Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Live Music

at Arts Centre Hastings


Saturday, April 25th

Doors open @ 7:30 pm


Free Admission

(Pay-what-you-can donations are welcomed to ‘Blue Skies in the Community’)


2015_02200018 - Kyle Mitchell.jpgFeature Artist


Kyle Mitchell


Exciting local singer/songwriter! The songs of Neil Young, Shane

McGowan, Bruce Springsteen,

John Prine and Townes Van Zandt were stepping stones towards writing from his own experience.


Plus an open stage!

Talented performers offering a wide range of excellent music!


Hi all,
Here’s a poster for our concert and open stage venue this Saturday evening,  April 25th, at Arts Centre Hastings in Madoc. Please feel free to print it,  share it and otherwise indulge yourselves. And please, don’t neglect to come out  and join us for the show!
This evening performance will be the conclusion of our ‘Sound Systems 101’  workshop (running at Arts Centre Hastings from 1 pm on Saturday). Doors open for  the evening show at 7:30 pm; music starts at 8. The first part of the program  will be an ‘open stage’. Some, but not all of the (12 minute) stage slots will  be filled by our workshop participants. I expect there will be space for other  performers if they come out and sign-up early.
Sound and technical production for the evening will be run by our workshop  participants. Coffee and good things will be available in-house from Madoc’s  fabulous Hidden Goldmine Bakery.
Concert admission is free. Pay-what-you-can donations will be welcomed to  ‘Blue Skies In the Community’, the outreach program of Blue Skies Music Festival  which has been providing assistance and support to music and the arts for many  years across east-central Ontario.
So bring your friends and come out to join us for another exciting evening  of excellent music. Looking forward to see you there.

Monday, April 20, 2015


91x has had some really creative and cool promos this year, including the ones for "Musicale" and "Throwback Sunday."

That new show "Centre Stage" is pretty good.

I don't really like that Scaliwag's Toy Shop commercial, though.


He is a broadcaster who used to be on CFRB in the nineties and 2000s. Also, from 1998 until a few years ago he had a television show on CTS.
The emotional, histrionic thing is his normal MO.
He authored a biography on C. S. Lewis as well as one called "Why The Catholics Are Right", even though he originally made his name as Canada's token spokesman for the Christian right. He has also kind of cozied up to Islam in the past.
In the late nineties I saw him on "100 Huntley Street." He gave his testimony which was as follows: He woke one night, couldn't get back to sleep and went downstairs. He was flipping through the channels when he landed on a televangelist. A few weeks later he asked his wife if she noticed anything different about him and she said Michael's language had improved. No repentance or baptism or anything.
He is also Jewish and was raised in a secular Jewish home. He has called for the bombing of Iran in his Toronto Sun column and is very big on Zionism.


There is no way this debate between Michael Coren and Charles McVety could have been more of a joke.

Coren, as usual, played the loving Christian card to the hilt throughout. Coren has always been a histrionic jerk but it's truly surprising how liberal he's gotten in the years since I stopped following him.

McVety didn't present a really strong counter to Coren and the host.

Also, what the heck has Europe got to do with anything?

Solomon and Coren seem to think, like a lot of grownups, that children think like adults, which of course they don't. Sure, children may already know the basics of a lot of stuff and have vague ideas about a lot of other things, but children don't really understand the concept of the difference between suggestions about something versus an adult telling them to do something.

Benjamin Levin has everything to do with this since he headed up the thing along with Kathleen Wyn.

It's way too much to expect that children will be taught that the age of consent is 16 or 18 or whatever it is, so they would be advised not to do too much of anything before then. No, they will be told by the bimbos we have for teachers these days that consent means "wanting to." Erego, if an adult is asking you to do things online, don't do it unless you want to, for example if they say they'll be your friend. That's what's going to end up being taught!

Also, when it comes to different genders and sexualities, children won't be taught a loving, godly approach to fellow students who think they might actually be the opposite sex, nor will they be taught a truly Christian approach to dealing with the issue of classmates who have two mommies or daddies. (Jeez, the things some men will do for a lousy tie on Father's Day or the things some women will do for breakfast at the Golden Griddle on Mother's Day, eh?)

Rather, the approach in our public school classrooms will be more likely to be "Hey, do whatever you want. You could even be pansexual, so if you're attracted to boys, girls, people of genders other than the above, stuffed animals, real animals, younger children, family members, cartoon characters, inanimate objects, or whatever else exists, have at 'er." Note: To the complete idiots who occasionally surf in here, the preceeding (meaning the thing what I wrote right afore this here sentence) will not be what some teacher actually says. However, this is what the students will probably take away from this new ciriculum, when it's all said and taught.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


One of the greatest comedies of all time. I first watched it in grade 7 and wasn't really into it. Then I watched it again a few years later and loved it. For several years, I watched it every year when CBC showed it. Now I am gratified to find out about the deleted scenes, including the one in which Happy throws the nursing home orderly out the window.

I may not laugh at it as much, but this movie still never gets old.


Hello everyone!
Hope you are getting out and enjoying the great weather. Hope it will last for a while. Just a reminder that our next Support the Troops Open Mic will be next Sunday at the Art Centre Hastings starting at 1:00 pm. Hope to see you there!
Cliff Andrews