Friday, August 31, 2012


CJBQ was coming in fine on my sterio but was not audible at all on my shortwave radio this morning.

This morning my computer speakers were picking up EWTN.

For a couple nights recently on WTAM, the feeds from Fox News and Premier Radio Networks were being broadcast simultaneously with local commercials.

Picked up Radio Exterior de Espana in French yesterday afternoon.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


John F. Kennedy promised that by the end of the sixties America would have a man on the moon. However, NASA quickly realized there was a belt of asteroids (known as the Van Allen Belt) on the way from the earth to the moon whose radiation would fry any man-powered spacecraft that tried to get through it. In fact, the Russians had tried to go to the moon but the cosmonauts had had to turn back because of the Van Allen Belt.

However, it was the height of the Cold War and going to the moon was important to the United States government because it would prove the Americans had greater power than the Russians. Also, the decade was fraught with protests, discontent, civil upheaval and the assasinations of a president, a presidential candidate and a civil rights leader, so something possitive was in order to bring a ray of sunshine into people's lives.

Thus, NASA decided to stage the moon landing, keeping the truth from as many people involved as was possible.

Golf clubs and a car were brought to the moon. Why didn't the astronauts bring a telescope? They could have seen farther into the universe than anyone before.

How did they fit that car/dune buggy-looking thing into that tiny spacecraft in the first place?

If the gravity on the moon is one sixth as strong as on Earth, then the crew of Apollo 11 should have been able to jump much higher than they did.

How is it that the whole mission was conducted using less computer power than a Wal-Mart watch, yet the spaceship managed to hit the moon accurately the first time a feat like this was ever attempted?

Why haven't the Americans been back to the moon in the last forty years? Why has no other nation gone there?

Why did they not go back and set up a military base up there? The Cold War would have been ended twenty years sooner.


James says that if we break one of God's laws, it is as though we had broken them all. This is because there are no levels of sin with God. It isn't like in the Catholic church with mortal and venial sins.

However, let's look at this principle of breaking the whole law by breaking one law deeper.

If we break one of God's commandments, we are saying we know better than God and are thus putting ourselves before God.

By making ourselves God, we further break the second commandment.

By claiming to be Christians but not doing what he commanded, we have taken the Lord's name upon ourselves in vain, thus breaking the third commandment.

How can we say we are resting in Christ while living in rebellion against Him? Thus we have broken the fourth commandment.

We may not be dishonouring our physical mother and father by breaking one of God's commandments, but we are certainly dishonouring our Heavenly Father, thus breaking the fifth commandment.

By continually choosing to do something that is opposed to God's law, we are rejecting Him and guaranteeing ourselves a place in Hell. Knowingly breaking whatever commandment we are breaking, we are choosing death, thus committing spiritual suicide. Suicide is self-murder, so we are breaking the sixth commandment.

We may not physically be committing adultery, but by calling Jesus "Lord" and not doing what he says, we are committing spiritual adultery, thus breaking the seventh commandment.

By calling Jesus our Lord and Saviour and living in opposition to Him, we are trying to take a place in His kingdom which doesn't belong to us, thus breaking the eighth commandment.

While in the physical the ninth commandment is about purgery and not simply lying as many people believe, by saying we are one of God's children and yet living contrary to His Word, we are baring false witness against ourselves.

We've already seen how we're trying to steal the kingdom for ourselves, so before we stole it, we must have had the desire to try to take it by improper means, thus breaking the tenth commandment.


The July 23 issue of Maclean's has an article entitled "The Secret Life of Plants", which reveals that plants can communicate with each other and feel, among other things. Further testament to how astonishing our Creator is.

The July issue of Chatalaine contains an article on abortion. It is written by a woman who found out her baby would have severe health problems if it survived to term and would have to live in pain it's whole life. For this reason, the author decided to abort. No mention of praying for the baby's healing.

