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By Michael Moore. New York: Crown, 1996.

Let’s All Hop in a Ryder Truck

It is well worth looking into the truth about the Oklahoma City bombing, and the evidence for the FBI’s involvement therein.

Would Pat Buchanan Take a Cheque From Satan?

Watch “The Secret Right Volume 1” for information on an organization Pat Buchanan is a part of, the Counsel for National Policy.

“Don’t Vote-It Only Encourages Them”

The kind of politicians we have to vote for is ultimately determined by the spiritual condition of the people who make up the nation.

Democrat? Republican? Can You Tell the Difference?

This is the only truly good chapter in the book.

Not on the Mayflower? Then Leave!

First of all, most immigrants in the past have come to the United States (and Canada) legally.

Also, up through the Ellis Island era, immigrants were coming to supply workers the country didn’t have. The immigrants before them were actually settlers, people who had come to literally build the young country.

Nowadays, we have immigrants (certainly not all of them, but a lot) who come to North America to take advantage of social programs.

They also undercut the job market. Americans would do the jobs leftists claim they don’t want to do, but for proper wages and fair working hours.

Hey, Michael Moore, how about encouraging the Hollywood types you hang out with to hire people from the poorer areas of America to come work as the maids and gardeners to said rich Hollywood leftists?

Incidentally, it’s interesting he mentions Martina Navratilova, who, 23 years later, is now regarded by the left as an enemy for her stance on transgender athletes.

In fact, since it will increase the hit count, I will now list all the immigrants in the list at the end of this chapter who have died since the publication of “Downsize This!”

Most of these people probably immigrated to the U.S. legally, including coming over on visas and later taking out citizenship. Hardly the same thing as a hoard of Central Americans barging across the border.

The following people from the list are dead:

Clive Barnes;
Saul Bellow;
Liz Claiborne;
Peter Jennings;
Mike Nichols;
I.                    M. Pei;
General John Shalikashvili;
Elizabeth Taylor;
Alex Trotman;
Elie Wiesel;
Billy Wilder

It is also worth noting that, while not an immigrant, Ross Perot died while I was reading this book.

Big Welfare Mamas

I actually quite agree the issue of corporate welfare is a big problem. However, someone has to provide some objectivity to this thing.

Daniel M. Tellep: Did Lockheed pay back the $250 million federal emergency loan?

Firings often occur when mergers take place because two companies that were formerly each doing the same thing have now become one company, thus you now have redundancy.

What about the other $27 million of the federal government payment?

One could argue a lot of the “welfare payments” listed amounted to smart political moves as Lockheed Martin does so much business with the U.S. Department of Defense.

Dwayne O. Andreas: Dwayne O. Andreas has died since this book was written.

Helmut Werner: It could be argued Alabama’s incentives to Mercedes-Benz were necessary because of the economic benefits of the factory being built there. Probably the reason Alabama was facing across-the-board budget cuts was because they’ve been screwed over by the federal government, which has been happening ever since Reconstruction.

Incidentally, Helmut Werner has died since this book was written.

Edward A. Brennan: Personally, I think Sears would have been better to move out of Illinois.

Since the writing of this book, Edward A. Brennan has died.

Art Modell: Read “The Fix is In” by Brian Tuohy to find out how little owners care about the cities their teams are currently located, as well as a whole lot more interesting stuff.

Like all but one of the other welfare mamas profiled in this chapter, Art Modell died after this book was written.

Let’s Dump on Orange County

I wonder how many members of a certain tribe were responsible for Orange County going bankrupt?

How to Conduct the Rodney King Commemorative Riot

Moore’s characterization of white men-the same kinds of people he says he cares about and is trying to help is exactly the kind of attitude that got Trump elected in the first place.

Incidentally, since “Downsize This!” was written, Rodney King has gone on to whatever he has gone on to.

