Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The October 3 issue of Maclean's has an article about how Moslems in France are not allowed to worship anywhere but in a building that is officially a mosk. If such laws came to Canada, I and the members of my church couldn't worship at the high school Sunday mornings.

This week's edition of the Matilda Ziegler Magazine For the Blind has an article about a man who has to retire his guide dog. It has been an intense, emotional experience for him. Such is the bond a human and guide dog are supposed to form. I could not forge that kind of bond with a dog, so therefore I don't want one.

The same magazine has an article about accessible Christmas gifts. My parents used to get me braille books and games for blind people as a kid, which I now realize was very thoughtful. In college, a sighted friend looked up the braille alphabet on the internet and made me a braille Christmas card using a pen. That was so incredibly kind and thoughtful of her.

The same magazine also has a piece by a Jewish man about how Christmas was approached in his household when he was a child. As big a hater of the Jews as I admit I am, I found this article very interesting.

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