Thursday, November 29, 2018


Land of the Free (A Perfect Place)” is the second single outtaken from “Crossroads”, the album written and composed by Suz, moniker of the bolognese singer and authoress Susanna La Polla De Giovanni together with Obsqure aka Youssef Labidi, Tunisian producer based in Doha, Qatar. This second excerpt from “Crossroads”, which will be released next November by Berlin label Springstoff and distributed in main digital stores, tells of a journey through the sea undertaken to escape danger and harm and to reach a safe place to find shelter, a perfect place where to start a new life.
The birth of the clip, directed by Carlotta Piccinini of Elenfant Film, has been long and troubled as it took almost two years to understand in which direction to go, but “good things come to those who wait” says a well-known English proverb, so a fortuitous timing resulted in the videoclip finally completed just when Mediterranea, the Italian civilian ship born with the intent to testify and denounce how the current policies of the European Union are causing the death of hundreds of people at sea, was presented to the press and was preparing to sail for the first time the Central Mediterranean Sea. For Susanna, Carlotta and Sara Prestianni, author of the evocative pictures featured in the video, it seemed an extraordinary occasion and the three, fully sharing all the principles that move the Mediterranean – Saving Humans project, strongly wanted this collaboration that was fortunately greatly welcomed by Mediterranea activists.
The video of “Land of the Free (A Perfect Place)” is a story realized through animated photographic images of a human journey in search of freedom. These pictures, animated by the talented Diego Sanna of Bloomik animation company, come from the archives of photographer Sara Prestianni and are part of her documentary research on contemporary world migrations. The director’s choice to erase the faces of people featuring in the video and their bodies reflects the cynical dehumanization process that strongly characterizes the approach of contemporary society towards the very act of migration. Today, those who emigrate are considered enemies, adversaries, a threat, for the inability to understand that behind the act of migration there are harrowing stories of men and women, behind the faces of which universal feelings are hidden. a humanity in which we can and must still try to recognize ourselves.

AH: Can't say I agree with the lyrics or the message behind this song and video, but it's still worth a listen because Suz has a beautiful voice and the instrumentation is wonderful!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Picked up a ham calling CQ just now, callsign N4RXV.

Also picked up beginning of Voice of Vietnam's English broadcast.

Man, some of the bits on CBC Music "Drive" are old.

I do not at all agree with AM 740 re-running "Big Band Sunday Night." Hire someone new to replace George Jonescu.

Farewell, Harry Leslie Smith, though I would probably disagree with all your politics.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Glad I could be on WBZ with Marisa DeFranco Sunday October 28.

Glad I could be on WBZ with Bradley Jay this Sunday into Monday.

Man, Premier Radio was playing a wide variety of music on afternoon drive today.

Friday, November 2, 2018


Dani Guppy has left Mix 97 to become morning show co-host on 100.5 Fresh Radio Peterborough, which I'm telling you two and a half months after it happened because the trade never reported it. Also, if the clip of "The Morning Show" on Global Peterborough from which I got the information is anything to go by, it doesn't look like it's worth tuning into.

How can it be Late Night with Ryan Lalonde if it's at 8:00.

Enjoyed listening to Dom Geordano filling in for Jim Bohannon Wednesday night.

Cairo McDonell and Luke Foster are doing a good job on The Wolf.

Whatever happened to Ken Elsworth II "Dr. Patchbeard" on The Wolf.

CJMB Peterborough, you've got the most useless website I've ever come across. How many minutes of my life did I spend looking for your bloody schedule and I still can't find it anybloodywhere. Guess I won't bother listening or recommending, then.

Fresh Radio Kingston and Peterborough, you are also utterly useless for not having a schedule on your website. A something on both your houses.

Thursday, November 1, 2018


By Sasha Polakow-Suransky. New York: Nation Books, 2017.


I would like to preface this post by saying that most of the events talked about in this book and this post were actually perpetrated by international bankers and other financiers, most, if not all of whom are of a certain ethnic persuasion.

Polakow-Suransky (hereafter referred to as P-S because golly that’s a lot to type repeatedly) has kind of got a point. The purpose of the election of Trump and Doug Ford, as well as similar populist revolutions around the world is to foment chaos. We see this most prominently with President Trump and his supporters as they clash with Antifa at all these protests and rallies, and in the events of late October 2018. With all this chaos going on, the vast middle wil cry out for something to be done, which will give the United Nations, the military or some other body the excuse to move in, take control, diclair martial law, and turn that country into a police state, the next step being to eliminate national, democratic government altogether and divide the world into ten regions governed as the European Union is today.

Incidentally, here is the truth about Cristallnacht.

The Guests Who Overstayed

P-S tries to use the argument that the wave of mass immigration into Europe is due to the fact that all those countries once colonized the nations from which the immigrants are coming. Since only Britain, France, the Netherlands, and Portugal possessed a large number of colonies, however, this logic doesn’t work.

Daniel Estulon writes in his book “Transevolution” that it was the new world order’s plan all along to have these countries give up their colonies before those countries were ready to function independently.

