their latest venture, Lucid Meetings, was created when they grew increasingly frustrated with existing online meeting tools and decided they could do better. While the company is located in Portland, OR,the founders are dispersed and use their own product to meet and guide the company forward.

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