Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The October issue of Chatalaine has a story about a woman who married a man who had been in jail for second degree murder because she thought he deserved a second chance. Her husband later kidnapped, raped and beat up two women. After the man had committed the crimes involving the two women, he tried to commit suicide. However, the victims stopped him. They should have let him do it. If we followed God's law concerning murderers this whole situation would never have happened.

By the way, Chatalaine, could you not use the word "banged" in your articles, please.

In the same issue, there is a profile of Private Practise star Kate Walsh. The article tries to portray Walsh as different from the usual rich girl Hollywood steriotypes, but she still comes off as shallow.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The first day I put this blog online, I said there'd be recipes. Well now I am going to start making good on that promise.

Here's something I've found makes a good lunch.

In a corning ware dish, combine a cup of instant rice with water. Then add a can of cocktail sausages and a handful of frozen vegetables. Microwave for five minutes.

For substitutions, you can use a can of salmon or a can of Thai tuna.

Friday, November 25, 2011


The September 19 issue of Maclean's has an article about how comfortable fathers are in discussing periods with their daughters, as well as buying them pads and tampons. I have had a good attitude toward menstruation for years. Men should not be uncomfortable discussing this necissary part of life with their daughters or even their wives or girlfriends.

The September 26 issue of Maclean's has an article about an English woman who says women should exploit their attractiveness to get ahead in the workplace. I highly recommend people read this article. It alone will show you the feminist movement has failed.

In the same issue, there is a review of the book "Sex, Mom and God" by Frank Schafer. Schafer calls God "terrible" and "vengeful." He also says God hated the sexual urges he had as a teenager, and either he or the writer of the review or both call the book of Leviticus "mesogonistic."

A couple years ago, Pastor Peter J. Peters came up with the idea of praying the 109th psalm with regards to President Soetoro. Suddenly, bumper stickers appeared saying "PRAY FOR OBAMA PSALM 109 8." The ugly bitch Rachel Madeau had Frank Schafer on her show to denounce this. Methinks he might be the target of the 109th psalm in the future.

You have to harmonize the Bible, not compartmentalize it. The God of the Old Testament is the same as the God of the New Testament.


In January, CBC debbues a program called "Arctic Air" that will star Adam Beach. In addition, Russell Crow will guest star on the season premier of "Republic Of Doyle." I believe there is also a movie they will run with Rob Lowe in it. A few years ago, CBC could have only dreamed of having such stars on its television network.

On New Year's Day, Astroll Radio will switch the format of CKSL 1410 to all comedy. Who wants to listen to stand-up comedy 24-7, or even for a few hours? Wanna bet it'll just be a relay of All Comedy Radio from the States?

Heard a good commercial for Sirius earlier today. Really showed how individual people can have a variety of different interests.


Got a call from a Caribbean lady earlier tonight conducting a survey mostly about alcohol. I was into my third beer at that point.

She asked me to rank the appropriateness of beer, wine and spirits for certain events, such as with dinner or at sporting events. I said with regard to sporting events that beer was best because "you're in public and don't want to come under the influence too fast."

She asked me how much I drink a week. I said it varies. Some weeks I won't drink at all "but I'm on my third one tonight as you can probably tell."

She asked me, "Are you aware the beer industry funds research into Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?" I replied "No, I wasn't, but that's good of them since they probably contributed to it."

She collected some information and thanked me for participating in the survey. I responded, "You're welcome, and I wish you well conducting a survey about alcohol on a Friday night." She laughed and said goodbye.

By the way, telemarketers, don't say a survey is going to take four minutes when it actually takes more than that amount of time.


There's been a fair amount of talk in the last few days about a song uploaded to YouTube called Viva BelleVegas. The song and its accompanying imagery points out the problems with Belleville, particularly the downtown.

The thoughts that come to mind from having watched this video are:

1. As a person who lives near Belleville, I hear all these ads on the radio for fast food places that are part of national or multinational chains. Where are the truly local places in Belleville where I can get a coffee, a hamburger, chicken, etc.

