Friday, May 25, 2018


Drummer and producer Jörn Bielfeldt (aka JBXDR) is an artist between worlds. His work kaleidoscopes between electronic and acoustic music, New York and Berlin, farmlands and touring.
“Wave Talk”, his upcoming release as solo artist JBXDR, is a fusion of worlds and technologies in album form. The New York subway bounces off tractor sounds from farmlands, YouTube samples on breakbeats, fast-paced Berlin noise on Pacific waves and winds – fabricated by a Roland MS 20.
JBXDR curates an individual setup for every track: composed of hundreds of different samples and rhythms, which pave the way for his improvisation between jazz, techno, and hiphop. Through this technique he demonstrates wonderfully warm sound collages (Wave Talk, Surfing a Wave of Populism) on mechanical funk as well as floaty groovy beats (Accelerate Everything), which are always organically arranged during live shows.
For JBXDR, being a solo drummer means constantly expanding tonal boundaries and connecting musical traditions with the mainstream.

AH: Some of the most interesting stuff I've heard in a while. Perfect for chilling on a summer afternoon or dancing on a summer night.

Check him out on SoundCloud.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


The EP “A form of travel unknown to humans” is chasing us. Guiding and forcing a way simultaneously. The sound is harsh but has an immaculate precision to it –void of air- compelling the listener toward a light, seducing us to tear through the night.
We enter with „S.M.O.D. - STICKS” a deep and magnetic sound opening up slowly, starting to breathe and to merge into “S.M.O.D. - CELL CULTURE” which gives a much more metallic flavour but never the less beat driven - fast and strident- maybe even hasty, pushing to skip a beat of the heart. To finish off with “S.M.O.D - Pulse” carrying an unsettling almost disturbing quality, formulating a mechanical sound alienated from the human experience. The EP creates a seductive space outside our comfort zone, inviting to explore a space and travel unknown to humans. Gimme more.
S.M.O.D. is an exciting new project with the two friends Oliver Deutschmann & Smilla. The vinyl will be out in a few weeks and was mastered by Tim Xavier at ManMadeMastering.
The new Label TAKTSCHLEIFE was founded 2018 by Smilla and Rainer Scheerer. It stands for a straight Techno sound.

AH: More great summer party music. Check it out on SoundCloud.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


PROXIMITY is an a/v techno intervention by Berlin-based sonic artists HYENAZ. This damp and amphibious track extrapolates from field recordings of an immense network of stuttering frogs, which HYENAZ encountered on Yorta Yorta country in South-Eastern Australia. The frogs reacted to their presence and movement by altering the intensity and volume of their vocalizations, creating an organic techno. The singular texture of PROXIMITY is the result of this collaboration with wetland wildlife.
The frogs’ reaction to their sense of [in]security led HYENAZ to draw parallels to how physical and emotional proximity affect human societal relations, a concept they explore in the slime-covered video for PROXIMITY. Released by the poetry journal Interim, this visual artwork lurches and staggers across bodies in motion to ask the question, “Does our Proximity Bind Us?” It features movement artists Danilo Andrés, Tereza Silon, Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau, Bishop Black and ROC and was filmed by cinematographers Jo Pollux and Raja de Luna, with direction and editing by HYENAZ themselves.
PROXIMITY is the first in a series of singles, mixed-reality performances and a/v installations entitled FOREIGN BODIES. The works surface from an ongoing practice of learning from the individuals and communities who move in resistance to, in spite of, and as a result of, the management and control of bodies by nation-states, corporations and other authoritarian actors.
PROXIMITY will be released on SPRINGSTOFF with five remixes by Dorninger, okpk, The Shredder, El Fulminador, and DFUMH on June 1st, 2018.

AH: This is music you'll for sure want at all your parties this summer. Check out Hyenaz on SoundCloud.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

DX LOG 5/16

88.5 WRUR Rochester with discussion about Kanye West's support of Donald Trump.

89.1 WHPT Brockport with pop music and female anncr.

Hot 89.9 Ottawa with female anncr and pop music.

92.5 WBEE Rochester with country music.

93.5 WBLK Buffalo with RandB.

95.1 WREO Rochester with commercials.

97.5 WFRY Watertown with commercial for Bedford Windows.

97.9 WPXY Rochester with top 40 music, anncr and commercials, including "13 WHAM News at 10:00 on Fox Rochester."

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Antichrist And The Rapture: Some people today have the idea that the falling away in 2 Thessalonians 2 3 refers to the rapture. Apparently they don’t realize things can’t fall up. These people should really go back to school and take grade 3 science.

Antichrist Is The Son Of Perdition: I never had that connected before. The son of perdition is referred to in 2 Thessalonians 2 and the only other time the Bible uses these words is in reference to Judas, which indicates the antichrist will come from inside the church.

