Thursday, November 3, 2011


You're Beautiful: I used to not like James Blunte but then I heard a song about war that he had recorded. It made me respect him a lot more.

Hips Don't Lie: I had come home from volunteering at the Anchor Of Hope Crisis Pregnancy Centre one Monday. I turned on the radio to WPXY Rochester. The announcer said Hips Don't Lie had become the fastest-selling single of all time.

Promiscuous: My sister lived with a friend in another town for a brief time in 2006. She would come home on the weekends and we would drink together and watch videos on my computer. I showed her the video for Promiscuous and she said, "You're right. This is dirty."

Sexyback: Mad TV did a parody of this song entitled "Rockyback."

A radio station in Ontario started a campaign to have the word sexyback included in the dictionary.

Hey There Delilah: It was Victoria Day weekend 2007. I was drinking on the Saturday night and watching the Galaxie Alternative Rock channel. This song came on and I started crying. You know that all that time he was writing those lyrics to her
Delilah was in New York having sex with another guy.

I Kissed A Girl: And with this song I will end this chronicle of number one hits. When this song hit the top spot on the billboard charts, it proved the public bonded around celebrities whereas they used to bond around music. Katie Perry has always been more famous for her celebrity antics than for her songs.

Let the record show that in 2008, the music industry came to an end. It was as Pastor Peters had said: 2008 would be the year the party was over. It was thanks to the prayers that the saints had prayed, and most importantly thanks to God, that this happened.

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