Friday, November 25, 2011


There's been a fair amount of talk in the last few days about a song uploaded to YouTube called Viva BelleVegas. The song and its accompanying imagery points out the problems with Belleville, particularly the downtown.

The thoughts that come to mind from having watched this video are:

1. As a person who lives near Belleville, I hear all these ads on the radio for fast food places that are part of national or multinational chains. Where are the truly local places in Belleville where I can get a coffee, a hamburger, chicken, etc.

2. The Empire Theatre and the Bulls notwithstanding, Belleville doesn't really have any particular points of interest. It has a Walmart, a shopping mall, a crummy downtown, and a college. What is there to really attract people?

Click the link above to see "Viva BelleVegas."

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