Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The advertisers sure responded to Hurricane Sandy in a hurry.

Listened to more storm coverage on WABC last night.

Heard a weird earthquake drill, called The Big Shake or something, on WGN last night.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sunday night, I picked up Radio Havana Cuba.

Also Sunday night, the weather band on my shortwave was somewhat working.

Listened to some of the coverage of Hurricane Sandy last night and tonight. Last night I listened on WABC and tonight I listened to both WABC and WJR.

Also tonight I picked up WOWO Fort Wayne, WOOD Grand Rapids and 1250 The River.


The verse in 1 Corinthians 13 that contains the phrase "if I speak in the tongues of men and angels" isn't saying that we can speak in a Heavenly language. What Paul is saying is if he could talk in a language that only angels spoke and understood but didn't have love for his fellow man, it would be in vain.

Where in the Bible does anyone "sing in the Spirit?" Ditto "groaning in the Spirit?"

Where in the Bible is smoke a sign of the presence of God?

Satan is the God of this world system. However, Jesus Christ bought back the world, as in the planet on the cross with His blood.

We pray for things because God wants our participation. He does things, but our duty in this matter is to ask Him first. The Bible does also say God can do nothing on His own initiative, either can't or doesn't, I forget what the verse actually says.

The Lord knows the things we need before we ask so we shouldn't pray for the necesities of life. The phrase in the Lord's prayer "give us this day our daily bread" means "give us our Spiritual bread, knowledge and wisdom and understanding from God."

Hagan twists the verse about "in the mouth of two or three witnesses let all things be established" to mean that if you can twist two or three scriptures or one scripture and a so-called word from the Lord then that proves what you're saying.

Where in the Bible does it say you'll know when your done praying when you have a "note of victory?"

Acts 2 38 means that when you repent and are baptised you'll have the Holy Spirit. It is not referring to a "baptism of the Holy Spirit" where one of the initial signs is speaking in tongues.

If these tongues that these Pentacostals speak in are "God's language", then wouldn't they have common words? Someone should study a whole bunch of these different tongues. I'd suspect they wouldn't find a common word in even two of them. If tongues in Heavenly language are talking to God, shouldn't they all have a common word meaning "the Most High God" like the tetrogrammaton?

I suspect some if not many of the stories Hagan told were apocryphal.


A few cool sites to tell you about today.

First, Drummer World, a community of drummers where you can see tutorials, discuss drumming techniques and listen to drum solos.

Next, Bangla Music. At first the broken English makes it look like a spam site, but I can assure you it's legit. Listen to a huge selection of music from Bangladesh. The A category has over three gigs of stuff in it alone.

Next, Digital Podcast. Same thing with the site above as far as the broken English making it appear fishy at first, but a really good site. A directory with over 2000 pages of podcasts. That's right, not over 2000 podcasts listed, but over 2000 pages of listings.

Monday, October 29, 2012


In a chapter in "The Case for the Real Jesus", Stroble interviews a professor about whether Christianity came from Mythrism. The issue of Mythrus and Jesus both being born on December 25 comes up. The professor says Jesus was possibly born on January 6. Of course the professor can't say Jesus was born in the fall because this might lead Christians into finding out about the pagan origins of Christmas.

In the next chapter, Stroble interviews a Jew who supposedly converted to Christianity. (Whether he actually is saved only God knows.) The Jewish scholar uses the unholy name for Jesus when that's not actually how the ancient Hebrews would have pronounced it.


Demented laughter that started off slightly evil and became increasingly evil. Most of the service consisted of this as well as Hagan breathing the Holy Spirit (actually demons?) on people.

Hagan spoke in tongues. I wonder what Satanic messages his gibberish contained.

Where in the Bible is falling down ever considered a sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit?

The Bible says, "be not drunk with wine but be filled with the Holy Spirit." It never says be drunk (out of your head) with the Holy Spirit.

Could the freedom Hagan talks about really be "free Edom?"

The Bible speaks of being free, but it is freedom in the context of liberty, the freedom to do whatever doesn't violate the law of God.

"If you need Jesus, say "Brother Keith, will you pray for me?"

Shouldn't they be praying themselves?

Sunday, October 28, 2012


1. It's designed to make everything boring and make children not want to learn.

2. It's one size fits all learning when, in fact, everyone learns differently. When the public school system's theory proves not to be true, the child who learns differently is labelled as stupid or disabled.

3. Your kids have to be in with the riff raff. Let's face it. It's government-run, so it's open to everyone, including the children of parents who send their kids to school half-dressed, without manners and without proper teaching on how to behave.

4. It creates the idea of the school as a hangout. All these children are sent to school and become accustomed to the school as a focal point for getting to know people. Many people go through school, get out into the real world and have no way of making friends because there isn't an environment with people there own age sharing a common experience anymore. Many of these people also have trouble making friends with people of different ages because they've been used to people in the same age group for years and years.

5. It creates an environment where children are taught by other children they always have to have the latest thing and be "cool" according to the other children's definition of cool.

6. The emphasis is on things happening at scheduled times rather than things getting done. In the real world, the focus of work most often is to get something done by a certain date. In the workplace, if you can't get something done by the end of the day, you stay and work overtime.

7. Conversely, if you do manage to get your work done within the period, you can't move onto the next thing planned for the day because you have to wait for the other students and the end of the class.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Christmas is the ancient pagan winter solstice festival dressed up in Christian garb. It was instituted by Constantine in AD 336.

The symbols associated with Christmas all have their routes in paganism. A little research will confirm this.

Nowhere in the Bible are we commanded to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Now ask yourself, is it right to take something that is inherently sinful, like a pagan holiday, and celebrate it as Jesus' birthday?

Our Saviour said "a good tree bareth good fruit and a bad tree bareth bad fruit." Here is some of the bad fruit Christmas bares, notwithstanding people who have been saved by Christmas sermons who wouldn't have been reached any other way and the token charitable deeds that are done at that time of year.

1. All the stress and hassle that comes with Christmas shopping.

2. People who can barely afford food and heat will go without those things because they are obligated to buy Christmas presents.

3. All the stress that goes along with planning and preparing for the holidays in general.

4. The fact you can't escape it. You hear about it year round anymore.

5. The fact you can't get anything done. Every single thing you, your spouse or children are involved with has a Christmas party.

6. The increased rates of depression and suicide. (Mental health professionals, don't tell me the rates are the same year-round. I know I get more emotional around the holidays.)

7. All the humiliating moments, family fights and drunkenness associated with the Christmas season.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Is fan fiction just code for errotica?

Snarking seems like the type of thing I've been looking for all my life.

Joining Craigslist was easy. Kudos to them for being accessible.


OK WTAM, you can stop playing the same two episodes of "Classic Cuts."

Al Gore's Current TV is up for sale. CEO Joel Hyatt says they'd had three offers this year alone, so the time was right. Also, they couldn't make any money or get any viewers.

The weather band on my shortwave is somewhat working tonight.