Antichrist Is The Man Of Sin: Rather than hyperfocusing on which single man will be the antichrist or the man of sin, Christians should focus more on the false Christians and false teachings that are presently in the church.

Antichrist In The Temple Of God: Though the antichrist will arise from inside the church, the temple in Jerusalem will still be rebuilt.

Revelation 11 1-2 says, “and there was given me a reed like unto a rod and the angel stood saying rise and measure the temple of God and the altar and them that worship therein but the court which is without the temple leave out and measure it not for it is given unto the gentiles and the holy city shall they tread underfoot forty two months.”

This indicates that there will be an actual temple. Otherwise, what is the significance of the court of the Gentiles?

Antichrist And The Restrainer: The restrainer of the antichrist is not the Holy Spirit within the Christian church, but rather God Himself. We know from the book of Job that God is the one who restrains Satan from completely taking over the world.

How can the restrainer be the Roman empire? The Roman empire fell in AD476, but the Catholic church was started by the Roman emperor Constanteen in AD325.

Antichrist Revealed In His Time: How can the 1260 days be 1260 years when we’re still dealing with Daniel’s 70 weeks.

The first 69 weeks were 483 years from the rebuilding of the temple to when Jesus came. The seventieth week is divided in two. The first three and a half days are the three and a half years of Jesus’ ministry. Therefore, the rest of this period must be three and a half calendar years, not 1260 calendar years.

For more on the coming of antichrist, check out this article.

Monday, May 14, 2018


Picked up WDCX Buffalo this morning with J. Vernon McGee, Charles Price, Robbie Symons, and Jay Sekulow.

What's Lindsey Heron doing back on 91x?

Caught a bit of that Amber Alert today. Don't you miss the days when there were live deejays in studio telling you information?

What happened to "Angler and Hunter Radio" on CJBQ?

Saturday, May 12, 2018

DX LOG 05/12

88.5 WRUR Rochester with interesting music.

90.1 WGMZ Greece with polka show.

92.5 WBEE Rochester with country.

93.5 WBLK Buffalo with RandB and rap.

99.5 WDCX Buffalo with financial show.

Friday, May 11, 2018


Although I did get a kick out of when the one girl made a Caesar: some really good sound effects on that one.

However, it's just the same left-wing antifa like claptrap we're hearing way too much of these days. Even though wrong things were done under colonialism, Samuel Champlain ultimately helped found the country you call home. As far as residential schools, there's a whole other side to that, besides which they're going to have to bring them back if our mostly remote Native population ever hopes to get an education. Also, the colonialists did totally stupid and oppressive things like introduce hospitals, water and sewage treatment, stopped the various Indian tribes from warring with each other, etc.

As far as Christianity being a foreign religion, 2/3 of Native Canadians are Christians today, according to a segment on CBC's "The Current" so it can't have been that foreign to them.


Listened to "Biblical Perspectives" on WBCQ last night. It was interesting and worth tuning in again.

Picked up Voice of Turkey for the first time tonight.

Pastor Butch Pau appears to be on earlier, in Stan Monteath's old spot.

Goodbye to Canadian talk show host Wayne Maclean. For an ordained Baptist minister, he sure talked about a wide variety of things. I even remember one time he had a sex therapist who wrote erotic novels on his show.

Sucks WMLB Atlanta is going off the air.

Watched an episode of "Joyfully Big" on Shalom World (via YouTube.) It was kind of interesting. Wonder if that channel also has programs on parenting, green living and child development since they apparently want Catholics to start having lots of kids again.

EWTN has record scratching in their promos now.

Tuned into "KFB Radio Sermon Time" on WBCQ tonight. Some pretty good preaching.

Allan Weiner: "Here's my new wife, #4. Let's face it: except for the previous one, I haven't exactly been successful in the marriage department. I'm a man of God, even though she and I shacked up for the months before we got married. And, by the way, Brother Stair is a good man and I stick by my friends, even though Ralph's false prophecies, as well as his abusive behaviour, sexual and otherwise, is well documented on the internet. He's innocent until proven guilty, even though he has already been convicted. As far as his being a false prophet, you have no authority to say whether he is or not, even though the Bible clearly says if a man says the Lord told him something's going to happen and it doesn't, that makes that man a false prophet." And, Allan, the Bible also says in Proverbs "evil companions corrupt good morals." Besides, I thought Rod Hembree was your spiritual mentor, according to what you and your late previous wife Jennifer said on your show several years ago.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


I hope the PIRATE Act doesn't pass.

Picked up WPXY Rochester this afternoon.

Glad to be on "CSC Talk Radio" this morning.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Picked up 1210 WJML Travers City last night.

Enjoyed the item about Radio Scotland on WRMI's "Wavescan" this afternoon.