I like the format for the recordings of the "Daily Bread" and "Encounter With God" devotionals CBM records. It's a good idea to insert the passages from Scripture right in the entries and to leave out the book and chapter headings since we already know which chapter and book we're reading.


Picked up 107.1 WLKK Buffalo the other day with "The Jim Bohanan Show."

Have listened to "Ground Zero With Clyde Lewis" a couple times. It seems pretty good.

Speaking of which, all the American stations appear to have switched to "Ground Zero" instead of the last hour of the previous edition of "Coast To Coast", yet AM 640 still has the full previous edition of "Coast" from 9:00-1:00. What's up with that?

Monday, August 27, 2012


Chapter 1: In context, the verse about God being faithful and just to forgive us our sins is talking about when we as Christians sin.

Chapter 2: The word "world" is translated from the Greek word "cosmos" which means world order or world system. It means the way most of the people in the world think and act.

Chapter 4: We should not only not accept any one who comes to us who denies that Jesus was fully God and fully man, but anyone who denies Jesus was the Christ or Messiah. We should also not accept groups into Christianity who preach a different Jesus other than the one the Bible declares, such as the Mormons, who say Jesus was the literal reincarnation of Adam, or the Jehova's Witnesses who say Lucifer was Jesus' brother.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


He knew he never went to the moon. He knew the truth that the Van Allen Belt would destroy any man-powered spacecraft that tried to go through it, yet he played along and suppressed the truth anyway.

DX LOG 8/25

94.3 WYYY with music and ID.

95.1 WBRU Rochester with ID and AC/DC.

96.5 WCMF with music and ID.

100.5 WDVE with announcer Julie and commercials.

101.1 CKBY Ottawa with "Bob Kingsley's Country Top Forty."

Friday, August 24, 2012


The Nerve is no longer a radio format in Rochester. That sucks.

I see CITY-tv has some Christian programming now and fewer multicultural programs.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to "Indo-Caribbean Visions?" Kenny, are you out there?

Ditto for "Hello Japan" and "Mix TV."

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Jesus called His people the salt of the earth, but if the salt looses it's seasoning, it is good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled. Today too many Christians have lost their saltiness. They care more about being spoken highly of by the world than they do about serving the Lord Jesus. Hopefully, once they have been trampled on by God's enemies long enough, they will regain their seasoning and live totally for Him.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Anybody remember a British series from around 1972 called "The War Years?" It used to air on CITY-tv in the nineties. The show covered World War I, World War II, the war in French Indo-China, and the first part of the Cold War.

I loved it. It was interesting and had just the right amount of detail.

Watch episodes from "The War Years" on it's own YouTube channel here.


When we read prophecies like the ones found in these two books, we need to pray the words out loud. The descendants of the Edomites still oppress the true descendants of Israel today. However, this wicked people will be judged by the standard by which they treated us, and we will prosper while they are turned to stubble.


Glad to see "Jodie Jenkins The Golf Guy" is on My FM now.

Congratulations to Pastor Gino Jennings on his son Jordan getting married.

Rock Radio Scrapbook can stream unscoped airchecks now. This would be good for old FM and black radio airchecks, but I think boring for most top 40 airchecks since most of those songs are overplayed nowadays anyway..

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


There are a few different interpretations of Hebrews 12 1. Some say the Old Testament figures and saints can see us from Heaven and are cheering us on. I think this is likely. Another interpretation is that since we have all these wonderful examples of Biblical heroes we should live up to them because they were so cool. This has some merit but it is not an interpretation that I put first and foremost. Still others say that since we have all the examples of people who have had faith in God, we need to learn from their examples and apply it to our lives. They didn't let adversity make them fall away and we shouldn't either. I think this is a very good interpretation.

For instance, we have the example of somebody like Moses. Moses could have had all the drunken parties and women and become puffed up with prideful acolades. He possibly could have been the most important in the world. If I were him, I would have thought, "Jeezum, my ancestor Joseph was the second most important person in the world, being Pharaoh's Prime Minister and Egypt being the world empire at the time. I'm an heir to the Egyptian throne through adoption by Pharaoh's daughter. It would be quite something for me to become the ruler of the world."