2. The Empire Theatre and the Bulls notwithstanding, Belleville doesn't really have any particular points of interest. It has a Walmart, a shopping mall, a crummy downtown, and a college. What is there to really attract people?

Click the link above to see "Viva BelleVegas."


Heard a commercial for Marshmann Jewelers going out of business sale the other night on Mix 97. It was different from the usual Marshmann Jewelers commercials, more of a hard sell than their usual soft sell. Is only the Marshmann Jewelers outlet in the Quinte Mall going out of business or is the one in Trenton closing as well? I remember the commercials they had for years with the owner and her son. They were kind of creepy, in my opinion.

There is a new show on ABC called "You Deserve It" in which friends play to win money on behalf of friends who are in dyer financial straits. This is just another example of the whole idiom that exists in American culture, and now other cultures, where people think they can just go on "American Idol" or some game show and become rich and/or famous. The reality is, there are millions of other people thinking the same thing. "You Deserve It" is worse because it involves an individual's friend. If the friend goes to the audition and doesn't make the cut, the person on whose behalf they auditioned could feel like that person isn't really a friend or else they would have gotten on the show.

This morning my computer speakers were picking up "The Power Hour."

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


by Andy Demsky. Boise, ID: Pacific Press, 1995.

Mixed feelings.

Anita Jackson is raised in a trailer park by a single mother. Her mother goes from church to church trying to find acceptance, finally forsaking her assembling together. Craving God's love and acceptance, Anita surrenders to the influence of hack "Christian" comedian come cult leader Terrance Malle. She sells most of her possessions and moves to his compound, Omega House, genaric name of every fictional cult you've ever heard of. Omega House quickly turns out to be as oppressive and sexually screwed up as you were expecting. Anita is rescued by the local police, and later goes to college where she meets Kevin Garr, a preacher's son. She finally reaalizes that she needs to stop focusing on the end of the world and "give Jesus a chance" as Kevin's minister father says, even though you can't find that in the Bible.

This book gets points for being a Christian novel that doesn't suck.

It also gets points for having the feel of an actual biography/personal testimony book.

On the other hand, I kind of felt cheated thinking it was a true story all this time, then finding out it was a novel when I searched the internet.

One thing in particular I have a problem with is that the theme of the novel seems to be not to worry about the end times and the new world order and just focus on "the love of Jesus" or whatever. While many churches put too much emphasis on fear and every horrible thing the government is doing, other churches go to the other extreme and make any talk of these kinds of subjects taboo.

Another more minorary thing I have a problem with is Anita's guilt over getting Tara, her co-worker in a doctor's office, fired. This is a medical practice, not a charity that gives jobs to overweight, emotionally disturbed broads who couldn't find their way out of a wet paper bag. There's too much of this kind of thinking in the Christian church; that we have to be "nice" to employees and put up with their problems over running an organization or a company properly.


Walter Becker is back on WWCR, Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. Eastern. Was listening last Saturday and thought he was a pretty good preacher. Had listened to him before but only a little bit.

In Montreal, 990 AM will become a French-language station for fags and dykes, CKGM "TSN Radio" will move to 690 and 940 will become a French-language station. For DXers, this will mean we'll have the same channel on a new frequency and two stations we can't understand.

Pastor John Lewis is no longer on Truth Radio. Videos of him preaching can be found on YouTube. He seems to have aged a lot from when I downloaded some of his Truth Radio broadcasts a few years ago.


Received the last issue of You And Your Child from RNIB the other day. I have enjoyed the magazine for years, being able to find something interesting most of the time. I liked the fact they promoted natural health and other alternative parenting techniques. They helped make me a supporter of attachment parenting and co-sleeping. They also informed me about the revolution in the design of cloth diapers long before cloth diapers became popular again like they are today.

