Monday, October 31, 2011


Truly Madly Deeply: I knew a girl at the W. Ross Macdonald School who was obsessed with Savage Garden. I was heading back to residence one day and I heard her talking to one of the counsellors about them. The counsellor mentioned Truly Madly Deeply and she said, "There are other songs on the album besides Truly Madly Deeply."

A kid in my gym class made up parody lyrics for the chorus of this song:

"I wanna push you off a mountain,
I wanna drown you in the sea."

This song seemed obsessive to me.

My Heart Will Go On: I remember hearing about the film "Titanic" in December 1997. I first heard about it on some entertainment show and they were talking about how the film had gone way overbudget and how it wasn't expected to do very well. I, along with many other people, did not suspect that it would become one of the biggest films in history and seemingly be all people talked about for the next six months.

I remember thinking "The Titanic Song" was stupid. I was talking with my roommate about it one day and we made up some parody lyrics to it:

"Every night in my dreams,
I see the ship go down,
And people scream and yell
As they drown.

Whereever you may be,
But probably at the bottom of the sea."

I kept saying to people, "No your heart won't go on because your in 15 degree water."

The whole school was eating lunch outside one day for some reason. I sat with some seven or eight year olds and they were saying, "Celine, I see you, I feel you."

I once heard about a children's book about Canadian things. The entry for Celine Dionne began:

"My heart will go on and on and on,
Just like that Titanic song."

Gettin Jiggy Wit It: I can remember hearing this song on the radio a lot. My sister listened to it a lot on Mix 97 and taped it. I can also remember hearing it on Energy Radio (CING Burlington/CHKT Woodstock, remember that?) while walking through the lounge in Senior Residence when I was in Grade 10.

All My Life: I can remember hearing this song on Mix 97 and thinking it was so demented.

I was home and watching this talk show. This girl said she wanted to have Casi and Joe Joe play at her wedding. I was thinking, "You stupid girl. They won't even be around one year from now."

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing: I can remember hearing this song all over the radio. I thought it was so dumb. (You're gonna need to sleep some time, buckhead.) I especially hate the country version(s). Mark Chestnut covered this song but I'm pretty sure Lonestar did it as well.

One Week: I first heard this song in my room on Fly FM in the summer of 1998. I thought it was kind of cool at first, then quickly grew to hate it. Like the previous song, I heard it everywhere.

We were going somewhere in the summer of 1998. We were listening to Fly FM in the car and One Week came on. Mom made a comment about this song, but I can't remember what she said.

On "Rick Dees Weekly Top 40", he did a history of One Week where he explained all (some) of the references in the song.

I can remember a classmate singing this in math class in Grade 11.

I'm Your Angel: I can remember hearing this song on the radio and thinking it was stupid.

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