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Just read this on Broowaha and thought I would respond to it. My comments are in parenthesis.

The Medicine Man
The Choice Between White Lab Coats And Alternative Healing
I don’t think many knew, besides his inner circle, that Steve Jobscould’ve possibly beaten his fatal cancer if he had only taken his doctors advice and succumbed to traditional medical procedures, particularly, an operation which could’ve removed his tumors much sooner than he decided. This information has been coming out as the release of his authorized autobiography arrive on everyone’s Kindle, I-Pad, and Bookshelf.
Now, this wasn’t all that surprising to me. After all, he’d turned to experimental treatment procedures, alternative medicine for pain and healing, and spiritual advisors for lifestyle advice. Of course, it was his right to choose them all because this washislife. But in the end, these were choices which most probably cost him dearly. He claimed he didn’t want anyone to open up his body, and that certain diets along with lots of meditation would make it all go away. (Maybe the practices of these spiritual advisors and the meditation he was participating in let in demons which helped destroy him.) Well, for such a brilliant man, these new revelations, I’ll admit, make me second-guess some of his basic common sense. And in myopinion, he should’ve thought a little more about the people he’s left behind who depended on his techno-genius before electing to go the way of the coffee enema. (Coffee makes a great enema. Ever drank two cups in a row?)
Steve Jobs was perhaps one of millions of others who’ve gone to their graves thinking there was an alternative way of saving themselves, and it saddens me seeing so many running toward these dysfunctional theories. Now, I know there are scores of people that believe in non-traditional methods of treating illness, that’s certainly your right. And for some reason, it seems to be the rage in our modern society. It’s chic, trendy, and cool. Health food stores everywhere are filled with shelves bulging with vitamin supplements, herbal compounds, liquid bottles of gold, and even chiropractors sitting in a back room all guaranteeing to make you feel better and live until the ripe old age of 100. Alternative medicine product manufacturing is a huge, multi-billion dollar business, selling a pill for every ache, twinge, sniffle, and pain your body might feel. And the advertising for these products, wow, talk about making you think you’re missing out on some of nature’s finest remedies. But, here me out because in my opinion, and this is just MY opinion, I think it’s all a bunch of false propaganda.
My family is filled with medical professionals. A Doctor, Nurse, and Pharmaceutical Expert have surrounded me all my life. They labored through years and years of intense training and study to be able to treat the illnesses of others. (Chiropractors spend more time in the classroom than medical doctors.) There is real, hard, logical evidence that the modern medicines they promote and methods used work because of the enormous scientific proof backing them up. (Sure, like Gardisyl which went through a few months of testing before being aproved and widely promoted.) Sure, the drug companies make large profits, but guess what, they invest years, sometimes decades and billions of dollars in clinical research, trial and error, and employee dedication before a single pill is ever allowed on the market. (See above.) Not only that, their potential liability is astronomical if a lone person is caused harm from their usage. (Like all these people who sued the FDA a few years ago because their children had contracted autism from vaccines and lost at the Supreme Court level.) Everything they sell is regulated by the FDA. (Yeah, and prescription drugs now kill more people in the U.S. than car accidents.) Some may say I’m biased. No, I’m not. I’m merely speaking as someone who wholeheartedly believes in medical science when it comes to treating illness, period. Now, does traditional medicine work every time? Of course not, often-times human sickness is just too far advanced for treatment. (Like all the times someone goes to the doctor for a problem, is prescribed a drug and then has to come back for treatment for a problem resulting from a side effect of the first drug.) But, which would you choose to play Russian roulette with your life: A marijuana cigarette or dose of chemotherapy? (There are other methods for the treatment of cancer than chemo and pot. I can tell you one thing: I wouldn't take the chemo. Oooh, vomiting, extreme fatigue and hair loss, it just screams "cure!")
Some might ask: Have I ever tried anything alternative? Well, let’s see. I previously gave it a shot by taking multi-vitamins, Omega 3, garlic, B6, B4, Oatmeal, and CoQ10 for my heart trying to lower cholesterol levels, like, you know, all the experts on television swear by. Green tea was my beverage of choice--supposedly giving me lots of those life-saving antioxidants we all hear about. (Yeah, they don't exist even though it's been scientifically proven that they do over and over again. The benefits have also been proven scientifically over and over again.) I waited a few months and had my blood re-checked. Well, after swallowing lots of pills and spending plenty of money, not one digit changed in my HDL/LDL levels. Not one. (Those brands of suplements you were taking weren't the only ones on the market, you know.) Then, I consulted my Doctor. That’s right, a genuine, certified M.D. (Oh please. Naturopaths go through so much study it's unreal. And that medical degree will magically give your doctor perfect knowledge and an error free career.) He quickly prescribed a Statin which I tried. After two months, my cholesterol was lowered from 260 to 154 and all levels were well within normal range. He also ran other checks of my body chemistry, helping to get my diet squared away. This has resulted in losing weight, when before, the diet pills that the nice lady at the super-duper-organic-food-store suggested I buy did nothing but give me gas. (Wow, you sure are one for coming to conclusions without much research What you are saying makes me question some of your basic common sense.)
Years ago, I went to a psychica couple of times mainly for the experience. Both were nice people and seemed to have my best interests at heart. They held my hand, meditated, flipped a few cards, read my astrological chart, played some soothing music, urged the spirits to come forth, and projected my future. One even waved her hands over a leg cramp I was having at the time-spreading her coveted, healing energy. And oh, I forgot, they also took my money. Did any of their predictions come true? Nope. Not one. Was my pain relieved? Not hardly. Some might say it was because of my skeptical attitude, therefore keeping the stars from aligning in just the right way. (If psychics could really predict the future, they would be residing in the capitals of the world, advising our leaders.)But, I don’t think so. In my opinion, nobodyhas the ability to predict anyone’s future. (Oh, I've run across some men who were pretty good at predicting the future: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micah, etc. You can find their predictions in the Bible.) They were interesting and entertaining experiences, yes they were, but fell horribly flat when it came to realistic expectations.
So, tell me. When the cancercells come and the heart troubles begin, who you gonna’ call? You’re Guru or your Doctor? (Neither. IF I got cancer or heart disease, I would call on my naturopath and the radio ranch ranglers down at Scriptures For America.) Which one has the research and results to back up their actions? (Alternative medical practitioners devote their lives to continous study. These alternative treatments have been proven for thousands of years.) Do you think smoking tree bark or sleeping while facing certain stars will cure what ails you, or would a surgeon’s scalpel more likely lead you to a longer life? (Actually, a surgeon's scalpal would lead me to a short extension of my life fraught with further medical difficulties.)
For my money, I’ll take the guys and gals in the white lab coats any day of the week.

AH: Steve Jobs is being hailed as a fallen tech god in an age devoid of the true God. Additionally, what makes you think he ultimately died of the cancer he had? Question everything.

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