Thursday, December 29, 2011


Bob Oxley CHNS July 1963: Lots of information. You can tell Oxley is more suited to reading news, though.

Scott Carpenter CHUM October 1 1974: A rock band that features musical drinking glasses. Funny.

J. Michael Wilson WGCL January 1986: Bill Cosby is the most admired man in the U.S. You sure can tell it’s 1986.

Creativity with Rodney the Rodent.

John Alexander WAKY January 1971: Lots of stumbling.

Ah, Stan Freeberg doing a PSA for the National Council of Churches.

Rich Gimmel WAKY March 16 1969: Today if that Davis guy had shot that man in the back he would have been made to look like the criminal.

Byron Crawford WAKY late 1960s: I wonder if PFC Richard Becker was made to take the vaccinations?

The Outrageous Marty Ballou WAKY late 1970s: It sure was “a nuts night.” My favourite aircheck of all time.

Liner for Planned Parenthood. Booooooo.

Mike Griffin WAKY 1977: “Roots”, energy crisis, Milly the psychic. Talk radio in the late 70s.

Skinny Bobby Harper WAKY December 4 1969: “Moo Cow Report” and lots of corny jokes and fun. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

Skinny Bobby Harper WAKY January 31 1970: Imagine what a rapport he must have built up to get those calls from the municipal office after only working at the station for about six months..

Commander Hot Rod WDAS April 16-17 1954: Very unique.

Did people actually try to take advantage of the fake deals he offered?

Jack Lacy WINS October 30 1958: That blintzes commercial is pretty awkward.

Perry Allen WKBW June 24 1959: A child bit to death by a rat in the slums of New York! Ghoulish.

Bill McVean CFRB March 1967: “Reddy-winged blackboards!”

Terry Steele CHUM April 14 1976: That sandwich spread commercial is pretty condescending.

John Landeker 1985: I don’t know if this aircheck is available anywhere on the internet now, but I once heard an aircheck of John “Records” Landeker on a classic rock station in Chicago from 1985. You could tell the news guy didn’t like him.

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