Instead, Moses forsook all that sinful life to rescue his people. Incidentally, Moses could have ruled the world, but instead he codified the set of laws which should govern the world.

Therefore, since we have the example of someone like Moses who by faith forsook sin and obeyed God, doing such great things for Him, we shouldn't let sin rule in our lives. It's quite easy to say in the split seconds of the moment, "I don't care about eternity. I'll do this thing or look at this thing or think this thought anyway." "I know I should get serious about this sin, but there are just these things in my past and ha ha it just seems like something I can never seem to beat. Oh well, ho hum."

This should not be our attitude. We need to walk by faith in these matters.

Hebrews 12 8: When we do something wrong, even if we're not Christians, we feel guilty. Yet there is a group of people in the world who do not have this reaction. They have no conscience. They are termed "bastards" in this verse. (Hence the reason I use that word on this blog.)

Hebrews 13 9: I'm glad God doesn't change. That was the thing with the gods of Greek mythology and other religions: they're capricious. They might say they'll do something for somebody one minute, then get annoyed about something and flood that person's village.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Samson was a very flawed man, yet it must be remembered he did kill God's enemies. Of course the whimpy-wampy milk-sops we have for preachers these days don't like Samson because he was a warrior.

The men of Judah in Chapter 15 were like people today. "Sure, the Philistines are oppressive, but they provide security. We won't have that security if you kill them off and free us. No, we're not going to kill you, but we're going to bind you and deliver you into the hands of the Philistines to be slain just as if we had murdered you." "Sure, our society isn't perfect and filled with sin, but at least I get a big fat (well, it's not so big and fat but what the heck) I get a paycheck at the end of the week, and if you speak out against our enemies (the descendants of the Philistines and the Midianites and the Cananites and all those peoples) we might have to actually get serious about obeying God and we'll be going into a future we can't really imagine. We've got to make a perriah out of you so we aren't moved out of our comfort zone." "Sure, Samson, I know the Philistines are enslaving us, but remember love and forgiveness and turn the other cheek and all that stuff. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord."

Samson's first wife in Chapter 14 was a nagging bitch, as was Delilah. Today, their female descendants have the same reputation.


Yesterday afternoon a guy came to the door saying he was from Summit Energy and wanted to talk with me about my hydro rates because they had changed. He started to say "the electric company" and then said "the gas company." I told him I was sure everything was all right and went back into the interior of the house.

Reminded me of that scene in "101 Dalmatians" where Horrace and Jasper try to get into the house to steal the dogs and they say they're from the gas company. When they're told "We haven't got gas" they say they're from the electric company.

Then there's the sketch on "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again" where the whimpy guy tries to rob the house. He says he's from the gas company. The lady of the house says they don't have gas. He then says he's from the electric company. The lady says they don't have electricity.


Rick Dees is still doing "The Weekly Top Forty" so why does Mix 97 broadcast his top twenty countdown?

98.9 The Drive was coming in really well last night.

The timing on 91x is off. Last night's episode of "The Search" ended at 12:07 instead of midnight.


90.1 WGMZ Rochester with jazz, announcer Andy with item about death of jazz musician, invitation for phone calls, promo for gardening feature, girl doing weather forecast, Andy again and into jazz.

96.5 WCMF Rochester with music and ID.

98.9 WBZA Rochester this morning with commercials.

99.7 CKPT-fm Peterborough with "Rick Dees Weekly Top 40."

100.5 WDVE Rochester; yesterday with music and ID; this morning with Oasis, Adele, Matchbox Twenty, announcer J.P. in for "The Mayor" Pete Kennedy, commercials.

100.5 CKRU-fm Peterborough with "House of the Rising Sun" and ID.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


The July 16 issue of Maclean's has an article about sexism in the online gaming world. Is it really for women to play these violent online and video games?