So in "The Case For The Real Jesus" Stroble interviews a Biblical scholar with the last name of Wallace who says certain things about some Biblical passages.

The scholar says the story of the woman caught in adultery was added into John's gospel by a later writer and cannot be trusted as far as details. Well, maybe Luke wrote the passage but was not inspired to put it in his gospel. John later got ahold of it and included it in his gospel, adding the specific details. John was one of Jesus' disciples, so he either would have been there or he could have asked other witnesses.

Wallace says that the detail of the sin being adultery is not varrifiable. Logically, though, the sin the woman was caught in had to be adultery because that's the only capital offense that falls outside of one's body, that is, that involves multiple persons. One thing that I think is quite inferable from the passage is that the woman's accusers were all guilty as well.

Wallace says the verses at the end of Mark 16 weren't included in the original manuscripts, but were added later based on incidents from Acts. Well, who's being like atheists and putting the cart before the horse now, Stroble and Wallace? Also, where would the writer get the sign of drinking poison if it weren't originally in Mark's gospel? There is no example of that sign taking place in Acts.

Wallace says Mark 1 41 should read Jesus was moved with anger, not compassion, but this is utterly stupid and ridiculous on it's face, contextually speaking. This lepper comes to Jesus and says that if it's Jesus' will, Jesus can make him clean. Jesus heals the lepper and basically says that it is His will and the lepper is clean. Why would Jesus be angry in that situation?

Most difficult, and, in the end, damningly on Wallace and Stroble's part, however, is the assertion that 1 John 5 7-8 is not actually part of the Bible. Wallace says the verses were taken from a homily in the eighth century, but less than an hour's research on the internet turns up that these verses were referred to and even directly quoted in the third, fourth and fifth centuries. For example, Cyprian alludes to these verses by including the words "these three are one" in one of his writings on the trinity, and he reportedly also quotes the passage directly in another one of his writings.

Wallace angrily laments the ignorance in the church today when referring to 1 John 5 7-8, but who is being willingly or unwillingly ignorant? Are Stroble and Wallace possibly not ignorant but deliberately misleading?

Thursday, October 25, 2012


In "The Case for Faith", Stroble interviews John D. Woodbridge.

Woodbridge says the Albigensians were heretics, when actually the Albegensians knew the Bible better than Catholic priests.

Woodbridge also downplays the Crusades, even though they fit with the Catholic church's usual way of doing things and were brought about by the direct orders of the Pope.

Woodbridge also downplays the severity of the Inquisition and neglects to mention that Rome has continued to do such things up to at least the twentieth century.

Additionally, Woodbridge says "you can't be a Christian and be anti-Semetic." He says Jesus' disciples were all Jewish, even though they had no genetic relation to the people we call Jews today.

Woodbridge also attributes Luther's anti-Jewishness to leg pains or some ridiculous thing in the reformer's later years. However, Luther read the Talmud and knew what the Jews were.

In "The Case for a Creator", Stroble interviews two scholars who say Galileo was threatened with being burned at the stake for making fun of the Pope. Even if this were true, it would still be inexcusable. Also, the two scholars say Galileo's persecution didn't really have anything to do with his teaching that the Earth revolved around the sun and that other scientists weren't killed for believing this. What about the quote then in "Fifty Years in the Church of Rome" where a scholar who lived around the same time as the famous scientist is quoted to the effect that he believes what Galileo teaches but can't publicly acknowledge it's truth or he'll be killed?

Of course Zondervan knows that if they appeal to the Catholics they'll sell a lot more books.


Hi all,

Forwarding this from our friend Eileen Quinn. Eileen hosts and runs a fabulous ‘Open Mic’ event on the first Friday of every month. After letting things rest through the summer this is now starting up again next Friday (November 2nd).

This is easily the best event of its kind that I have played in the area. Well worth a visit.

Sign up on the stage list when you arrive. The format is 2 or 3 songs per act in rotation, followed by a second set (time permitting) of 2 or 3 songs for those who want to play some more. Starts at 7 pm, runs until about 10.

Eileen is terrific, the venue is excellent, the atmosphere is welcoming, the beer is cold, the red wine is passable, the snacks are very edible and everyone has an excellent evening of music in the company of friends and like-minded people. The range of music offered is excellent. The venue is supportive to ‘first-timers’ and experienced performers alike. Performers range from young people in their teens to proto-geezers like myself.

Those of us who’ve played this venue give it an ‘Amazing Recommendation’. It’s really worth checking out. Come to perform or be part of the audience. You’ll enjoy yourself!


Here’s the detailed blurb from Eileen:

What makes this a bit different from other events and venues in the area is that we are aiming for a broad variety of music and we are a true "open mic", meaning people play solo or as duos, etc. (however they’ve come - there's no backing band).We welcome cover tunes and original material. We've got the stage and the sound system. We've got cold beer! Our format is 2 or 3 songs at a time per performer, cycling through the list again if we've got time.

Last year we were drawing about a dozen performers and sometimes 40 people (or more) in attendance. A great start. We’ve had everything from alternate rock through folk, grunge and country. We’ve had covers and excellent local songwriters performing their own original work. Performers come back and bring their friends with them.

First Fridays Marmora Open Mic

November 2nd 7PM

2 Crawford St.

Marmora Curling Club

Licensed Lounge

All types of music welcome. No cover charge.

Bring your ears, your voice, your instrument, your friends



I think, at least insofar as it was in the spiritual realm, Jesus could have silenced that demon on His own.

"Every time someone was healed in the Bible, they wanted to be healed."

What about the lame beggar in the Book of Acts?

While there is something to be said for what Hagan says about "carrying" other believers, even mature Christians can have people pray for them.

The ruling and reigning which Hagan refers to has more to do with having God's law supreme in our lives as opposed to man's law.


It's tough to make it in live theatre these days which is why it's always good to read about a company that's doing well, such as the Ottawa Little Theatre profiled in Maclean's September 17 issue.

In an article about adoption in the September issue of Chatalaine, a woman complains about how difficult international adoption is. How about, if Africa has orphans, Africans adopt them; if Guatemala has orphans, Guatamalans adopt them, etc.

The same issue features Caitlin Moran in the Book Club section. This feminist hyumourist says some things that are frankly pretty stupid.

The exerpt published in the magazine basically says that men don't get upset when other men complain or insult them so women shouldn't get upset either. However, men and women are different, and no, Moran, it isn't just "a 20 percent genital difference." Men and women are dissimilar in so many ways, and this includes the fact that women tend to take things a lot more personally than men.

Moran also says "pornography isn't bad but the industry is sexist." Well of course the porn industry is inherently sexist. Pornography is designed to appeal to men and their linear nature. If pornography were made mostly or equally for women it wouldn't sell because it isn't designed to appeal to the way women are.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Heard a couple minutes of an interesting music program on the VOA Saturday morning.

Man, Saturday morning's episode of "This Is That" was good.

Brother Stair's voice sounds hoarser than ever.

Monday, October 22, 2012


The demonstration of the Spirit Paul spoke of in 2 Corinthians 2 was the power to convict people of their sins and change lives, not the ability to act like mental patients.