Pagan Babies

Hey, Michael, along with encouraging Hollywood stars and executives to adopt poor, white Americans as workers for good wages and fair hours, how about helping to establish colleges in the poor parts of the country to retrain unemployed Americans to do the jobs the immigrants are currently doing.

Germany Still Hasn’t Paid for Its Sins-And I Intend to Collect

This fat hypocrite admits this kind of thinking after World War I was what led up to the Second, but he wants to go ahead with it anyway. After all, all money has to come from somewhere.

So You Want to Kill the President!

I’m sure there are plenty of grounds for jailing you and your fellow lefties for things you’ve said about conservatives.

Show Trials I’d Like to See

“The People versus Saturday Night Live”: Has “Saturday Night Live” ever actually been truly good, even in the era of the Not Ready For Prime Time Players?

“The People versus Senator Strom Thurmond”: I’d like to see “The People versus All The Propagandists Who Said Homosexuality Was Fine And Just An Alternative Lifestyle.” The defendants would be people like Michael Moore and his cronies, as well as the heads of the leading lgbt organizations (who, by the way, I’m told, are all members of a certain tribe), as well as several past and present politicians from governments all over the world. The plaintiffs would be loved ones of homosexuals who have committed suicide, died of alcoholism and drug addiction, been murdered by abusive partners, or who’ve died of AIDS and other such diseases, and of homosexuals who have or are currently experiencing these consequences of being told this by the defendants and thus acting on their attractions to other men or women.

Depending on how pathetic the defendants sounded, they may or may not get to finish speaking up for themselves before they were literally stoned to death in public by the plaintifs.

Incidentally, since “Downsize This!” was published, Strom Thurmond has gone for his dirt nap.

If Clinton Had Balls

Since everyone is thinking it anyway, I’m going to make the obvious joke: Ever since the release of the Starr report, we know he does.

Honestly, when a guy is as rotted out with scandal as “Slick Willie” and is even alleged to have raped women and to have fathered a son by a black prostitute he refuses to acknowledge, could we not just treat this guy like those homosexual propagandists I mentioned above? (Read Chris Anderson’s “Bill and Hillary: the marriage” for more on this topic.

Steve Forbes Was an Alien

There are Aliens Among Us. Order the series from Scriptures For America if you don’t believe me.

Corporate Crooks Trading Cards

William S. Stavropoulos: If a certain tribe, through their media, didn’t tell women they had to look a certain way in order to conform to the standard of beauty that tribe put forth to them, than far fewer women would have been harmed by silicone breast implants.

David H. Hoag: Cleveland probably felt obligated to help LTV in 1986 because they were such a large employer. It could be argued that by 1993, market and/or other conditions had changed making it necessary for LTV to do what it did then. A corporation doesn’t technically owe any abstract thing, such as gratitude, to anyone.

David H. Hoag is another person who has begun pushing up daisies since this book was written.

Phil Knight: It could be argued that outsourcing work to the factory contracted to make shoes for Nike has helped boost the living standards of those in developing countries.

It could also be argued that the costly endorsements of people like Michael Jordan are necisary for Nike to be Nike-though I bet they wish Colin Kaepernick wasn’t involved in their advertising anymore.

Ralph S. Larsen: This man also got dead since 1996.

Why are Union Leaders So F***ing Stupid?

I would like to take this opportunity to complain about some public unions.

In the spring of 1997, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) went on strike, thus meaning students of the W. Ross Macdonald School for the Blind couldn’t attend till it was over.

In 2002, OPSEU went on strike again.

In the fall of 1997, the public school teachers in Ontario went on strike and the teachers in the Separate school board (which included WRMS as well as the schools for the deaf in Ontario) threatened to go on strike, it being averted at the last minute.

In the spring of 1999, the Separate schoolteachers threatened to strike again, taking work to rule action. The strike was averted just before the beginning of the 1999/2000 school year.

During the 2012/2013 school year, the public school teachers staged walk-outs and worked to rule.