The July 23 issue of Maclean's has an article about the provincial government of Manitoba changing the titles of some positions so the word chief is removed. The Manitoba government says it is doing this because of the negative conitations it might bring up for Natives. This is a case of political correctness run amok.

In the same issue there is an article about Saudi Arabia's deputy minister for education getting caught without a face veil. The article contains a quote the Saudi king made about how it is ridiculous to force laws on a people which violate that people's principles, beliefs, etc. The West imposes it's way of thinking on other countries and then wonders why those countries don't like those first world nations.

Friday, August 17, 2012


After the Lord delivers Israel from the Midianites, Gideon makes an ephod of gold and the Israelites worship it. Yet, there is "quietness" in the land for forty years, until Gideon dies.

God had patients with Israel, even though they were worshipping this golden garment. That's more than I would have had if I were Him. "I just delivered you from Midian and now I find you worshipping a golden ephod! OK, you're going down."

After Gideon dies, as happened many times since this story took place, Israel falls back into worshipping Baal full tilt.

Christians need to take sin seriously. I can not stress that enough in this "Judao"-Christian world (though granted that term isn't used much anymore.) We need to be vigilant about not falling back into sins the Lord has given us victory over. We also need to guard against falling into new sins we've never had a problem with before. We can keep these things from happening as long as we fix our eyes on Jesus, making sure to serve Him and put Him first in our lives.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


The Midianites were so scared they fought each other instead of the Israelites. Today we see the same thing among their descendants. Though politicians from opposing parties have never been known for habitually being the best of friends, the acrimony in both Washington and the Canadian Parliament lately seems unprecedented.

Also, witness the feud several months ago between Michael Savage and other conservative talk show hosts.


Since the release of their new EP - The Mermaid & The Astronaut (June 2012 Monkey Rock Records) the indie-rock duo, ECHOREV, has performed over 30 shows between the US and Europe. They are now announcing more US show-dates for September and October 2012 including CMJ!

US Show Dates - September + October 2012

9/7 - Arlene Francis Center - Santa Rosa, CA

9/8 - Hotel Utah - San Francisco, CA

9/11 - Los Globos - Los Angeles, CA

9/15 - Dear Raymer - Los Angeles, CA

9/27 - Unit E - Denver, CO

10/3 - Yucca Tap Room - Tempe, AZ

10/4 - The Standard - Hollywood, CA

10/19 - Monkey Rock CMJ Showcase@ Rockwood Music Hall - New York, NY

Check ECHOREV.com for show-info and more dates to be announced soon!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I take back the disparaging comments I made about go to meeting. Turns out I had skipped a couple steps in tuning into the last online seminar. This time when I attended an online seminar the software worked and it even presented me with an option to close the tab at the end.


In this week's edition of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind, Lin Tatum writes an article about when she stopped liking roller coasters. For me it was sometime when I was a teenager. I had ridden a few at a fair and felt kind of nautious afterwords, something which hadn't really happened before. After a few more events at which I rode roller coasters and experienced the same effect, I wondered why I continued to do this to myself and quit riding them.

The July 2-9 issue of Maclean's has an article about craft beers with political messages. A professor interviewed for the piece has the last name of Soberman.

The same issue has a section where ordinary people tell of the moment they felt proudest to be Canadian. My best moment as a Canadian was when Donovan Bailey won the gold medal at the 1996 olympics. At that time, our TV and movies were a joke and there were just beginning to be a significant number of Canadians on the U.S. music charts. I felt proud again the following summer when Bailey beat Carl Lewis after Lewis had challenged Bailey for the title of world's fastest man.


First, God eliminates the fearful among Gideon's men. You can't have people who are afraid in your army.

Next, God eliminates all the men who get down on their knees to get a drink. The men who were doing this were letting their guard down. Can't have that in a fighting force.