The phrase "all I have is thine" in the story of the prodigal son refers to the fact that the elder brother was going to get all the rest of the inheritance.

A lot of freakish, demented laughter from Hagan at the end.


These prosperity preachers talk a lot about "success." Different people define success in different ways.

While a guest preacher at a church, Duplantis needed a watch so he wouldn't go over his time limit. If I were him I wouldn't worry about a time limit, I'd just preach for however long the Holy Spirit told me to preach.

Says the Pope is doing the work of the Lord, which he isn't. Also, the Pope probably does use his plane for personal things.

Abraham wouldn't take his portion from the king of Sodom but he did ask for portions for the men he had brought with him. Even if you don't choose to take money for something, Godly financial wisdom involves always insuring that you give those who work with you and for you what is due them.

The real issue with prospering in an ungodly way is that we can't compromise our faith.

In order for people to get saved, they need to be convicted of their sins. Conviction of the disobedience in their lives is what will bring people to Jesus.

The verse in Ephesians has more to do with spiritual blessings than material things.


"If you can think it, you can have it."

"You're a vessel full of creative power."

Sounds like New Age "You are your own god, you can manifest things with your mind" thinking.

"God said "Then I'll keep giving you more things so you can continue to thank me."

God doesn't give His people things so we can thank Him; he gives us things as blessings for our obedience to His commandments.

Duplantis doesn't preach against Catholicism; in fact, he views them as fellow Christians, which isn't true.

Told a Moslem, "I'm not against your religion, I'm not against you." If you're not against his religion, then what are you doing using the name of someone who said "I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the Father but by me?"

"I didn't want to criticize him."

If you didn't want to criticize this Moslem man, then what are you doing being a Christian preacher?

Did that Moslem ever come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, as opposed to just "talking to God?"


Says the reason most of the people George Whitfield preached to didn't stay in the faith was because Whitfield had no material possessions when he died. No, actually many who were saved by Whitfield's preaching probably did remain Christians. Their salvation wasn't dependent upon Whitfield's financial status. Besides, George Whitfield could preach better than you can.

"You have to catch the fish before you can clean it."

While a lot of Christians leave sinners with the impression they have to clean their lives up before they can come to Christ, Christians should still preach abandonment of sins to the unsaved.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


The September 10 issue of Maclean's has an article asking why so many college students are anxious and depressed. Ultimately, this is because, without Christ these kids have nothing to live for or in which to place their hope.

In the same issue a rabi admits you don't have to believe in God to be "a good Jew."

There is an item in the Newsmakers section of the September 17 issue of Maclean's about "Father" Benedict Rochelle saying that young boys seduce pedophile priests. Rochelle is thus excusing what these priests are doing. The Catholic church then excuses what Rochelle said by blaming his remarks on a car accident he was involved in seven years ago. Typical Catholic behaviour.

Friday, October 19, 2012


These prosperity preachers are always quick to point out the Bible doesn't forbid having things.

The Bible says charity and bringing another back from wandering cover a multitude of sins, not the other thing Duplantis mentioned.

Duplantis talks about professional athletes. Bonds used steroids. Success in a secular arena is no indication that the player is honouring God by using what they were given. Everything gained without God is all in vain.

So Duplantis eats at Wendy's. He is pridefully humble.

Not spending five dollars on a Coke doesn't make you a Christian.


"I wake up every morning and say "It's gonna be a good day.""

See Romans 8 28. We don't need to say that it'll be a good day.

"Billy Graham said, "It's the Holy Spirit's job to convict, it's the Father's job to judge, it's our job to love."

What about the Scripture that says to judge righteously?

"The reason people doubt is jealousy."

No, the reason people doubt is lack of faith.

Cathy responded, "Your mama" to Jessi when he asked her to bring him a glass of water. In the black community "Your mama" means "you have sex with your mother." Is that any way for a Christian to talk?

Yes, part of the church world has this view that Christians shouldn't expect prosperity, but another part of the church world, the part Duplantis is involved with, expects prosperity without obedience.

The Duplantis's appear austentatious, especially with regards to buying high-end clothes. I believe Paul's instructions to Timothy regarding modesty have more to do with not wearing clothes that are too fancy than with dressing too sexily.

Duplantis makes a lot of sex jokes. He also uses the Lord's name in vain a lot, saying things like, "Jesus, Jesus Christ, Oh Jesus, etc." at points in his sermon when it really isn't appropriate to do so. My drunk, pot-smoking United church friend gets you shouldn't say things like that, why can't you get that, Jesse?

Using an analogy about Louis Faton purses?! You're seriously trying to preach to the common people like this?

God created man last simply so we would have everything we need. God created everything in order.


Hurricane Katrina was God's judgment on New Orleans; it's that simple. Another will come because the people have not repented.

The secular world won't necissarily agree with someone who thinks outside the box.

The church world will disagree with such a person because they're content to remain in the same crummy situation they're in.

It was Thomas Edison who said, "I now no 999 ways not to do it."; not Sherlock Holmes.

It is a sin to owe debt; it's not just a higher principle.

Covenant Magazine probably isn'tt the only exposure some people have to Jesus; they probably watch other televangelists at least.

Possitive information is fairly easy to obtain from bigtime preachers like Duplantis, various motivational speakers and others.

"You need to think like I think and walk like I walk."

No, Jesse, we need to think and walk like Christ would have us to think and walk.


The audio capchas for Blogger sound really weird and freakish now. Oh well, at least I'm able to solve these ones.

So many online forms on different websites are inaccessible. Even many email addresses on websites are inaccessible if you don't have Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook, which lots of people say you shouldn't have.

Speaking of email, websites should make an effort to get back to people in a timely manner when they do email them.

Bell Canada can sure be stupid sometimes. A lady called me yesterday about some billing issues. We got everything sorted out. The lady said she would call me back in a few minutes to confirm everything had been updated. A couple minutes later another lady called me and started giving me the same speech about the billing issues that the other staff member and I had just spent twenty minutes resolving.

Also, why wasn't my address for my Ebill changed as soon as my email address with Bell was changed? Hello, you're a phone company _and an internet service provider. Have your departments talk to each other once in a while.


John 8 32: This verse tells us that putting our faith in the truth of Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection will free us from sin. Notice it says “Make you free” instead of the commonly quoted “set you free.” Set implies being made free for a period of time after which the freed person will return to bondage, but Jesus Christ frees us from the clutches of Satan forever.

True freedom can only be found in Jesus Christ.

These days, people don’t want freedom, they want security. Parents and children don’t want freedom nowadays either; they just want to get through one thing after another. “OK, get ready so we can go to a place to do what we have to do so we can then go to another place to do what we have to do so we can come home and do what we have to do. Then we’ll go to bed and sleep because we have to so we can get up tomorrow morning and do a whole bunch of other things we have to do.” There’s no happiness anymore, no freedom to enjoy life, no ability of a parent or child to enjoy whatever they’re doing at the moment simply because they’re doing it.

