Thursday, October 6, 2011


Had to get rid of the sponge I'd been using tonight. It had a hole in it and the water was running right through.

It was the first sponge I used when I moved out on my own. I learned to clean the sink and the bathtub with it.

It will be missed.

It served it's purpose well and made a good show of itself.


horselover said...

Oh My word that is so funny LOL oh poor sponge being tossed away all alone with no wear to go other than with dirty trash he can join poor old rubber ducky, who is leaking badly, but still can give frogs a ride around.

horselover said...

Holy that is funny u tossed that poor sponge out into the cold all by himself poor thing maybe he will find a mate and they can have little baby sponges and can come over and join the poor old rubber duck for dinner and can go for a ride to.