The September 19 issue of Maclean's has an article about kids in BC being charged with street racing in rush hour traffic. Most of the cars siezed were luxury cars and the youths all came from wealthy families. Of course this has people screaming about making anti street racing laws. A better issue to investigate is why these rich kids have to drive at 200 kilometres an hour in rush hour traffic just to get a rush. Aren't their lives any more fulfilling than that?

In the same issue, there is an article about a female war correspondent who is being criticized for going to Libya for three weeks in August, leaving her four children. (They were in the care of their father so no need to phone Children's Aid.) Supporters of the female journalist are calling her critics sexist. (I know you are but what am I?)

You watch. Next, it'll be a single mom whose career takes her away from home for a significant period of time so she has to leave the children with relatives. Then it'll be a single mom whose career takes her away from home for a significant period of time "but she doesn't have any relatives to care for the children, so she can't advance the cause of women's rights and be a role model for young girls by abandoning her children", and the government will step in and say, "We'll provide a state agency to take care of your children." Eventually you'll have people working child free, having their children, bringing them to the state run "parenting centre" and possibly visiting them every once in a while.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Holy shoot! The September 12 issue of Maclean's actually admits that "Schindler's List" was based on a novel.

In this week's edition of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine For The Blind, there is an article about the difficulties for blind people involved in navigating public washrooms. It's not navigating them I have a problem with so much as it is asking how to get to the bucking things.

There is a letter in the Readers Forum section of the same issue from a guy who wants to attend an ashram he had previously attended, but can't because of liability and other reasons. He shouldn't be surprised. Those people are Hindus. In India, blind people are pretty much relegated to begging on the streets.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Picked up WYLL 1160 last night, "Chicago's Christian Talk."

Tom Power has been chosen as the new host of Radio Two Morning on CBC Radio Two. There are probably better announcers to fill the position, but there are many who are a lot worse.

Winter has truly arrived. Can't get WBCQ tonight.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I bucking hate the view of the world Readers Digest, and the mainstream media in general, presents.

For example, the recent topic of Readers Digest's "Around The World With One Question" feature was, "Do you and your family eat dinner together?" For most people, "dinner" consists of the small bowl of rice and beans they manage to scrape together everyday.

In the September issue, the question was "When Will You Retire?" Do you actually think that, with the global economy the way it is, people are going to be able to afford to retire for much longer?

Also in the September issue of Readers Digest, there is an article originally printed in "Best Health" about how girls and boys are reaching puberty earlier. The writer says this is not really a bad thing, and that early puberty is happening because we're living healthier and better than we have historically. Really? We're living healthier than previous generations? Judging by the number of people that live on fast food and Kraft Dinner, I'm going to have to disagree with that statement.

This early puberty is basically a eugenics thing. If girls hit menarche earlier, then they'll reach menopause sooner. They'll have fewer children because they won't be ready to have children in other ways, such as emotional maturity.

The thing about girls getting their first period at 17 as happened in previous centuries is that meant that when girls were starting to be attracted to boys, they would be more equipped mentally and emotionally to deal with their hormones. God planned it perfectly.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Liberty News Radio is apparently gone. Their website is now the home of Liberty Roundtable, which used to be on the network along with all the other shows. I wonder what happened to the other programs, such as The Medical Conspiracy, The Political Cesspool and Law That Never Changes.

I noticed when listening to "Sportsbeat" Friday night on TSN Radio 1050 that they play rap. 1050 was on the cutting edge playing rock and roll in the fifties, and now they're playing the kind of music the kids are listening to today.

Vinney White has resigned from Bob Fm Ottawa. According to an audio statement on his website which also appears on Milkman, the announcers on Bob's Breakfast, the morning show, couldn't agree in which direction the show should go. Judging by some of the bits that come after the actual statement about why White resigned, he sounds head and shoulders above most people in the Canadian radio industry today in terms of creativity, intelligence and personality. He can do much better than the station where he was most recently an announcer.