Isaiah 40 31: This verse speaks of how God will strengthen and motivate His people.

Psalm 91 14-15: This passage tells how God will protect those who love Him.

Genesis 6 17: This verse simply talks about how God was planning to flood the Earth at that time.

The fact is, when man sinned, it brought enmity between forms of life and made it necessary to fight for survival. Note how God cursed the ground in Genesis 3 if you doubt this. Finally man got so wicked that he crossbred with the nephillim. Because God’s salvation only extends to humans and because the people weren’t fully human anymore, and also for the sake of the plants and animals (so that man could not harm them further) all life on the planet had to be destroyed.

The animals in Noah’s ark probably didn’t live in harmony with each other. Likely they had separate cages. They were still under the curse of sin, to prey upon each other.

Acts 17 260-28: This passage helps us to see how God truly controls every little thing.

The Bible is literal. It isn’t like Buddhism or Hinduism where you can interpret Scriptural passages to say anything you want and apply them however you want.

The first verse of the Bible is pretty cut and dry: “in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” A literal personal God actually created everything at the beginning of time.

Jesus never tells us to let go control over our minds.

Proverbs 3 5-6; 16 9: These verses emphasize God’s sovereign control over our lives.

You cannot properly train up children in the way they should go without Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The hot clock for 91x appears to have changed.

This coming Wednesday will be Brother Mike's last broadcast on WBCQ. His program did indeed have an impact on me.

Picked up Radio Havana Cuba in English tonight.

Picked up WTWW's other transmitter tonight.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Watched the final part of this series at my friend's place.

Dollar talks a lot about sowing seed, though what that comes down to is giving more money to the preacher. He talks about sowing the Word, but this turns out to be speaking "sowing Scriptures" over the money before you put it in the offering plate, as opposed to sowing the seed of God's word into the hearts of men.

Says the purpose of communion is to reap a harvest. No, the purpose of communion is to show the Lord's death, as it says right in 1 Corinthians 11.

No real talk about fixing up the sins in areas of people's lives besides the financial. Especially no talk about God's laws regarding finances, such as how every seven years debt is to be cancelled. Thus, there is no taking the nation's leaders to task for not enforcing this law.

Dollar talks a little about Hell and how preachers are going to be there who take up six offerings during a service, so he is less worse than some other televangelists. However, the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Monday, October 15, 2012


So, Tasha Mala, your spouse ran off with a dentist. That's no reason to write an unfunny article about how unnecessary dentistry is for the September issue of Readers Digest.

This week's issue of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind contains a couple articles about the definition of blindness. Often people who are legally blind have some or a fair amount of what is known as usable vision. To me, I would consider myself "blind" because I can see light and shadows, but nothing else. This term would also apply to anyone who has no vision whatsoever. I would consider anyone with "usable vision", that is, who is able to make out actual objects, to be "visually impaired." Politically correct terms like visually challenged are just stupid.

In the current issue of the Quinte Youth for Christ newsletter the director talks about how one of his son's has started taking karate. I have often wondered if a Christian can participate in martial arts. Is there a way to participate without all the spiritual stuff, or are the Eastern philosophical teachings just part of this activity?


Heard another tape of CKOL Campbellford last night. This one was also from August 6, 2010 but was recorded earlier in the day than the previous one.

It featured Dave Lockwood doing the morning show. How the heck did that guy ever become an announcer, let alone owner and manager of a radio station? Again, he took forever to deliver weather forecasts and topical bits. Lockwood talked in a whole bunch of weird voices this time. He played a whole bunch of weird folk music and comic songs, because the average person getting ready for work wants to hear that.

He did some commentary about why road signs in Quebec are only in French, which contained all the dumb statements you would expect that totally destroyed his argument. "Arrate (which means stop in French-AH), to me a rat is something that crawls around in your basement."

At one point during a song, Lockwood opened the mic right in the middle of a verse and shouted out, "Sing, Newfie, sing." That dude is off his bloody rocker!

The other side of the tape featured the late Doug Peters from the same day doing "The Friday Night Rock And Roll Goody And Oldies Show." (A nice, short name that rolls off the tongue easily.) This so-called rock and roll show featured appearances by The Four Lads and The Mills Brothers. Those groups did standards, for cripes sake, not rock and roll!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hell is a real place which exists right now. It is located in the centre of the earth. We know this because of the evidence brought forth by volcanoes.

Hell is not simply the temporary state the dead are in between now and the end (known as the grave), for this would mean there are Christians in Hell right now.

On Judgment Day, Death and Hell will be cast into the lake of fire, and those who have not put their faith in Jesus will spend eternity there.

You say, "Hell is a realm, so how can it burn?" Well, the Lord says in 2 Peter that the present heavens and earth will burn up at the end of time, so why can't Hell burn?

You say, "How can something like the concept of death burn?" God can certainly burn a concept. He's God, after all; he can do anything.

Hell is called outer darkness in the book of Matthew, so how can you have darkness with flames, since where there's heat there's light? Again, God is certainly capable of having fire without light, since he controls absolutely everything.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Listened to another tape of CKOL Campbellford today. The first side was from October 11, 2010 and featured automated country oldies followed by a sign-off and "O Canada." By the way, when you do a sign-off, I'm pretty sure you're supposed to actually give the basic information about the station.

The other side consisted of the late Doug Peters doing the morning show the next day (October 12), with the usual bizarre mix of music, unprofessionally read weather forecasts, and a paid political announcement being cut off. (I hope they did a make-good.)


Just because Jesus said we don't know the day and hour when he will return doesn't mean he didn't give us signs so His people would know when they were in the end times. Those signs are given in this chapter.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Dear Staff of Readers Digest,
Would you please go to an isolated area and inflict burning fiery death upon yourselves. I have never heard issues related to parenting treated so flippantly as I have in your September issue.

Have A Nice Day,
Alex Horton

A two-part article in this and last week's issue of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind talked about a ten year old blind boy who wondered why a freshly caught fish was wet, and who thought fish had legs. How do blind people just not get stuff like that?

Recently, both Maclean's and Readers Digest have talked about Alanis Moricett's practicing attachment parenting. I wonder if this Canadian pop singer also does elimination communication.


Listened to another tape of CKOL Campbellford last night. This one contained an episode of Tom Nickerson's show "The Back Forty", a country and bluegrass program. Nickerson is easily the best announcer on that station.

"The Back Forty" was followed by automated country oldies.

This tape is probably from October 11, 2010.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Genesis 49 1-29: The descendants of Zebulun became the Dutch people.

The descendants of Dan became the nation of Denmark.

It is suspected by some the descendants of Judah became a Germanic people due to the verse mentioning the love of alcohol.


1 Thessalonians 2 14-16: This passage clearly tells who the people we call Jews today are.

We see in Acts time and time again how the apostles would go into a city. The people of Judean extraction who believed would follow Christ, but the unbelieving Judeans and the people who said they were of Judah but were not (see Revelation 2 9 and 3 9) would make trouble and even try to have the apostles killed.

