Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Bernie Stapleton CFCB July 1978: The countdown to “Spaceship Superstar” is cringe-inducing but also kind of cool.

Wolfman Jack WBZ October 1967: I don’t think I’d want to go on a cruise for Thanksgiving.

Chuck McKay Goodbye CKLW 1975: What were the circumstances surrounding this aircheck?

Sure, McKay, make fun of breastfeeding, even though it’s been proven better for the baby.

Pete And Getes CFNY January 14 1984: Radio will not see the likes of Pete and Getes again. One of the most creative morning teams who ever existed.

Gene Snyder Roller Coaster Remotes WAKY 1963: Imagine how he must have felt after continuously riding that roller coaster for so many hours?

Red Nite CFTR May 18 1976: Good old Peter Thompson at his best.

Johanne Bruno Shane CKLG April 11 1968: Very heavily Drake formatted. Not much stands out about this aircheck.

Scott Miller CKLW-fm January 14 1987: That commercial for the Michigan State Lottery is funny.

Bob Lain Montage: Remember a time when radio contests actually involved doing something challenging, as opposed to just waiting for the announcer to tell you to call in?

Ted Richards CKLW May 31 1973: This aircheck contains one of The Big 8’s trademark newscasts.

Sure, let’s work pollution into this ad for zit cream. That will resonate with the young people.

What was “Barefootin In The Park?”

Jay Nelson CHUM January 9 1976: Lots of funny lines in this one, as there always are from Jay Nelson. Lots of impressions, too.

Larry Peck WABY 1961: All the fun and energy of a large market station.

High caliber movies at a drive-in theatre?

Bob Laine Day CHUM October 30 2003: I never knew Paul McCartney and Heather Mills had a baby.

Features the late Tom Rivers.

Making fun of “Did you Bob Laine last night?” when today it’s common practice to use nouns as verbs.

A commercial for DAB receivers. Gee, that sure was a flop.

CHUM served coffee to those kids waiting to get into the Beatles concert. It was probably the first time in their lives some of those kids had coffee.

Maybe the reason Canada has one of the highest rates of breast cancer is because of all that tight intimate apparel.

David Hyder As Fenway WMEX 1961: Back when radio stations actually did things for the community and had good news coverage.

Not a lot of rock and roll music.

Plays the same song three times.

Dave Shafer CKLW December 7 1972: “If you haven’t been shopping at A and P, then you haven’t been making an expensive mistake?”

I don’t think an image of someone sawing a guy out of a tree is appropriate for selling cars.

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