Monday, October 31, 2011


These comments all have to do with the "Daily Bread" daily devotional, Third Quarter 2011.

The people who write this devotional seem to be pretty down on imprecatory prayer, excusing the verses where the psalmist asks for violence to be done to his enemies as just the writer expressing his emotions. However, these verses are every bit as Godly as the rest. It is either repent or perish. Also, vengance is the Lord's, thus the psalmist is rightly asking the Lord to have His vengance.

In the section on Luke where it talks about the parable of the unjust judge, the writer says we should keep praying, even if we don't get what we want the first time, merely in order to be closer to God. While growing closer to God will result from persistance in prayer, we also need to keep praying about something because it pays to be persistent. For one thing, we should keep praying about something because everything happens in God's time, so if we don't get what we want now, as long as it's in accordance with God's will, we'll get it eventually. Also, being persistent in our prayers shows God that we sincerely want what we're asking for.

In an entry about Jude, the writer tells the reader to ignore the parts about other writings and the body of Moses. Don't ignore these verses! They are as much an inspired part of this book of the Bible as the other verses. If you don't understand these particular verses, keep coming back to them and ask God to reveal their meaning to you.

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