Starboard Communications should hire a couple more weekend people.


Was on "The Shift" with Drex over Global News Radio last night. He was talking about the United Conservative Party of Alberta allowing Gay Straight Alliances if elected.

I asked, kind of tongue-in-cheek, what these "Gay" Straight Alliances would do if a kid came to them who, for example, thought he was homosexual* because he wasn't as manly as some other guys. Drex responded with the ridiculous assertion that would never happen because most homosexuals know their homosexual by age 11.

I then attempted to reply with the reasonable response that at that age, with all the confusion and rushing hormones that comes with being a tween or a teenager, how could one possibly know they're homosexual.

He then replied "Trust me, they do" and moved on to his next caller. Can't have himself thinking his so-called lifestyle (which, statistically speaking, is really a deathstyle) was wrong. He, after all, has a large corporation to please by pushing a certain part of their agenda for money.

Let's see: There are only how many more chemicals in our bloodstreams than a few generations ago? There's only how much less nutrients in our food? There are only how many more broken and abusive homes where a child won't learn what it is to be a man or a woman, how to have proper relationships, or what to look for in a spouse? There's only how much propaganda, from talk shows like Drexs', to Marvel movies, to kids TV shows, to teen novels, etc., saying the LGBT deathstyle is a perfectly wonderful thing?

Then, when they're in their forties, if they live that long, these so-called homosexuals and transgender (gender confused) individuals will realize how they've been manipulated, realize they've played around for all these years and haven't found romantic fulfillment, and now it's probably too late to meet a nice person of the opposite sex, settle down and have some kids. In fact, if they're trans "girls", they won't even be able to have kids because the surgeon made them a fake vagina by shoving their penis up inside their body.

Make no mistake: These GSA's are a covert way to increase the population of homosexuals. They won't truly give a boy whose not as manly as the other guys the advice he needs, and they won't help that girl who thinks she's a lesbian because she's attracted to her soccer coach whose the only example of a good female role model in her life.

*I don't use the word gay because we all know there's nothing happy about being a homosexual. As it says in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, everything has to be reduced to verbiage. If homosexuals can get you to call it gay, that tacitly endorses homosexuality as perfectly natural and acceptable.

Monday, May 7, 2018


Glad I could catch "The Billy Detorio Sunday Morning Show" on Radio 95.1 Rochester yesterday morning.

Picked up WDCX yesterday afternoon with the rebroadcast of the previous day's "Christ Together Radio", then a preacher, then into ccm.

Glad I could be on WBZ with Marisa DeFranco again last night.

Saturday, May 5, 2018


Heard programming in an eastern-European language on CHIN 1540 the other night where there used to be Indian programming.

Glad to be on "Weekend Live" with Dean Johnson on WBZ last night.

Brian Ellis, don't tease your morning show with something I could Google right now.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Thank you, Harri Kujala, for all the great recordings.

Sad to hear about the death of Chuck Misler.

Was picking up that classic hits station from the Berkshires on 1110 last night.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Sorry about the death of Chuck Harder.

Glad Bruce Stevens is no longer on WBZ.

Also glad Chris Citorik appears to no longer be hosting on WBZ.

Speaking of which, glad I could be on "Weekend Live" Sunday morning with Morgan White, Jr., and Jack Harte, and then again Sunday evening with Marisa DeFranco.

Having said that, WBZ should really come up with a different name for their Sunday evening program as they're already using "Weekend Live" for their weekend overnight show.


About 15 years ago I attended the Transitional Training Centre, a program of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind based out of Hamilton, Ontario. Though I learned valuable life skills and had many favourite staff, the purpose of this post is to list some of the problems with that program in case someone decides to start something similar.

There were people with cognitive and intellectual impairments in with people who didn’t have any such impairments. They should have been separated.

The age range of the TTC, 18-64, was too wide. An 18 year old just starting their life is different from a 64 year old losing their sight.

The food was, though good, served in old people portions. I felt hungry all the time as a 19 year old attending that place.

The program wasn’t uniform. You’d have a class on anger management one quarter and a class on dressing for success the next. One curriculum should have been devised to run year round so everybody would have learned everything they needed.

The program had no set time limit. The staff said I would be there anywhere from six months to two years, and there were people there who’d been there three years.

The centre’s psychologist was, in my opinion, a bimbo.

There was next to nothing with regards to socializing us in the surrounding community.

Other than a sheltered workshop, there was no real vocational training. The two “jobs” I had at the Transitional Training Centre were filling pop machines and delivering mail, both of which I did with a staff member who had some sight.

Over all, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind’s Transitional Training Centre was, in CNIB’s typically poorly-executed fashion, a place designed to teach blind people how to live on subsidized housing on disability pensions and not expect much in life. If anyone starts a program even remotely similar, it better be radically different.