In the winter of 2004, Ontario’s college teachers threatened to go on strike, it being averted.

In 2006, the college teachers did go on strike and did the same thing just a couple years ago.

Parents do not send their kids to school, and students do not pay good money to attend college or university, so you unions can threaten to walk off the job and pull various other shananigans all the time.

Balance the Budget? Balance My Checkbook!

Read Deuteronomy 28 for greater insight into why are nation is having the problems it is.

Mike’s Penal Systems, Inc.

It would appear the U.S. is now doing away with private prisons.

Mandate? What Mandate?

Too bad Michael Moore’s reaction to the Republicans taking the house in 1994 wasn’t fatal.

“Our country was going to be dismantled by these wide-eyed zealots.”

And you aren’t a zealot?

“So you could say that just one person brought on the entire mean-spirited Engler revolution in Michigan.”

Takes one to know one.

We had 78 percent voter turn-out in the last Canadian federal election and look who we got in office as a result.

My Forbidden Love for Hillary

Telling women they should like Hillary Clinton because they should be in favour of what she is in favour sounds pretty sexist to me.

A Sperm’s Right to Life

Now we come to another one of Moore’s frequent specious arguments.

Neither a sperm nor an egg by themselves can make a human being. Only when the sperm and egg have joined and adhered to the wall of the uterus can this happen. From that point on, what we have, whether in the embryonic or fetal stage, is a human being in its developmental stages.

Capital punishment for all women who have abortions. Then jerkwads like Moore would accuse us Christians of being hypocritical and not showing mercy.

Rather than execute mothers who’ve had abortions, I personally think we should execute propagandists like Michael Moore and those at the head of the abortion movement who deceive women into thinking having an abortion is not all that much more of an invasive or difficult procedure than having a wart removed. Afterwords, when the women are bleeding copiously or having nightmares or on antidepressants or can’t go to their dentist because the drill reminds them of the vacuum used to abort the baby, they then know the truth.

I would definitely support executing those people, as well as those who perform abortions knowing all the potential side effects it has.

Actually, abortion is an antiwoman practice that seeks to control women and keep them in their place. Watch “The Feminist Case Against Abortion” for more on this.

Let’s Pick a New Enemy!

“Canadian Bacon” is an awesome movie, so Michael Moore has at least done one good thing in his life.

Since this book was written, the U.S. has invaded Libya (under the presidency of a black democrat and with Hillary Clinton as secretary of state) and Muammar Khaddafi has been murdered as a result.

The U.s. and Canada may be headed toward some kind of hot or cold conflict with China, what with all this trade war and other business-related stuff.

The Zionist crypto-Jew Donald Trump may take the States to war against Iran.

Iraq. “Done that.” Well, 1996 Michael Moore, you guys did it again, twice if you count the fight against ISIS as a separate conflict, the latter of which finally got Canada to send some troops over there which you Americans had been wanting us to do since 2002.

North Korea: Depends what minute it is.

Since the putting forth of this book, Kim Il Sung’s son was chosen as leader, died (possibly as a result of being murdered) and was replaced by Kim’s grandson.

Switzerland: Nah, too many guns. There’s a reason why they’ve always remained neutral.

Burkina Faso: You never know. Seems like there’s a new war or a rumour of one every day in the second decade of the twenty-first century.

Those Keystone Cubans

Read “I Will Die Free” by Noble Alexander to learn just what a truly horrible person Fidel Castro was.

Since Moore spewed out this publication, Fidel Castro has been given the divine death penalty.

What America Needs is a Makeover

“Ever since I can remember, the United States has not been a very popular country. Take a poll, from Zimbabwe to Uruguay, and for some unexplained reason you’ll find that other people just hate our guts.”

Which I guess is why so many people from other countries are currently streaming across the U.S.’s southern border, eh Mike? Or it could just be the social programs.

O.J. is Innocent

No, he wasn’t and I’m glad he finally went to prison.