It says plainly in verse 15 that the Jews killed Jesus Christ.

The Jews persecuted the apostles. Do Jews persecute Christians today?

"... and are contrary to all men"

The Jews hate everybody, including themselves. The wars in the Middle East aren't between the sons of Isaac and the sons of Ishmael,. Rather, they are between the sons of Ishmael and the people of Revelation 2 9 and 3 9 who are against everybody.

1 Thessalonians 4 13-18: Here we get a clear picture of end time events. The coming of the Lord will be noisy and the dead Christians will rise into the air to meet the Lord first, before everyone else. This rules out the possibility of a secret, silent rapture at the beginning of the tribulation period. The Lord shall descend with the trump of God, which I think is also the seventh trumpet of revelation. Right after the righteous dead are raised and meet the Lord in the air, we who are alive and have survived the tribulation period (again ruling out the pretribulation rapture) will rise into the air to where God and the dead in Christ are.

2 Thessalonians 2 1-12: The falling away started in AD 325 with Constantine starting the Catholic church and is excellerating in Christendom in these end times.

It can be said the lawless one is both the Catholic church itself and one man who will rule the world. This is because this man, commonly called the antichrist, will be in the position of the Pope. I don't know if it will be someone from inside the Catholic church or someone from outside that organization chosen to serve the role in question. I believe it will be someone with an air of celebrity, as we live in a celebrity culture. It will most likely be someone youngish with charm, whom everyone will gravitate towards and want to know everything he is doing, rather like with Obama four years ago.

This man will truly exalt and oppose the true God and exalt himself above all that is worshipped. He will sit in the position of God. The words in verse 4 are also true of the Catholic church itself. Throughout the centuries it has conquered peoples and either incorporated or subjigated their traditional beliefs into it's fold along with what it already believed. Witness what happened with the pagan Romans, the natives of Alberta, the natives of South America, etc.

The Catholic church sits in the midst of Christendom, but the son of perdition will also sit in an actual physical temple. Critics say the temple in Jerusalem won't be rebuilt because in order to build it the holy Islamic sight of the Dome of the Rock would have to be blown up and the Moslems would never let that happen. The antichrist will be on the scene before the three and a half year tribulation and he will be so charming the Moslems will be willing to accomodate this man of lawlessness in whatever he wants.

While the thing that withheld the Catholic church itself was the Roman empire, it is equally true that God is restraining those trying to bring about the new world order from doing even worse things than they are currently doing.

In the church world today, people don't care about the truth. They want doctrines that sound good (ala the pretribulation rapture) and, above any doctrine or teaching, they just want to attend the next praise and worship event and have uninterrupted good, self-satisfying times.

Because these people would not receive a love of the truth so as to be saved, God sends them a strong delusion so they all might be condemned to Hell. God is sovereign: he can condemn all those people to Hell if he wants.

I believe the strong delusion (though, granted, there are many strong delusions in the church today) is the pretribulation rapture, or more accurately the rapture occurring before the end of the tribulation period. It has reached into all circles, from charismatic Catholics to mainline Protestants to the reformed churches and many other little Christian groups besides.

2 Thessalonians 3 11-12: Paul clearly says here that those who don't want to work (because of laziness, not because they have a legitimate physical or mental issue which prevents them from working) should not eat. This speaks directly to all the welfare bums we have in our country today. In other words, get a job or starve to death. And no, volunteering isn't good enough. This passage is clearly talking about work for pay.

Why have I never heard any preachers preach on this passage?

This is the problem with the social gospel these days. Christians are to be charitable and help the poor and needy. However, the big thing with that these days is you get too many lazy people who are perffectly capable of working but who just want to sponge off other people.
This is why Christians need to be very careful about who they give to and what they do for people. You won't go to Hell for not giving the drunk bum on the corner a twenty dollar bill. Perhaps offer to take them to a fast food joint for a burger so they actually have to consume what they're given and it'll actually be something that will sustain life as opposed to just indiscriminately giving them money they'll spend on booze.

Verse 13 of this chapter tells us not to grow weary in well doing. Christians will often feel obligated to do so much for the Lord that they grow tired and aren't doing what they're doing out of a willing heart. God will always give you enough strength to do all he wants you to do in a day, but he also created us with signals to know when we should rest.


In 2007, I attended the Faith and Hope in Mental Health conference in a town near where I live.

The keynote speaker was Bill McPhee, the publisher of a magazine for schizophrenics. He was a Catholic, so I don't even know what he was doing at an event being held at a Christian high school.

McPhee wrongly discounted the possibility that demon possession plays a part in schizophrenia, but his story belies this fact.

McPhee had gotten a girl pregnant in his younger days. He had also gone over to I believe Thailand and "got into the Asian culture." Sexual immorality and idolatry are the main ways demons enter a person.

McPhee's talk was somewhat interesting, but, in the end, not very inspiring or at all comforting.

Next, a Dr. Zimmerman came onstage, basically to push pharmaceutical drugs in the treatment of mental health problems.

Now, Zimmerman is a Jew. Jews follow the Talmud, which basically takes every law of God found in the Old Testament and twists it around to the point where the verse is made to say the opposite of what it actually says or something worse. For example, one passage takes a passage against having sexual relations with a shrine prostitute and "reasons" that since it is wrong to have sex with a shrine prostitute, it must be all right to have sex with her dog.

In this way, Zimmerman applied Talmudic reasoning to the New Testament to twist a verse around. He referenced the story of the woman with the issue of blood. Zimmerman said that Jesus didn't condemn the woman for using medications for the previous twelve years, so this must mean He endorses the use of medication (meaning, according to Dr. Zimmerman and the other snakes and twofold more sons of Hell at this conference pharmaceutical medication since in their reprobate minds that is the only valid form of medication.)

 Well, Dr. Snake Tare Son of Hell Bastard, the point of this Biblical story wasn't whether medications were right or wrong, it was that the woman had faith and was healed and we need faith in order to accomplish things in our lives. Incidentally, if this passage says anything about medicines at all, it is in the negative, since this woman had been spending her money on physicians (Dr. Zimmerman's ancestors?)
 for twelve years and they'd just taken her money and done nothing for her.

McPhee spoke again later in the afternoon, continuing his story. He told the people not to listen to different preachers because "You'll get a variety and get confused" but to pick one preacher and listen to him only, specifically Charles Stanley.

Of course, being a Catholic, McPhee would say this. His words harken back to the Reformation, when the evil Catholic church warned it's followers not to read the tracts the new Protestant reformers were putting out or they would be blinded forever. The Bible says we are to test the spirits which come to us, take every thought captive to God and rightly divide the word of truth, not pick one man and follow whatever he says.

Also in this afternoon session McPhee told everyone he was a race mixer.

Overall, a horrible, disappointing conference with very little, if any truth probably put on or sponsored by the pharmaceutical (sorcery) companies, and with a Catholic twofold more son of Hell at the head of it trying to pull everyone back into Romanism..

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Dear Sarah,
You who own the livejournal found here, please don't commit suicide.

