Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hi fellow SWL's,

WBCQ will move to 7.490Mzh. as of 10-24-2011.

The FCC. has given frequency 7.415Mhz. to the Civil Air Patrol.

Tim Tron has ground the Crystal for the new that guy
a "Genius" or what!?

Allan & Jennifer Weiner, Tom Barna and all the WBCQ crew are preparing for
the change over as we write.

This should clear up a lot of the Asian background noise that has a habit of
coming during some of our favorite programs.

So if you want to hear your favorite shows remember to reset you programed
station or tune up to 7.490Mhz.

All the best from the Tippecanoe River & the Roadhouse,

Ramsey & Carol.

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