Thursday, November 3, 2011


In Da Club: After I left the Transitional Training Centre, I spent a week at my uncle's. I was listening to Kiss 92 in the guest room when this song came on. The announcer said the record company had moved up the release date of the album. I thought it was a good song at first, but I later hated it.

In the summer of 2003, I was getting Orientation 'n Mobility lessons at Loyalist College. My instructor would drive me to a location to meet Mom after the lesson. She had a CD with this song on it in her car one day.

One of my college roommate's cousins had "Get Rich Or Die Trying." It sucked.

Get Busy: I also remember this song being played on Kiss 92 during that same week I mentioned above.

Twenty-one Questions: I was watching CJOH in the fall of 2003. A commercial for The New Hot 89.9 came on and it included a guy on the street saying, "I love it like a fat kid loves cake."

This Is The Night: Clay Aiken got made fun of so much during the brief time he was popular. I remember watching "The Late Late Show" with Craig Kilbourne. They were doing a "What Up?" segment and Mike "Gibby" Gibbons said, regarding the subject of "illegal downloading", "Well, Craig, many people think all music should be made by Clay Aiken. Then nobody would ever download music again."

Clay Aiken really was a little faggot.

Shake Ya Tailfeather: Bad Boys II was a horrid movie.

I went into the Tim Horton's that was in the pub in the basement of the main building at Loyalist College one day. One of the women who worked there told the other woman, "Look after Alex, please. He's starvin like Marvin."

I like Murphy Lee's rapping at the end. Otherwise this song is garbage.

Hey Ya!: It was in September 2003. I think it might have been the second or third week in college. Anyway, just around the time Mom came to pick me up for the weekend, one of my roommates, Joel, was all excited because he had downloaded this song. I liked it at first, but later hated it.

I was listening to Pan Global Wireless on WBCQ on a Saturday night in 2004. It was Blind Paul's last broadcast. He gave his audience several pieces of advice at the end. One of the things he said was to find good rap music, not like the "nambypamby stuff you hear on the radio." He then made reference to this song.

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