I am probably too late, but if you didn't end up killing yourself on April 13, 2009, please don't do it as you have already attempted once or twice.

It is very obvious that Patrick was the love of your life, but the Bible, in the fourth commandment, says children are to honour their mothers and fathers. This, as Jesus Christ says, is the first commandment with a promise. Thus, if Patrick's mom didn't want you two to marry, you need to obey her in this matter. Maybe at some point in the future she will change her mind and you will be the wife to Patrick and mother of his children you wanted to be.

It also occurs to me, that given the fact Patrick got you expelled from college, kicked out of your home, and took away all your friends and your new boyfriend, as well as doing sundry other horrible things to you, he might not be the man you are to marry after all. If this is the case, you will find another man who is truly the man of your dreams.

Though being a wife and mother would be a glorious thing, the only true way to find happiness is to form a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.
As much as you probably don't want to hear that, it's true. See Acts 2 38. He is the Heavenly Father who is also everywhere, right beside His children, so to speak.

As to your own parents, honour them for the fact that they created you, but rest assured that they, along with that Richard guy who molested you, have been taken before the Heavenly courtroom and will face their continuous everlasting destruction in the fires of Hell unless they too obey Acts 2 38 and bear fruits worthy of repentance.

Likewise, Donna will truly get hers as well by the same standard.

The surpassing greatness of having eternal life in Christ is better than self-murder by helium followed by eternity in Hell.


Just finished listening to another tape of CKOL Campbellford from October 8, 2010. Pretty solid with Tom Nickerson spinning the discs. Mostly country-flavoured music but had big band, Men At Work, a jig, and some other stuff in there for some reason.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Berrends has a quote from Laotse next to a quote from Jesus about Him and the father being one. Again, the Father says that beside Him there is no one else. Thus, God leaves no room for Taoism.

Also, the difference between Christianity and Taoism is that Taoism sees everything as divine whereas Christianity says there is one divine being ruling over everything else which is mortal.

“Having been children ourselves, we feel ready to go.”

Actually, these days, having read a couple articles on Wikipedia, would-be or new parents are convinced they’re the biggest parenting experts in the world.

Today, we have eliminated the God of the Bible from the equation of things and thus we, including we as parents, are unhappy. Berrends talks about how parents can’t wait for the child to be born, and then once he is born they can’t wait for him to grow up. Once the child is grown up, the parents find themselves wishing for the days of babyhood. Oftentimes, this is due to a curse found in Deuteronomy 28 which is directed at God’s people concerning when they live a life of indifference and disobedience towards His commandments.

“when it is morning you will say would that it were evening and when it is evening you will say would that it were morning”

Parents and children are both imperfect human beings born with a sin nature. Thus, it is inevitable they will have conflicts with each other and hurt one another.

“So we seek diagnoses, explanations for what’s wrong with the child. If we can’t take credit for our children, then at least please excuse us from the blame!”

We seek these diagnoses of ADD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder because we as sinful human beings want to deny the sinful aspect of ourselves.

The Myth of Me, Inc.

“Me, Inc.” happens when sinful man follows his sin nature and thus thinks the world revolves him. G.K. Chesterton once wrote to a newspaper:

Dear Editor:

In response to your article, “What’s Wrong With The World?” I am.

Wholeness is individual man serving the Lord Jesus Christ with all his heart, mind, soul, and strength. By implication, living this way takes on those around us and, as Paul says in Philippians, esteems them as better than ourselves. In the case of parents, children and families, this translates into, as Paul so aptly and correctly, by inspiration of the Holy Spirit of course, says in Ephesians 4 21, that all members of a family should be subject to one another.

Here is how the family is structured as made clear in both Ephesians 4 and 1 Corinthians 7: Christ is the head of every man. Man is the head of the woman (despite how politically incorrect that sounds) and the children are under the two of them. When you have a home structured as God commands here, and yet where the members are also subject to one another in the love of God as He commands in Ephesians, then you have a true picture of the home God desires.

In this Godly environment, the husband loves the wife as Christ loved the church (meaning more than anyone else), and the children (who are a gift from God as it says in the Psalms), obey their parents, as they are commanded to do in the fourth commandment in Exodus 20. The parents work lovingly for the best interests of these gifts from God their children, and train them up in the way they should go to produce a Godly generation which will love, fear and obey God even more than any previous generation.

The correct response when Berrends’ son’s first tooth came in shouldn’t have been pride, but rather “Praise God for how He created this tooth in my baby, and praise Him for how He did it early.” Parents in this situation, would you say that praise out loud right now, please.

Berrends takes Mathew 10 36 out of context. It is talking about conflicts between Christians and non-Christians in the last days.

Paul speaks in Romans 7 19 about the inner conflict between our sin nature and the good we want to do as recipients of God’s grace.

“Neither can we through any process of civilization or technique become _personally (as separate selves) any better or nicer.”

Only God can change people. In order to be changed by God we must be born again, meaning we must repent and be baptised for the remission of our sins at some point after we have reached our age of accountability. We must live lives surrendered to the will of God and walk in His laws and ways as opposed to our own fleshly desires.

A good comment on Galatians 6 3 is “Realize you’re a nobody. Then, when you realize you’re a nobody, in Christ you’ll be a somebody.” Jesus Christ is everything. Thus, simply put, we are nothing. When we are born again and are grafted into Christ, we are one with him and thus (in Jesus) we are something.

John 7 24: We need to judge righteously, not according to the way we as humans think about things but according to the way God Almighty looks at things. We do not exist on our own. Apart from God, human beings can do nothing.

Me Grows Up

A baby is born. It is naturally narcissistic because it depends on its parents for everything: to be fed and comforted and changed, (or potted, as the case may be (should be, more about that later).) Many humans never come out of this infantile self-centredness at all, and those who do but do not have Jesus Christ in their lives don’t come out to a very great degree much of the time.

Me Gets Married

Today, marriage is just looked on as a business transaction in many cases with its prenuptial agreements and expectation on both the man and woman’s part the marriage won’t last. Since marriage involves self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice is the furthest thing from the mind of man in the twenty-first century, it is not surprising many marriages don’t last, and even that most people (51 percent of couples in Canada according to a recent Statscan report) choose not marry at all.

Me Makes a Baby

Today, more than anything, having children is looked upon as an unpleasant task which nevertheless must be undertaken. Again, since training up a child involves self-sacrifice, it is not surprising there is so much bad parenting these days.

All creation is under the rule of God.

Parenting is about establishing a foundation of love and security, then training the child up in the way he should (as it says in Proverbs 24), gradually giving him more and more independence until he is ready to function on his own in society as an adult.

God is love. Without Jesus Christ, we can’t truly love. Likewise, God is the creator and ruler of the universe who is also a God of order. Without the Creator in our lives, we can’t have real order.

Mathew 10 39: Whoever gets rid of himself and takes my nature upon him will become truly alive.

John 8 58: Before Abraham was, Jesus was. He and the Father are one, and beside Him there is no other.