The “Liddy Problem”

Read “The New Babylon” by Michael Collins Piper.

I Try to Commit Bob Dornan

Rock and roll songs (at least a lot of the most popular ones) do have satanic messages in them. Visit Good Fight Ministries to find out more.

Since this book was published, Gerald Solomon and Helen Chenowith have both died.

Skip the Candidates-Vote for the Lobbyists!

I think Willis Carto of Liberty Lobby should have been president.

Harassing Gays for Extra Credit

I seriously think Westboro Baptist Church is actually a front for the LGBT movement and was planted to make those who are against homosexuality look bad.

It would be cool if high school students could get extra credit, community service hours or co-op placements working at a repairative therapy clinic; a place that lovingly reaches out to the lgbt community and helps deliver them from the terrible deathstyle of homosexuality.

Since the publication of this book, Fred Felps has gone on to be with someone.

Take That Pen Out of Bob Dole’s Hand

Watch Jeff Censored on YouTube.

Free Us, Nelson Mandela!

Look up “Nelson Mandela necklacing” and “Nelson Mandela terrorist activity.”

NAFTA’s Great! Let’s Move Washington to Tijuana!

Donald Trump is bringing jobs back to the United States and Michael Moore still hates him.

Why Doesn’t GM Sell Crack?

Listen to The Republic Broadcasting Network for a wide variety of perspectives and truth you won’t hear anywhere else.

I Want My Tax Break or I’m Leaving

Check out “The American Awakening” with Michael Herzog.

Mike’s Militia

Check out Deeana Spingola’s website.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Just found out that local news correspondent, fellow musician and personal friend Brett Mann died a couple years ago.

I met Brett through playing music at Amazing Coffee years ago. We developed a friendship, discussing matters of spirituality as brothers in the Lord and just generally enjoying each others company.

He knew neat people and, from what I gathered, led an interesting life.

Here is his death notice.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


I met Amelia in grade 9. We had a class together and we became friends, the way you do in high school.

We became such good friends because we’d both decided to start doing drugs very heavily a little while before we met.

Neither of our parents really cared what we did-which sounds cool but was actually horrible because Amelia and I craved structure and discipline.

We spent most of our time high on drugs so I don’t actually remember that much about our friendship. I do, however, remember the time we went to New York together. Amelia’s older sister had an apartment in a housing project out there and we visited her one weekend.

The Friday night, Amelia and I were standing on the fire escape, high as usual, and we kissed, passionately, because of course due to all the homosexual propaganda we’d been fed in the nineties we didn’t know what orientation we were. After we kissed, we just stood there for a moment, then the black guys who lived above Amelia’s sister climbed down their fire escape onto ours and beat us up.

After about a year, Amelia and I drifted apart. She started to get more into demolition durbies and I started to get more into self-loathing.

I see Amelia once a year, when I go to visit her grave. Let’s just say she never lost her interest in drugs and she died in a gutter some years ago, I can’t remember when exactly.

That’s another thing. People constantly tell me all the drugs I did back when I was friends with Amelia affected my brain in quite an adverse way. As far as I’m concerned, I can still count to one and that’s all that matters.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Tuned into Dan Le Batard for the first time a couple weeks ago and found his program quite entertaining.

After several days complete absence, CKOL's 100.7 transmitter is back.

Glad the TV wasn't on when I was at the dentist's office this morning.

Love Ken Murray's program on County FM. That guy sure knows music!

Picked up 1320 WJAS Pitsburgh tonight.

Also picked up 1290 WNBF Binghamton tonight.

Came across a couple discs of Essential Skills software recently and was pleasantly surprised to find the tutorial voiced by Algonquin College professor and former Fly FM and Mix 97 announcer Dan Mellon.

Not sure if this counts since it was via WRMI, but picked up Radio Slovak last night (Jun 30) with mailbag program until sign-off.