God encourages Gideon by letting him hear how fearful the Midianites are. Today, we get glimpses of how fearful our enemy is. They put on a brave front, strutting around, owning everything and having most of the money, but inwardly they are in fear because they know it's all going to come to an end shortly.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


We can and do fail tests given to us by God. Often He gives us a second chance but we shouldn't take this fact to mean it's OK to fail our Lord over and over again.

Though Gideon's family was poor and Gideon was the youngest of his siblings, he was brave. It takes courage to pull down the God that everyone else in your society worships. In our society today, we need to start pulling down our Baals. These false gods include, but are not limited to: politicians, doctors and the medical establishment in general, our outcome-based education system and the public school system in general, the pagan holidays known as Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, psychology, parenting experts, entertainers (both religious and secular; movies, music, television, etc.), our favourite theologians/preachers/televangelists, the social programs given to us by our governments, as well as many other things.

When you speak out against these Baals and start pulling them down in your own life, your family and so-called friends will more than likely get angry at you, as the men of the city got mad at Gideon. Remember, these people, even though many of them call themselves Christians, have pushed out, either in whole or in part, the true God in favour of these other gods.

Fortunately, once these Baals have started to come down and their spell has been broken, people will start to come on your side, as Gideon's father did.

Putting out a fleece does work. Once, there was to be this breakfast at my church in recognition of the pagan holiday of Easter, commonly presented in the church as a commemoration of the death and resurection of Jesus. I was unsure if I should go to it, since the service afterword might contain some eddifying teaching all the same. The night before, I asked the Lord, "Let me wake up in time to get to the breakfast. If I do, I know it'll be OK to go. If not, I know it won't be." I ended up waking up in time.

FM DX LOG 8/13

89.9 WRVO with political program.

93.1 WNTQ Syracuse with two male announcers talking about celebrities' hairstyles.

95.1 WBRU Rochester with ID and music.

97.9 WPXY Rochester with ID and commercials.

98.9 WBZA Rochester (earlier in the day) with commercials.

101.3 WRMM Rochester with "The John Tesh Show."

TK 105 with commercials.


Caught a bit of that new Charlie Sheen sitcom "Anger Management" last night. Basically the way you'd expect: lots of obscene jokes, lots of jokes about anger, token homosexual black character.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Judges Chapter 4: Deborah was a gutsy and Godly lady.

Deborah's being a judge over Israel was not "equal opportunity." It was because there was no man at that time fit to fill the position. Remember, hardly anyone in that generation knew the Lord, so the pickings were slim.

Nevertheless, Deborah did a most excellent job as a ruler. God can sure give women the strength to do what it takes when no man will step up to the plate.

Jael was also very courageous to do what she did. Nothing wrong with a woman being strong and spunky.

Judges Chapter 6 1-24:

v1: A similar situation has ensued in the Western world today. We have done evil in the sight of the Lord and God has placed us in the hands of the descendants of the Midianites.

v3: Today, the descendants of the Midianites take the greater percentage of our money in taxes.

Could the phrase "children of the east" refer to the Chinese? Would Israel have had contact with the Orient back then?

v5: This verse is paralelled in our day by unchecked and illegal immigration to the developed world. These other peoples swarm in and tend to have more children than we do.

v6: We are now feeling the effects of all this taxation. We are in the worst economic shape we've been in in seventy years, despite what Stephen Harper says. As a matter of fact, it is probably even worse than the great depression.

One of the reasons we're in such poor shape economically is for years the west has been looked on as the grab bag of the world. Anytime a poorer country wants something, they ask, beg or cajole a first world nation for it and help is more often than not given to them.

v11: People in those days were resorting to secret means, such as grinding wheat in a winepress as told here, in order to keep their resources from the greedy Midianites. Today, and even moresoe in the future, you will see people resorting to similar means in order to make a living and rebuff our crazy tax codes.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


The July issue of Readers Digest contains an article about a group of scientists who want to have whales legally classified as persons. It is dangerous to elevate an animal to the level of a human being in this manner.