“work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”

Every day, we are choosing to stay in Christ’s salvation, under his saving shed blood. We are daily crucifying self and heading on toward perfection in Jesus Christ. We have to keep doing this till the end of our lives, or we will fall away from Jesus (as the Book of Hebrews speaks of) and head to eternal destruction in a devil’s Hell.

“if you love me, keep my commandments” See also 1 Corinthians 13.

John Chapter 1: The one creator of the universe, who is the Word in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible, became flesh and dwelt among us that He might give those who believed in Him eternal life. Beside Him there is no other.

You can’t have love without intelligence. Since God is love, He is therefore the ultimate source of intelligence.

All truth comes from God.

As John Donne said, no man is an island. As Samuel Beckett pointed out in his novel “How It Is”, if one hurts the person next to them, they also hurt the person 246 persons away from them.

Colossians 1 17: Nothing can be created or maintain its existence without God.

Hinduism is the most self-centred horrible religion on Earth.

The Bible makes quite clear God is God and we are not.

The serpent’s lie to Eve in the Garden of Eden was “you will be as God.”

We must be born again and then grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Luke 15 31: Berrends takes this verse from the story of the prodigal son out of context. The father was telling the son who stayed home that the son-who had been complaining about the lavish party the prodigal son had been given on his return would now inherit everything the father had when the father died. This is because the prodigal son had already obtained his portion of the inheritance, (according to God’s law making it as if the father had already died) and was thus not eligible to collect anything more.

Proverbs 4 18: True light and personal growth can only be found in a relationship with God, our creator.

Buddha was just a mortal man who started a false religion and more than likely died in his sins and went down to a devil’s Hell. His followers will end up in the same place unless they forsake Buddhism and get into a right relationship with the true God, Jesus Christ. For how to do this, see Acts 2 38.

God created good and evil and we must seek goodness through living in Him if we want to be saved.

Jesus Christ is _the light of the world and the only true way to salvation.

John 3 7: It is only by starting our lives over in Jesus Christ that we can truly be saved.

You cannot properly train children up in the way they should go without Jesus Christ.


by Polly Berrien Berrends. New York: Harper and Row, 1983.

The epigraph of this parenting guide consists of a quote from Jesus found in Mark 3 34-35. The thing about this is Berrends goes on to talk about finding truths in all religions. The Bible clearly does not allow this, though. Jesus also said in John 14 "I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but by me." He doesn't leave the option of checking out the truths of other religions open to His followers. In fact, God tells His people in the Old Testament before they enter the promised land that they aren't to enquire how the nations around them worshipped their gods.

"It is remarkable that so many wise ones independently have seen life in so much the same way and in such radical contrast to the views of those around them."

Yes, all religions are all the same, at least all the ones we've taken a cursory glance into. The thing that separates Christianity from all other religions is grace. In all other religions, if you screw up, there's no redemption.

Additionally, in Christianity, God through His Holy Spirit helps us to obey Him, whereas in all other religions you do your level best to try to please the deity enough on your own.

"They all have maintained absolutely the importance of not confusing the teacher as a redemptive person with the redemptive teaching, or even the redemptive teaching with the redemptive truth."

What!! You must be joking! We just looked at a verse where Jesus said he was the way, the truth and the life. Jesus was the redemptive teacher who went part in parsel with His redemptive teaching. If He hadn't, he would have been a phoney and a hypocrite. Jesus is the redemptive teaching because He said He was the Way. Jesus also is the redemptive truth because He said He was the Truth. Jesus Christ is the redemption because He said He was the Life, and that no man came to the Father (God) except by Him.

Jesus in other passages would go even further and say He and the Father were one and that whoever had seen Him had seen the Father (again, God.)

Berrends has quotations from Buddha and Jesus right next to each other in this introduction, but God (and remember, He and Jesus are one) said in His word "I am the Lord God beside me there is no other."

The difference between the self-denial that Jesus commands His followers quoted here from Mark 8 34-35 and the "letting go" Buddhism demands is that Christianity is not a "letting go" but a turning from oneself and taking Jesus upon ourselves. Additionally, you "let go" in Buddhism so you can be a better person for your own benefit, but in Christianity you become conformed to the way God wants you to be.

Christianity is the all-maple or all-pine raft that gets us all the way across to the far bank. The Bible does not leave any other raft available to us, and Christianity differs from all other religions in the ways we've already discussed anyway.

Berrends says Thomas Hora was a God-centred psychiatrist, which is kind of like talking about a God-centred porn director.

I would agree that all life, including problems, is meaningful because Romans 8 28 says all things work together for good to those who love God. So, as long as you are walking in faith and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone, every experience you have in your life, including the bad ones, are meant to teach you and will work out for your good. If, however, you are not trusting in Christ and Christ alone for your salvation but are, say, relying on a variety of different teachers and "wise ones", all things in your life don't work out for good.

There is a dialogue in the introduction where Berrends refers to her children as her Zen masters. If you think of your children as your "masters", they will indeed rule over you, which is looked upon as a bad thing in Isaiah Chapter 1.

I can't believe Berrends puts Moses, Isaiah and Jesus in the same catigory as Buddha. In fact, you can't even put Moses and Isaiah on the same level as Jesus because the former two were just mortal men. Note what happened during the transfiguration when Peter suggested making tabernacles each for Jesus, Moses and Elijah.

You can't properly raise children without Jesus Christ.


Watched this sermon on Vision TV this afternoon at my friend's house.

"God is building two houses on Earth: your house and His house."

Actually, God is only building His house on Earth and your family is a part of that if they are living a life that is surrendered and obedient to the will of Jesus Christ.

The house of the Lord is the body of believers on Earth, it is not a building.

"When we get to Heaven, my mansion is gonna be right next to your mansion and you won't be able to move because you don't like me."

First of all, the word "mansion" in John 14 means a place occupied by someone in authority. We aren't actually going to have big fancy houses up there. In fact, the weather will be perfect up there so we won't even need shelter.

Second, Heaven will be perfect so we'll all like each other.

Third, I know what you're partially doing, which is poking your finger in my eye and saying, "Now, now, don't be racist, the church is for all nations" and you can just stop it right now.

It is true that Jesus' death on the cross opened salvation up to members of every nation, tribe, tongue, kindred, and people. However, God still has His special Israelite people. The stranger who believes is as one of us. However, the church most of the time paralels the world, and in the church, just as in the world, there is too much emphasis on not being "racist." I have written about this on here before.

I won't have a problem in Heaven, even if there's a coon sitting next to me.

Also, the preacher's wife's voice sounds weird, almost reminiscent of "The Exorcist at times."


Listened to another tape of CKOL Campbellford yesterday from October 8, 2010. This aircheck featured the late Doug Peters doing the morning show.

This tape really reflects the fact that on CKOL you never knew what you were going to hear, and I am not mentioning this in the context of being a good thing.