Monday, November 14, 2011


In this week's issue of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine For The Blind, there is an article about a boy who wants to see braille labels on packaging in stores. I have heard about this issue for years and think it is a bad idea. Braille takes up a lot of space. Therefore, stores would be able to stock fewer products.

There is an article by Nancy Scott in the same issue about a gift a friend made for her. It is a parrot with a pirate standing on its shoulder. This reminds me of a joke:

A man goes into the doctor's office with a parrot on his head. The doctor asks, "What seems to be the problem?" The parrot replies, "Would you get this guy out from under me."

In the Readers Forum section, a woman writes in responding to an article about whether work-at-home opportunities are scams. She says they all are. If she's the woman I'm thinking of, nobody would buy anything from her anyway since she's got such a crummy personality.

Friday, November 11, 2011


The other day my computer speakers were picking up Pastor Melissa Scott. Later they picked up Dr. Gene Scott.

I like those Boscoe Plumbing commercials.

Picked up an AM simulcast of a top 40 station from I believe Michiwaka, Indiana. It was called You 93 and had an announcer named Nick. Songs by Adele and others.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


An article in this week's edition of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine For The Blind talks about work at home opportunities for blind people. The author is not really in favour of them. One thing the author says is that you have to consider the income you will earn against your government benefits. He says the majority of blind people don't want to live on government benefits and want to earn a living.

Yes the majority of blind people want to live off the government. If they didn't, they would be out there working, at least working in network marketing to earn some money for themselves. I know it's hard for blind people to find jobs. My comments are mainly directed at these blind individuals who graduated from college twenty-some years ago and are still living in subsidized housing on disability pensions. If they really wanted to work, they'd at least have done something by now.

Bottom line is, the Bible says, "he who does not work should not eat."

An article in the same magazine says "Most of the web is inaccessible." What does the author mean by "most of the web?" Sure, there are the capcha's that don't have a working audio alternative (Blogger, I'm looking in your direction), as well as certain drop-down boxes and flash movies where the buttons aren't labeled, but I have mostly been able to navigate and find what I want on the internet.

I am seriously thinking of cancelling my subscription to CBM Canada's magazine service.

Daily Bread and Encounter With God are pretty much the same, using the same scriptures. The text to some of the entries is even the same.

Music Magazine from CBM Australia is just a piece of garbage. Hey, guys, I was expecting a music magazine, you know, featuring new albums and with music news, artist profiles and concert reviews. This is mostly a collection of music that appeals to an older audience, for the most part seemingly randomly selected.

"Hey, we know you blind people would have absolutely nothing to do without the materials you receive from us, so just have this random collection of old praise and worship albums, classical music, hymns, and old records."

It is pretty condescending in that regard as well as in some other regards. In the first quarter issue, the guy mentions a band's website and says, "You can look it up if you have someone to go on the internet for you." Yeah, I don't know if you bucking heard, not that you would have, seeing as how you only work for an organization for the blind and thus are in no way expected to be in the loop on these kinds of things, but they've developed a way for blind people to use the internet these days.

Getting back to Encounter With God, in the Fourth Quarter 2011 issue, one of the writers praises people like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.

First, Martin Luther King (aka Marchin Lootin Coon) was an adulterer. He was also a plagarist. He plagarised his thesis from a book called "The Finding Of God." Parts of his "I have a dream" speech were also plagarised. He preached nonviolent protest, but everywhere he went there was violence and arson.

Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu who is more than likely burning in Hell. Gandhi gets praised by the writer for standing up to an oppressive government.

However, it must be considered that Encounter With God is published by Scripture Union which is a ministry of the Anglican church. Their ministers have predominantly stood up for the oppressive governments. Whenever the British took control of a new place, they would send in the Anglican missionaries to teach the people to be "good Christians", i.e. obey the king.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Caught the Dr. Knowledge Show on KDKA Sunday morning. Really enjoyed it. It is unlike anything else on the radio.