In its IDs, World Harvest Radio says it is owned by LESEA International, but I thought they changed their name to Family Broadcasting Company.

Glad to hear Gino from New York who calls into "Ground Zero" on Red Eye Radio last night (Jul 1.)

CFRB is no longer carrying the first hour of "Beyond Reality Radio", broadcasting the final hour of the previous night's "Coast to Coast" instead.

Sirius XM is presenting live coverage of Willie Nelson's annual Fourth of July picnic. You know that picnic's gotta have the best brownies.

Tuned into Pastor William Price on WWCR for the first time in a long while Saturday morning (Jul 6.)

Enjoyed "Dead Ringers" on BBC Radio Four this afternoon (Jul 12.) Don't agree with most of their politics, but they've definitely got something.

Picked up CIUT-FM Toronto Friday (Jul 12/13) with “The Minx Sessions.”

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


First, have a sweep of some solid rockers perfect for relaxing on a summer day:

Now a couple songs to fall asleep to on a summer evening:

Now let’s take a break and listen to a sound from radio’s distant past with an aircheck of WODA in Patterson, New Jersey from 1922.

All right, time to get up and moving again:

Now let’s slow it down with The Civil Wars – Poison and Wine, although you might want to slow dance to this one by yourself.

Now let’s take a comedy break with The Altar Call’s Greatest Hits and Weird Al’s “Word Crimes.”

All right, back to the summer rockers:

David Lindley – Quarter of a Man: So many people are just like the guy in the song.

Now some more songs to fall asleep, or just relax to in the summer:

Now let’s increase the tempo a bit with Parlour Hawk – Home.

Now let’s take another comedy break with Paul and Storm – Me Make Fire.

Time for some hippy-era British folk music:

Pepper Rabbit – Older Brother: This song reminds me of talking with my roommates-or even sneaking down the hall to other studdents’ rooms to talk late at night at the school for the blind. It’s also quite evocative in general.

Petra – Prayer: Such resonant lyrics.

Ralfe Band – Cold Chicago Morning: I can just picture somebody walking down the street with their earbuds in swinging their arms in time to this song.

Now I’m going to return to my teenage years via 2014 with a quintuple shot of Rancid:

Now for a sweep of pre-Trump-era songs with a political or social bent:

Chris Tomlin – Even So Come: We so need to do what this song says.

Now for a news break:

First Place Blue Jays Pennant Race Song: Wish we could sing this song now.

Now, because like you need a reason, here’s the theme from Freakazoid.

Let’s keep that feeling going with a comedy break:

Steve and Vicki Cook – I Will Glory in My Redeemer: It is truly all about Him and the relationship we have restored to us.

Neville Peter - Nothing Between: Amen, that’s all I can say.

Ray Stevens – The Global Warming Song: Ray’s still got it, or at least still had it eight years ago

And now a double shot of Corb Lund:

And now some more summer rockers:

Let’s take another comedy break:

We’re gonna slow it down now. Such a beautiful song. This is Angharad Drake – Swing.

We’re goin’ country for a couple songs:

Now another set of summer rock tunes:

Al Di Meola – Mediterranean Sundance: A Mediterranean vacation in your own backyard.

And to get you up and moving again Nebraska – Vicarious Disco.

Now once again for something completely different:

Honeytree – Pioneer: True lyrics and a beautiful voice: what more do you need?

And staying with the Christian theme, have some Christian psychedelic music with The Belljar - Lost and Found.

Monday, June 24, 2019


The point of a free society is to question things, it is neither to personally attack people nor avoid debate for fear of hurting feelings.

This book, in the news of late, presents compelling evidence for the claim its title makes. However, it is also written in a way that leaves the reader quite free to make up his mind. Evidence is presented from a number of researchers from different perspectives, along with an appendix which more or less outlines the official story in the form of an extensive timeline.