The tape starts with a song by Cool And The Gang followed by "Lawdie Miss Claudie" which is an r and b song from twenty years earlier than the previous one. This is followed by a song by The Four Lads, then by traditional Scottish music for some reason. We then have new country music for twenty minutes followed by The Stampeeders, a Canadian seventies rock group, followed by Tanglefoot, a folky Canadian prog rock group from the early seventies. This is followed by instrumental fiddle music for a little while, then Peters finishes off his morning show with classic country songs.

At 9:30 Tom Nickerson comes in with a more structured airshift, featuring classic country, bluegrass and Western swing.


Watched a dvd from Creflo Dollar's seminar "Prospering in Hard Financial Times" at a friend's place last week.

In this particular session Dollar hits obedience quite hard, although the only sin seems to be not giving enough money to the preacher.

Even if it's true that money is the least area God wants His people to obey him in, people can still work on obeying Him in the other areas of their lives at the same time.

Dollar, like many of these other televangelists acts so hard done by when he really isn't.

"I told everybody at church about this meeting and this is all that showed up so I put it on the internet. This truth's gonna get out one way or another."

First of all, there are probably a few hundred people in the pews. My church would be fortunate to get a few hundred people out on a Sunday, to say nothing of a special meeting.

Second, Dollar knows he can put this seminar out on cd and dvd and sell thousands of copies to his large audience.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Just listened to another tape of CKOL Campbellford from October 6, 2010. It continued with Peter counting down the top 30 Canadian singles. Why do they have to give the phone number in every commercial? Why would I want to call a bulk food store?

Later on the tape a recording of the guy who was on air in the 2:00 hour. He was playing a whole bunch of stuff that didn't go together, as well as stuff no one listens to, such as "Appledale Ride" and an East coast reel.


The Lord shepherds us through life.

We shall not want because he supplies all our needs. He leads us beside the still water, which is the kind of water sheep like to drink, and he leads us to green pastures where we can graze. Sheep like to graze the land, not eat hay or feed made with corn and goodness knows what else. Indeed, our Heavenly Father supplies all our needs both spiritually and physically. He gives us both physical water and the water of life. He provides us with both physical food and spiritual food.

Our souls are restored and we are led in righteousness so that we may inherit eternal life and, most importantly glorify God.

Verse 4 says we walk _through the valley of the shadow of death. When we are in these low places in our lives and are surrounded by people who want to hurt or even kill us, we are not to fear because the Lord is watching over us and upholding us with His righteous right hand. Our Father in Heaven has His spiritual weapons, just as a shepherd has a rod and a staff (these days they probably have guns) to defend his sheep against predators.

The Lord supplies our needs and indeed overabundantly, even when we are in the presence of our enemies.

We will have God's goodness and mercy all the days of our lives and we will dwell in Him and He in us all our days. This verse alone tells us that this ancient song of our Hebrew ancestors is indeed a psalm for the living.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


In Chapters 40 and 41, Joseph says that all interpretations belong to God. This is why it is wrong to consult these dream interpreters, such as the ones you hear on the radio every so often. They are not using God to provide the interpretation and are thus in violation of God's law.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Listened to a tape of CKOL Campbellford tonight from October 6, 2010. It featured an announcer named Peter with "Music And Peter Patter." He was counting down the thirty biggest songs of "The Top 100 Canadian Singles of All Time."

This features a lot of the annoying things about CKOL: the announcers saying "It's 9:31 and a half", announcers saying "It's 13.6 degrees", commercials that use songs from the record library as the music bed and have really long intros before the announcer comes on, etc.

Peter thought Maestro Fresh West was a group.

Did an interesting military history segment. However, some of the quality was taken away because you could tell he was reading from a book.

Did a segment about movies featuring a film no one probably remembers. Also, you could tell all the information was ripped and read from IMDB.


Heard a weird buzz, like the sound of a biplane, last night on 7490 while listening to Brother Mike.

Heard a great blues station on the internet the other day that also plays big band music. I think it can be found here.

Maclean's doesn't appear to have streaming radio stations on their website anymore. I tried to listen to one the other day but it wouldn't play.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Listened to a tape of Q 107 (CILQ-FM) Toronto from 1987 tonight.

The first side mostly consisted of songs with a couple of breaks done by a young-sounding deejay. Actually, the "breaks" were more like bridges between songs. Programming sounded like it was being played from a reel-to-reel tape.

The second side, however, contained half an hour of "Psychadelic Sunday" hosted by Andy Frost. Frost was interviewing Jim Cale, the original bassist for The Guess Who. Talk of Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings forming their own band (gee, I wonder if that'll be popular?) This must have been recorded in early 1987 as Cale mentions a two-week set of gigs he has coming up starting March 17.

After another Guess Who song there is another break from Andy Frost where he talks about the "Payday Weekend Song" and a station-sponsored Paul James concert coming up that Friday. This is followed by "Sixty Seconds with Marianne Faithful."

There are also a couple IDs on this tape that feature a laser sound.


This book of the Bible tells us how we are to evaluate those who have different beliefs from us. We are not to accept anyone who believes Jesus Christ didn't come in the flesh. This means people who don't believe Jesus ever existed, people who believe he was just another great teacher, people who don't believe he was the Messiah or Christ, and people who don't believe He was fully God and fully man.

The Catholics teach the emaculate conception, which says that Mary was conceived without sexual intercourse. If Jesus was conceived without intercourse and birthed from a woman who was conceived without sexual intercourse, that would make the "man" aspect of Jesus partially divine, thus making him fully God and partially another supernatural sort of being. Thus, the Catholics are bringing another Jesus and we are not to listen to their teachings or accept them as fellow true believers in Jesus Christ.

The Mormons teach Jesus was the reincarnation of Adam. Thus Jesus is fully God and an elevated version of a previous man. Therefore, the Mormons are bringing another Jesus. We are not to accept them as true believers in Jesus, not to listen to any of their teachings and not to let them into our housses.

The Jehova's Witnesses teach Jesus and Satan were brothers. Thus, they're bringing a Jesus different from the one in the Bible, who was the ONLY begotten son of God and we should not let them into our houses, listen to any of their teachings or accept them as fellow true believers in Christ.

2 John 11: "for he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds"

We should never say "God bless you" to these kinds of people.

I was at a get-together with a Catholic lady recently. She kept saying "God bless you" to me but I did not wish her the same back.

Monday, October 1, 2012


1 John 4 18: Perfect love casts out fear. Therefore, fear casts out the perfect love of God from us. We should not be afraid to speak words to an unbeliever that may seem harsh as long as we speak them in perfect Godly love. 1 Corinthians 13 1-4

1 John 5 3: "for this is the love of God that we keep His commandments and His commandments are not grievous"

When you compare Christianity to the other religions of the world, Jesus' yoke is truly easy and His burden truly light. All other religions have complicated systems of rituals and rules that require strict adherence, whereas God's system of rules is not complicated and His rituals are few. Also, unlike the other deities in these other systems of belief, God has sent His spirit to help us obey Him. John 14 4

1 John 5 8: "and there are three that bear witness in earth the Spirit and the water and the blood and these three agree in one"

This verse underscores the importance of baptism, which is emersion in water.