CFRB has a show on Sunday nights called "The Comedy Show" with Mike Bullard. However, it seems like it's just a feed from 24-7 Comedy Radio with Mike Bullard doing some announcements. Honestly, CFRB sucks so bad now.

On a promo for 95.5 Hits Fm's Impossible Trivia, they say participants are allowed to use Google. How is that fair?

Thursday, November 3, 2011


You're Beautiful: I used to not like James Blunte but then I heard a song about war that he had recorded. It made me respect him a lot more.

Hips Don't Lie: I had come home from volunteering at the Anchor Of Hope Crisis Pregnancy Centre one Monday. I turned on the radio to WPXY Rochester. The announcer said Hips Don't Lie had become the fastest-selling single of all time.

Promiscuous: My sister lived with a friend in another town for a brief time in 2006. She would come home on the weekends and we would drink together and watch videos on my computer. I showed her the video for Promiscuous and she said, "You're right. This is dirty."

Sexyback: Mad TV did a parody of this song entitled "Rockyback."

A radio station in Ontario started a campaign to have the word sexyback included in the dictionary.

Hey There Delilah: It was Victoria Day weekend 2007. I was drinking on the Saturday night and watching the Galaxie Alternative Rock channel. This song came on and I started crying. You know that all that time he was writing those lyrics to her
Delilah was in New York having sex with another guy.

I Kissed A Girl: And with this song I will end this chronicle of number one hits. When this song hit the top spot on the billboard charts, it proved the public bonded around celebrities whereas they used to bond around music. Katie Perry has always been more famous for her celebrity antics than for her songs.

Let the record show that in 2008, the music industry came to an end. It was as Pastor Peters had said: 2008 would be the year the party was over. It was thanks to the prayers that the saints had prayed, and most importantly thanks to God, that this happened.


I have decided to skip 2004 because it was just a bunch of RandB rap garbage that I don't have any particular memories connected with.

Candy Shop: My sister's sociopath bastard of a now ex-boyfriend and our new neighbour's nine year old daughter were over. We were watching Much Music when I saw the video for this song for the first time. The boyfriend was teasing the daughter about what this song was about.

Hollaback Girl: I was in the studios of CJLX, the Loyalist College radio station, doing a shift. The music director at the time, Tim Hodge, came in the studio. He and my producer were discussing this song and the video for it. Tim said the video was entertaining "because it's so not good."

Gold Digger: I used to love to listen to a show CBC had on in 2005/2006 called "The National Playlist." The show was a top ten countdown composed half of songs from the previous week voted on by the listeners and half new songs chosen by "expert panelists." One of the panelists picked this song one week.


In Da Club: After I left the Transitional Training Centre, I spent a week at my uncle's. I was listening to Kiss 92 in the guest room when this song came on. The announcer said the record company had moved up the release date of the album. I thought it was a good song at first, but I later hated it.

In the summer of 2003, I was getting Orientation 'n Mobility lessons at Loyalist College. My instructor would drive me to a location to meet Mom after the lesson. She had a CD with this song on it in her car one day.

One of my college roommate's cousins had "Get Rich Or Die Trying." It sucked.

Get Busy: I also remember this song being played on Kiss 92 during that same week I mentioned above.

Twenty-one Questions: I was watching CJOH in the fall of 2003. A commercial for The New Hot 89.9 came on and it included a guy on the street saying, "I love it like a fat kid loves cake."

This Is The Night: Clay Aiken got made fun of so much during the brief time he was popular. I remember watching "The Late Late Show" with Craig Kilbourne. They were doing a "What Up?" segment and Mike "Gibby" Gibbons said, regarding the subject of "illegal downloading", "Well, Craig, many people think all music should be made by Clay Aiken. Then nobody would ever download music again."

Clay Aiken really was a little faggot.

Shake Ya Tailfeather: Bad Boys II was a horrid movie.