A line in the article basically says whales and dolphins would have the right to take legal action if they were being mistreated. Alex Jones or someone else on shortwave was talking about this same sort of thing three years ago. Eventually this granting of personhood will extend to all animals. Thus, if your neighbour feels your dog is undergoing maltreatment, that neighbour can bring a lawsuit against you on behalf of your dog.

In the same issue, there is an investigative report concerning teen boot camps. On the one hand, these military style facilities exemplify the "let someone else do it" approach that many parents have towards raising their children these days. Sending them to a place like the ones described in the article for poor grades or arguing!? That's just griss-poor parenting if I ever heard of it!

On the other hand, these horrible places also are the booster for the overly authoritarian breed that also exists in parenting these days. When ever I hear callers to conservative talk radio shows or even the hosts themselves applaud things like a judge beating his cerebral palsy-afflicted daughter for simply downloading music or coming on the sides of other parents who have done unspeakably abusive things to their children it reminds me why I quit admiring those kinds of right-wingers in the first place.

As far as the solution to juvinile delinquincy is concerned, the thing to do is take a few of the most delinquint adolescents in the country and throw them off the CN Tower before an audience as the law of God dictates. Put the execution on TV and stream it online. Before the actual tossing of the youths off the tower takes place, list the offenses the delinquints committed and say, "This is what happens to really rebelious teenagers. If you had people watching that happen, I think there would be far fewer troubled teens in this country over night.

As for the less rebelious teenagers, get them to good Christian counsellors,.

Many of the kids mentioned in this story had divorced parents so that was probably the major contributing factor to their wreckless behaviour.

Also, in reference to the woman discussed at the beginning of the article: So it was OK your daughter was giving away her virginity at 13 but as soon as you found the dreaded marijuanica in her room that was the last straw? (By the way, just what is it Readers Digest has against weed anyway?)

The same issue contains an article about big ideas Canadian visionaries had that never came to fruition. So many times in this country someone has a great idea but government regulation or apathy keep them from realizing their dream. We truly don't encourage people to be or do their best in this nation.


It was good to hear Jason Hill guest hosting
"Allan Wiener Worldwide" Friday evening.

Picked up Voice of Russia last night.

Whatever was on WWCR 12160 Sunday afternoons from 1:00-2:00 Eastern has been replaced by "Inspirations Across America."

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Last week's issue of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind contained part one of a three-part history of the Perkins brailler. I wouldn't be without mine. It's invaluable for things like phone messages and notes to myself. If I want to write down someone's phone number, I'm not going to boot up my computer, open a Microsoft Word document, write down seven digits, close the file, and shut the computer down.

There are only two cases where a Perkins braillewriter has been destroyed beyond recognition. Once one fell off the back of a truck, and another time one got run over by a train.

In the same issue there is an article about a judge ruling Netflicks has to provide closed captioning for the hearing impaired. The judge says the fact Netflicks is web-based and that video over the internet couldn't even have been dreamed of back in 1976 when the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) was passed has no baring on the issue.

I applaud this judge's decision. Except for cases of copyright, I think things done on the internet are the same as things done ofline. That means if you defraud someone through spam email, for instance, it is the same as if you had done it face to face, via the post, over the phone, or using any other means or technology.

There is an article in the July edition of Readers Digest which discusses all the Toronto locales shown in Sarah Polly's latest film "Take This Waltz." The writer makes reference to Frogger, a computer game from the nineties where players had to get a frog across a highway without it getting run over by a car. My sister loved that game!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This post is based on a tape of part of a Jack Canfield seminar with the above title I found in the bunch of cassettes my friend gave me.

"All humans seek things which are loving, affirming, empowering, and validating."

Actually, all humans have this void inside them, the God-shaped hole if you like, which can only be filled with a right relationship with Jesus Christ.

Canfield mentions something about the government of California putting up signs to help build people's self-esteem. This would go some of the way towards explaining why that state is bankrupt today.

