Monday, December 22, 2014


Though the ultimate way to be happy is through a proper relationship with Jesus Christ (Acts 2 38) there is another important component to happiness I have found.

I owe this piece of wisdom to my dear, departed grandmother who said, "Happiness is liking the people you're with", which I took to mean liking the people with whom you have to associate on a daily basis.

I have found this to be so true in my life. If I don't have a group of people, or even that one person in my life among all the malcontents, nut-jobs and loosers with whom I get that positive charge from being around, my life tends to be miserable. However, if I have that bit of intelligent conversation with someone on the street or, more importantly, with a person in my life at the time, I find that just makes my day. If someone is a great person to be around and we just click, those moments with them you remember in future become that much more precious.

Sunday, December 21, 2014


And this bloody Trayvon Martin thing. First of all, the guy had been sent down to Florida because his mother couldn't deal with him anymore. In addition to this, the previous Friday he had been suspended from school for possession of marijuana. So I guess, in the nigger community, the reward for being suspended from school is going to a basketball game. Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman.

Also, I can't get over president Monkeyboy's moronic comment, "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon." Yeah, and if Michelle was capable of giving birth to floorlamps your son would look like a floorlamp.

Now, to the story surrounding the Sony pictures hack and specifically "The Interview."

First, how would the U.S. government react, if say, a Russian filmmaker had made a movie about a plot to assassinate Martin Luther King? Or how would the CBC react if Sony had made a film about a plot to assassinate Pierre Trudeau? My gosh, the West constantly goes around poking people in the eye and then wonders why those people get mad.

I really don't know what to make of the whole Russian situation. I highly doubt anyone in the Ukraine ever wanted to join the failing European Union, something which, funnily enough, I haven't heard much about lately. Thus, I'm mostly leaning toward thinking the U.S. and EU are the aggressors in this situation and these areas of the Ukraine are rushin back to Russia which they originally belonged to anyway. As far as any other aspect of this crisis, there are just too many lies for me to know what to think, but whatever is happening, you can bet that unseen third party is behind things.

As far as the battle with ISIS is concerned: First of all, if these kids want to go over there and fight for Islamic State, let them go, then don't allow them back in the country.

It took eleven years, but the U.S. government finally got Canada into the Iraq war.

ISIS is a direct result of multiculturalism. We say it's OK for these immigrants to keep everything about their culture, then we wonder at these Moslem kids getting radicalized and wanting to go back to their homelands to fight. I wonder how many naferious organizations of all stripes are being funded by organizations for immigrants and the like?

On the lighter side, professional wrestling is truly the faggiest thing ever. It is one big soap opera for men where the wrestlers talk in the ring for 20 minutes before doing a five minute combination of boxing and ballet with each other, all the while in their underwear.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


This is about someone who used to live around here I knew personally.

This guy was a nigger in the true sense of the word; see the Chris Rock routine. All he was interested in was drinking, fighting and fooling around.

The first thing he ever said to me was, "I got right hammered off them things one night."

This guy was stupid. He was totally uninterested in people or anything going on around him.

He also had a criminal record as a pedophile.

This guy died of cancer a couple years ago.

He took up with this local white girl and they spawned. They had a niglet together who can't even eat without dropping crumbs on the floor at an age when children are supposed to know how to eat properly. This niglet is also undisciplined and annoying in many other ways.

Also, I would like to talk about the Ferguson situation. Cops aren't trained to deal with potential criminals and troublemakers gently. If you steal something from a store, get caught by a police officer, then try to punch the police officer, bad things are going to ensue, so all these protesters, whether they are white, black or otherwise, should really all just shut up.

Also, of course Darren Wilson resigned. Guy's probably terrified of what would have happened to him if he'd continued on the beat.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Was picking up Global 24 on WRMI 9395 last Saturday with a fair signal. They were broadcasting a talk show originating from KTKK, followed by music and also including Feature Story News.

Glen Hauser sure has a bad cold.

Wonder if I'll be able to pick up WRCR when they switch frequencies and increase power?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Just finished listening to another tape of CFGM from 1983. The first side consisted of recordings featuring announcers including Dan Ryan and what appears to be his morning show. The signal fades out after awhile.

On the other side, there are clips from a Stan Campbell Saturday afternoon shift during a hall of fame weekend. The time of the recordings runs from about a few minutes after noon until sometime after 4:00.

Just as with the previous tape, the music spans several decades.


Listened to another tape last night of CFGM Toronto, this one from 1981. The tape began on November 28 and encompassed the subsequent few days. The names of the announcers were unknown as the tape mostly consisted of music and the only complete breaks were a few between song talks. As far as music, there were songs from 1946 all the way up to the time when the tape was made. Just wonderful!

Friday, December 12, 2014


It’s time to get together again for another session of the  Amazing Jam....
This Sunday,  December 14th from 2 pm until 5
At  The  Black Dog, 227 West Front St. in  Stirling.
*And,    here’s a heads-up to check out the new Facebook page ‘BV Amazing Music’ for    postings about music and events in this  area....
The ‘Amazing Jam’! Even more amazing music... 
This Sunday afternoon  at The Black Dog in  Stirling. We’ll be playing music there for about 3 hours. Welcomed by both staff and the patrons in the lounge and  restaurant, our music is appreciated. 
Once a month on Sunday afternoons. This Sunday afternoon  (December 14th). Time is from 2 pm until 5.
The  format is a ‘song circle’ with the lead changing from person to person among the  group. Everyone has the option to offer a tune when their turn comes around, or  pass to their neighbour if they’d rather. Depending on the music, the mood,  choice of instruments, etc. some will choose  to support whoever is leading a song, others may prefer sit out and listen.   DSCF1663
We invite you to come out and join us, making music with old friends;  for sure, there’ll be some new faces too.
“Bring your instruments, your voices and your music. It’s  all unplugged  and it’s all good! Guitar, bass,  harmonica, banjo,  mandolin, ukulele,  fiddle, accordion,  flute, celtic harp – the list goes  on.
“There may be only 4 or 5 of us or maybe a whole room full of  musicians. A place for ‘first-timers’ and experienced  players alike. A  good bunch of people playing all kinds of music together.  People in their teens all the way through  proto-geezers. Maybe even an DSCF1647sincipient-geriat or two....
“The  blues does not rule. Any  acoustic music from punk to  polka!”
(Baritone sax and tuba set up in the parking  lot....)
Hope to  see you Sunday afternoon in Stirling.