Again, I am not advocating being a jerkwad and personally attacking people, but, in my view, it behooves anyone who calls themselves a thinking person to read "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook", which you can do here.

Sunday, June 23, 2019


  1. When introducing yourself, use
loud, exaggerated speech. Since we're blind, it's safe to assume we're a
little deaf and dim, too.

2. Don't speak directly to us. It's always best to talk over our heads like
we're not there at all, especially if you are offering a service.

Example: "What would she like to order?" Be sure to ignore our attempts to
answer for ourselves.

3. Grab or otherwise manipulate our bodies whenever and wherever you deem
necessary. For example, if you intuitively perceive that we're going the
wrong way (even if you haven't asked where that is) just snatch the nearest
limb and lead on, Macduff!

4. If you aren't in a position to grab us, you can always shout instructions
in the hope that we'll know what you're talking about. If we look baffled,
just keep repeating the instructions in an increasingly frantic tone. We'll
clue in eventually.

5. Remind us often how grateful we should be that people are willing to
provide accommodations for us. While it's unlikely that we will ever, ever
forget this for more than five minutes at a time, it's a good idea to slam
the thought home when we're not expecting it. It builds character.

6. Stage loud conversations about us while we're in the room, because we
won't hear. If we hear, it's okay, because we won't understand. If we
understand, it's okay, because we won't care.

7. Keep all conversation firmly focused on blindness. If we try to interject
by discussing our education or interests, just redirect us. We get carried
away trying to be all normal, so it's helpful to keep us on track!

8. Be sure to describe all the other blind people you've ever met, in
extravagant detail. We couldn't be more fascinated by that blind guy who
skied, and that other blind guy who went to school with you, and that blind
girl you met on the train once-the one with the cute puppy. 

9. Make a habit
of asking us why we're "here". If we're on the bus, ask us why we're out
alone. If we're at work, ask us how we got the job. If we're in class, ask
us why we're in university. If we seem offended, ignore us: deep down
inside, we really enjoy presumptuous interrogation!

10. Dispense advice about how we should live our lives; the less you know
us, the more valuable your feedback will be. If you need a good starting
point, you can begin by analyzing our mobility tool of choice (cane or dog)
and emphatically demanding that we switch. We love that.

11. Involve yourself in our love lives, specifying exactly the type of
person we should date and why. If you think we should date a sighted person
because they'll be able to take care of us, we'll want to hear all about it.
If you think we should date a blind person because we should "stick to our
own kind" we will be all ears!

12. Give us things-money, coupons, whatever-because you pity us and want to
make our day better. Don't be phased by any apparent expressions of
confusion. ("Oh, that's just my gratitude face!") 

13. Stop us on the street
and thank whomever we're with for helping/taking care of/being so kind to
us. It's not as though we have real friends who genuinely enjoy our company.
No: if we're out with a sighted person, they are fulfilling a purely
charitable role. They will appreciate your praise, and we will feel extra
extra grateful!

14. Place your hands on us in any public place and pray. If we gently
explain that we don't want to be prayed for, rest assured that it's just the
secular cynicism doing the talking. When our sight is miraculously restored,
you'll be the first to know.

15. Make as many potentially dangerous practical jokes as you can think of.
A few good ideas include warning us of imaginary obstacles ("Watch out for
that tree-just kidding!"), concealing our possessions, and encouraging us to
"find" you while you run gleefully around us in circles. These were a staple
of primary school, and I treasure many pleasant memories from that era. Do
me a favor, and bring back the nostalgia!

16. Refer to us as "that blind person" even after you know our names.

Blindness is so integral to our identities that our names are really just
decorative, so there's no need to remember or use them. If we fail to answer
to "Hey, blind girl/guy!" just keep trying. We'll learn to love it.

17. Assume that our default status is "Help!" If we reassure you that we're
okay, thanks, don't fall for it. Insisting upon rescuing us every time we
cross paths places us into a position of dependence, which is exactly where
we belong.