Says some things along the lines of Norman Vincent Peale's "power of possitive thinking." The correct flip-side to that is "I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me."

"We allwant to be recognised as lovable." Truth is, some of the time, and with a fair number of us, a lot of the time, we just aren't that lovable.

Canfield talks about something along the lines of "the God within", bringing in new age beliefs.

The problem with the self-esteem gospel is that it teaches people to think well of themselves when they haven't done anything to earn the right to feel good about themselves.

"Nobody can make you feel a certain way."

This isn't true. As much as we shouldn't let every unkind remark made about us affect our image of ourselves, words can truly hurt, despite the amount of inner strength someone may have.

Canfield mentions near-death experiences where people see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. We now know this is an effect on the brain when the body is about to die. A voice was then heard. Of course, adherents of different religions swore it was whatever god they happened to worship, thus having universalism come into play in Canfield's seminar. The subjects of the study were then asked if they had been prejudice toward anyone, thus bringing in the politically correct gospel where "intolerance" is the only sin.

"We all chose to be born into the circumstances we were born into."

Try telling that to one of the untouchables in India.

The above information is, of course, proven in a study using hypnosis, a faulty and unreliable method which also opens doors to Satan.

"We should accept ourselves for who we are."

No, we should turn to Christ (by repenting and being baptised for the remission of sins according to Acts 2 38) and allow Him to make us into the kinds of individuals He wants us to be.


Listened to another recording of CFGM today. This particular cassette was odd because it had no leader, meaning there was no three second pause before the audio began; it just started right away. Not sure of the year it was recorded. I assume it was recorded in December because at one point the announcer says, "If you're looking for a Christmas present for somebody..."

No names of announcers given. At one point the lady who made the tape comes on and says, "with Scott King!!" in a really horrible immitation of an announcer-type voice. Thought that might be the name of the announcer who was on at that particular time (this cassette seems to have been recorded over a number of days) but research seems to show there was never an announcer named Scott King who worked at CFGM. The lady said this after the song "Wolverton Mountain" which is by Claude King, so maybe she was trying to give the name of the artist. Buck, though, she said it like the way they would announce the names of the announcers back in the golden age of Top 40. Just what, if anything, were you thinking, lady!

Timechecks of 11:18 and 11:15 given at separate points.

At one point mention of a "hall of fame weekend."

DX LOG 8/7

90.1 WXXI with jazz.

93.7 WBLK Brockport with "The Quiet Storm."

95.1 WBRU with "Sixx Sense" with Nicky Sixx.

96.5 WCMF with commercials including one that mentioned the Rochester Redwings' upcoming game with the Yankies. Would someone care to explain this to me, please?

97.9 WPXY with ID and commercials.

100.5 WDVE with ID and music.

105.7 CJRE St. Catharines with commercials, ID and music.


910 unid with Spanish music and IDs.

1600 unid talk station with promo for Michael Savage and into "The Alex Jones Show." WWRL could be heard occasionally under it.

1610 CHHA with programming in Spanish.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


In the July-August Youth Unlimited newsletter, there is a reprint of an article where the author discusses the filth presented at the MTV Movie Awards. The writer wonders why MTV has to put such obscenity before people. If the writer of this article were in the room right now, I would explain it to him the same way I would explain it to young people. The people who run MTV, and our media in general, have always hated God and have hated Christ from the day he came to Earth. Additionally, they love filth and vulgarity, as is plainly seen in their holy book, the Talmud. These people have read the Bible and know that one way to bring the wrath of God down upon His people is to get them interested in the trash they broadcast on television.

The Police Blotter section of the June 11 issue of Maclean's contains an item about a crime that happened in Moose Jaw. Thing is, the heading for the item reads Alberta. Hey Maclean's editorial staff, Moose Jaw isn't in Alberta, it's in Saskatchewan.