I went into the Tim Horton's that was in the pub in the basement of the main building at Loyalist College one day. One of the women who worked there told the other woman, "Look after Alex, please. He's starvin like Marvin."

I like Murphy Lee's rapping at the end. Otherwise this song is garbage.

Hey Ya!: It was in September 2003. I think it might have been the second or third week in college. Anyway, just around the time Mom came to pick me up for the weekend, one of my roommates, Joel, was all excited because he had downloaded this song. I liked it at first, but later hated it.

I was listening to Pan Global Wireless on WBCQ on a Saturday night in 2004. It was Blind Paul's last broadcast. He gave his audience several pieces of advice at the end. One of the things he said was to find good rap music, not like the "nambypamby stuff you hear on the radio." He then made reference to this song.


Hot In Here: Our housekeeper's daughter liked this song.

"It's getting hot in here,
So take off all your clothes."

Oh, just bucking brilliant.

Dilemma: "I'm in lust with the neighbour but she's already got a boyfriend but it's cool because she's secretly in lust with me, too." Well, that's just bucking great.

"Even when I'm with my boo"

What kind of boo would that be? Your jigaboo?

A Moment Like This: I was working out in the gym in the basement of the CNIB's Transitional Training Centre. This song came on the radio. One of the girls who was working out with me asked one of the girls who was coaching us who sang the song. The girl replied, "Kelly Clarkson, the American idol." I couldn't believe this dumb girl didn't realize the show was just about creating bubblegum pop stars.

Loose Yourself: I was a huge fan of Eminem back at the W. Ross Macdonald School For The Blind but I will confine my recollections to "Loose Yourself" here.

I first heard this song on "The Top Six At Six" on Mix 97.

When I was at the Transitional Training Centre in Hamilton we were watching Much Music one Saturday afternoon and they were doing rap battling. One of the contestants made a reference to Ed The Sock.


It Wasn't Me: I first heard this song on "The Canadian Hot 20" on OJ 95.5, which had changed formats to a crummy adult contemporary station playing whatever they thought would bring in the most revenue. I was in the dining room standing near the kitchen at the time. Mom was in the kitchen.

That night at dinner Mom talked about how horrible this song she had heard on the radio that morning was.

I had taken the first step to becoming a Christian by repenting of my sins a few years earlier. At the time, I thought, "If we were really a Christian country, someone would go down to OJ or Mix 97, break down the studio door and rip that cd out of the cd player.

I was attending this program at the CNIB offices down in Belleville in the summer of 2001. One of the staff was talking to someone in the front office about how "It Wasn't Me" had come on Mix 97 while she was driving home from work with her young daughter. The daughter had asked what the song was about.

We were eating dinner one night in the basement of Senior Residence. We were talking about this song and the counsellor said, "She caught me on camera. It wasn't me."

"My girlfriend caught me."
"Say it wasn't you."

Typical nigger behaviour.

My roommate, the one who succeeded the one I mentioned in my previous post, had the cd of "Hotshots." It sucked.

Ms. Jackson: This song is very good and this album is wonderful. My roommate previous to the one I just mentioned had this album and would listen to it all the time. I especially remember him playing it during dinnertime.

Butterfly: I first heard this song on CIJQ, the Conastoga College radio station.

We went roller skating in the gym in March 2001. This song came on and I skated with this girl who was in my shop class. She let go of me to swing her arms and I screamed because I didn't have very much practice roller skating and was afraid I was going to fall down. Later, though, I looked back on skating with her as a joyful experience.

Lady Marmalade: My sister really liked this song.

We were driving down to Belleville in the summer of 2001 to go on a boat cruise. This song came on the radio and my sister started talking about how much she liked this song. Mom said, "It doesn't have any words."

I'm Real: Ah J-Lo, with all your plastic surgery, you're about as real as the Sandman.

Family Affair: I first heard this song on "The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40."

In January 2002 I got into listening to "The Jim Richards Show" on CFRB. One night he was talking about weird song lyrics and a listener called in about this song.

