Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Was on "The Shift" with Drex over Global News Radio last night. He was talking about the United Conservative Party of Alberta allowing Gay Straight Alliances if elected.

I asked, kind of tongue-in-cheek, what these "Gay" Straight Alliances would do if a kid came to them who, for example, thought he was homosexual* because he wasn't as manly as some other guys. Drex responded with the ridiculous assertion that would never happen because most homosexuals know their homosexual by age 11.

I then attempted to reply with the reasonable response that at that age, with all the confusion and rushing hormones that comes with being a tween or a teenager, how could one possibly know they're homosexual.

He then replied "Trust me, they do" and moved on to his next caller. Can't have himself thinking his so-called lifestyle (which, statistically speaking, is really a deathstyle) was wrong. He, after all, has a large corporation to please by pushing a certain part of their agenda for money.

Let's see: There are only how many more chemicals in our bloodstreams than a few generations ago? There's only how much less nutrients in our food? There are only how many more broken and abusive homes where a child won't learn what it is to be a man or a woman, how to have proper relationships, or what to look for in a spouse? There's only how much propaganda, from talk shows like Drexs', to Marvel movies, to kids TV shows, to teen novels, etc., saying the LGBT deathstyle is a perfectly wonderful thing?

Then, when they're in their forties, if they live that long, these so-called homosexuals and transgender (gender confused) individuals will realize how they've been manipulated, realize they've played around for all these years and haven't found romantic fulfillment, and now it's probably too late to meet a nice person of the opposite sex, settle down and have some kids. In fact, if they're trans "girls", they won't even be able to have kids because the surgeon made them a fake vagina by shoving their penis up inside their body.

Make no mistake: These GSA's are a covert way to increase the population of homosexuals. They won't truly give a boy whose not as manly as the other guys the advice he needs, and they won't help that girl who thinks she's a lesbian because she's attracted to her soccer coach whose the only example of a good female role model in her life.

*I don't use the word gay because we all know there's nothing happy about being a homosexual. As it says in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, everything has to be reduced to verbiage. If homosexuals can get you to call it gay, that tacitly endorses homosexuality as perfectly natural and acceptable.

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