The June issue of Chatalaine contains an article about a woman who was dying of cancer who inspired her mother to start a fashion line for full-figured women. I bucking hate the way the media (see first item in this column for information on who runs it) calls any woman who is average size "plus-size." To me plus-size starts at size 12.

DX LOG 8/6

C93 classic hits station appeared to be from Watertown with IDs and songs by Genesis, U2 and others.

Kix 93.5 Kingston with announcer Rick Schulman.

97.5 WFRY Watertown with 6 million commercials.

97.9 WPXY Rochester with music, IDs and commercials including one for Seabreeze.

101.3 WRMM Rochester with "The John Tesh Show."

103.7 CJPT Brockville with music and IDs.

105.7 CJRE St. Catharines with "The John Tesh Show."

106.7 WBDR Copenhagen/Watertown/Kingston with music and ID "the station for summer."


Channel 3 CIII Toronto (Global) with "Newshour."

Channel 13 WHAM-tv Rochester with "Nightline."


Listened to another tape of CFGM today from the winter of 1984. Not much interesting: only one partial weather forecast, no timechecks, no announcers giving their names, no bits or liners. One interesting thing on this recording was part of a program CFGM had called "Country Showcase." This episode featured songs by Chris Cristopherson.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Listened to another tape today of CfGM. This one was from January 26, 1986. It was a Top 10 weekend and Wayne Mathews was playing the #2 and #1 songs from 1950-1985.

Mention of an Oprae North show the station was putting on.

Mentions of news with John Elston (whom many people might remember from CFRB) and later Pat McDermit.

Taped from around 12:44 to just after 3:00.

Could hear someone doing dishes in the background at a couple points.


Glad to hear "This Is That" will be broadcasting new episodes starting in September.

That Mr. Clean Magic Eraser commercial with the guy talking about aliens sucks.

Heard Arnie Coro on Radio Havana Cuba last night.

Picked up WDCX Buffalo this morning with David Jeremiah.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Rock 107 has an announcer on Sunday afternoons named Scott Hunter. Is he the son of Greg Hunter, formerly of CKLC Kingston and currently morning show host at Cool 100?

Always good to hear BBC news on shortwave.

Jim Cederstrom's program was sure interesting this evening.


The two privately owned CBC affiliates near where I live, CKWS and CHEX, apparently weren't part of CBC's analog transmitter shut-off a few days ago.

Lots of good TV DX last night. Was picking something up on channel 2 I couldn't identify, as well as WHAM-tv Rochester and Global's channel 41 transmitter in Bancroft.

I see the Fabulous Sports Babe is still around.

The guy who played Igor on M.A.S.H. is going to be co-hosting a radio show teaching aspiring actors, filmakers, etc. what it takes to make it in Hollywood.

DX LOG 8/2-3

89.3 CKLF Barry repeater with Christian rock music.

90.1 Rochester with jazz.

92.1 WSEN Canandagua with music and ID.

95.1 WBRU with "Runaway" by Bon jovi (a rarity indeed), ID and Aerosmith.

96.5 WCMF Rochester with Wendy's commercial, ID and "Smoke On The Water."

100.5 WDVE with Adelle and ID.

101.3 WRMM Rochester with music and ID.

102.7 The Lake with "You're So Vain."

104.1 WHTT Buffalo with music and announcer whose name sounded like Amy James.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


There is a new guy doing the bumpers for "Coast To Coast" on AM 640.

Speaking of "Coast To Coast", Premier Radio Networks is is going to syndicate another host who talks about the paranormal and conspiracies. The program will air from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern. Will this replace the repeat of the previous episode of "Coast To Coast" Premier currently has in that slot?

CBC will broadcast the 2014 and 2016 Olympic games. It would have been something if no broadcaster had won the bid and the games were only available on the internet.


Why now whenever I look up the URL of a Blogger blog is the suffix .ca?

Tell Me has a new number: 1-888-247-2425.

Why did anyone ever think Facebook would do well on the stock market?