How You Remind Me: My itinerate teacher and I were going down to Loyalist College on October 31, 2001 for their open house. This song was playing on Mix 97 as we entered the college.

Nickelback sucks so bad. All their songs are written to a tight formula, and Chad Croger is a jerk and an idiot.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


What A Girl Wants: My sister really liked this song.

I was in Grade 11. We were watching some award show on Much Music in the living room of Senior Residence. Kristena Aguilera came on and performed this song. One of my classmates started talking about how hot she was. One of the counsellors replied, "If you saw what she looked like first thing in the morning you'd cut your right arm off to get away from her." The classmate replied, "I'd give her my right arm."

I Knew I Loved You: How the buck can you know you loved someone before you met them?

Amazed: In April 2000, my transportation was changed again from a taxi to a van supplied by a bus company in Madoc. The driver, as well as the driver of the taxi, listened to 820 CHAM sometimes, which I actually liked because the announcers were entertaining and they played classic country songs to balance out the new garbage. 820 CHAM played this song a lot.

Maria Maria: I remember hearing this song on Saturday afternoons when I was bored and flipping through the stations on the radio.

The funny thing is just a few months earlier the students from the advanced English classes at the W. Ross Macdonald School had gone to see "West Side Story" at the Stratford Festival.

Bent: I have a cd copy of "Mad Season." It sucks.

It's Gonna Be Me: My sister had the cassette of "No Strings Attached." It sucks.

Music: I can remember sitting in the van to and from school hearing this song on CHFI.

Maclean's gave this album a great review, praising the "techno ... and otherworldly beats." I thought, "Oh please. It's just the same pop Madonna always produces."

With Arms Wide Open: There was some discussion in school as to whether Creed were a Christian band or not.

We had a dance in November 2000 when I was in Grade 12. They played this song, of course. When I got back to residence, the basement of Senior Residence this time, my roommate said he had to leave when they played that song because he was going to become a father. I had heard him talking about this on the phone the previous Sunday night.

Independent Women Part I: I went to see "Charlie's Angels" with some other kids from residence.

As I recall, Brian D. Johnson gave this movie a good review in Maclean's.

In fact, starting with "Charlie's Angels", I saw four movies in a row on four consecutive Thursdays: Charlie's Angels, Family Man, Unbreakable, and The Grinch.

I look back on those times of going to the movies with fond memories.


... Baby One More Time: I was in history class. A classmate brought up how he hated when pop stars lie about their ages. Later I heard him say to another classmate that Britney Spears had said she was 16 when she was really 26. This was the first time I had heard of her.

At dinner that night in Senior Residence we were watching Much Music and the video for ... Baby One More Time came on. The classmate I mentioned earlier started talking about what a great video it was, and the counsellor said Britney Spears would be a hasbeen in three years.

The album "Hit Me Baby One More Time" is indicative of what albums were like at this time. The first five tracks are the singles that were released to the radio. The next six tracks are basically worse songs along the same lines, and things are ended with a horrible cover. This kind of thing is what would lead to the downfall of the music industry a few years later.

For the record, Mad TV did a parody of this song called "Daddy Open Your Legs One More Time."

Believe: I remember hearing this song on Energy Radio as I sat in the lounge of Senior Residence, not talking to anyone, lonely and unhappy.

Ryan Lublin, the autistic kid I mentioned in a previous post, used to tease Bill McKendry by purposely getting the lyrics to this song wrong.

No Scrubs: I remember hearing this song on the radio in about April or May of 1999. I and some of the other boys from residence were coming back from Dairy Delight or somewhere.

Livin La Vida Loca: I can remember the chick on Global News being all ecstatic about Ricky Martin.

I first heard this song on Kiss 92. I was visiting my Grandma that weekend in June of 1999 and it came on the radio. We were at my uncle's place and his girlfriend and her younger daughter started talking about it.

