Thursday, October 13, 2011


A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme): I hate what the bucking Jews at Disney do to classic fairy tales.

I remember my sister and I getting the video of "Aladdin" for Christmas 1993. I hated it even then, especially the Robin Williams Iago character.

In 1994, my babysitter put it on one day after school. I objected strongly and kept my ears covered the whole time. The babysitter said I was behaving like a six year old.

Informer: This is a really good song.

I can remember dancing to this in gym class.

At one time, I thought this song was called "Hey Farmer."

My mom bought me a cassette copy of "Dance Mix 94." It had "Informer" on it.

I can remember my mom, sister and I being in Walmart and mom looking at the track listing. She was a bit wary about the fact there was a song called "Love Sex Intelligence" on there, but she bought the tape for me.

I can remember listening to it while outside at my friend's house. The tape player was on the table.

There was a station on the air in Belleville at the time called OJ 95.5, with a sort of a Hot AC/Top 40 format. All the staff at the school loved it, except my itinerate teacher, Miss Maguire. I can remember being in the resource room that my friend Amanda, mentioned in the above paragraph, and I worked in part of the day. Miss Maguire was saying how boring OJ was, and one of my classmates, I think his name was Brandon Maclean, said it was a good station because it played Snow.

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