Thursday, November 3, 2011


It Wasn't Me: I first heard this song on "The Canadian Hot 20" on OJ 95.5, which had changed formats to a crummy adult contemporary station playing whatever they thought would bring in the most revenue. I was in the dining room standing near the kitchen at the time. Mom was in the kitchen.

That night at dinner Mom talked about how horrible this song she had heard on the radio that morning was.

I had taken the first step to becoming a Christian by repenting of my sins a few years earlier. At the time, I thought, "If we were really a Christian country, someone would go down to OJ or Mix 97, break down the studio door and rip that cd out of the cd player.

I was attending this program at the CNIB offices down in Belleville in the summer of 2001. One of the staff was talking to someone in the front office about how "It Wasn't Me" had come on Mix 97 while she was driving home from work with her young daughter. The daughter had asked what the song was about.

We were eating dinner one night in the basement of Senior Residence. We were talking about this song and the counsellor said, "She caught me on camera. It wasn't me."

"My girlfriend caught me."
"Say it wasn't you."

Typical nigger behaviour.

My roommate, the one who succeeded the one I mentioned in my previous post, had the cd of "Hotshots." It sucked.

Ms. Jackson: This song is very good and this album is wonderful. My roommate previous to the one I just mentioned had this album and would listen to it all the time. I especially remember him playing it during dinnertime.

Butterfly: I first heard this song on CIJQ, the Conastoga College radio station.

We went roller skating in the gym in March 2001. This song came on and I skated with this girl who was in my shop class. She let go of me to swing her arms and I screamed because I didn't have very much practice roller skating and was afraid I was going to fall down. Later, though, I looked back on skating with her as a joyful experience.

Lady Marmalade: My sister really liked this song.

We were driving down to Belleville in the summer of 2001 to go on a boat cruise. This song came on the radio and my sister started talking about how much she liked this song. Mom said, "It doesn't have any words."

I'm Real: Ah J-Lo, with all your plastic surgery, you're about as real as the Sandman.

Family Affair: I first heard this song on "The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40."

In January 2002 I got into listening to "The Jim Richards Show" on CFRB. One night he was talking about weird song lyrics and a listener called in about this song.

How You Remind Me: My itinerate teacher and I were going down to Loyalist College on October 31, 2001 for their open house. This song was playing on Mix 97 as we entered the college.

Nickelback sucks so bad. All their songs are written to a tight formula, and Chad Croger is a jerk and an idiot.

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