Air Farce did a parody of this song about an old Jewish man. It was entitled "Livin La Vida Old Guy."

"I'm into super stations,
Cable and pay per view."

In order to get away from the morons I mostly had to share Senior Residence with, I would take my DX351 portable shortwave radio outside to the picnic table and DX. My friend came out one night just as I was flipping past this Spanish station (possibly Radio Marti) that was playing Livin La Vida Loca. He asked me to keep it there. I don't think I did then, but I would do such a thing now as a kind gesture for him.

If You Had My Love: I also first heard this song on that weekend in June I mentioned earlier. It also came on the radio that Sunday afternoon when Grandma and I were at my uncle's house.

Wild Wild West.: I also first heard this song on that weekend on Kiss 92 but it was in my uncle's old bedroom at my Grandma's apartment. I actually kind of really liked it and taped it. I later changed my mind.

I later read a review of the film "Wild Wild West" in Maclean's. Brian D. Johnson said it was "a 13 year old boy's paradise", meaning it was immature. I agreed with Johnson based on some of the scenes he described.

Genie In A Bottle: I remember one of the idiot counsellors we had making fun of this song.

For the record, a parody of this song exists called "Weniee In A Bottle."

Bailamos: I can remember hearing this song a lot on CHFI.

In April 1999 they changed the transportation arrangements. Instead of going on a highway coach, a different company handled my getting to and from the W. Ross Macdonald School. It was a taxi company in Belleville which transported me and this boy who'd been on the bus with me.

We listened to CHFI in the taxi for the traffic reports (though 680 News had more frequent traffic reports and would have been preferable to me) and they played this song a lot. I can remember Don Jackson playing this song in all his effeminate glory. Seriously, I thought that guy was a faggot at one time till I found out he was married.

Smooth: Buck, they didn't play this song enough, eh?!

In April 1999, I was moved from a single room to a room with that mentally retarded kid I mentioned earlier when I talked about "Candle In The Wind." The counsellors thought it would help me socially (ha ha ha.) Really, he wanted a roommate and the school always bent over backward for the mentally retarded kids.

Obviously, I was very unhappy about this. I phoned my mom and explained it to her but typical of a lot of things Mom didn't understand.

I made my complaints known to the staff and the other students, however.

Anyway, around this time this idiot's big thing was he got a copy of the song "Smooth." He went up to one of my classmates in school the day after I moved into his room and bragged about it. The classmate, who preferred rock, said "Who cares?"

(By the way, three weeks later I was moved to a room with two boys I liked a lot better.)


AM 740 was actually coming in fairly decently Sunday night. It is usually staticky Sunday evenings.

I really like John B. Wells who fills in on Coast To Coast sometimes. He is so cool!

Picked up CJBK London last night.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


v5, v13: Notice how it was always the Jews that made trouble for the apostles?

Acts 17 6 and 7: "and when they found them not they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city crying these that have turned the world upside down are come hither also whom Jason hath received and these all do contrary to the decrees of Caesar saying that there is another king Jesus"

Christianity turned the world upside down. Now the thing most Christians want to do is conform to the world.

The thing about real Christianity that has always angered rulers and powerful people throughout the centuries is that true Christianity teaches that people should follow God's law rather than man's.

Acts 17 26: "and hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on the face of the earth and hath determined the times before appointed and the bounds of their habitation"

God is a god of borders. He likes people's to be in their own separate territories.

Acts 19 27: "so that not only this our craft is in danger to be set at nought but also that the temple of the great goddess Diana should be despised and her magnificence should be destroyed whom all Asia and the whole world worshippeth"

The same thing could be said about Princess Diana: the whole world worshipped her.

Acts 20 7: "and upon the first of the week when the disciples came together to break bread Paul preached unto them ready to depart on the morrow and continued his speech until midnight"

This verse in no way indicates that the day of worship was changed from Saturday to Sunday. Just because they had gathered together on Sunday doesn't mean they didn't also gather to worship on the sabbath.