Friday, May 11, 2018


Listened to "Biblical Perspectives" on WBCQ last night. It was interesting and worth tuning in again.

Picked up Voice of Turkey for the first time tonight.

Pastor Butch Pau appears to be on earlier, in Stan Monteath's old spot.

Goodbye to Canadian talk show host Wayne Maclean. For an ordained Baptist minister, he sure talked about a wide variety of things. I even remember one time he had a sex therapist who wrote erotic novels on his show.

Sucks WMLB Atlanta is going off the air.

Watched an episode of "Joyfully Big" on Shalom World (via YouTube.) It was kind of interesting. Wonder if that channel also has programs on parenting, green living and child development since they apparently want Catholics to start having lots of kids again.

EWTN has record scratching in their promos now.

Tuned into "KFB Radio Sermon Time" on WBCQ tonight. Some pretty good preaching.

Allan Weiner: "Here's my new wife, #4. Let's face it: except for the previous one, I haven't exactly been successful in the marriage department. I'm a man of God, even though she and I shacked up for the months before we got married. And, by the way, Brother Stair is a good man and I stick by my friends, even though Ralph's false prophecies, as well as his abusive behaviour, sexual and otherwise, is well documented on the internet. He's innocent until proven guilty, even though he has already been convicted. As far as his being a false prophet, you have no authority to say whether he is or not, even though the Bible clearly says if a man says the Lord told him something's going to happen and it doesn't, that makes that man a false prophet." And, Allan, the Bible also says in Proverbs "evil companions corrupt good morals." Besides, I thought Rod Hembree was your spiritual mentor, according to what you and your late previous wife Jennifer said on your show several years ago.

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