Incidentally, here is an article which provides historical context and guidance to anti-Catholicism.

When Integration Fails

In order to preserve liberal democracy, it is going to be necessary to disallow certain people, as difficult as that is for leftists to understand. The lefts view of tolerance is self-defeating and self-refuting because there are people in the world who don’t tolerate and accept anyone else and thus, if you wish to have a liberal, democratic, tolerant society, you are going to have to bar certain people from your country.

As far as separate but equal is concerned, having learned from the policies of apartheid in South Africa and the Jim Crow laws in the United States, why don’t we bring those things back but, this time, implement those frameworks with sensible policies.

The Nativist Nanny State

The fact the persecution of Jews during World War II was a Zionist plot to boost support for the creation of the state of Israel notwithstanding, the difference about Jews who fled to Sweden from Denmark during the Second World War and the immigrants flooding into Europe today is those Jews had skills needed for the countries in which they arrived. I seriously wonder how many of these migrants, many of whom come from pre-industrial villages, have skills an industrialised, First World country would actually need.

As to the problem of unemployment in general, let’s establish colleges in Canada, America and European countries to train unemployed natives of those countries to do the jobs the immigrants are doing. Aditionally, let’s amend programs like ODSP, SSI and SSD to provide training for the disabled to do some of those jobs. Until we have all our people working, we have no right to bring in immigrants who don’t work in specialized fields whom we can’t supply workers for ourselves. In other words, unless you’ve got something we need or don’t have, don’t bother coming here.

Let us not also forget who is causing these crises that are causing so many people to flee their homelands in the first place. Read Victor Thorn’s book “9/11 Evil” to find out who really carried out the event that was the excuse for starting the protracted war in Afghanistan. Which other Middle Eastern country had a vested interest in getting the U.S. to attack Iraq? Those same people also benefited from the ongoing war in Syria.

The Danish Cartoons and the Limits of Free Speech

The media, controlled by a certain group of people, gets so incensed about the reaction to cartoons making fun of Mohammed. They poked the angry dog and it bit them. These same people make fun of Jesus and Christianity all the time, but can’t stand it whenever they’re made fun of or criticized in any way.

If Moslems can’t stand any legitimate criticism of their religion or their prophet, and if a certain other group has a holy book that says Jesus was so evil He had to be killed five times and that He is currently down in Hell boiling in hot excrement for eternity, then maybe both groups should be barred from Western civilization.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Europe’s Policy of Off-shoring

These migrants are not refugees as the nearest safe country to their own is much closer than Australia, Canada, the States, or Europe. If Malaysia, Pakistan, Cambodia, or Indonesia are harassing refugees and not allowing them to work, then why doesn’t P-S, along with these left-wing politicians, CBC journalists, and Hollywood liberals go over to those countries, protesting and lecturing their leadership and people about how they need to be tolerant, accepting and welcoming of innocent strangers fleeing persecution and coming to their safe country to better their lives.

Terror and Backlash

Read Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s book “The Synagogue of Satan” to find out whose responsible for the radicalization of Moslems in the first place.

Nostalgia, Fear and the Front National’s Resurrection

According to the interview with Harold Wallace Rosenthal, most anti-Semitism has been perpetrated by Jewish people.

The Great Replacement

Libya had to be knocked over because Gaddafi had founded an African bank and was going to accept payment for oil in gold dinars, just like Sadam Husain wanted to accept payment for oil in Euros.

Freedom of Religion … For Some

Religious freedom only works provided all the religions involved are willing to let everyone else have religious freedom. Thus, it might be necessary to keep at least some, possibly many, Moslems out of Western countries.

Barbarians At the Gates

World War III will be fought between Christianity and Islam over Zionism.

The Rise of White Identity Politics

The difference between immigrants in the seventies and immigrants now is that, thanks to technology, they don’t have to assimilate. They can talk and text to those back home, watch the popular TV shows of their native land and listen to music from there as well.


OK, P-S spoke at the Open Society Foundation, which hints at a connection with George Soros. Read Soros article about why he’s investing half a billion dollars in migrants.

Apparently, people who were for Brexit are latent authoritarians, but an unelected government ruling an entire continent isn’t.

Also, I think P-S works for the Counsel on Foreign Relations.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


1050 CHUM Toronto early 1979 with unknown anncr promoting CHUM window stickers.

102.1 CFNY Toronto, year unknown, with unknown anncr promoting counterfeit commercial contest, commercial for Morningstar.

1050 CHUM Toronto from late 1978 with unknown anncr promoting the top 100 of 1978.

1050 CHUM Toronto from 1978 with unknown anncr congratulating a Grace Lewis of Scarborough on winning a vacation of her choice.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Congratulations, Dan Carter, on becoming mayor of Oshawa.

Picked up WDCX Buffalo a couple Saturdays ago with "The Rau Truth."

Sorry to hear WPTR Albany is gone. I have heard a few airchecks from their top 40 era and I remember them being an adult standards station in the early or mid-2000s.