Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Received the last issue of You And Your Child from RNIB the other day. I have enjoyed the magazine for years, being able to find something interesting most of the time. I liked the fact they promoted natural health and other alternative parenting techniques. They helped make me a supporter of attachment parenting and co-sleeping. They also informed me about the revolution in the design of cloth diapers long before cloth diapers became popular again like they are today.

The September 19 issue of Maclean's has an article about kids in BC being charged with street racing in rush hour traffic. Most of the cars siezed were luxury cars and the youths all came from wealthy families. Of course this has people screaming about making anti street racing laws. A better issue to investigate is why these rich kids have to drive at 200 kilometres an hour in rush hour traffic just to get a rush. Aren't their lives any more fulfilling than that?

In the same issue, there is an article about a female war correspondent who is being criticized for going to Libya for three weeks in August, leaving her four children. (They were in the care of their father so no need to phone Children's Aid.) Supporters of the female journalist are calling her critics sexist. (I know you are but what am I?)

You watch. Next, it'll be a single mom whose career takes her away from home for a significant period of time so she has to leave the children with relatives. Then it'll be a single mom whose career takes her away from home for a significant period of time "but she doesn't have any relatives to care for the children, so she can't advance the cause of women's rights and be a role model for young girls by abandoning her children", and the government will step in and say, "We'll provide a state agency to take care of your children." Eventually you'll have people working child free, having their children, bringing them to the state run "parenting centre" and possibly visiting them every once in a while.

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