Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Because You Loved Me: I remember a girl doing a dance routine to this song in gym class.

Being a Canadian, I have heard quite a lot of jokes about Madam Dionne as well as people parodying the way she sings. All these jokes and parodies are well-deserved.

Macarena: I only remember the Spanish version of this song at the time it was popular. I didn't even know there was a remix version with English lyrics until a couple years later.

I first encountered this song in gym class. It was in Grade 7, as I remember it. We were learning how to dance.

Of course, it was played at all the dances that took place in Grade 7 and the first few months of Grade 8.

My friend Amanda talked about this song all the time.

We always had the impression this song originated in Mexico.

Air Farce did a sketch with Preston Manning singing "Hey, Preston Manning"

A friend, his itinerate teacher, a few other kids, and I did the Macarena at the talent show at Lake Joe in 1996.

For the record, a parody of this song by Cheech Moran exists entitled "Hey Gonorhea."

Eventually, the Macarena phenominon went away. I can remember being at my Grandma's apartment watching a show about what trendwatchers expected 1997 to bring. There was a report about how the Macarena craze was going to subside. I remember a man on the street featured in the report saying, "I'm gonna kill that guy that started the Macarena."

As quickly as it had become popular, it was over.

No Diggity: I remember this song in conjunction with "How Do You Want It/California Lovin."

It must have been March break 1996. My Grandma, my uncle's girlfriend, her two daughters, the older daughter's friend, and my sister, and I were going to the Ontario Science Centre. I was looking forward to this because, though I visited Grandma after Christmas, on March break and for a week in the summer, we never really did anything. This was because Grandma couldn't drive due to poor eyesight and also because she was a routine, set in her ways sort of person.

Anyway, we were driving to the Science Centre. I remember being behind a car and the older daughter saying, "Oh yeah, I really like the smell of rotten eggs." (The exhaust was sulphuric.)

The older daughter and her friend were quoting things from "Beavis And Butt-head" and my uncle's girlfriend got mad.

I remember both "California Lovin" and quote "No Digity" coming on the radio during the drive. I think the radio was tuned to WKSE Buffalo.

We never got to the Science Centre because the road was blocked off.

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